Almost 4 months Post Op A Few New Pics!! . BBL JUNE 16- Aventura, FL

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I am a black female who was always extremely thin....

I am a black female who was always extremely thin. After I hit about age 20, I started gaining weight... but all in the WRONG places! I never had the booty and hips that black women are expected to have. D*mn genetics... My sister was blessed with the hips, thighs, and booty, but not me. I have gut, lovehandles, and back flab-- Yuck! Luckily for me I was blessed with a very pretty face, a small frame, and great legs so I could hide the lumps and bumps in certain clothes and put my best features forward. It works. I get a lot of attention from men, but I just feel that now that I'm a little older (31) I should do something to make myself feel more feminine and sexy in dresses and skirts and become the total package.

I researched this surgery a while back and my jaw dropped at the astronomical cost-- back then it was upwards of $18,000. Thank goodness I waited. So now I am planning to schedule bbl surgery this week with a doctor in Aventura, FL. The first available surgery date they had when I called today is June 18! Yikes! I would have scheduled it, but I have to wait on my guy friend to tell me if he is scheduled to work that week. We'll see!!

Ok! So I've done it! I put down 10% for my...

Ok! So I've done it! I put down 10% for my surgery, scheduled June 18 with Dr. Salama! I'm soooo excited!!!! I feel like a kid waiting on Christmas now!!! Can't wait for my shiny new toy-- I mean booty! Lol! Dr. Salama looked at my pics and thinks I'm a good candidate and that he can give me the results I'm hoping for but he wants me to GAIN TEN POUNDS!! Ugghhh!! That's gonna be hard because I'm the type who likes to stay at a certain number (140 or below) at all times. But, eating whatever the heck I want should be fun!!! Cheesecake, pasta and milkshakes all day baby!! Woo hoo!!

Hey ladies. My time is getting a little closer...

Hey ladies. My time is getting a little closer (June 16. YAY!) so I decided to post some before pics. I really had to gather some courage to post these because I look SOOOOO yucky. I think BBL Nicki has the most similar shape to me than any of the other girls I've seen and I hope Dr. Salama can do the same magic for me! He gave her round hips and a serious donk, so I'm looking forward to something similar (and I'm using her as my wish pic-- hope ya don't mind Niki!). In about 46 days, I will join the BBL club!!! Can't wait!!! #TeamSALAMA!!!

BTW, Sorry, my photos are sideways. They were all...

BTW, Sorry, my photos are sideways. They were all upright on my phone... Don't know how to fix it!!!

Ok, so I'm a little over 2 weeks out from sx (16...

Ok, so I'm a little over 2 weeks out from sx (16 days) and I have almost everything in order. I got my female urinal. It's a funnel type thing called P EZ (get it...pee easy, lol), ordered from Amazon. Works too. I made sure I practiced! All my scripts are filled, I got tight camis to wear under my garment from Forever21 (only $2.80 each!!!), comfy clothes and dresses (also from Forever21-- dresses $8 each!). I also just ordered from Amazon my arnica tablets and arnica gel, so they should reach my door next week and I can start taking the tabs a few days before surgery. I also thought about the fact that so many bbl girls have complained about the straps on the garment, so I bought several strapless bras to give my shoulders some relief. I ordered a bra from Amazon called the Hanes Concealing Petals Strapless Bra and I have NEVER had a strapless bra fit so well. It stays up and HOLDS YOU UP. Since I've gained weight for the surgery I'm nearly a C cup now and those babies are sitting high with this bra on. It's so secure that I feel like I could do anything with it on and not end up wearing it as a belt, lol. I literally jumped up and down and it doesn't slide down or sag. It's not pretty, but it's amazing! For washing garments and other clothes, I also bought these Purex washer sheets with the laundry detergent in the sheets. I figure that would be easier than having to deal with a bottle of liquid detergent (I never use powder cuz it doesn't always dissolve and leaves residue in my clothes). Also you can tear them into strips so if you only need a little bit to wash a pair of panties in the sink or something, it's very convenient. Plus I can pack them in my carryon and don't have to deal with the clear plastic baggies while goign thru security. The only thing I don't like about them is the smell. The only fragrance is like ocean mist or something like that. I mean it's not bad, but I'm a Gain girl and nothing beats that fresh scent of Gain to me! The only thing I'm wary about is my surgery clearance. My doc can't see me until June 5 and my sx is the 16th. I'm worried something will come back abnormal and I will have to cancel. I'm a worst case thinker, so I know the odds are slim since I'm relatively young and still healthy, but still. I hate waiting til almost the last minute for this. Uggghhh!!!

