December 13th, 2013----Salama! Update: 5 More Days!!! So Excited! - Aventura, FL

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So... I've been wanting this procedure done for at...

So... I've been wanting this procedure done for at least the past two years. Salama has always been my #1 choice. Affordable, great projection, but SUPER natural looking. Hard to find all this with one doctor. So, today I finally put down my deposit. Got one of the last appointments of 2013. Patient coordinator told me they are now booking in January of 2013 (Hurry up, ladies!) I'm pretty much going at it alone, so I hope to be on the boards a lot to gain info and experiences and share for any girls getting surgery after me. Hi girls!!!! *waves* Super excited, can't wait! Give more bio info, and photos later!

I mean January of 2014!

I mean January of 2014!

WHO WANTS THEIR BUTT EARLIER? Switch for Salama!!! I have a December 12,2013 date. I need a late Febuary to Mid-March 2014 date!

Tell me your dates... If they work well, I am ready to switch ASAP. Thanks!!

YOU CAN HAVE YOUR BODY SOONER!!!! Salama Switch Date Information!!!

I am looking to switch a December 12, 2013 surgery date with Salama to a date in LATE February to MID-March! If you are not prepared to get your surgery done early and would simply like to give up your Feb/March 2014 date, I am able to provide a cash incentive to such an individual. Able to make the switch ASAP. My deposit has been paid. Hit me up. It's a great date... right before the holidays, during winter break... and for those girls who aren't ready, I can help fund a small piece of you BBL when you are. I am looking for February 26-March12th. If you are close to these dates, PM me and maybe we can work something out. I am very serious, and ready to make the trade ASAP. Let me know. :)

70 Days & Counting! Balance 2 Be Paid on Monday! Flight & Hotel Booked! Going Crazy! Ish Got Real!!!!

Okie dokie... I have been dreading updating. Why? Because I am terrified. Alright... I'm going to lay it all out and try and update once a week until my big day!

Background Info:
I am 24 years old. No kids. I'm in my last year of grad school, and work full-time in a large company... office job. Salama has always been my doctor of choice. Going out of the country was NOT an option... I just didn't feel comfortable with that. And I love his work. I used to dance (no.... I don't mean like ballet... lol). I miss dancing sooo much. Every damn day I am at that damn office I just want to kick my computer over, go get a 26 inch sew-in, and hit the f*cking club again. But, my current job pays decent money and it is in the field that I hope to work in after I graduate. I've wanted this surgery because I already have a pretty nice frame, it just needs Salama's finishing touch. Since I've stopped dancing, I've gained 40lbs. Between my demanding job & school, I am constantly stressed & I stress eat. I know that's bad, and I am realllyyy working on it. I plan on living a healthy lifestyle from here on out because I want to live long AND look great too! LOL Alright... enough about that... I'll break everything else going on with me by section for clarity.

Preliminary Plans:
Deposit was paid in March. I have my entire surgery balance ready to pay Salama. I plan to handle that next week. I was initially trying to change my date because I didn't think I was going to be able to afford my surgery. But, a large windfall of cash came from literally NO where and I had enough for surgery & expenses. I'll still trying to save a bit to keep myself comfortable.

Surgery date is 12/13/2013... Had to change it for school.

I'm staying at Hollywood Beach Resort Cruise Port. Not the nicest place from the pictures, but being VERY close to Salama's office was VERY important to me.

I am traveling alone probably. I plan on hiring a nurse. Please provide info if you know someone good & affordable.

The only supplies I have purchased is the urinal... (It was 50 cents on Amazon! I had to get it. LOL) As time gets closer, I'll try and get more stuff.

Weight Loss Plans:
I am 5'5, 200lbs and I want to be 160 by my date. Losing 40lbs will be no issue. I'm pretty good at eating clean, and I just bought the new version of Insanity. If Shawn T can't get you right, there is no hope for you. LOL I will try and update and document my weight loss weekly. I will upload current pics, and wish pics very soon. I think 160 is a good weight. I want a huge, tear drop, upside down heart shaped ass. Like Yaris Sanchez. I heart her! I used to look at her pics in KING mag, and be sooo jealous of her fantastic "genes." Then, I heard about her surgery, and I KNEW WHAT I HAD TO DO!!!! LOL I think being 160 will be just enough fat for him to do that, but still have a killer FIT body also. I am considering arm lipo as well. I want the maximum amount of fat removed & I don't want to have to lose much weight post-op. Like at the most 10lbs post op.

