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I had a brazilian butt lift on 2010 in Miami. I...

I had a brazilian butt lift on 2010 in Miami. I wasnt happy at all with the results, you couldnt tell the difference, plus to make it worse i had fat necrosis on both of my cheeks, which made my butt look flat. i told the doctor who told me just to massage and it was supposed to dissolve which never happened. I went back to miami for a brazilian revision in 2012 and have the hard part on my cheeks removed.

The doctor did a second brazilian and i only paid for the hospital which was $1900. The next day i felt my cheeks hard like last time , told the doctor, told me the exact same thing., that they would dissolve with time and massage. That never happened. This time i could see a lot more shape in my body but no butt again, and hard in the middle. I felt tempted to do a third bbl with the same doctor, but finally understood that if he didnt do any good the first two times he wasnt going to get better at the third. So i decided to go to dr Salama instead, hopefully he'll give me the butt i always wanted, I paid to have a bbl, not just a liposuction. Im exited because i've seen his work. and i know this time he'll make it right.i just hope i have enough fat to do a third bbl. in addition to the liposuction of my waist i want to add a couple areas of liposuction, my bra line and my arms. I leave you some of the pictures after my second bbl. Hopefully dr salama can make it right this time. My surgery date is on april 29th. Can't wait :-)

Im ready for surgery, i wish time will go by...

Im ready for surgery, i wish time will go by exited, my doctor told me i had to gain 10 lbs , which i Already did. the easiest thing ever lol...I hope that would be enough fat since i dont really want to get more fat. Im going with my last surgeon to have the hard parts removed the friday before i get my third fat transfer. Im too exited can wait :-)

Today is the day =D... im exited, I have my...

Today is the day =D... im exited, I have my surgery in two hours... i went with doctor Pazmino on Friday to have the hard parts on my buttocks, he charged me $500, to rent the machine to do it. He gave me some kind of anestesia, so i couldnt feel anything. I dont remember most part but i remember waking up a few times feeling some pain...up to this day its still the same, i dont know what he did because it feels and looks the same...the hard parts didnt get removed.i still have them... im going with doctor salama like this as theres nothing i can do...iI was happy when i went to the pre-op because i saw a couple of girls that appear to have had surgery for the bbl recently, and their butts look huge :-) exited and im positive that everything will turn out right...

Finally did it

My surgery on April 29th was postponed because i didn't have enough fat. I finally had my surgery on September 19th. Everything went well, Dr salama removed the hard parts (fat necrosis) off my butt. He did liposuction of my arms, inner thighs, waist , lower and upper back. Thanks to that aggressive liposuction he did im now at 160 lb with no fat on my waist or tummy. Regarding my butt it looks huge, which was what i wanted since im planning on losing 30lb and i know im losing fat from there. The only thing i wasn't expecting was so much pain. If i knew if would be that bad, i would've probably backed out. I woke up from surgery and started crying because i couldn't bear the pain. The next few day were awful. i couldn't move because it hurt, even if they slightly touched me it hurt like hell. I passed out twice on the first day; one as i was coming back from the bathroom, i guess from the effort i was sweating a lot and was really dizzy and then i didn't know anymore. sleeping was hard too, since he also added hips i couldn't sleep on my side, only on my stomach, imagine how uncomfortable that is. still until today every time i wake up my eyes are swollen. taking a shower , everything was hard. Now the massage i screamed and cried like i never did, it has been the worst pain i have ever felt, it hurt to be touched and she had to do a lymphatic massage on me, she was really nice though, she was just doing her job.putting the garment on and off was a pain too. I think one of the hardest thing of this for me is that now im back home and cant go out, cuz i get car sick if i go in the back lying down so i rather stay at home. when i used to be never at home, always doing something. Its been 10 days and im waiting for the rest of the days to pass so i can sit and be able to go out . If you're thinking about having this procedure done i would recommend to not go by yourself because youre gonna need a lot of support and wont be able to do a lot of things by yourself. and for those of you still looking for a hotel i would recommend the knights Inn hotel, its right across the surgery center, I got a weekly rental there from ( , but it looks like to also be a hotel , so maybe you can get a better deal by checking the hotel rate. I would definitely recommend Dr. Salama, their staff is great and they really care. i will post photos soon.

I've seen dr salama's results and i love them. Hopefully he can give me the booty i've always wanted.

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