So I have a question for all my beautiful BBL sisters... what the heck am I gonna eat for the first several days after surgery?? My hotel only has a microwave and minifridge so there will be no cooking for real. I know processed foods like Stouffer's and Lean Cuisine are out because they have way too much sodium which will be counterproductive for swelling. So what groceries should I buy? Here is my list so far... Please add anything you think I'm missing:

Fresh Fruit-- grapes, melons, berries, pineapple
Juice-- pineapple, orange, apple
Water-- several 1 gallon jugs
Fresh baby spinach-- for salad
Fresh produce-- cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots for salad
Salad vinegar
Whole wheat sandwich bread
Sliced Turkey
Swiss cheese
Honey mustard
Whole tomatoes-- for sandwiches
Frozen grilled chicken strips?-- for salad
Protein bars

Keep in mind I only have a microwave, but if you guys can think of any other non-processed, low sodium foods to add to the list, I'd really appreciate the input! Thanks ladies!!

FINALLY got my lab results and the nurse says I'm...

FINALLY got my lab results and the nurse says I'm all clear for surgery! Wheeewww!!!! Such a RELIEF!!! And not much time to spare!!! I thought that since I was "on it" when I had my labs done that it might come out abnormal when it came to the blood count. The nurse said it was a tenth of a percent off, but nothing abnormal that will prevent surgery. I wanted to hug her through the phone! Lol! So she said my doc would fax the results over to EPS today!! Yay!!!

Now that I know the results, it's hit me today that this is really happening!!!! In 5 days, I will have the body of my dreams!!!! OMG I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so my surgery is tomorrow at 7:30 am! I'm a...

Ok, so my surgery is tomorrow at 7:30 am! I'm a nervous wreck you guys.... Pray for me! I'll update and post pics as soon as I can!

Ok... I tried to put on a good face for you guys...

Ok... I tried to put on a good face for you guys with that last update, but I have just been through the most hurtful situation of my life. I brought my ex-boyfriend with me for this surgery. He has always been very emotionally and verbally abusive to me and the only reason I asked him to come is because he is a doctor. We hadn't been in a relationship in 3 years, but had remained cordial. I recently was accepted to law school and when I shared that news with him, we developed a "friendship" again. So when I decided to do the surgery, I thought he was the best person to come along. And to try to make up for all the hell he put me through in the past, he also offered to pay for half of the surgery for me. Cool, right? No, not quite. He is the type that after he does something for you, you owe him, regardless of the fact that he was doing it to make up for what he did to me, he still would hang the money factor over my head. So several hours ago, he just started laying into me. Telling me I have issues like a mf'er and I have low self esteem and surgery won't do sh*t to help that. When I tried to just ignor him and stop speaking to him, he went in harder calling me a bitch and many really, really hurtful things. I asked him to leave the hotel room and he wouldn't. "After everythign I did to come here, now you want me to leave? Fuck you bitch. I will knock you out," he says to me. Everytime I would walk away, he would follow me and get in my face like he was going to hit me. People in the hotel called the front desk and they threatened to call the police so he left and got his own room. He has ben calling me nonstop but I blocked his number and took the hotel phone off the hook. He is leaving tomorrow and now I am all alone and have to pay for a nurse which I don't have the money for. I am an emotional wreck, and I have surgery in less than 4 hours. My eyes are so swollen from crying that I look like I've been through a boxing match. I can't sleep... I need you guys to pray for me. Please. This is not the kind of shape I need to be in before having a major surgery and IDK how this is going to effect me and my healing. I will update to let you guys know I'm ok after the surgery, but I may not be back for a while after that. To Nini Fernandez and Theresa826, you guys are still my girls, but I may not feel up to talking or meeting up right away. I hope you understand. Thanks in advance for the prayers, guys. Later.