I am a bit concerned about loose stomach skin with the rapid weight loss I am planning plus after Salama's lipo. I REALLYYY don't want to have to eventually get a mini tummy tuck. You'll see when I upload the pics..... :(

*Sidenote*---You know what I have noticed on here that KILLS me??? Girls come on here having not seen a GYM in like 264,587 years, get surgery and expect the doctor to make them into a men's magazine model! IT DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT. And I don't think that it's fair to good docs like Salama and others who do very good work, but have girls complain about their work because they have unrealistic expectations. I'm realizing that you have to treat this surgery as a lifestyle change. The cost of surgery plus expenses is like 13k. That is a significant amount of $. Plus, time off work, and the physical and emotional pain you are going to have to go through. That is a HUGE sacrifice to not take care of your body by eating right & exercising pre & post op. This is a lifestyle change that will take a change in eating and mindset. Sh*t, I aint here trying to preach to nobody. I want to get up and get some hot wings right now. But, I really don't want to be fat, and unhealthy all my life. So, I hope this surgery is the start of that.

Okay... enough of that...

Personal Stuff:
I'm going at this alone. My family either is against all plastic surgery (my mom), or if they knew I was doing it would be jealous as hell (my sisters...). I don't trust my girlfriends enough to fill them in. They are great friends, BUTTTT an ass by Salama can have h*es hating on you fast and I don't have time for that.

My on-again-off-again boyfriend is excited. Like he's getting new toys for Christmas! LOL. He is used to dating super hot model chicks so me upgrading is nothing. I can tell he does get shook sometimes tho. He makes comments about him having trouble keeping me..... I told him "you damn right! you might have trouble". Keep f*cking up, my fine ass will leave you postop. LOL. I broke up with him earlier this week. One, I wanted the option to be single in case Salama really put work on this body (don't judge me... :) and 2) I asked if he was coming to see me in Miami & he said he could come one day. ONE DAMN DAY??? He has something important to prepare for for work, but if HE REALLY wanted to he could prepare right there in my hotel room. His project isn't due til late February... I ain't worried bout him tho.

My side dude (again... don't judge me lol) isn't as excited. He thinks I'm going to act brand new post-op. But, he did offer to come and stay for a few days in MIA. I'll see if he actually follows through.

Sorry for the long post, but I AM going through sooo much and have no where to share it with. Neither of my dudes want to hear about my BIG change and I can't tell my family or friends. I really hope that this site can be an avenue of support. I hear A LOT of girls on here complaining about rude comments and drama. I haven't seen it personally (I am not able to spend too much time on this site with school & work) but I find that to be so ridiculous! Like what are y'all arguing about??? This is like the only site we have to discuss getting your ass done, and y'all don't wanna act right on here??? Well, let me forewarn people, I'm not down for that. I'll just ignore you. We should be sisters... BIG BOOTY WANTING sisters!!! LOL..... And we don't have to hold hands and sing Kum Ba Yah, but we can be civil. Okay?? *hugs* :)

Anywho, I am lost on this whole surgery thing. I don't know much about garments or supplies and would really love if some of the vets could reach out and provide assistance. I'm a strong girl, but I'll do better with the advice of some of the girls who have been through this and gotten GREAT results.... Shout out to bigbootytinywaist... She looks great! And I hope to be able to gain as much valuable information as she knows about BBLs as I plan to follow a very strict regimen.

Sorry this is so long. I will post pics later this weekend, and try and update weekly. Hopefully, at the end of my journey I will be able to help a lost girl like myself (lol) while gaining info from some of the great girls on here. ttyl and go #TEAMSALAMA!

66 Days Til The Big Day!! Bittersweet Day! PICS I PROMISED HAVE BEEN UPLOADED! Salama 2013!

Soooo... early this morning I overnighted my check to Salama's office paying off my balance. Sh*t got real today sending off all that money! I came home and took my measurements and these pictures. I got sad about how my body has looked. I'm still young and these are the best years of my life. My body shouldn't look so terrible. I got a little booty going on, but I need more. And my stomach, and back look a hot mess. I only have 9 weeks to loose 40lbs. I now really need to get my ass in gear. I don't want to show up on sx day looking messy. Oh well, off to work out and do HW. I'm so worried, but I chose a great doctor and I think I'll get great results.

