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So after having my daughter almost 5 years ago,...

So after having my daughter almost 5 years ago, and wanting to do a tummy tuck and then brazilian butt lift but not actually thinking that I would do it, I have FINALLY got a date and its official. I will be getting BBL w/lipo to flanks, back, abdomen, inner thighs and arms with Dr. Salama on August 12th, 2013.

After considering other doctors, I had a gut feeling about Salama. I really liked the way he did the BBL on the few girls that posted before and after pics here on real

After thinking that Nancy would never reply she finally did and just today I spoke to her on the phone and made my deposit.

She was really cooperative and friendly and assured me of everything and all of my options. When I had suggested that I get lipo done to both my inner and outer thighs she pulled up the pictures I had sent her and simply said that my outer thighs looked just fine and the lipo there was unnecessary. I really appreciated that because I was ready for her to go along with everything and anything that I wanted to add to the lipo list simply for the fact that it was more money for them.

I also decided to finally write this post in hopes of hearing other Dr. Salama patients reviews and hoping that some more ladies would post up before and after pics. I also wanted to write this because I wanted to start getting to know some other people on this site and get information from those who have been through the surgery process.

So I have been ghost for awhile simply because I...

So I have been ghost for awhile simply because I had to move my surgery date to next December due to my boyfriend not wanting me to do the procedure and not sure I he would come with me or not as well as more time to save up money.

I have been looking at all te beautiful ladies who have gotten their procedure already and ohhh man Salama's work is AMAZING and I'm do jelous of all you girls. I have a whole year to wait!

I was wondering should I slowly start getting supplies I may need now or am I getting ahead of myself???

Also, has anyone had the same problem with the significant other not wanting you to do the surgery because they think you want to get it done for more attention and that you will change towards them afterwards ??

So as my earlier post strongly makes clear, I was...

So as my earlier post strongly makes clear, I was totally all for Salama. However, there is more than one procedure that I want and Dr. Salama does not perform more than one procedure at a time. I have been doing a little more research and have gotten over my nervousness of going outside of the country for surgery.

I had gotten a quote from Dr. Campos but was so stuck on Salama that I did not really pay too much mind to it. I wanted to know what people thought of Dr. Campos and if there were more ladies on here that had gone to him and have pictures up of his work.

This is what I want done:
BBL w/ lipo to my back, bra rolls, flanks, abdomen, inner thighs and arms
BL w/ Implant

I am 5'8 and weigh around 180 (have not gone to the doctor in a minute. hence why I have made an appointment for a physical this coming wednesday)!

So I have made my decision and am going with Dr....

So I have made my decision and am going with Dr. Jimerson for my surgery. Couldn't feel more happy and secure with my decision to go with him. Ill be back in like half a year when it's closer to my date to officially start my adventure and share it with all you BBL girls!

So I have booked my flight for my surgery January...

So I have booked my flight for my surgery January 9th !! Things are coming into place despite going through a hard break-up, this sx definitely gives me something to look forward to.

So everything has COMPLETELY changed it seems. I...

So everything has COMPLETELY changed it seems. I now do not know whether I will be having surgery with Dr. J or Dr. Salzhauer. PLEASE HELP!!! I am not doing a tummy tuck because it is not needed in my opinion. I have seen pictures of other ladies who did not have tummy and after their BBL they achieved a flat nice abdomen.

On a good note my boyfriend problems are no longer and we are doing well! (I am often the exaggerator also, smdh)

I wish there were more post op pictures of girls who had gone to Dr. Salzhauer. If any of you ladies know of profiles that are not recent that have post op pics of his work please share :) !!

Dr. J is AMAZING and I think most of us can contest to that! However, I have been reading reviews that are saying his lipo is not aggressive enough. I want someone who will take out every last bit of fat I may have in the places getting lipo'd (of course leaving the minimum and I mean MINIMUM amount of fat needed for my body to be ok).

I was thinking of doing the whole out of country thing but it kind of makes me nervous, has anybody else felt like this?

How do you know what garments are stage 1, 2 etc.....

How do you know what garments are stage 1, 2 etc...? Also, where is the best place to order squeems from and do you order by your measurements or clothing size?

I am going with Yily, January 9th

So, I have sent my deposit and now am just waiting until a little closer to my date to buy flight tickets and supplies. I have started taking vitamins because I want my hemoglobin to be at a 15. Now my question is this Yily dolls....has anyone either gotten or known of someone who has gotten butt implants from Yily?

