I am 5'2" 126lbs. - 2 months post op - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello Ladies, I am scheduled to have surgery...

Hello Ladies,

I am scheduled to have surgery with Dr Salama on September 2nd 2013 but, I am hoping for a date in April. I am researched doctors for well over a year. I was booked with Dr Cardenas for October, but I didn't feel like she would give me the body I wanted. Then I booked with Campos for December but I was completely turned off by the quote and Angie's lack of communication and organization. So finally I booked with Dr Salama. The wait time is scary but I am hoping to get an earlier date. If not I will have surgery with Dr. Salama's partner Dr Rami Ghurani because he does excellent work as well.

I am 5'2" 126lbs. I do have some butt but I'd like a little more. I have begun gaining weight for this surgery I am usually about 120 so by April I'd like to be 145.

I love Dr Salamas work because I am looking for a small waist with projection my current measurements are 32dd-26-38 and I'd ideally like my waist to be about 24 inches. I am hoping he can deliver. I want upper and lower back lipo as well as lipo of my abdomen and waist. I am also considering chin and inner thigh lipo because I am hoping for an inner thigh gap. I used to have one but as I gained weight I don't anymore.

I am really having a hard time gaining weight....

I am really having a hard time gaining weight. What have you ladies eat when trying to gain weight? lIdeally I would like 1,000cc. Nancy told me to gain 15-20 pounds. 15 I could do but 20 I am afraid of letting myself get big. I've added some before pictures and a wish picture I altered myself. I am not going to pull a picture of a video vixen because for my body type I think that is unrealistic.

Also I am seriously thinking of switching to Dr Ghurani but I'd like to see a little more of his work, although I am very content and I feel great with my choice of Dr Salama

Booked with Dr Ghurani for April 3rd, 2013

Booked with Dr Ghurani for April 3rd, 2013

So I am no longer going to Salama or Ghurani. I am...

so I am no longer going to Salama or Ghurani. I am going to Dra Yily, Basically it all boiled down to who can get me closer to where I want to be? and I think she can. I don't want a massive ginormous booty. I want a little waist and round hips. I cannnot wait to have this surger. I have gained so much weight for it and I feel disgusting, (thats usual for me I am usually feeling myself) My waist is now a whopping 27 1/2 inches. My thighs rub. This needs to happen soon because now I dont want to do anything or go anywhere because I do not like the way I look or feel now. Yily does such amazing sculpting and her price doesn't hurt either. With the money I save I am going to try to have my teeth done (not in the DR)
I am having lipo to the full back, waist, upper/lower abs, arms and inner thighs and maybe chin. But I only have two and a half weeks off of work so I am worried about not being able to go back to work because my face looks a mess. I have all of my supplies. My sister just had a tummy tuck and BBL with Dra Cardenas two weeks ago and she looks fabulous but is still in a lot of pain so I cannot wait for my surgery pain and all.

So my surgery is a week from tomorrow and I am not...

So my surgery is a week from tomorrow and I am not nervous of scared. I am packed but this all doesn't even seem real. Getting rid of the fat will be amazing. My weight is ridiculous. I have gained 3 inches on my waist in 2 1/2 months my waist is currently 29 inches I feel like a whale. I currently weigh 130-133 so I pretty much reached my goal. I am not nervous about surgery i have had PS before. I have 16 days off of work. I am staying in DR only 7. I am having lipo of the full back full abs bra roll, flanks, chin and hopefully inner thigh with fat grafting to my butt and hips. I will post pre op pics the day before my surgery..

My surgery was supposed to be Saturday January...

My surgery was supposed to be Saturday January 19th. Dra Yily emailed this morning asking me to come one day earlier because something very important came up and she can no longer perform any surgeries on the 19th. She apologized a lot but this is inconvenient. Having to change my ticket on one days notice and just having to arrange for the extra day off of work. We agreed its best if I come on the 21st with surgery on the 22nd. I am looking for a buddy for Spa JM. Because she was previously giving me a discount of $150 but since I no longer have a buddy I cannot keep the discount (nonsense since this is not my fault) but I know its short notice but a new buddy would just be amazing right now

I guess I am ready To go . I am finally feeling a...