December 13th, 2013----Salama! Update: Self Sabotage, Job Drama, & Worry :(

Hey ladies!!! Okay! So let me update you...

Body/Health: I've lost around ten pounds. I keep falling off the wagon though. I finally made it to 189lb this weekend, and later that night I got up and got Burger King and drank alcohol. I'm still blowing trees too. I am really trying to work on this. I don't wan t to be denied for medical reasons, and I really want the best results possible. I think I am self sabotaging myself in more ways than one. Deep down, I feel like I don't deserve this surgery. Like I don't deserve to be happy.

About a year ago, I went through complete financial ruin. I had to move in with family. Then, I got my job at the firm & I was making more than I ever had. I'm close to being financially stable. Honestly, I could be financially stable if I wasn't going to get this surgery. But, I look at this surgery as a huge investment in my emotional and financial future. I'll be able to go back to dancing and probably really be able to put a large amount of $ away. Plus, I'll finally be really comfortable with my body.

I just feel like God is going to punish me for being so wasteful with $. I feel like I might lose everything after I get this done. My job is kinda shaky right now. We aren't getting as much business as we used to, and everybody is kind of worried about their job. There is a lot of whispering in the office. Plus, I've been fucking up on this dumb ass attendance policy. Being late to work a few more times & I might not have a job. I just pray I can keep getting a check there til the end of the year... I'm so close to being on the other side of this surgery its crazy.

I just try and keep my head up. And remember that everything I have I've got myself and grinded super hard to get. I'm a hustler, and I work soooo hard for everything that I have. I still can't believe I got the $ up and I'm in a position to even have this surgery... IDK y'all. I'm venting. I have no one to tell this stuff too... LOL

Anyways... on a more positive note, I am watching Love and Hip Hop NY right now, and I just feel so encouraged. Seeing all these bad bitches (no matter how ratchet) with their fake ass bodies getting money........ OMG!!!! I want my body like NOW!!! Its crazy. Tahiry's ass is like WHOA!!! These h*es just motivate me.

Alright... Quick update about other stuff:

Men: Boyfriend #2 is coming with me to Miami. He is being super supportive. Boyfriend #1 wasn't down for all the blood and guts post-op. He has really improved tho & we have been much better (even tho I'm sabotaging that relationship too.) :(

School: I'm trying really hard to keep up. I just keep thinking that after that last final... I'M IN MIAMI B*TCH!!! Lol... I'm being so vulgar today.

Diet: I've came up with a new plan, and just finished food prep for the week. If the diet works out I'll share with y'all. I decided to only try and get to like 165lb-169lbs. I'm 5"5 and I want Salama to have plenty of fat to work with. I can lose anything later if need be.

Alright... sorry this is so long. *hugs*..... I need to start prepping & gathering supplies soon. Hope y'all can help with all your knowledge. :)

edit December 13th, 2013----Salama! Update: So Blessed!! :) Almost There!

So busy lately!!! I have been neglecting RS! I see all these messages I have not responded to! I am NOT ignoring or being rude! I am just so busy! :( So here is my update y'all!

School: I should be writing a hugeee paper right now, but I had to update. Got a few more finals to wrap up.

Weight loss: I lost quite a bit of weight initially. Got down to 184. That was good. My stomach got really flat. Then Thanksgiving came..... and I have been eating poorly since. :( I hope to get back on the wagon tomorrow, but it is so HARD to find time to prep food when I am up all night pulling all nighters for grad school. Sucks... I kind of have made peace with my weight. My goal weight now is 179 pre-op. That leave plenty of fat for Salama to give me ultimate projection. I was concerned about having enough fat because I don't really carry excess weight in my midsection. I notice a lot of women on here are apple shapes, I'm an hourglass. I gain weight everywhere and lose weight everywhere. Since I am only getting my torso lipo-ed, I was really stressed about having enough fat to give me my huge Yaris Sanchez booty. I'd rather have too much than not enough. I can workout the last few 20 lbs post op. So... I'm not gonna stress the weight too bad.

