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I've been wanting to get BBL for a long time now,...

I've been wanting to get BBL for a long time now, I finally found the Dr for me! I'm so excited to be a part of *Team Salama* (Yay)!!! His work speaks for itself, and his staff is totally on point, Cynthia answered all of my questions promptly, and she found me a date in like 30min tops! I'm not the type of person who has a lot of patience, especially when I want something really really badly. Cynthia chuckled when I stated that I am looking to have this surgery done within the next 30 to 90 days...needless to say, she booked me for Jan 7, 2014. My butt is already full and shapely, but I'd like more volume, and contour to my body. At first, I was just going to do the lipo (stomach, back, flanks), w/out the BBL, but what the heck, there's no sense in wasting good fat right? I'm planning to fly from Memphis, on Sunday, Jan mom will be my caregiver...she's a nurse, so I feel quite comfortable taking her along. I plan to spend 11 days in the Aventura/Hollywood Beach area. Hopefully I can find a good deal on my hotel. The surgery cost comes with 2 garments, boppy pillow, 2 lymphatic massages, and 30 day emergency insurance coverage. Cynthia told me that I will have to stand up during my return flight home....that's the only thing that makes me feel quite awkward..she reassures me that people do it all of the time, and she will give me paperwork to hand to the flight attendant. I'm new to this site, but I'm really looking forward to meeting others who are going to have this procedure done, as well as those who have already undergone the procedure. I plan to post before pics soon. I will also post after photos as well. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated. Again, I'm so excited!

Booty now

This is my pre op butt..I Love it a lot, but I just want more of it

Measurements and Pre-op Pics

Ok, so I'm 59 days away from become a Salama Super Stout Junt! LoL..., I haven't posted pics bc I had to edit out my huge ass tattoo. I must admit, I've never had a problem in the butt division...I've always been known as the girl with the big booty. I'm very happy with my size, but after having 3 children, and creeping up on age 35, I've noticed that I am starting to get a muffin top and a back fat around my bra lines, and tummy. Ok so my measurements post sx is 38-37-45 ... I would like a 38-27-49.... Not sure how possible that is? I used to obsess of becoming a Duran doll, but since researching Salama, and his sculpting work, He's assured me that I am a perfect candidate for lipo sculpture and fat transfer to butt and hips, especially since I already have a shape...He's just going to pump up the volume!! Give me a little more Super Bass! Plus, I have seen way too many mixed health reviews about the docs in DR...not knocking anyone's positive experience over there, just a little selfish when it comes to life and death...I'd rather not take chances with mine. So I'm starting to research hotels, masseuses, vitamins, garments, pre diet regimen w/a workout plan. Right now, I'm 5"5 182lbs (mostly butt I think) I workout daily, but I think I should try to lose at least 25 lbs...that will put me at 157...I'd love some helpful tips if anyone has accomplished a goal in such a short time period. I underwent a tummy tuck 10 yrs ago with lipo to my left my thighs looking cottage cheesy, so I'm hoping Salama can do something about the lumpiness. As far as that, I'm debating on lipo to my chin, and the fat on the sides of my underarms. I think that will add a bit more to my total...I'm paying cash, so I'm negotiating extra discounts. We shall see what happens. My mom is a nurse, so she will most def be my travel buddy, I'm going to pay all of her expenses and schedule her a few spa packages. That way she'll feel obligated to cater to my every whine and whimper. She's the best mom ever! I have 3 teenagers, yep I married very young and started having kids at 15yrs old...good ole southern girl. My oldest is 18, she is an exact replica of me, except her body is freaking awesome...skinny waist and hips/butt for years. She reminds me of myself when I was her age. She is very supportive of my decision to undergo surgery, but is totally against me doing it, she always compliments my body. I just feel like, if I'm going to do the liposculpture, which is really what I'm after, then why waste perfectly good fat? Amen? Anyway, I've posted pics for you guys to see. Also, I'm wondering should I rent a car, or hire a driver? Not sure if my mom is gonna want to drive. Also if you know of reasonable accommodations, that would be most helpful


More pre op pics

Hope this works, my pics are showing up way too large. Anyway, here's an idea of how I look now

Collage of more pre op pics

Hope this works, my pics are coming out too large.


I'm about to book my flight soon, which airport is best to fly into? Trying to avoid all of the hassle

Flight is booked already

I decided to surf the internet, not really hoping to catch any deals, especially for a non-stop flight, as I do not plan on connecting at all, no multi flight for this future donk in pain. Unbelievably, I just booked me and my moms flight on AA round trip, non-stop to MIA, for $305 each tax and total is $610....I'm one step closer to feeling Salamaish!!!

Lucked up on a Condo!

I must admit, I've been super diligent about my travel arrangements. The hotels were super expensive... I called for the Hampton in rates..w/the Salama discount, I was quoted $169 night...for 10 nights???? Hell to the no! Ain't nobody got time for that. LoL! I'm not a cheapo, I love nice places, but I also love deals. So check this out...I searched on vrbo, home away, and flip key for condo rentals...most were very costly. I finally found a beautiful condo on the beach Sunny isles 3miles from Salama's office! Did I say, it's located on the beach? The owner has a December special going on for $490 per week. Well, my surgery is not until January, but I used my bargaining skills to grab up the same great special! Only problem is...I will have to move out 3days bf my scheduled departure, which is no biggie..I'll find a reasonable hotel for my last 3 days. Anyway, he's going to prorate the 2nd week. I'm so I can finally focus on supplies. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Condo..better upload

Pre-Op Visit

I'm not a huge blogger and My life is super duper hectic, it's really hard for me to update you guys on my progress. Needless to say, the
time has come for my Sx...yes, it's tomorrow. I've been in SunnyIsles at the Ramada Marco Polo Resort since Sat the I've gotten a moment to shop, dine, and relax. As a salon owner and mother of three, I barely get an opportunity to rest, so I'm finally settled in. I met with Salama's staff today at noon. The office was very easy to locate via gps. I arrived and was greeted with a very warm welcome from Nomie. She seemed very excited to finally meet me, as I'm sure I've worried the piss out of her since the very day that I scheduled my procedure. After filling out tons of paperwork, I was escorted to the back... Nomie explained everything step by step. She answered all of my questions with confidence..even some of the scary parts that made me a little uneasy, Nomie seemed to smooth it all out for me. I'm not going to lie, I am extremely nervous about this procedure, especially because I don't get to meet Salama until tomorrow. I was like....what the heck? Tomorrow? I mean, I've never once spoken to the Dr.....this makes me nauseous . After Nomie left the room, I was introduced to Cynthia in the finance department. We spoke for a long while, and was surprised to discover that we share so much in common. She was open and honest with me, and very complimentary of my current figure, which I'm not unhappy with. I felt good that she feels so confident that I am a perfect candidate for this procedure. I explained to her that I am happy with my shape, but I want more volume...seems like the older I get, my butt seems to lose some of it's shape. I voiced to Cynthia a few of my extra concerns ie: thighs and other areas of lipo that I may want to visit during the procedure. Cynthia advised me to pay the extra $500 per add'l areas of lipo...which came out to $1000 more. She then stated that Salama may or may not see fit to lipo these particular areas, but would refund my money if He doesn't feel the need to lipo the areas in question. My instructions are to arrive at the facility at 7:30 am to meet with the Dr. I'm so so so so scared and nervous. I'm afraid that I won't get any sleep tonight. My mom is here with me, and has been super supportive. I will try to update you guys ASAP. Keep me in your prayers guys!