I guess I am ready To go . I am finally feeling a little nervous not so much about the pain or my results. I read someone's review and she said she woke up during surgery and felt stabbing pain in her upper back and yelled, that freaked me out. I can't imagine. I am going alone and that makes me a little sad. I am a grown woman who will probably be crying for her mommy lol well I am packed and ready to go relax my mind for the day

Surgery today FUck my life I feel awful . I've...

Surgery today FUck my life I feel awful . I've thrown up twice this catheter hurts just asking myself why did I do this

This is just do uncomfortable today my vagina...

This is just do uncomfortable today my vagina became swollen to the size of an orange it was so painful. I can't seem to get comfortable , the stinging and shooting pains in my back and waist are awful, I break down and cry at least once everyday asking myself why? I don't deal well with pain. My mom was coming with me at the last minute I told her not to, I regret it so much I know I sound like a big baby but I need the comfort of her right now. I can't seem to stay awake for more than half an hour at a time. I haven't seen my body yet and honestly right now I am so uncomfortable I don't even care. They opened the garment when I was leaving CIPLA let me tell you I damn near passed out my head and face had to be soaked in cold water. They literally had to pour ice water on my head to keep me from passing out. They say everyday gets better i can't wait for those days

So far I like the shape that I see. It's actually...

So far I like the shape that I see. It's actually a little bigger than I wanted to be so I hope some of it is just swelling. I am still so exhausted if I sit for 30 minutes I fall asleep. I don't know how I would have made it without this boppy pillow it has been my source of comfort. I slept on my stomach last night and it wasn't bad I just have to be careful how I lay but I only woke up twice during the night as opposed to every hour. That's all for now

So a lot of the soreness is gone and the pain. I...

So a lot of the soreness is gone and the pain. I do get itchy shooting pains in my lower back and flanks but I feel so much better. I've been resting a lot if drinking lots of water and Gatorade. It's almost time to get smaller garments Post op I was put in a medium garment. I was about 5'2" 130lbs on the day of sx. My butt is hard and sore but my waist looks very small. My vagina on the other hand is so swollen like and orange. When I get home tomorrow I will flatten it with foam. For me my must haves were my boppy, funnel and Gatorade. I wouldn't have made it without those three things.

Not home yet but this itch!! I can't deal...

Not home yet but this itch!! I can't deal seriously. On my layover in MIA I broke down crying. I know I sound like a baby but you can't scratch it, my skin feels weird numb sensitive at the same time and Benadryl is doing nothing other than making me sleep. My butt, my thighs, my back, it's just CRAZY. Also I just get exhausted so easily. My gate was moved from 21 to 38 and it took 30 minutes to get from one gate to the other. That inner thigh lipo is killing me! I just wonder the ladies who said they went back to work in a week, what did you do? How did you make it? I am not going to lie I thought this would be a breeze. When I had my boobs done 4 years ago I never even took pain meds I was grocery shopping the next day, this has been a totally new experience. My boyfriend is dying to see me and I don't even want to see him the thought of him sleeping next to me and possibly touching me scares me. All I can do at this point is say a prayer and ask god to get me through this

So far i am loving my inee thigh lipo. The space I...

So far i am loving my inee thigh lipo. The space I have now I love it and hope it stats that way. I also was able to try on clothing today and I am happy so far she gave me exactly what I asked for which was "me but curvier" things for differently and what was a little bug before is now super tight and should fit just right once the swelling goes down and there is quite a bit if swelling because I went most of yesterday and slept without a garment last night. Let me tell you ladies don't do it. I woke up this morning swollen like a balloon and as hard as a rock. Not only that I just feel much better with garment on ( except the itching) I have been slathering my back butt and thighs in gold bond extra strength medicated lotion.

I also bought by board and foam and two longer faja a but I am currently so swollen the two fajas I just can't mess with then right now. The board as well I tried it but my belly button hurt so bad I took it off. Despite all of the discomfort do far I must say I am happy. Next up a 16 veneers in April.

Approximately how long did it take the itching to subside? I've been getting a lot of requests for infotmation about Yily and the surgery I am not sure exactly what some of you want up know. I will try to measure my waist later and take some better pics (although I don't know how this garment is coming off because getting into it was hell) I am currently wearing a design veronique garment in a size xs and for now it fits perfectly not too tight except on the thigh. I am finding digging and cutting on the thigh to be an issue. Should I buy a longer garment that stops below the knee?

