3 weeks Post Op

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Hey I would like to switch my date to sometime in...

Hey I would like to switch my date to sometime in February...I know it's only 1 month difference but February 2013 is when my spring break is (in Canada) and I really would like to do it around that time so I won't have to take as much time off school since i'm currently a student. Please help me if you can, I would appreciate all the help I can get in changing my date as it is very important to me...Thanks!

Hey...so i've been following the site for a while...

Hey...so i've been following the site for a while now. I have been slightly hesitant to start it but i have decided I will finally. I have booked a date with Salama and paid the deposit but i'm still really nervous about this procedure. Nervous and excited actually lol. It gets kind of nerve wracking thinking about the entire thing and what I would have to go through but I can't help thinking how it would all feel after the pain is over. I am soo excited.
I still really need to change my date to Feb 2013 so if anyone is willing, the help would be appreciated.

Hey ladies, so i spoke to Cynthia last week and...

Hey ladies, so i spoke to Cynthia last week and she was able to switch from March 18 to March 07, 2013. That is getting closer to my desired date in February which is good. I am hoping i can get there fast enough so I wont have to stress so much about it.

So, I was finally able to switch from march 7th to...

So, I was finally able to switch from march 7th to February 14th, which is Vals day actually. I am really excited about the date and infact have some time to write up some stats about me. I recently thought about the BBL and not until about a month ago i didn't even know it existed! I always thought only implants could be used so imagine my surprise when I actually found out that unwanted fat could be taken from somewhere else on your body to your butt! I started the research and very quickly stumbled across this site and found that Dr Salama is indeed one of the best in the state. I absolutely love his work!
I am 5 ft 9 and currently 165lbs, on having my consultation, I was told by Dr Salama to gain 5-10lbs for the prcedure if I can and that I would be able to get about 1100cc's with that. I also inquired about the inner thigh lipo which is something I am considering including into the procedure. My current measurements are:

Bust - 40
Waist - 34.5
Hips - 44

Mind you, I use a 36D bra size and I have had a slightly bigger waist than the rest of my family and a little projection on my butt. I would like a lot more also with a very small waist. So that is very not unlike everyone else here. I appreciate all the support so far and I love how many people are here to tell their stories (calms my nerves). I am also slightly nervous because i've never really been under before so the whole process is pretty scary to me at this point. And it's sooo soon! omg lol. I am also very excited deep down too.

If there is anyone having a procedure the same day that I am please let me know, maybe we could meet up there!

Hello all, I haven't updated in so long because...

Hello all,
I haven't updated in so long because I told myself that in order to stop constantly thinking and dreaming about my SX, I should probably stay of this site until the day of my SX seeing as it is addictive, so that's what i've been trying to do. I currently have a dilemma though, I just found out I may not be able to make it on February 14th anymore, so I am urgently looking to switch with whoever is having their SX on Feb 15th or Feb 18th. or anytime during the week of the 18th. It is unfortunate that this has happened and that I won't be able to make the 14th, but I am sure some people may want to do their surgery on an earlier date and get it over with already! lol. Now since I live in Canada, it makes things a little bit more difficult for me especially with the booking of flights, hotel and everything so i have to be extra careful before booking so as to not lose any money. I would really appreciate anyone that can switch with me, that would ACTUALLY be the highlight of my week. Please help! Thank you so much !



So I am quite happy because I am slowly getting to...

So I am quite happy because I am slowly getting to my desired date. I have moved my dates around quite a bit and I cant wait to lock it down finally now. My sister and my friend is coming with me to miami for this surgery, and my other friend is cming the week after so I will be having lots of extra hands and support for which I am very grateful. Honestly, I know I can't do this alone and I am so glad I don't have to. My sister is a bit scared because she personally hates hospitals and the thought of me going under (not really helping) lol. She keeps asking me if I am sure i wanna do this and I dont really blame her, I wld prolly do the same if it were her too under this circumstances. My friend on the other hand is soo sure I would be fine (very reassuring actually, helps a whole lot) but the only thing she is worried about is me getting addicted to surgery. I have assured her that I wouldnt have anything else done seeing as I am bery confident with my body already and that this is just extra. But she is not convinced yet. Honestly, after going through this much pain (which I am bracing myself for btw) I do not think surgery would ever be on my mind again. So I told her not to worry, although I wont know for sure till all this is over. Apart from having my surgery I am also planning to have fun in Miami seeing as it would be my first time. We would be staying for about 2wks, and I honestly wish it could be more. Lol...I just want to flaunt my new ass a li'l bit before leaving ;)
But so far so good. I am still looking for that date between April 18-23 so if you have anything please let me know so we can switch!

Oh and btw I was 165lbs and Dr Salama asked me to gain 5-10lbs for the surgery. I am now 175lbs, which is what i used to be before losing 10lbs in the summer. My clothes are tighter and annoying, but I know it wont be long now. Also, when I was 165lbs I noticed my bra size was 36DD and not a D, I made a mistake earlier. I am still 5 ft 9 though so it's not like its much different. I just can't wait for all to be over. I am pretty good with pain but im not quite sure how this would be on my body so I am currently expecting the worst. I am glad I have friends and family that would be there to support me. Forever grateful :)

Since I heard working out beforehand is...