I'm alive! Surgery Complete

Hi dolls! So, here's the spill on the entire ordeal. Of course you all know, per Docs orders, no eating or drinking after midnight, so yesterday, mom and I over indulged ourselves at dinner. I had the shrimp scampi and chicken royale combination, along with the peach cobbler infused with cinnamon pecans and ice cream at The Grand Luxe Cafe at like 10pm...the dessert was to die for. Plus I deserved it, so don't judge me ????. I was up at like 5 this morning only bc I couldn't sleep a wink. I showered with antibacterial soap at like 6am, woke my mom, called valet to bring my car around, had Siri to hook me up with directions to the Transcapital Bank where the surgery center is located in Hallandale. It was 49 degrees and cold, but I'm used to cold weather. Back home, it's 13 degrees and snowing. The center was exactly 10 minutes away from my condo and a straight sweet is that? I arrived around 7:25 and was greeted with a warm welcome by none other than the world famous Dr. Moises Salama! There was another young lady waiting for Dr G., we actually met on yesterday at the office. We chatted for a very brief moment before the nurse escorted me to the bathroom where I changed into a front open robe, compression socks, panties, and a head cover. I was instructed to pee in a cup for my pregnancy test, which of course was negative (tubes tied yay!) I was then escorted into Dr Salama's office, where He had me undress...I was a little nervous bc we were the only two in the room, but He was very professional and eased my nerves completely. We made small talk, as He was very interested in Memphis and my career as a professional singer. It shocked me that He was so cordial, I really think that He was in awe of my musical background, as He asked many questions regarding the subject. At this point, I'm extremely comfy and feeling more personally aquainted. Dr S., asked about previous surgeries which were a tummy tuck and lipo to thighs in 2001 (lipo left me a little clumpy and previous surgeon went into my hip area which caused indentations to my butt) Dr S. was thorough when explaining the complications of the procedure, and also let me know that He hasn't had the major ones ever occur. The extra $1000 came in handy, doc was able to contour some of the inner and outer thigh to smooth out my lumpiness from the prior surgery that I mentioned before, he also took care of the fatty tissue around my underarm area that doesn't go away with diet and exercise. Once I disrobed, Doc whipped out the camera and began the photo mid shoot, He exclaimed "You already have a really huge butt with good projection, I think that you are a really awesome candidate for this procedure because your skin will stretch tremendously, as it is very loose." He also said, that could be a good thing or bad thing, depending on the amount of fat available during the lipo and cleaning process, but stated that He would shoot for a minimum of 1000 Cc's per side. Afterwards He marked me all up and explained after care..instructed me to invest in a heating pad and yoga ball after my 2 mth post op, said to place the heat on medium and use my compression wrap to secure the pad, lay on the ball and roll back and forth on my stomach for 1 year. I reassured him that I will do everything in my power to keep up with my regimen. He also warned me to bring a fitted tshirt tomorrow for my first appointment, that way I can avoid garment burns. He mentioned a lot more but I'm getting a little sleepy. Next come Alex, my nurse anesthetist, He was so gentle and nice, I knew I was in good hands. I signed a few papers after interviewing with him about my medical history. He explained that a tube will be inserted in my throat for breathing, and that I may be hoarse with a sore throat for quite some time. I was so amazed and appreciative when Dr. Salama instantly chimed in and said "She's a singer!" Which meant, be extra careful. Amen, I make great money with these vocals! LoL. Once Alex stepped out to prepare, I quickly grabbed my phone and showed the Dr some photos of butts that I really liked, and ones that I did not.. Most of the pics were his work. He was more than willing to accommodate focusing more on hips and projection. I then met back up with Alex in the operating room, He told me that he opted to use a child's tube so that my throat will be safe...that was a God send. These people are truly angels and their hands are blessed. I warned Alex that my veins are small and will give him hell! He had one to blow on him, which I already knew would happen. Took about 10 min to find a vein and get the IV started. Once in, He gave me that burning stinging awesome morphine, I took a few deep breaths of the night night gas, last thing Alex said was, see you in a few hours...and the lights went out! Once I awakened, I heard a lot of Spanish speaking, thought I was in another country for a sec. The nurse pulled out my catheter, which was excruciating, as I was already so tender all over. I asked her for water bc my mouth was like cotton. She also gave me a dose of pain meds in my IV bc I begged for it. I didn't panic bc I was pre-warned about the bloody/watery mess which I was covered in. Yuck! I drained a lot! Once she sat me on my boppy pillow and in the wheelchair, she removed the IV's and dressed me into my maxi dress and that time, Dr Salama strolled in with a smile..guess what He said? "I injected 1800 Cc's into each of your hips and butt!" I screamed, "WHAT!!!!!!????" Stop lying Doc!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????! He said, "no joke!, you got a Badonka-Donk !!!" At that point, I was completely alert! I laid on my tummy in the back seat..they put the bed pads in the back so that I would not ruin the car seats, it was super cold out, but I didn't care, I'm all drugged up, and super excited to see my new Salamafied Ass! Once at the hotel, I got out and walked to the elevator to my condo which is on the 1st floor..and the first door. Was a breeze! We cut open a Gatorade bottle, I peed in that, mom fixed me soup and Gatorade bf I took my antibiotics, 2 percs, colace, and nausea pill. I looked in the mirror and OH MY GOD, this butt is huge! I hope it shrinks. I'm sure it will. It's also hard and I've been filled with embalming fluid! How long will it take to soften up and shrink? Guess I will ask those questions at 9 in the morning. Cynthia wants me to write a review on here and google and she's going to give me a free compression sweet is that! Oh, I face timed my boyfriend and He was like Whoa Baby, that thing is looking like a big playground. I'm glad everyone is happy, especially mom, she's very old school and doesn't believe in plastic surgery, but this time, she held Dr Salama to the highest esteem, and that means a lot. I'm already walking up and down the hall, and getting to and from the bathroom alone. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain, I think my periods are way worse than this..real talk. I haven't even popped a pain pill bc I really don't like taking medicine if I don't have to. Anyway, I'm out! That was as detailed as I can get! Thanks for the prayers and support! ????????

Yes 1800 CC's

I took pics today, but it's such a bloody mess, I will wait for the garment the swelling is too much. Can't really tell a whole lot, just looks like a gigantic mass to me right now.

1 Day Post Op! I don't think ya ready for this Jelly!

Thanks to all my sisters for the compliments! I'm bout to post these 1 day post op pics! Trust me, these biotches are about to bow down! (In my Sasha Fierce voice) I saw Salama today at 11am, even He had to look back at it! Ish just got real! I was already walking stank stout before this surgery, but Salama has created a super monster! I was a bit dizzy today, were right about me taking it easy, man I was hella weak today. Ladies, you really need to rest after dizzy spells weren't a joke. The nurse had to put me in a room, give me juice, and let me sleep for like an hour bf removing my garment. She removed the gauze, and told me to wash my garment today, and also shower. I also brought in a tight tank top to place under my garment, to avoid burns. My mom washed my garment, and I bought an XL spanx that I cut the butt out of. Needles to say, hell, I might need a 3x with this superdome. I ended up just laying down w/out anything on while my garment dried. Boy, getting that thing back on was pure torture! I cried today. I hope it gets better! Everything is so swollen and tender. Ok...brace uploading now! What y'all think?

Day 1 post op

I am trying to upload from my phone. let's see if this works...originals are not fitting on page

Day 1 post op

The do over. Think I got it now.

Slept most of the day!