Looking for a buddy - January 9th 2014

Does anyone have surgery with Yily on this date (or Duran)? I am looking to buddy up with someone.

What is Yily's Whatsapp number?

Does anybody have this information?


Hey ladies! So I have finally added some pre-op pictures. UGH I hate looking at them :( Anyways, I wanted to know people's opinions. I am hoping to have Cabral turn me into a Yaris type. Do you think I am shooting too high?????

Also, add about maybe 5lbs I gained some because I want a big butt with roundness, fullness, projection and all that good stuff! HAHA

Here is another, front view.

Hibiclens or Betadine?

I am starting to shop for everything that I will need to bring with me. Should I get Hibiclens or Betadine? Which one works better?

Also, should I bring my own pillows and pillow cases for CIPLA? I have heard some stuff that they do not give you any pillows there. Should I also bring a throw blanket? I have also heard that girls are freezing after surgery and they do not give you extra covers.

Next Wednesday it is official! I am getting my braces put on! I have posted a pic of my teeth now (they are not bad) but I want the perrrrfeeeect teeth! I am hoping that after my braces come off, I will go to Dr. Carlos Morales.

Has anybody heard of him? Or gone to him?


So I have had my braces on for about two weeks or so now, I have not had the wire put on because they need to separate my molars so they can put the bands on (those are what holds the wires).

Having the separators on is a PAIN IN THE BUTT! - no pun intended :) I cannot wait until August 8th, when they are supposed to put the wires and bands on so I can get these bad boys straightened out!

I do plan to do veneers after my braces come off. Has anyone seen Tattedupholly's teeth? Well those are exactly how I would like mines to be (along with her body) :).

Other than that, I am just sitting here waiting and waiting and WAITING for my time to arrive!

I did receive my All Stop Staph Super Pack
and my Hibiclens from Amazon.

2 Months To Go!!!!

So I have been off of here for awhile because my surgery was so far away that I did not have much to update. And once I found all my lovely FB groups, I did forget about RS a little bit :/. But I am here to just update you all a little with what I will be doing in January when I go to DR.

I will be meeting with 2 doctors over there - Dra. Duran will be doing the works (BBL, Lipo, TT and possibly BA). I will then be seeing Dr. Contreras on January 17th for rhinoplasty.

I am almost there in terms of supplies for surgery - this is what I have:

Sports bras
Betadine Swabs
Meds - (antibiotics, lovenox, pain, anti nausea)
Thrombocid Cream
Tummy Board
Pillow - For CIPLA
Pee E-Z
Feminine Wipes
Baby Wipes
Boppy Pillow
Arnica - Pellets & Cream
Big T-Shirts for Hotel
First Aid Kit
Pineapple Juice
Foam Roller
Poise Pads
Lipo Foam
Suction Hooks
Geritol Tonic
Whole Lotta - anti gas/burp/indigestion/water pills
Tank Tops
Granny Panties

Now I am sure I am forgetting things because I am not in front of what I have, but when I get home I will add the things I forgot.

I will be flying out on January 8th (time flies by quicker than we think!)

I will of course be updating a lot when I am going over there - starting from heading to the airport on January 8th.

I will have my hemo checked once I arrive in DR. I last had it checked in January at I was at a 13.9. Since then I have been taking my vitamins and iron, so I feel confident that my hemo should not have dropped. But then again the body is a very complicated and stranger yet interesting machine, so you never know!

1 Month Away!

Hi All!

Not much to update - just been counting down the calender days until I leave to the Dominican Republic (January 8th). The closer I get to surgery, the less I spend on my Facebook groups and here. I need to mentally collect and prepare myself. I have gotten almost everything that I need to take with me, I still need to get my outfit for coming back home which I think I will get a cute Victoria Secret velour suit! :) and wear with my Uggs (I am from NYC so it will be dead winter when I return on January 22nd or 25th).

I am scheduled with Dra. Duran on January 10th for TT, Lipo & BBL. I am than going to Dr. Contreras on January 17th for BA and Rhinoplasty. The rhinoplasty should be fairly simple because I do not have any bones that need to be broken, all I want is the tip of my nose to be a little narrower.

I am excited yet numb at the same time. Like, this is really happening! I hope, god willing, that everything checks out when I get my labs done over there and I can join all the rest of the ladies who have made the decision to have surgery and are now enjoying a whole new life!

