From Flat Back to Phatt Back - Aventura, FL

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Hello all my rs sista...I'm to share my story with...

Hello all my rs sista...I'm to share my story with anyone because I have always been really embrassed by my shape but after reading reviews on here as well as other peoples journey is seems as more of a sisterhood. So I'm sharing my story 4 years ago I had a consultion with Dr.Salama I was soooo in love with his work, staff and all of the above but once I got me procedure cost I pushed things off again because I felt it was something I would never be able to afford. :(...But here I am now 3 kids later and I am determined to get the body I want. So I sat dwon and talk to my better half who did everything in his power to try and convince me that I don't need it and I'm beautiful as it, and I how I should only be concern with him being happy....and I'm llike Boy please I wanna be able to walk around naked with my booty jiggling, and wear a thong that does not sag. I hate taking showers with him cuz I see a st8 back and when he slaps my butt I get so embrassed. I hate how look in clothes it makes me feel very insecure something must be done ASAP!!!

Sponge Bob square butt!!

Happy Mother's day, Hope you all enjoyed your day. Sooooo here's what's new I'm booked for surgey sept. 13th 2016 super excited and very nervous but really happy mostly. So I sent my pics in to Dr. salama via email because I want to save as many days as possbile for recovery he said I am a good candidate for the surgey and that I have a square shape (lol) sad.....HOWEVER I still need to gain 10 pounds before the procedure, Any tips anyone? I am about 5'0 and weight 132 needing to be atleast 142, but I was gonna add more weight so I can get hips too ( I'll upload pics) I have been eating but I also still breastfeed my 6 month old son I think he's gaining instead of me :(...... PLEASE HELP ME!!

Pre op pictures

Before Pictures
pre op weight- 5'0 132 pounds

Sorry pivs wouldnt load

My current weight 5'0 132 still need to gain 10 pounds

Wish pics

This is how I'm hoping to look after I'm a Salama doll or close to it.....I wanna be snatched to the gods but also have a nice round booty and hips I also NEED an order of those lol ..... I would like to be as close to this as possible

Please help me!!!

So I was advised by Dr. Salama to gain about 10 pounds the problem is I don't want to gain any weight in my arms...I have chicken legs and I'm not trying to have a nice butt with chicken legs you know like a ham sitting on two tooth picks....yuck I want to be proportionate to look more natural....any tips on how I can gain weight in my lower body only?

Thank you my realself family

Thank you all ladies for the support, tips and advice..I'm really scared but super excited to have the procedure done I don't see the beauty that everyone else can see... a lot of ppl are like your so thin and pettie I love your shape if only I could be as thin as you and all I can see is a stretched out sqaure...It's really depressing I have purchased booty bras that suck your gut in but stick your butt out and I instantly feel pretty but as soon as it goes in the washer, or dresser so do I and I'm back to hiding again. This has been a struggle for me for as long as I could remember and I'm just ready to be the person everyone else sees. So that I can feel pretty

Let the count down begin!

I must admit I was a little sad up until today this is something that I have been wanting for a while now and have always let something stand in my way of doing so...But this year I decided to do something that would make me happy I expressed my wants and insecurities with friends and family and they gonna brush it off like yea whatever. No one truly understands how I feel I don't feel ugly but I just don't feel face, personality, sense of humor, williness to to work is banging but this procedure will pull all that together. I'm tryna be finer than a glass of wine being the baddest dime. Lol I found this site and figured this would be a great way to support others, have them support me and gain some knowledge. We all have similar fears, wants and doubts. We all come here to vent about the stresses of the procedure and to be uplifted and encourageed by our virtual family that can understand what we are going thru because their journey is similar or the same and they have found ways to get pass it or they themselves are trying to move forward... So I'm that we all continue to support one another and stay away from the neg. thoughts and comments. sorry I needed to vent.

Moving forward

So I do want to thank perkibooty16 for being very supportive and just understand where I'm coming from, offering support and advice thanks moving forward I have LOW blood six months ago when I gave birth I lost A LOT of blood so I was given iron pills (a 3 month supply) to take twice a day I don't want anything to get in the way of Sept 13th ( yes...I'm ordering the perfect know how we be a the meat market no not that one, yea yea the one on the left lol) but I keep forgeting to take these pills or I'll take one in the morning and forget the second one...any tips on how to boost my iron?

Iron update

Do great news thanks to perkibooty16 I am on track with my iron pills so far....big booty judy here I come. :)

To god be the glory!!!

Lets us have prays go over for the 29 year old mother of two( and her family) who went into cardic arrest doing her procedure and has passed away... This is very sad and one of the very reason why we must support one another and pray for our sisters, doctors and everyone else that sets foot in the O.R. this is very sad and I pray for her family and kids that they can make it through this trying time.... god bless


So I'm super excited for my new look I'm ready to get out of the baggy clothes and step out turning heads I just spent over 400 dollars on MYSELF yes I said it just me....for the FIRST time in eleven years I put myself first.....everything I get paid I find myself getting stuff my kids want and need and always pushing myself behind so this was really hard for me cuz I wanted to do for them even tho they don't need anything I feel kinda bad but I REALLY needed this for me (tears) it's bittetsweet. I LOVE LOVE my kids! I really do is this selfish? (Somewhat)

Weight Gain

So this process has been such a struggle for with the iron pills. I'm suppose to gain 10 pounds by sx day. I started at 132 and now need to be 142 by sx.. I have been eating Lots of rice,meats, candy, doughnuts and drinking lots of soda....(yummm) and I now weigh (drum roll please) 135.....wamp wamp wamp lol

The perfect me!!!