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with the...

Does anyone have any tips for dealing with the itch. I cannot deal it is driving me insane and I am completely serious. I can't sit still I can't lay down I just want to be naked. Any tips to make it more manageable

I had an Epsom salt soak today it helped a lot...

I had an Epsom salt soak today it helped a lot with the stiffness. But has anyone else had back pain my back hurts so bad

Starting to finally feel better. The itching is...

Starting to finally feel better. The itching is still ridiculous but I am dealing. My waist measured at 24 inches today without the garment and I am still crazy swollen. I was told to put a marble or cotton in my belly button but hurts so bad and just touching it makes me queezy. It really looks like my dogs chew toy.

To the women waiting to hear from Yily please be patient. Yily is not like Jimmerson or Salama with an office full of staff it's just her Yira and Massiel and those girls do a lot, they translate on appointments, they help patients with pre op testing, read emails they do everything. Yily also works with the military so she is super busy as well. And all emails have to be ran by her before they can reply. So just have a little patience ladies. Don't bombard Yira with calls,

Ok for like the millionth time. I have not...

Ok for like the millionth time. I have not "reviewed Yily yet" so please take the time to read my posts before asking the same thing over and over. I am only 2 weeks post op. the little icon in the corner still says not sure. I will do a formal review and rating at 3 months

So I was told to put a marble or cotton in my...

So I was told to put a marble or cotton in my belly button to reshape it but it seems like my belly button is just closed looking like this like one side of a parentheses ie: ( and I don't like it. Is the marble supposed to actually go in or do I just tape it to my belly button and leave it alone?

At two weeks I am loving my results more and more everyday. :) Now if I can get this belly button business sorted out everything will be perfect.

Also when will I be able to sit on my toilet lol. I got the soft padded seat and sitting down still hurts

None of the garments I bought are giving enough...

None of the garments I bought are giving enough compression on my stomach. I have 2 xs garments, one small and one medium. But yet the smaller the garments get the tighter they are on the leg and crotch. At this point do I get my two larger garments altered or do I buy another new one? I know I am not getting enough compression because I get so swollen and hard at the waist and lower abdomen

I am officially two months post op my waist is...

I am officially two months post op my waist is measuring at 22 inches without the garment, my hips 39.5. I am happy with my results. I don't believe my butt is actually bigger it just looks bigger because my waist is smaller. I am at the point where I feel better in my garment than without. I wear a lipo express corset over my garment in a 2xs. My boobs also look huge now and they aren't any bigger than before. I LOVE my inner thigh lipo it's given me back the inner thigh gap I used to have. Over all I am just happy. I will try to post some pics eventually although I have not been on real self in ages due to the catty nonsense I used to see I hope that's all gone now. Good luck to all if the ladies with upcoming surgeries! Stay blessed and happy healing to all if my post op ladies as well

6 months post op

I am just about 6 months post op waist is still 22.5 hips 39.5 I am very happy with my results. Funny thing is although my hips and butt are bigger I have to buy things smaller to fit my waist if they are stretchy or alter. I am super hesitant to add photos but I will add one but I love my results

By the way...

By the way my rating is final at this point. In my opinion Dra. Yily's beside manner needs some work but her skills are excellent she did exactly what I asked for. I had no issues or complications post op so there was no need to contact her.

Post op initially I lost weight but everything is settled I am back to normal. Don't rush yourselves post op ladies. I no longer wear a garment occasionally a waist cincher but my waist is so small wearing one sometimes makes me look to weird. Anyway ladies good luck

A couple more pics

I haven't been here in so long adding pics has become annoying lol

almost 2 years PO

Its been a year and 11 months since my BBL with Yily and I am still happy. NOTHING has reabsorbed. I am 15 pounds heavier if anything my ass is even bigger. I have no visible scaring. I do have the say and I am sure this has been said before if you aren't careful you will gain weight. Although the weight gain hasn't been awful on my body. Post op I had a 23 inch waist its now 25. Post op I was 39-40 inches in the hips now I am about 43 inches. Overall it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Here are a couple of pics. they probably won't be up for too long.
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