Thanks for all of your posts, I tried to answer each of you individually as I appreciate everyone's support. This has been a rough journey. I was pretty sore today. Rested as much as possible. Had my period, but I was prepared for that. The cramps aren't bad this time, which is a shock. I guess it's bc I'm so sore all over. Had my first BM also....very weird consistency, I was able to place towels underneath my thighs to sit on the toilet..I also placed towels on the floor for arm support...I leaned forward spread those 1800's and did the do! It was easy bc I was able to pull down my garment and reposition my drains, so that the line coming from my butt did not get in the way of me doing my business, otherwise, that would have been a mess to clean. I've been having to use my upper body strength to do everything. The baby wipes are a plus also. My mom helps a lot, but I'm better at doing things on my own. I've been itching like hell all over, so I took some's helped so much. Not sure if I was supposed to do that, but oh well, I'm glad I did! No one told me about the itch demon! Ugh! Had like 4 BM's more colace for me bc I'm definitely not constipated. I think this has been the worst part of my journey so far. Anyway, I showered myself, mom washed my garment, and I'm good to go! Walked to the pool bar grill to get some food and a little exercise this evening, wanted to see the sun set... and was attacked by seagulls. There where maybe 15 of them hovering over me flapping and squealing... I started cussing and was running full speed without even thinking. My mom said, that big ole booty sure didn't get in the way of you running! She asked me why didn't I just drop the sandwich? I said hell naw! I went through a lot to get my sandwich, like hell was I about to let some aggressive birds try to take me out of here! LoL. I guess that's my cue to stop trying to do so much! Massage is tomorrow at 10am, not sure if my drains will be removed...I will keep you guys posted. Night night!

First Massage Handled like a Champion

Ok, I'm finally up from a very long nap. Had a massage appointment with Eileen today, I was 15 minutes late because of a very bad accident which caused us to have to detour.!!!! I'm not from the area so I'm like where the hell are the alternate routes? Needless to say, we found our way to 95N back to Biscayne, and so on. Made it to the office about 20 min late, Eileen was very nice and understanding. I got a chance to speak to Nomie about my drain being clogged, she discovered the reason for the malfunction was a piece of fat had traveled through the drain and stopped up the suction...oh my God it was the most grotesque thing to see. Yuck! Ew, just thinking about it! Yikes! Ok so I'm on the massage table just loving the ultrasound part to my back..the machine turns off and Eileen is like, ok, are you ready for the hard part? I'm like what hard part? She said I'm going to press around your lipo'd areas to help smooth you out and drain the lymphatic system. She also asked if I took any pain meds. I took 2 Percocets at 10am. So, as she's prepping me, I hear someone screaming and crying in the room next to me...I mean screaming Bloody Mary! I asked, why, Eileen relied, "she's getting a massage" She explained that everyone's level of pain tolerance isn't the same, some people scream, some cry, some moan, some take deep breaths, and some can just laugh and talk their way through it. Me, I said a few shits and damns, took lots and lots of deep breaths, tried squeezing my butt cheeks together, wiggled my toes, and told a few jokes about the screaming lady in the next room. In all honesty, I'd say that the pain is indescribable...but the way that lady was screaming, I don't even know why she opted for would've thought that someone was taking a blowtorch to her ass. There was so much fluid squishing around inside of my back, sides, and stomach, everytime she pressed downward fluid ran out of my wounds..she wiped me down with pads to catch all of the excess drainage. I felt like a living waterbed. Our bodies are so amazing, how we adapt to surgery, release toxins, etc, I truly understand the importance of keeping up with the intense daily regimen that our doctors order. That's the only way that our bodies are going to heal properly, we must do everything directly by the book in order to avoid, lumps, bumps, disfiguration, and unsightly results. Eileen moved me to my 2nd stage garment which is a 3xl Classic 3/4 leg Derrière from lipo My first stage was a 5xl...I had no idea....They tried putting this big ole butt in a 3x..still had to cut this sucker bc my ass is way too big...HaH! I feel like I need to cut it a little more bc when I woke up from my nap, I felt like my circulation was being cut off under the cuff of my butt, going into my thighs. , I was also given a free size L Corset #1703 to wear on week 5. The office has a promotion going, if you give 2 reviews, one on google and one on RS, u get a complimentary corset, how nice. I love free stuff. I got my foam pads today. So now I'm all stuffed and walking around this hotel looking like Mrs. Pillsbury. I scheduled my 2nd massage for Mon at 11, and Nomie asked did I need anything over the weekend. I said no, but I did ask for another prescription for Percocet bc I sware, I've sucked down almost 60 pills since Tues. Don't judge me! Anyway, I will be getting a refill on Monday! Yay! After the appointment, my mom and I ate in at Tony Roma's on Collins Ave , very nice place. I walked in with that boppy pillow, and all eyes were on me. I didn't give a country hot damn. I sat down, on my thighs, propped my butt up real nice and neat, making sure no pressure was being applied to my nice new asset, and ordered me some salmon and shrimp picassa, ate, laughed, took pics, the whole 9. I knew my waiter had told some of the staff members about my ass, so some of them took turns coming out from the back to get a sneak peak...what a gong show! My mom asked, "does anything embarrass you?" I said, no, not really. I'm an inspiration to others. I mean honestly, who doesn't aspire to have a nice body, especially a nice ass? Mom nodded and said, "well, I guess you're right." She thinks that I need a reality show. Maybe that will be my next project. But until then, I need to try to cut this garment a bit more. Oh..I got flowers today from my old sugar man....I face timed my main man and bragged about how someone sent me flowers...I told him he needed to get with the program, He said, "to hell with them flowers, I'm paying for surgeries and bills" "tell that you know what to cover some expenses then I will send flowers!!" then he hung up in my face! Didn't even say I love you. LoL..ok, I'm out!!!! It's a nice day, I want to walk on the beach.

America! Watch Out! Ass Coming Through! Beep Beep!

Ya'll, I'm telling you, that man don't even know what He's done to America! He's made me into a secret weapon! Today, my mom was checking out my shape and she got her tongue twisted...she said, "girl, you look like a booty cream."....she was trying to say beauty queen! Hah! That damngone Moises Salama. The Mad Scientist! Buhahahaha !!!!!! Oh, I ran across a photo in the art gallery, and added in my little angry aggressive bird friend...just waiting to take my sandwich while I'm trying to twerk! Thought that would give y'all a good laugh! Goodnight ladies! Team Salama all day and night babe!

I finally had a crying moment

The stage 2 garment with the foam was way to tight, even after I cut it a second time. My stomach was severely interrupted, I vomited and had the shits all at the same time, which made me have to keep taking my garment off and on. I felt like I was a contestant on Supermarket Sweep..LoL! One time I was so nauseous, I cried like a baby! Being helpless is the worst feeling ever bc I'm very independent. Anyway, I ended up changing back into my original stage 1 garment and just adding the foam pads to that. I slept like a baby, didn't even take any Percocet. I woke up at like 3am sore as a mothersucker...popped a pill, laughed at D'sWifey's post, wrote a brief blog, and now I'm going off on my boyfriend for not picking up the phone and checking on me since this morning! Just inconsiderate! He probably out cheating. Anyway, He ain't touching this ass when I get home, so that's his lost. Lawd, I already know imma have too many dudes on me anyway, I need to leave my options open. LoL! I'm just talking, but I'm kinda serious too! Goodnight lovebugs, or shall I say Good Mornting!

Just in Case You're Uninspired Let me Uplift your Spirits

I'm just thinking how happy I was with my ass before I was touched by the Mad Scientist, Salama! I would never go back to my pASSt! NEVER. Honestly, I feel like I'm going to lose some friends over this thang! Has any of you had some jealousy issues?

After pic! Lawd Salama

This is me today!

Happy Sunday!

Just wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Sunday....I made it 5 days! I'm not doing so well with the stage 2 garments and foam pads together, so I'm just wearing my garment and pads during the day, and at night, I just wear my garment over my t-shirt, until I go down a little bit more...otherwise the pressure from the pads will just keep pushing my bowels to run way too much, and that's giving me the blues. My mom massaged me last night, relieved my body of so much hurt a whole lot, but she used the Arnica Gel, which gave me so much relief after the shock of the pain left my body. Anyway, I slept like a baby. I feel like I'm healing very quickly, bruises are subsiding, draining less, eating better, drinking more fluids,etc. It felt so good to dress up today for the river boat tour...I'm headed to see some celebrity cribs, and main attractions of Miami. I will be standing, so no worries. I know y'all are going to fuss and say "take it easy"...I promise, I'm taking it easy, my tour guide is aware of my restrictions and have made special accommodations for my comfort. So I will be laying or standing throughout the duration. I really am excited to get out if this room! It becomes a bit depressing at times. I have on my garment, foam, and some size 15 stretchy jeans that I purchased the other day. LoL I normally wear a 11/12...and I know the 15 will end up being too big, but my daughter will be able to fit them, unless she loses butt is stupid big...and her waist is crazy tiny! Ok beautiful ones, enjoy your day! Happy healing!