Ok girls, believe it or not I'm doing great! I...

Ok girls, believe it or not I'm doing great! I won't lie, the pain was horrible when I woke up even though they still had the I'v in me. I woke up shaking really bad. They had me on a heated bed with a few thick blankets but I was still very cold. I guess from all the fat he removed. After about twenty minutes of laying in he recovery bed the but me in a recliner chair. I had to sit on my butt and it HURT! Even now and after Percocet my butt is throbbing! My stomach also hurt really bad too, but the pain now is like a 1 on scale of 1 to 10. Butt pain is about a 6 or 7 when I'm walking, about av4 when I'm lying down. It's starting to feel really heavy like I'm carrying bricks back there and is hard as a rock like he injected cement instead of fat, lol. I'm eating and drinking a lot so I have ad zero nausea. No vomiting. The funnel works perfect for peeing, no bowel movement yet. I am leaking a whole lot. One of my drais isn't working so it's all coming out the front of my garment and also down my inner thighs. My garment is a bloody mess. Everyone in the office is phenomenal. Nancy is the cutest little lady! So petite and pretty! Jennifer is really sweet and very pretty too. Nomie wasn't there but the surgical nurse Monica was there today. She was sweet when she saw me crying this morning. I told her the short version of what me ex did when she asked why I was crying and she was really compassionate and told me don't worry, I'm going to beautiful and he will regret what he did, lol. She hugged me and I felt a lot better. Dr. Salama was also concerned about my tears and asked me what was wrong, several times, but I knew if I talked about again, I would start crying again. He understood and said whatever it is, i will be ok. I had to call Larry last night and tell him I needed a nurses and they sent over THE SWEETEST woman in the world. Her name is Chiquita and we have been talking and laughing like best friends. She is taking amazing care of me, chopping up my food in bite sized pieces so I can eat easier, helping with everything I need with no complaints. She is a God send. And so is my girl Nini Fernandez and her husband. After she read my blog she was So concerned about my situation that she and her husband who don't even know me, made sure that I would have a nurse for at least three days. Her husband even brought me iron tabs and gauze that I forgot to get from the store. I feel so blessed to know each of these people. I know that God is working through them all, thanks to all of your prayers. He listened and sent angels to care for me :-). I thank God for them and all of you guys too. As far as my results go, even with the padding and gauze they placed inside, I have an hourglass figure and big ol butt! I look great and see my shape despite all that and the swelling. Dr. Salama is amazing! I will take pics when I get a fresh clean garment, but trust, the old Salama is back. No wide square booty here! Going to eat a little dinner and rest now. Stay tuned... More to come!

Hi ladies, Theresa had a hard time with the...

Hi ladies, Theresa had a hard time with the anesthesia and threw up A LOT, like 12-15 times. The nause is now under control, but obviouly it took a toll on her body. She said she had a temp of 101 but that's under control too. She said she has more pain in the lipo areas but that her booty is really itchy, but she can manage wih the discomfort. I think she hasnt had the energy to walk too much, but she said her goal was to walk around the hotel today. She's feeling much better than she did the last few days. i saw her when i was in the recovery room and she was coming in for a post op appointment. Let me just tell you, that is a gorgeous woman!!! And her butt was really round and big. She said she liked the contour of her butt, but that her stomach is ugly right now.... really wrinkly. But I htink with the new garment on, it will smooth out more. Also, the massages will help that. She sais she is going to take pictures when she gets a new garment, cuz trust me, they get really nasty and you guys don't want to see that, lol. overall she healing, slowly but surely so please keep her in your prayers! I'm continuing to do well too. One thing you guys should know is that when you come out of anesthesia, they keep an iv for pain in you. That pain medicine lasts a while, but it does wear off. Before it wore off, I was taking my percocet and felt great. now all i have is he percocet and it helps but I am in a liitle more pain that I was yesterday. Just letting you guys know, cuz it will kind of give you a false sense of comfort and the reality of hte pain hits later. It's still hot a 10 on the pain scale, more like a 6. breakfast time! tty guys soon!

Had my first It was like everyone...