Since I heard working out beforehand is neccessary, I started my workouts again two days ago. Up until december I used to go 5days a wk but I am going to reduce it to 3days a week as it is not as neccessary anymore seeing as losing weight is not the major objective. I just to make sure my body is ready for the surgery in general. I thought I was having my surgery in feb which is why I gained the weight so fast but I found out quite late that I wasnt and so I have to work on maintaining the 175lbs and not losing any of it 'cause i would very much like that 1100cc's. So that's all for now...would update more as time draws closer. Ciao :)

If you're getting the BBL with Dr Salama around...

If you're getting the BBL with Dr Salama around that time or before please let me know. I'm coming earlier and would be staying for two weeks so I would have plenty of time to get to see BBL-ers!
It's so close...nervous but I try not to think too much about it, really dont want it to get to me.

Hey all im doing okay. Went in for my pre-op and...

Hey all im doing okay. Went in for my pre-op and paid my balance on the 24 of april. I also decided to add the inner thighs last week since my sx was at 1.30pm, it got moved to 12.30pm, but with all the wait time i ended up starting around 1.30pm still. I got on that nice, warm operation table. It is super comfy, although I was still nervous but i had committed the entire process into the hands if Jesus before coming so I was pretty calm. Also the anesthesiologist was very goodlooking and assurring, saying he wouldnt leave me at all throughout so that obviously made me feel better.

Anyway I laid there...i felt kind of heavy like i was drunk or smtn and 10seconds later im out. I slept till abt 5.30pm ish and the nurse woke me up. I was cold and thirsty so i asked for water. She put me on a wheelchair and put a nice warm blanket over me. Then I asked for my sister and she came into the room. I was wheeled downstairs by the nurse while she walked by and was like dayuum your ass is huge lol. I felt achy and dizzy, with a bit of a pepperish feeling on my waist area. Obviously i was very lipo-ed coz i can feel it. It seems big atm but ive got boards in there so i can only imagine how small it is.

I was so hungry from not eating since morning so as soon as i got to my hotel (crowne plaza at hollywood beach) i immediately got some food warmed up. We bought a huge batched of packaged food and 4 big bottles of gatorade. I also got a nurse got the first day who is currenty with me and my sister. Shes from haiti and very sweet, her name is mariam. She was brought in here by nurse martine since she owns the agency and is working her own business. I say this is a pretty cool business to be involved in lol. So if you're looking for a nurse make sure to ask for nurse martine J miller from either cynthia or larry. Larry gave me a great recommendation for her also and i can experience it first hand. I feel safe lol.

I took my percosets and apart from that the pain is very bearable. Achy like youve just come back from the gym after working out for a mth straight but honestly, the first day feels pretty good. I had pasta, then noodles then chocolate chip cookies then a little bit of cheerios. I expected to feel nauseous and throw up all over the place but so far so good! Im happy :-)

Going to get my garment taken off today so pls wish me luck coz i heard it hurts. Especially since theres so much pressure on my ass it makes me feel like its gna explode so i rly cant deal with them touching it atm,God knows. But God's got me...im judt taking it one step at a time.

Ive also been sleeping sooo much i feel like falling asleep every hour n wake up like every two hrs. It really hasnt been bad. Like i just woke up and feel like sleeping again right now. I have one of those sipping bottles so whenever i wake up i sip lots of gatorade before heading back to bed so its been splendid so far. I walk arnd the room 4times every 2hours so im stiff but not too stiff.

I really expected this pain to be a whole lot worse. So expect the very worse and hope for the best. At the end of the day trust that God's got you always! :)

Doing ok so far

Doing ok so far

3 Weeks Post Op

So...A lot has happened since I last posted up here. I got back from Miami, it was a very stressful trip with two planes and two swollen feet. Our flight was delayed so we had to stay over for one extra day and man ive never been so tired in my life walking around the airport exhausted trying to figure out what was going on. Anyway, at the end we got back home safely, Thank God for that.

When I got back, it wasn't too hard to live my normal life. I bought a Yoga mat to drive around in my car with and I have my Boppoy pillow here with me. Not sitting is a pain in the ass though, it's really stressful. I have classes everyday and i have to sit on my rolled up yoga mat in class all the time. I made sure to let my prof know I had a surgery so I would get a little bit of a lee-way in class, which I did. He is very generous with timing and grades.

I try as much as I can to use my boards, but when i first came I didnt wear my garment and boards as often as I should. But now, i'm doing a lot better my tummy is much flatter and I go for my massages twice a week. I'm planning to have up to 11 massages, i've already had 6. So far it's going pretty great. I also had rashes under my breasts from the garment, which I have been using baby powder to dry up.

I recently ordered a small garment also since the large is getting lose. I first started with a 2XL then an XL, then a L (included with the price from Dr Salama's office). I ordered a Small Vedette 128 now, just so I wont have to keep buying smaller sizes and hopefully it works for me. I can't wait for my 6-week mark where I can sit. Omg did I mention it has been such a pain in the ass, literally? lol. Anyhoo...So far it has all been going pretty well, I have God to thank for it all. Pictures coming soon.

3 Weeks Post Op

Recovery is tough, fitting in with life is also tough but at the end all I think about is it is worth it.
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