Help! This Garment is Killing Me!

I can't sleep at all! Honestly I can't do anything with this garment that keeps riding up the crack of my ass like a thong. It's beginning to cut into my crack area, plus my drain is still in so it's making it hurt so so so bad, I'm in tears! My God! My mom had to lift the part that's acting like a thong, and stuff a bunch of towels there to keep it from cutting me so bad! Should I request a butt in garment? What would be better for me to ask for tomorrow? Eileen cut my garment to fit better, but it hurts to the point that my circulation is being cut off. My legs are looking more bruised, and my upper butt and back is swelling severely. I haven't called the emergency number, only bc I am scheduled to be there in the morning for a massage. I don't know what kind of garment I need, but this one isn't working at all. I have on the first one now, but it's way too big, and now it even works it's way up like a thong. I feel like just sleeping naked! What should I do? Another question... My drains are starting to run light yellow color instead of the red. Is that normal? Or is that a sign of infection. I'm starting to get upset and nervous. I was doing so well. Oh and it has nothing to do with the jeans, bc I ended up just wearing a long 3x maxi dress on the boat tour, I felt like even though the jeans were super stretchy, it wasn't a great idea, plus, the garment was tearing into my crack so so bad, I wouldn't have been able to handle any kind of pants......and I also was able to lay down most of the time on a little futon they had for me, so it was just like being at the condo. What the heck should I do? My body is burning and in turmoil. Pain pills don't help at all! Ugh! Help me!

Watch out for diarrhea when taking Clydamycin! It can cause C Diff

I've been MIA for over 24 hrs, I know. I had developed a pretty severe case of diarrhea/cramping to the point where my body had become so weak. I didn't understand this bc I was feeling so well right after surgery and days later. Well, I went to Salama's office to receive my second massage , which was great, and also had my back drain removed. I mentioned to Nomie that I was feeling really ill these days and was having frequent diarrhea with severe cramping that lasted like an hour each round. She was instantly concerned and mentioned the antibiotic that I was taking was extremely strong. She spoke with my doctor and He says that I needed to discontinue the antibiotic immediately as it has caused me to develop a bad bacteria called C. Diff. Defined: What is Clostridium Difficile - in easy terms to understand?

C - difficile is a bacteria in your intestines. It is found normally in healthy and ill people alike. There are millions, perhaps billions of different types of bacteria in your body. Bacteria are an important part of your health. They help break down and digest food. They also ward off many "bad" or foreign bacteria that you may come in contact with. In fact, the "good" or normal bacteria on your hands can kill certain bad bacteria which you may pick up handling food or touching everyday items and fixtures.

How do I get Clostridium Difficile Colitis or Antibiotic-Associated Colitis?

Your body has lots of "good" and necessary bacteria. It also has some "bad" or dangerous bacteria. Clostridium difficile is a "bad" bacteria. Fortunately, when you are healthy and not taking antibiotics, the millions of good bacteria in your system keep the c - diff under control and in smaller numbers. However, when you take an antibiotic, the levels of good bacteria are reduced down to a smaller number. If your c-diff is strong and doesn't get killed by the antibiotic along with the good bacteria, then it is possible that the c-diff will overpopulate inside your intestine or colon. When this happens, you may get the illness called clostridium difficile colitis.

When you have an imbalance of bacteria and c-diff takes over, it creates two main types of toxins that affect your body and give you the symptoms of the actual disease. The toxins attack your intestinal wall and left untreated may cause ulcerations. Your symptoms may include diarrhea and cramping at first. The later stages are commonly flu-like symptoms of weakness, dehydration, fever, nausea, vomiting and in advanced stages - blood in your stool / feces. If a patient is left untreated, they can die from it. This is rare.

Antibiotic usage is usually the initial cause of developing this disease. Additionally, antibiotics are usually the cause of recurrent cases of c-diff. Ironically - two very powerful antibiotics are used to primarily treat the disease! Ironic, isn't it?
So , with that being said, I am now off of the antibiotic, and am taking 4 probiotic restore pills per day, in order to replenish my body's normal flora of bacteria. Probiotics are also found in yogurts, skim milk, etc. I started my dose this morning, and can already tell that it's working, I only had one bad cramping case of diarrhea late this afternoon, but it was mild compared to the past 24 hrs. I did sleep all day, as my body has been pretty weak from all of the cramping. I posted this because sometimes I tend to ignore warning signs that my body gives me. I should have notified my doctor immediately after having more than 1 severe case of cramping and diarrhea, but I thought it was normal and would just go away...needless to say, it got way worse. My Doc May or may not prescribe me a new antibiotic to ward off the remaining bacteria, I won't know till Wednesday at 3. Anyway, I'm up and feeling better. Ladies. Listen to your body, call your Dr. , that's what we paid almost 10 grand for. Oh, I got a new garment also, size 3xl.. Fits great and so does the foam! Yay!

Salama is still Mesmerized with this Big Ole Butt-Er-Fly!

9 Days Post-Op, Still got the shits! Yep, I'm losing weight faster than you can say...well never mind that part, my Ass is still holding these 18's! No complaints in that area. Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes..and @niceshape1 a special thank you! So glad we met at the office!

Had my 3rd massage yesterday with Celia, and in the middle of the rub down, I'm interrupted by none other than the ASS man himself, Dr Moises Salama! I was laying on my stomach so I didn't know it was He who'd come in. All He said was...."Now that's a Biggg Butt!" We all laughed so hard. Then He got serious. He was very concerned about the fact that I still have diarrhea. He put me on another antibiotic (Flagyll) for 10 days, He also told me to text him at least 2x's per week, and also to email him with updated photos. He really loves my ass...seriously. He decided to keep the front drain in, so looks like I'm going home with it, since my flight leaves In the morn. Celia finished up my massage, and was in disbelief at how quickly my body is slimming, as I already need a stage 3 garment in an XL. It's $140 so I didn't purchase one yesterday. Thought I'd shop around a bit...only ones I found were $20 cheaper I am gonna stop by the office in a few and pick up one since I need to switch ASAP, then I will order online in the future. Thank God for boyfriendsss with money..yes, more than 1 s, stands for several..LOL..gotta have the main one that's dumb as hell that you just love with all of your heart mind and soul, and will beat a bitch down over his crazy ass, bc the clown puts it down and keeps you emotionally entertained (mind you, I've never slept w/anyone but him) , gotta have the one that loves you and appreciates you for no reason and you hate yourself bc you will never feel the same about him *sigh*, and gotta have that one over 65 yrs old that lives to spoil and pamper you bc you're his trophy. Anyway, that's 3 garments XL, L, and M. *POW* !!!!! So, I hugged all of the girls in the office, especially hugged Nomie and Cynthia bc they are dear to my heart, I promised to visit them in 2 months on a Wednesday bc I will be recording in the studio for a major project in March or April. Nomie gave me my flight clearance letter for standing during the flight, and she gave me a board to use to flatten my tummy more.
I hadn't posted pics bc I switched from the condo with the full size mirror, to the Circa 39 hotel, which is beautiful btw, it's normally $149 per night but you can bid on Priceline under 3 star Southbeach area and get it for $75 night, trust me, it's 4 star status. It's walking distance to you know it's in a really nice it's on the boardwalk. It's a 30 min drive to the office, but very easy to get to. I just hate that I don't have a full mirror...I'm going through withdrawals. All I want to do, is look at myself in a mirror. Vain, I know, blame it on Salama. I'm turning in my rental car today at 5, so I'm switching to a hotel inside the airport, the only amenity that I need, is a full size mirror. LoL.