Okay so I'm really starting to become really annoyed with the whole weight gain process....I only gained 3 pounds( rolling my eyes) in two months I NEED to gain 10 pounds to qualify for the surgery and become the perfect me....I eat ALL day I mean I'm so sick of chewing I fill really full but I still eat...My BIGGEST concern was not having enough fat but I'm also worried that my legs are really small and I have NO hips so in order to get that hour glass figure I want I am ordering my booty and hips (lol) and going to the gym to tone my legs and arms....But how will this work with the weight gain I really don't want to lose ANY weight but my dad is telling me that I have to eat healthy to tone this true????? How can grass and carrots up me gain 10 I'm really not trying to eat like a bird :/.......Any advice?


I forgot to mention that I am also breastfeeding a seven month old.

Bottom lip is no longer hanging

So thanks to Brooke1222 and her better half as well as other rs sisters....I have come up with a possible weight gain solution I started the gym yesterday to tone up my arms and legs yay me....( all i could do was look at all the girls big round booties, nice thighs, legs,flat belly and small arms...and think to myself coming soon in theaters near you Sept 13th 2016 lol) so I will go by gnc today pick up some protein shakes and workout theses arms and legs I was also advice to try ensure plus shakes............thanks all.

The Truth about Encore death

A West Virginia mother of two died last week after undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance her butt at a clinic in Hialeah, Fla. Heather Meadows, 29, was undergoing a “Brazilian butt lift” on May 12, when fat particles clogged arteries in her lungs and heart, according to the Miami-Dade Medical Examiner, The Miami Herald reported. Meadows was rushed from Encore Plastic Surgery to the hospital, where she later died. The Brazilian butt lift procedure involves using liposuction to gather fat from the torso and redistributing the fat to the buttocks region by injection. According to the medical examiner’s office, complications from a lipid transfer also contributed to her death, the Herald reported. The fat particles that led Meadows organs to shut down and ultimately killed her, likely entered her bloodstream through a vein during the fat transfer procedure, the Herald reported. Ladies we must ask OUR doctors as many questions as possible as well as do our research prior to having the procedure.....We all want to better ourselves but what good can a new body and self esteem do in a grave. Let's make sure we are all well educated about our doctor,procedure and complications everything has a good and a bad with it.... WE MUST ALSO STAY PRAYED UP!! RIP HEATHER MEADOWS (BBL SISTA)

Questions to ask your Doctor

Use this checklist as a guide during your consultation: Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? Are you a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons? Were you trained specifically in the field of plastic surgery? How many years of plastic surgery training have you had? Do you have hospital privileges to perform this procedure? If so, at which hospitals? Is the office-based surgical facility accredited by a nationally- or state-recognized accrediting agency, or is it state-licensed or Medicare-certified? How many procedures of this type have you performed? Am I a good candidate for this procedure? Where and how will you perform my procedure? How long of a recovery period can I expect, and what kind of help will I need during my recovery? What are the risks and complications associated with my procedure? How are complications handled? What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the outcome of my surgery? Do you have before-and-after photos I can look at for each procedure and what results are reasonable for me?

Thoughts welcomed please!!!

Soooooo ladies I'm so in love with this booty it's a nice size the waist is not overly snacthed (like a toothpick about to snap with a huge butt and breast) I think it's realistic for my frame and weight.....thoughts ladies what do you all think?? I want to take this picture to my pre of appt with Salama

I'm my own wish pic

Thanks to soontobemrs I am now able to be my own wish pic, this us exactly how I want to look after my procedure I don't want my butt to be ridiculously big and my waist to be super small I want everything to be portiptioned just right. I'm so happy for all of the support that everyone has offered me on here it brings tears to my eyes because none of us know each other we all are miles away from each other, a lot of us are in different states but yet we support each other as if we have now each other for years that is Amazing that our hopes, dreams and wishes have allowed us all to have an unbreakable bond......until next time Bbl sistas let me know what you all think about my new wish pic


Ugh!!! I'm so ready to have my sx done kbooty is just 8 days shy of booty land yay!!!! And omg Ms. New boo Tee just got hers done by Salama and he has called the snachted gods and they are sipping tea right now looking at her saying my my my that's a bad b*%~£!!! Lol baby Salama slayed her and she is still swollen so the best is yet to come.... Anywho I'm now 139 yes I gained 5 pounds not sure if it's the food, gym or both but it's here I was thinking of trying to be at least 150 for sx to give Salama some wiggle room... What do you ladies think??? Anyway new wish pic

Questions.....with no answers!!!

SOOOO for the past few weeks all of these "new" salama dolls have been popping up with no journey just a review after surgey with no Yoisy, Her page is empty...Ion know something smells a little fishy (eye brows rised) I'm started to think it's nancy dem trying to drum up business.

Weight gain

Hello dolls here aren't new pics of my weight gain I started out at 132 and I'm 5'0 I'm now 138 ugh it's been like 3 mos and NO progress yet.... My arms are just getting big what do you all think

Working towards my peach ????????

Hello ladies so I have been hitting the gym while drinking a protein shake, eating bacon and a crossaiant EVERY morning and right before bed I drink another shake and eat a crossaiant and I am now drum roll please..... 142 yay I did it thanks for all your help ladies I don't think my arms have gotten to big... But my legs are Definitely bigger I can feel my legs and my booty giggle when I'm walking.... YASSS Huntee!!! Tryna get thick my only problem is the shake is soooooo good I maybe addicted ???????? yummm let me know what you ladies think.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Salama's work I am very happy with his results so far and I am looking forward to becoming Salamaifed.

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