Had my first It was like everyone said it would be.....PAINFUL! I took a percocet probably an hour before.Celia started working on me so I guess that made it tolerable. I was wincing and saying ow ow ow almost the.whole time. But right afterwards, most of my stiffness was gone. I was walking easier too. I also got my.board today for my stomach. It's not so bad.I also had a terrible time with number 2 today. Omg, I pushed for like 20 minutes straight.and only released a little bit. Ugh, it was awful. I will continue my collace and hope it is easier next time. I did take two pics. Posting shortly....

Ok, Idk why but i completely forgot about my...

Ok, Idk why but i completely forgot about my arnica gel auntil today. I put some on after my shower this morning and OMG INSTANT PAIN RELIEF!!! I used a brand called Arnicare by a company called Boiron. I bought it from two tubes. I rubbed it on my butt first, cuz it still feels pretty sore and when you first rub it on after about two seconds you feel this cooling sensation, then RELIEF!!! OMg it's like heaven. I got happy and started rubbing all over my midesection and lower back. It felt amazing. My stiffness is reduced and the skin sensitivity in those areas has improved too. I'm not saying i feel like my old self, but I feel very close after this. I was even able to bend and pick up something off the floor. i couldn't do that before because I was so stiff. For all you ladies planning for surgery soon, this is a MUST HAVE!!! I'm 4 days post op and I wish I had been using it all along. I'm so much more comfortable. So I will use this in conjunction with a fresh perc pill when time for my massage at 2 today. Maybe I can tolerate the pain a lil better with this secret weapon!

I am feeling much better today. I'm able to stay up for much longer periods without getting winded. two days ago I got winded just from taking a shower, lol. I've been wearing the board on my tummy to keep it flat and it's working like a charm. I just need the foam padding for the small of my back cuz I'm starting to lose that C shape due to swelling there. Hopefully Celia can bring me some. I never had much bruising, just in a few nickel sized areas below my arm pits and towards the back on each side and then right under my breasts where my bra's underwire would be. Even those are starting to fade thanks to arnica tabs. All in all I'm feeling really good today, especially after my new "discovery" with the gel. As always ladies, any questions, feel free to ask!!!

Hey girls!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while.......

Hey girls!! Sorry I haven't updated in a while.... I went through a bit of the 'blues." My aid left me last Tuesday and my family, who wer vacationing in Orlando last week, drove 3 hours to come visit me Tuesday right after my nurse left. Omg, it was so great to see them. we went to the beach which is right across the street from my hotel, we had lunch and they went to the store to get more supplies for me. But then when they left, I was sooooo lonely. I got really homesick and just felt kind of down. The only thing that helped me thru was being so happy with my results. My butt and hips have gone down, but I'm looking really natural which is what i wanted.

SO I got my drains out today and it's so nice not to be dragging those balls and chains anymore, whew! Everyone says they don't hurt coming out, but mine were hurting while they were in, so I figured they would hurt coming out. They did, but only for like a half second. I feel 99% like myself now that those drains are gone. No burning pain in my stomach, no problems bending... I feel great. I haven't had to take any pain meds in a while either. I just take them right before my massages with Eileen (who in my opinion is way better that Celia). So far I have had a total of 4 massages with another one planned tomorrow before I head to the airport. I think one of the reasons I feel so good is because Eileen was so good at pushing all my fluids out. My stomach is almost completely flat with only a few little lumps along my waistline. At first, my entire torso was numb and very stiff and kind of hard underneath the skin. The numbness made it seem like it wasn't my body i was touching washing and dressing. Now all the feeling is back and my skin feels like skin and not cowhide, lol. i still have some swelling, especially along my waist but it goes down more and more everyday! I also know it's time for another garment. I am still wearing my board on my stomach and it's getting too easy to close the garment up, so size Medium is coming soon! I'm leaving Hollywood Beach tomorrow and I'm so glad to be heading home!!!

Hey ladies!!! I know it's been forever since I...

Hey ladies!!! I know it's been forever since I updated.. sorry!!! I have just been so busy with work, a move, school, etc.etc. But I finally have a few free moments to tell you guys how I'm doing and what I think about my results.