I made it home son hates me

Hey Sisters!!!! Welp, I made it home in one piece. I spent my last night at the Sheraton Airport Hotel..very posh. Shuttle took us straight to the terminal..checked in, showed TSA my little handicapped special restrictions letter from EPS, skipped the long security checkpoint line along with my mom....stood up until I boarded my flight...handed my handicapped letter to the flight attendant who then handed it to the captain who then reassured me that I could stand up or do whatever I wanted once the seatbelt sign was off. In the words of the Isley was nothing but smooth sailing. No connections, no worries. I included a pic of me posted up in my own seat , well I took up 2 seats...and slept like a baby on Percocets. LoL, well u know what I mean. Anyway, was met at the gate with a wheelchair (I placed special restrictions when I made my flight arrangements, so make sure you guys do that when planning your flight home, makes life much simpler) nice talkative lady wheeled me to baggage claim, I was nice to her too until my luggage never appeared ...then I was not too nice, even though it wasn't her fault. Nice talkative lady said that my luggage is still in Miami! How about that! Miami? Do what? Anyway, I've been reassured that it's on the next flight from Miami to Chicago to Memphis, then it will be delivered to my home tonight. Sigh of relief. At least I got my Percocets. LoL! I don't even like pills at all, but this surgery has made me learn to appreciate pain relief. Ok so, boyfriend scoops us up and is oddly overjoyed to see me...I'm like, you ain't getting none buddy! He couldn't wait to see this new sexy body that costs him 2 arms and all 3 legs. He said, he can't tell the difference. I'm like, well it's 39 degrees, I have on a coat, garment, foam pads...wait till I Presto Chango out of these rags!

So I'm home, everyone loves the new me except my son! He said, "Mom!" What the heck did you do to yourself? You have a old lady booty! Yuck! I hate it! Why would you go and change your booty like that! I like your regular body! You look terrible now! No no no no no! My mom calmed him and basically said it was swelling, that I haven't changed, and once the swelling subsides, I will be normal. But, I mean gosh, my feelings are terribly hurt already, I know He doesn't understand, so I'm not taking it to heart, plus I know that I look great. I'm extremely happy with my decision. My boyfriend got to see me undressed, and also in a few sexy dresses...He wants me to go to the club tonight! I'm like hell to the no! Not ready to break out yet, it's gonna be gradual, no skimpy dresses, no outings...not for at least 2 more mths. I want the fluff to take place bf I start showing off. I'm just so glad that He loves this body! My daughter loves it too and my dad ,well dad doesn't really care what I do. Nothing I do ever surprises him. He wants my mom to get hers done now...LMAO! My mom said, never in a million years would she go through what she seen me endure! It was a big step to take and such a long road to recovery, I don't know how you ladies are even thinking of a round 2...but the booty greed is real! If you like my posts and you feel that I've been helpful be sure to hit that "thank you" button.

Exactly 2 Weeks PO... 1800 cc's and holding

I'm up early with the heating pad in my back..feels so awesome! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! And you know what else feels good? Stretching, toe touches, massages, and a hot whirlpool bath with jets on (just purchase bath pillows and adjust on your knees... I lay my head on the side of the tub on a pillow. The things I miss most is sitting on my butt, sex , sex, did I say sex...oh ok what else, sleeping completely naked on my back and sides, sitting directly on the toilet, working out like a beast, and wearing my sexy clothes out on the town. This BBL procedure has truly had it's pros and cons, yet I hold not one ounce of regret for making this choice. My body is healing day by day, and soon, I'm gonna be back to my regular scheduled program. Dr Salama deserved every penny that I paid, no lie! I've had 7 total massages since the sx , they are definitely important, plus hiring a "lymphatic" therapist is extremely important. Mine has taught me so much about kneading, molding, direction of the colon, heat therapy, importance of flushing toxins by drinking plenty of water, as these things are key to proper healing. I have no lumps or fluid pockets, and my body is completely smooth...hurts like hell at times, but pain is beauty. Also I wear my garment faithfully w/ foam pads. My boyfriend removed my drain..ugh gross, made his big ass queasy, but also gave him a new found respect for women and what we go through to look amazing for not only ourselves, but for their dumb asses. Anyway He is obsessed with my ass, waist, and flat stomach, although he's convinced that my butt looks exactly the same as before sx...that's his way of manipulating me out of growing into a bobble head doll (getting the big head). Well folks, I'm here to say, TOO LATE! Salama has created a monster!!!! Plus I will let you guys be the ass judges. Let me know your thoughts and also don't forget to hit that like button if you find this review helpful. Thanks for the prayers and support.

Sex and Driving

So, it's safe to have sex after 2 wks right? If not, then too late!!! LoL

When is it safe to drive? I return to work next week, it's a 20-30 min commute there. I am no longer taking pain meds during the day.

3 weeks post op...ready to TWERK

Hey y'all!!!!!!
Guess what? Your girl made it to the 3 week mark! Has it been easy? NO! I am so used to being a socialite. I'm always out crowd pleasing, this reclusive ish is the blues. I had my first drink yesterday, my homegirl rescued me for an hour or so, I stood at the bar the entire time, for drinks. Funny, cuz everyone kept offering me a seat. I wore sweats and an oversized sweater, so my butt wasn't very noticeable, I am glad I was able to get out in public, yet I am anxious to wear real clothes. I'm still wearing my butt out garment from in an I'm just now able to button it to the last set of hooks. This should last me another week or so until my new stage 2 garment from arrives (see pic). I am back working in the salon, Sat was tough, as I took on 10 clients. Bad idea. I made it through though... .a few of the clients knew that I was having lipo, but some of them noticed my butt was huge. I laughed it off and told them that body sculpting will alter your proportions tremendously. Mind you, I always had a butt, so it was easy for me to shrug the questions off.
My butt is really getting soft, I can tell the change week by week, it's a good change, exciting even. It's round, projected, and full, I'm loving every minute of the gradual change. Looking much better everyday.
A few of you wanted my measurements.... They are 36-30-49 ...kinda weird proportions, plus my waist is going down even more. I'm posting more pics for your viewing pleasure. I showered last night and was so tired, I ended up falling asleep butt naked. I woke up hours later with a burning my skin was being torn apart and set on fire. I know it was the swelling that caused this reaction, plus my body is not used to being out of my garment. I threw that garment on so fast, you wouldn't even believe. I'm gonna start wearing it off for a while, I think my doc said 12 hrs..but I'm torn bc I want to wear it to work for back support and comfort, yet I need to wear it at bedtime..what to do what to do?

Measurements Pre and Post

My Pre-measurements 38-37-45
Post are 36-30-49

Wow!!!! 8inches off my waist and 4 inches added to my hips. Sweet huh...lost some boob, but I'm not worried at all. I am getting those lifted soon. Yep

7 inches off my waist, not 8

Sorry, I can't count. LoL

Lola3105 good luck on your sx today! Team Salama babe!

Had to shout out to my girl Lola3105...had her BBL w/the one and only Salama today at 10:30 am! Please stop by her page and show her some love! Can't wait to check out those cheeks hun!