I will check back in here after I have had BOTH surgeries.

9 Days Away … This Is R E A L

I am 9 days away and battling a cold which I would really like to leave before I head on over to the DR. My feelings towards this procedure are somewhat numb now. I am not sure if this is because it is so close that now it's like "damn this really is about to happen"? Don't get me wrong, I am still very, very excited; it has been a long time coming and now it is pretty much here!

I have not started packing my bag yet, but keep telling myself that I should. I guess I am procrastinating a little bit because once I start packing my bag, that's when I know this is going down!

Besides that there is not much more to update on, I have been taking my vitamins (now I have switched to the Vitamedica Surgery Vitamins + 2 Blood Builder Pills + Geritol Tonic) for a little extra boost with my hemo before heading out. I have been taking the vitamins needed for about 6 months now. I hope when I get over there and get my labs done, that my hemo will be good enough!

I will write a review once I have landed and can get to a place with wifi.


Leaving T O N I G H T

So I leave tonight - the airport shuttle comes and picks me up at 1:20am this morning to take me to JFK for a 6am flight.

I am not nearly as nervous as I was last week, I am merely anxious to finally get this done and over with and start recovering. I will be traveling with my boyfriend, and am hoping he will be of help to me once I am on the other side.

I am staying at Fantasy Recovery Suites, which is brand new (I will be their 1st client, there will be 3 more girls showing up after me a couple days later), and despite their last minute change in location due to some issues, I am hoping it will be a good stay!

I will update you all once I have arrived in Santo Domingo.

Dr. Salzhauer - Looking for a buddy!

I am almost 6 weeks post op from Dra. Duran and I love my results. I do, however, want to get my boobs done and a second round with lipo to my arms and thighs since I only was able to get lipo to my full back and abdomen when I went to Dra, Duran because I also had a TT with muscle repair done.

I would love to find a buddy who is also interested in going to Dr. Salzhauer in Bal Harbor, Miami.

Need a BUDDY for Salzhauer - August, September, October OR November

Inbox me ladies!

This is going to be hard....

So it seems that it is SO much harder to find a buddy when going to a Dr. in the US. For those going to the Dominican Republic it is almost instantaneous. I really am scared about going alone and my boyfriend refuses to go with my for my Rd. 2! I took him with me for my Rd. 1 with Dra. Duran in the Dominican Republic.

Miami and Bal Harbour areas are super expensive when looking at hotels, so to find someone to split the cost of that and a nurse will make all the difference!

Is anyone else having a hard time as well?????

Some post-op pics

Still Searching - In Need of Buddy - DECEMBER 2014

Hi All!!

I am still looking for a buddy who is looking to go to Dr. Salzhauer around December 8th, 9th or 10th.

Inbox me!!

And the process begins all over again!

I am 4 months pre-op for my round 2 BBL and BL w/Implant. I am now beginning the process of getting supplies all over again and prepping my body with vitamins and iron etc... I have found a buddy who is awesome and I can't wait to meet her when we both land in Florida for surgery! I am so thankful that I found her, as I am extra nervous about this round compared to my 1st round. I think this is because I know what I am getting into.

I am most definitely bringing hardly anything with me because I really did not use half of the stuff I brought for my round 1 as I expected. I am a little confused or lost as to what I will need for a BL w/Implant. I am guessing just some sports bras????

I will post another update when I am heading out to Florida :) (god willing I get my clearance from my doctor and nothing goes wrong between now and then!!)

Looking for a buddy - new surgery date of January 6th, 2015

Let me know if you are anyone you know if going around this time!


Hi Dolls!

Just thought I would post something on here since it has been awhile. I have been working really hard to drop a couple of pounds so my surgery can happen on January 6th. I need to be at 218. I have been hitting the gym 3-4 x a week and some weight has come off. I need to lose 2 more pounds in 2 weeks! I am scared however, since my period is right around the corner, and every since my round 1 I hold water weight like crazy at the time of my period. I will not be hitting the gym anymore until after surgery due to the classes being closed for the holidays (I do Zumba!).

I go and weigh in on the 31st at my doctors office in the morning, so I hope that their scale say the magic number of 218!!!

I have my pre-op phone call today at 7pm, which I am nervous about yet very excited about at the same time. I will update when I land in Florida!!!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Will review after my surgery!

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