First, I am naturally small. I have a very small frame with teeny tiny arms and legs but I have a short torso and all my weight goes there. That's why I wanted the surgery, to give myself a better proportion. In that regard, I'm happy. I have a waist for the first time in my life. My stomach is flatter than it's been since i was 17, and I have that S curve in my back that really defines my butt. My butt is much fuller and fills out most of my clothes. I think I'm seven weeks out now and I feel pretty confident that the butt I'm left with now is here to stay. It jiggles, it's soft, and it fits my small frame. It's not a huge video vixen butt, and if you read my previous posts, i didn't want that. I wanted to have Kelly Rowland type figure-- petite yet curvy and I definitely have that. I'm tall and long legged, so i look like a runway model in my clothes, except runway models don't have ass, but I do!!!

Second, I want to go into what I DON'T like about my results. I had a lot of back fat and rolls pre-op. I sent my pics to the doctor and told him that i wanted the rolls gone and wanted a moer feminine silhouette. All I heard was no problem, no problem, but gain 10 pounds. So I did. But when the doctor finally saw me 45 minutes before surgery started, he told me that he couldn't give me a totally smooth back because I had excess skin there, but he would do what he could. I said please just focus on that area. Most of all the sweling is gone and I still have a lot of fat back there, not just skin. It's fat. Also, in my stomach near my bellybutton he missed some fat on one side so my stomach is a little lopsided. I also have fat left along my lovehandles area that I didn't notice until I stopped wearing my garment. And That's another thing. That garment is like a girdle. Yeah you look great when you're wearing it and even for maybe 30 minutes to an hour after you take it off. But slowly and surely your body starts to relax and then you see what you really look like. Don't think the way you look in that garment is how your body is going to stay when you take it off. Also, my hips didn't turn out the way I wanted either. I have hips now when before I was pretty straight up and down, but the hips just aren't as full as I hoped they would be. But since my waist is small, that helps define my hips better. Measurements: 32-27-41.

Third, not many people have come out and said something about my new body. Family already knew but only my best friend and one co worker knew about this. So when I got back to work, I wore big clothes for the first few days, then gradually started unveiling, lol. One of my coworkers who is in another department sent me a text message saying that when i walked away from the lunch table one day, he noticed my ass and he had never noticed it before. He said "your ass was looking summertime fine," whatever that means, lol. Another femal coworker just came out one day and said "Your ass is looking huge!! Are you gaining weight??" I laughed and said no, I actually lost some inches in my lovehandles and stomach so it just looks bigger." She bought it. Another thing I want to mention is that it doesn't look round and plump in everything. Some clothes, depending on the cut, don't show it off and kind of hide it. I was really down one day and sent pics to my girl Nini Fernandez when I was wering this one Kenneth Cole dress. I looked like I had zero donk. I was crying and everything. She said "Maybe it's just that ONE dress." I didn't want to hear it cuz i was having a pity party that day, but the next day I tried on some strech jeans and BAM. Then I tried on some sundresses, POW. Skinny Jeans WHAM. Some of my clothes I couldn't even get them up past my hips/butt anymore and had to give them away!

So If there's anything I didn't touch on that you guys want to know about, let me know and I'll give you the run down!! Oh... and recent photos will be coming soon... Have a great weekend ladies!!

Still loving the booty girls!!! It's actually...

Still loving the booty girls!!! It's actually gotten fuller and has kept the round shape making me look pretty awesome in everything :-) But it's not all roses... there are some areas Dr. Salama missed with the lipo and hopefully I'll be back for a touch up in December. I also have a slightly painful bulge in my love handle area on my left side. Nomi says massage it, and I've been doing that for weeks with not much change. I've sent pics to the doc last week so he can decide on the next move, but I haven't heard anything back. I guess I'll call on Monday and follow back up. Sorry this is so cut and dry but I have a busy weeekend ahead of me guys. I'm beating men off with a stick, ha ha! Take care beauties!!!
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Dr. Salama is very busy, but very compassionate and friendly. He doesn't rush you and lets you ask all the questions and raise all concerns you have. It's hard to make that guy chuckle though. He's very serious, but focused, which is a great thing. I'm very please with my choice. His staff is awesome too. I swear they will move mountains for you if you need them to :-)

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