4 weeks Post sx

Today is 4 weeks for me!!! Yayyyy! I'm healing quite well. Thanks for all of the compliments! My measurements are still the same this week, so please no photos (in my Kanye West voice) . My stage 2 garment arrived yesterday from ...I tried it on and it was wayyyy to small. (Faja liposculpture #527) Called the store and it was closed, so this morning my phone rang and the associate (Marie) from the pink room called and asked how my garment fit? I told her that I need to return it, she was very helpful with taking my exact measurements, and finding me the right fit. She had me ship the garment back and will be returning my new one soon. I ordered an XL, but she says I need a 3x bc of my hip measurements. All garment companies have different sizing charts..definitely go by your hip measurements, even if your seamstress has to take in the waist. I love the material, and it's sexy too, so I'm gonna love the garment...instead of the butt completely out, it has a soft mesh material that is breathable, it doesn't squish your butt at all. I also ordered the triangle foam board to create that beautiful smooth flatness in my lower back to crack area. Sexy sexyyyy! I'm foaming at the mouth now, so ready to be back in the trainer is missing me terribly. 2 more weeks to go and I'm gonna start working on my Cancun beach body! Yeah baby!!!!! I hate the way my body tingles and burns at night when I'm sleeping...shit, I feel like I'm on fire. I'm sure it's my nerve endings healing up, but damn...the pain is crazy! Ugh!
Ok, so my boyfriend drama! Never ending...the 2 old men just couldn't hang in there. You can't have a trophy on your arm, and expect not to pay the cost! I mean, look at me, and look at you! Let's just say ...FIRED! As for my main boyfriend, I'm still sad that after 2 years, He's decided to go down fool's hill..I've tolerated a lot of his bull bc He treats me so well, I say, He He's an amazing lover. I just can't deal with his insecurities. Since this surgery, he's criticized, downplayed, and has just totally dissed this procedure. He said my butt looks the same as it did bf and keeps bitching about what all He should have done with the money. He stayed gone for an entire week, no call, no nothing... We keep getting into fights, so he took away the MasterCard that He gave me and told me to find another man, bc there are too many hoes out here that appreciates him and is dying to take my place...I'm hurt, but ok..he will see. So I ended up meeting a really nice guy on! He's so freaking handsome...reminds me of Justin Timberlake. Yummy! Awesome job, fabulous home, great personality, sexy as hell, the works! Since I couldn't go out in public without that stupid hemorrhoid looking boppy pillow...guess what my guy did? He had a private chef cook was so romantic...I think I hear wedding bells in my future! Hahahaha! I really do want to settle down with someone that deserves all of this love that I have to offer! My dress will fit perfectly! I do miss my tall dark chocolate boyfriend, but I need to be appreciated. Plus, I'm down with the swirl..and He's great eye candy, plus he's so considerate of my needs. Wish I could show y'all some pictures, but hell, u just got to use your imaginations. Ok, I'll share more later. I'm in great spirits these days and I feel like a princess! Life is good! Oh and if you like my posts, Don't forget to hit that thank you button! Peace, love, and much booty shaking everywhere! TWERK TWERK TWERK TWERK !!!!!

6 weeks PO!!! Realfriend Badge

Hey hey hey hey!!!!!! I bet y'all missed my ass! Been MIA! New man got my panties in a wad on a daily basis, plus my ex that is my "not so ex" got me going coo-coo for cocoa puffs! sleep, nervous, just plain ole tired! But hey, I missed you guys and I'm back! Also, want to send a big shout-out to the Real Self Team for making me a Real Friend, as I consider this a huge honor! I enjoy sharing my experiences and helping others, I mean, what are friends for?
6weeks post-op today! Wow! What a huge journey this has been! I'm finally able to sit on my fanny, but don't think I'll be sitting much! It's a weird feeling and there's always that tinge of apprehension that kicks in when you want to sit or lay on your back..I'm sure I'll be just fine once reality sets in. I've lost ten pounds from all of this ripping and running trying to be girlfriend number one to two dudes...ugh, what a job! I lied to my not so ex, told him that I had to sing on Valentine's Day, so I'd have to catch him on another day, He was very understanding. New guy, put in that, dinner reservations, champagne, chocolates, the whole 9 yards. Went out to hear some live music at this place where I normally perform, saw my not so ex's best friend! I wanted to die bc I'm busted! Needless to say, I took that walk of shame, admitted that I was seeing someone, I like him, and don't plan on leaving...He had his fair chance! Well, not so ex is really pouring it on thick..working extra hard to get his "big booty" back! Shit, I don't blame him, I'd want my ass back too if I were him! Decisions decisions decisions. Outside of my busy schedule, I've been going out to some of my hang outs and Everyone, I mean, Everyone is gawking over my ass! Had a few nosy witches ask me what I'd done to my body? I just told them waist training...and I can help them get like me for a small fee! (LoL). Honestly, I cannot stand nosy fake hoes! Ugh! Anyway, I have been the talk of the lie! I feel so good about myself, I'm just oozing with confidence! Although Salama did a fabulous job, I am thinking about a few minor touch-ups. I still have too much fat in my triangle area right where my back meets my crack. I've been using a triangle board with my faja faithfully, but I can tell that it's not going to help much. Also, one of my cheeks has a weird indentation right in the center of my area of I'm sure that a round 2 is in the making. I'm going to chat with him this week about dates, as I'm ready to get this boob job out of the way also. I may end up going with Dr. Fisher for the boobs though. His work is gorgeous. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my body..from head to toe! A real high-maintenance type of gal! I work in the field of arts, so that is to be expected. Like they say, the booty greed is real! So, I'm back in the gym as of yesterday, felt great to be back. I started off low-impact on the arc trainer. Light weights focusing mainly on my arms, and I did some mean my focus is to keep my waist in check! Summer is quickly approaching and I'm ready to let this ass loose!!!!! People stare at me everywhere I go, it's almost uncomfortable, but I know that they are amazed at my small waist and big donk! I did get a little shrinkage, but overall, the butt hasn't changed too much. I have to say, wearing the ab board is so important, also the foam pads and triangle board....they all help to maintain that sculpted look. I do get lazy at times and I won't wear my garment (new man doesn't know about this procedure, I only told him liposculpture.) but still, when you're rolling in between the sheets, the last thing on the brain is to put on a freaking garment. I paid way too much money, so I have to allow my body to heal at it's fullest potential. Been wearing my gear faithfully and the results are much better. My advice is to do everything by the book, there aren't any shortcuts to take. Look good, feel good! I'm posting pics now! Oh...I'm still itchy, burning from nerves healing, some swelling in my flanks, some inflammation. Still massaging once a week with a therapist. Still doing intensive self massages, heating pad, and using the yoga ball to keep the lumps away. I will update my measurements tomorrow..I'm sleepy. If you like my posts and find them helpful, hit that "thank you" button!

1800 cc's of questions

It's still super cold outside, I'm rocking jeggings, sweaters, and ugg boots, and the crowd is still going Wild! Think I don't have booty issues, well think again! Sometimes, I just want to stay inside and never go anywhere. Men stare, women stare, even son's best friend (age 13), is always at my home...I may just adopt him (lol)....anyway, his mom called me. This is the convo. Phone Rings: Me: Hello Boy's Mom: Girl! What have you done, I have to come and check you out! Me: ummm huh????? Boy's Mom: Don't Play, my son told me everything! Me: son told you everything like what? Boy's Mom: My boy came home and told me that I needed to step up my game, He said you were super fine and your ass got bigger, like way bigger! I know you went to Miami for 2 weeks bitch! What have you done? Me: Well...(interrupted by doorbell) Boys Mom: open the door, I'm at your house! (Door opens, I'm all made up and dressed to go out for dinner, so the booty is on point!) Boy's Mom: OMG!!!!!!!! Damn!!!! Turn around! Look at you! Ok Spill it! I know you had work done! Me: (smiling) I said that to say, if you opt for 1400 cc's or 1800 cc's of ass, you're going to have some explaining to do. Rather you choose to be honest or not, people are going to ask. If they don't ask, they are going to stare, if they don't stare, they are going to hate and start rumors that you've gone off and gotten booty shots. Either way, you're going to be flooded with so many different questions. You're going to experience many different emotions. Some days I feel awesome and super fine, some days I feel like a freak show...I ask my boyfriend often "is my butt too big", why is everyone gawking over this way? He's like "baby, first off, you're absolutely gorgeous, and with an ass like that, people are going to admire you." Ok, I will take that. For those of you who plan to hide the fact that you've had work done, I advise you to wear bigger clothes at first, and gradually change your wardrobe. Wear shirts that cover. People have eyes, and they see everything. They will ask questions. The butt goes through a morphing process, so at times it causes anxiety, insecurity, frustration, not to mention the physical pain that we go through. It's not an easy process ladies. Take it easy and happy healing to all of the Miss New Booties out here..I've seen some awesome post op results which I'm going to comment on as soon as I unbusy my schedule! You know the drill, if you find these posts helpful, please hit the "thank you" button and leave a comment! Happy healing Sista's

2 months! I made it! Thanks Dr Salama!

It's so hard to believe that I hit the 2 month mark. It's been such an emotional journey, and it's far from over. Dr Salama created a beautiful masterpiece, I will forever be grateful. This journey is so emotional, but thanks to my Realself Sisters, I made it through! This site has been a Godsend for me. I'm too emotional to say much more...just so happy to celebrate this joyous occasion with you guys!

3mth Follow up with Dr Salama

Hey my sweet dolls! First off, let me say how much I've missed you guys! I've been away from the site for close to 1 month. I apologize if I haven't checked on you guys...don't be mad at me ok? Work has been crazy....boyfriend issues...crazy, although I'm down to one guy finally! (Thank God!) I'll tell y'all about that later. Most importantly, I will say that I've healed quite well, no butt is super soft and has FLUFFED!!!! Yessssss!!!! It's doing so well, getting so many stares and compliments...why? Because Salama is the shit! I was blessed to be able to travel to the Bahamas with my NewNew...yep, it's been over 2mths for me and my sweety. Once He purchased the flights for our trip, and upon viewing the itinerary, I realized that we would be spending a day in Miami. I immediately jumped on the phone and called Salama's office. There was no way that I'd be that close and not try to get a follow-up appointment. Needless to say, the only day that I could squeeze in was on a Tuesday, which is his surgery day. Since it was so last minute, I did understand if I would not be able to squeeze in, but stated to Evelyn and Nomi that it was important that I see him. They were awesome, got me a 2pm appointment on Tuesday, April 1. I did not tell my NewNew about my BBL, he only had knowledge of the I was going through recovery when I met him. He's been so helpful and understanding about my lipo, me wearing my corset and garment consistently...he notices minor changes in my body...which brings me to my reason for wanting to see Salama for a follow-up. Again, my guy has no idea about the BBL, but he loves my butt so much..he actually notices everything behind Well one night after our shower, He lotioned me down and said, "mama, your butt used to be very very smooth, are you losing weight?" I said , "well I have been working out..but why?" He replied, "I never noticed any indentations or cellulite in your butt until now" I'm like..."What! Where?" And true enough, I saw exactly what he was talking about. I didn't panic right away, bc I didn't want to spill the beans about my surgery, but I was quite worried. I didn't sleep all night. Anyway, I ended up waking him from his sleep and telling him everything about my procedure. I told him that it is very personal to me that He keep this confidential, as I trust him 100% and I am already so in love with him. He was so understanding and supportive, something I've never really had in my ex. Once we booked our Bahamas vacation, my boyfriend said He added in an extra day for me to see Dr Salama bf our flight back home. He's such a diamond in the rough. We cruised to the Bahamas the last week in March, returning on the 31st....ended up driving down to Salama's office and Cynthia switched me out of my size large corset into a medium corset w/straps....feels so much waist is still shrinking. My current measurements (waist 27" hips are a whopping "51 inches)...I've definitely fluffed! From the office, we headed over to the surgery center. Upon waiting...I was blessed to meet 2 new Salama dolls....Brazilian Bubble Doll was there for surgery. She is so beautiful..with massive naturally curly hair. Babygirl was so nervous..we talked all the way up until the nurses called her in to her surgery! She thanked me for helping to ease her fear, of course it was my pleasure. I was glad to know that she follows my posts here on realself...she knew all about the 1800cc's and she was like..whoa...what an ass! LoL, I'm glad to be a representative of Salama's great work. I also met the beautiful Raleigh4 as she was being wheeled out of the office with her new booty....surprisingly, she was very alert and in great spirits! I waited a couple hrs for the doc to call me back, as He was nice enough to see me between his busy surgery day. And boy was He busy! Once in the office, we chatted, I showed him pics and my realself profile, He said that I have been one of the most talked about patients during his consults..his colleagues have even spoken about it bc their patients are seeking more cc's like mine. I told y'all, He created a monster. Anyway, I undressed, he took pics, and immediately noticed the indentations in my right and left butt cheeks. He said that the fat re absorbed and He would need to add more fat to smooth out the areas. He said bc my butt is so big and so much fat was transferred, some of that fat just did not stick. He asked me did it bother me, I said yes of course. He said that He will revise these areas for free, as He stands behind his work. I would only pay $1500 for the facility and anesthesiologist. He told me that He would take the fat from my arms and go from there. I would have to be 6mths post sx. So around August. Salama told me to call and set my appointment with Nancy, which I have yet to do. I think I want to schedule for October, bc I'm hoping to squeeze in a breast lift with implants...hehehe. I'm sure I can get a good cash discount, plus I'm gonna want to have my surgery when I can wear long sleeves w/my sleeve garment after arm lipo. Ladies, I'm telling you, these garments, massages, ab boards, triangle boards, squeems, foam pads, are necessary for a successful outcome. We've paid way too much money to not complete the recovery. I'm doing everything by the book. Salama said that I should be wearing garment for 8mths to one year post op, and trust me, I'm going to. I wear my corset all day at work. At bedtime, I'm in my stage 2 garment with my ab board and triangle board to give me that nice flatness to my thong area. I'm glad to be back on the first stop is to check on my sisters..D's Wifey, and ChiTown..I know they had their recent transition into big bootyland..gotta check on my other sisters too...I'm not gonna name everyone, but I gotta stop in on bigbootytinywaist and hubbykins..hope all is well.. Ladyb2011..gotta see your progression...booty4real..I just miss u, teambooty my homegirl...and all of the fabulous and bootyful dolls out here. Muah!!!!! Love y'all! Don't forget to hit the thank you button if this post was helpful to you! Here are a few pics for your viewing pleasure.

Pics of what needs revision

A closer look

Checking In on Everyone

Hey dolls! Welp, it's been 4 months since my BBL, boy how time flies! So sorry I hadn't been in touch w/ you guys! Life has really been hectic. I'm telling you, once you go back to work and things become more normal, time just has a way of slipping past you! My butt is still in tact, super soft and jiggly. Very natural! Salama has been so amazing, as I'm preparing for a revision in Sept along with a possible breast lift. I will be starting a new blog for that. Anyway, I've stopped the massages, only been wearing a small squeem all day everyday, my waist, I think, may have gained a little, only because I've been eating like crazy. I work out off and on, but the motivation just hasn't been there especially bc I'm having my 2 guys issue once again. Yeah, my ex is back! He isn't letting his money go to waste.. He said, when ole boy pays $10000 for the next one of my surgeries, then He might can have a chance, otherwise, He can keep it pushing! LoL, I heard that! Anywho, me and NewNew are doing just fine, until we go out! Man!!!! I'm getting so much attention these days that I really feel so sorry for my boyfriend when we hit the scene! He gets very weird and overprotective, almost a bit possessive, which He has admitted that He feels like all of the other guys are watching me. I reassure him that it's ok, and he calms down. Geez! Ok! Damn! Calm down Sir! I'm with you! Not Him! Dr. Salama really did create a beast! I'm extremely confident, as I know I'm the baddest in a room full of women! Everyone stares, and it's no longer uncomfortable for me, I've finally come to terms with the fact that my ass is super fabulous, and everyone wants a piece, literally! Hahahaha! If I had to do this surgery all over again (which I kinda do in Sept) (revision) I would do it in a heartbeat! I love feeling confident knowing that my shape is excellent! I'm heading to Vegas in a couple weeks with a group of about 20 girls from around the world that I've met on various vacations. These girls are beautiful, no kids, beach bodies that will intimidate. The last time we were together I wore cover ups and shorts on a topless resort bc I didn't feel very sexy. This time, I'm planning to stunt and strut my stuff, and I'm so anxious to see how the tables will turn! I woke up early to post and update you guys on the latest gossip, but I have to get ready for work. I know some of you have some questions for me, and I will be answering you guys more promptly, as my weekends will be a lot more calmer, I quit the band that I've been traveling with..ain't nobody got time for jealous and malicious people that aren't on the same level as me! I'm starting my own band and am super excited about the journey. It's been a long time me! It's hard working for people that don't even like or appreciate you, especially when I run my own business and am successful on my's so easy to give the middle finger and keep it moving! Ladies, I hope that all is well with you guys and your journey hasn't been too stressful! Preparing for a life changing event is the most difficult journey in the world. So I get it, once it's will look back and appreciate life even more! Life is truly much sweeter after a BBL! Muah! Take care

7 months later! Wow!

Booty booty booty booty rocking everywhere! I know that's the right! The hot Cinnamon Buns is back to update you guys on my progress. A lot has happened since my last update, the new business that is opened has kept me away from everything, nevertheless, I'm still alive! Ok, so I haven't posted in about 3 months, I have so much to say, but I'll make it brief. A lot of you wanted to know more about my fluffing, measurements, revision decision, etc. I can tell you that my fluffing occurred at about 4 months, not sure if it had to do with the large volume of 1800 cc's injected. My but is soft and very jiggly, it looks great. I haven't been super faithful with my waist cincher and I'm not happy about that, especially since I paid so much to have this great body. Like I said before, the areas of re absorption are very noticeable to me..I point it out a lot to my NuNu also, and He agrees...there is definitely some revision needed. I've been on the fence about it bc my ass has kinda grown out of control, like seriously, I can't really find a pair of decent jeans, I can forget about going to church in a dress...even if the dress isn't made to be fitted, it will still hug these super hips and butt. LoL, so be careful what you ask your doctor for. I've gained some weight because I'm happy in love! Yep I said it...finally got my ish together. I'm nervous that if I were to have a revision, what clothes would I be able to wear, I am having to sale my pre surgery clothing just to replenish my closet. So if you're considering miscellaneous expenses, add in a new wardrobe. Haven't quite been able to book a date for this revision do to work and my issue about clothes...small waist and fat bottom can be a problem. I still wear a lot of maxi dresses and leggings, as I'm more comfortable in them. Check this out, what the heck can you do with a 29" waist and 52" hips, besides TWERK? Geez! Guys are hypnotized by the anaconda! Gotta love These new songs! Got everybody screaming ANACONDA! I swear, some days I just wanna be normal again, and then I wake up from that nightmare! I love my body, seriously. Thank God for my doctor Salama...he's a visionary and an artist! Love this guy! I'm planing to do the revision in Feb, hopefully I can slow down enough from work. Wanted a breast lift but I'm kind of on the fence about too many changes, I don't want to go overboard, plus my boyfriend is so in love with my boobs as is. He wants us to get pregnant, but I'm really not talking about that at all! My youngest is 14. Heck to the no on the babies right now....but hey, love will make you do some crazy things. Here are a few pics, enjoy. Sorry for being away so long, I'll try to post more often.

Happy 1 Year Booty Born Day to me!

Hey ladies,
Happy New Year! I've missed being on the site, yes, everyone has truly been in my thoughts and prayers. Just wanted to update you on my journey thus far. First and foremost, I want to say that Dr. Salama was the best choice of a surgeon I could have ever decided upon. I diligently researched him, and the outcome was fabulous. I am complimented on my derrière daily, by both men and women. My esteem is the highest that it's ever been in all my life. I admit to some insecurities like: "they must be talking about my butt", "maybe it's too big", "does it look fake", or if I'm out and I see someone with a cell phone out, I'm wondering if they are photographing my big ass! So, trust me, your ass woes wont just go away over night. Us women always have some OCD issues, but we must face them, put them under subjection, and move on. If you don't, you'll end up having multiple surgeries to fix issues that aren't even an issue. My advice to you is, learn to love yourself first.
My measurements : 38-31-48 ...very disproportionate if you ask me, but only on paper!!!!!! Hahahaha! In real life, this thang is the truth! Good Googly Moogly!!!!! I have perfected my freak'em walk too..I'm not kidding, these men and women will not leave me alone! They love to touch, and even want to kiss my ass. Girls bring their man over to me to show him too..we all just shake our heads and laugh! Warning: if you don't want positive or negative attention, then don't go after things that end in the word "argumentation".
My boyfriend, same NuNu....its going on a year for us , has gotten used to all of the attention. He is such an awesome companion. He knows every single thing about my procedure. He's asked questions, and I've given honest answers. If your guy cannot be your biggest supporter, then He's not your guy. I'm only talking to you women who are in a new relationship, or looking to be in a relationship. I cannot speak for you ladies who are already married for years and have now decided on this surgery. I think that not all of your husbands may be so supportive, for various different reasons. That's something that you have to think about prior to changing your appearance.
Anywho, I'm still extremely happy with my results and I thank God for Salama and his staff. I am gonna post a few pics from our Mexico trip..all hands on me! LoL! I even won a twerk contest..I can dance though, so I probably would've won with a flat ass, but I was the talk of the resort! My man is one proud fella! Hope you all are well, and I pray that your journey brings you ultimate satisfaction. I am gonna see Salama in May to talk about the slight revision that I told you guys about in my last post or two. Good luck. Don't forget to hit the like button if this post was helpful to you! Much love

2 1/2 years post BBL by Salama

It's a month shy of 2.5 years since my BBL. Most good days and some bad days. The bad days come around quite often bc I've gained about 25 lbs, and trust me, that booty gets most of the added weight, which can make me a bit self conscious. Most of the weight I've gained is happy weight! I'm a newlywed! Yayyyyyyy! Married my Justin Timberfake...he loves all of these curves, but this eating has to stop! I payed $10 grand for this great body, only to start messing it up again. Anyway, I still love my butt, I still have a few revisions to get done. We're planning on having a baby together, so my husband signed a contract that states: If my body doesn't return to its original fineness after the baby, He will pay for the mommy makeover and any other revisions needed. Oh yes ladies, I'm still the same, I worked too hard for this body to get shot to hell by pregnancy. I hope that everyone is doing well..I've been away for a while, I will start back posting as much as I can.

Round 2 in 2 weeks

Check out my new updates

Round 2 reduction in 2 weeks

I have a new update for my round 2. I'm getting some areas reduced and some revision. This thang lost control. Check out my round 2 blog. Surgery is Feb 3, 2017. My mom is onboard for the ride again. I added pics on my updated blog. I miss you all. I apologize for not updating as often as I should, I felt a little out of shape and wasn't really happy at how my butt ultimately turned out. Salama is ready to revise and I couldn't be more excited about it.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama went above and beyond to give me the shape that I wanted. I expressed to him that I was very happy with my God-given curves, as He agreed that I had a very nice figure. Of course with aging and childbirth, gravity can definitely make you a bit flat and saggy. Dr Salama took his time to listen to my request, He made me feel extremely comfortable in his care. His staff, Cynthia, what a doll, went above and beyond to accommodate me. Nomie, was also an angel! My nurse anesthetist, Alex, took special care of me also! I left the surgery center with 1800cc's of fat in each cheek! I am ecstatic about the outcome of my surgery! I have the smallest waist and stomach ever! Salama is truly an artist...I feel like a beautiful piece of art! A special thanks to the massage team Ms. Celia and Ms. Eileen, these ladies will make you cry and feel 100% all at the same time! Thanks to Elite Plastic Surgery Miami! I will recommend Salama to everyone!!!

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