Personal (boys...) & Nursing Care: Boyfriend # 2 has been deleted. He was my planned caregiver, and this week he decides that he would rather "pop bottles" while in Miami with his friends than take care of me. The b*tch is going to Miami the same dates as my surgery (he took off work initially to take care of me), is now NOT going to be taking care of me, but is still going to MIA to party. In my head, I'm like "Dude, you're broke." That's why you're BF # 2. Who do you think you are? Lil Wayne? You can't even afford bottle prices in Miami. Not the good clubs anyway. So you are trading our friendship/relationship to stand in the corner of a no-name club with your homeboys sipping on that one off-brand drink you can afford from the bar??? I can't. Oh well, no worries. I'm in the process of hiring a nurse. I think I got someone lined up. But if you ladies know anyone who can take care of me from 12/13-12/16 for $400 send them my way. No worries. That's why you was second place anyways.... LOL alright, I'm getting off topic.

Pre-Op Prep: I got my pre-op clearance from my primary care DR!!! Yeah!! I'm healthy, no diseases. My EKG came back good. I feel so blessed. Plus, all my pre-op work cost $0!!! Yea for having insurance! In fact, I may get a $50 credit because my health plan rewards you for getting preventative care checks! LOL.... The 3 prescriptions Salama requires you to fill pre-op came to $60. Not too bad. I've started picking out cute sundresses to wear around post op, and some comfy ones to wear to work the first few days back. I am going back to work 10 days post-op.

This weekend, I am going to try and pick up all of the things on the supply list. And start packing for the big day! YEAHH!

A few questions for my Salama vets:
1) Can you wear weave on surgery day?? I know this sounds dumb, but it's important to me. Salama is already requiring that I have no makeup or nails. I know its for health and safety, but if I could wear a half-wig or something that would boost my "emotional" health on surgery day.

2) Do I need to purchase an ab board before I go to MIA? Lipo foam? When do I start wearing these post-op?

3) Do I need to purchase a garment before I go to MIA? I know Salama gives you 2, but I was wondering if I would need anything additional. I was thinking about getting a Squeem.

4) How long til I feel okay? I know each person is individual, but by day 3 are you able to like walk around and like cook for yourself?? I'm super independent, and I kinda want to know when I will start to feel like me.

The fear and anxiety of surgery day has not set in yet. I'm kinda excited & wayyy too busy getting things squared away. Okay ladies, I'm out. I got HW to do. LOL... I'm going to respond and update some more later as the week goes on. Heart y'all.

Quick Update 5-Days Pre-op

Okay, ladies! I'm too excited! The anxiety has not set in yet. I'm actually really surprised that it hasn't. I've been kind of down lately tho. I have one more final left. I just turned in a huge term paper and I don't think I did that well on it at all. I may have to revise it..... WHILE IM IN MIAMI. I don't know though until my professor sends it back. Or... she may just fail me. :( I really tried hard on it. IDK. So that has taken away from some of my BBL joy.

Also, I have been analyzing my current body like crazy. I'm going into surgery at 5'5 185. I've lost 15 pounds since I uploaded those initial pics. I am worried about my being too fat.... Like i won't be able to see my lipo results. I know at this weight I have plenty of fat to get a hugeee butt, and that is what i want. My previous wish body was Kyra Chaos... Like super toned, with great abs, etc. Now, I know I will have to lose like 30 lbs post op to get that body. What about my new fat cells? Won't those die? :( Anywho, my new wish body is Emily B. Great proportions, and super thick. I plan on losing some weight 8 weeks post op one my fat stabilizes. I am not afraid of hard work. I don't care if I still have back rolls etc, (even though I want my front belly to be super flat) after surgery. You can lose those in the gym later. As long as my booty stays full and projected, I'll be happy. And I trust that Salama can do that. So I should really stop stressing.

Here were my measurements from the first pics I uploaded (red panties):
Waist: 34 1/2
Waist (around my belly button): 40
Hips: 48

My measurements 15 lbs later:
Waist: 32 1/2
Waist around Belly Button: 39
Hips: 46

I will update measurements the day before surgery. Oh, and I found a great nurse. She is older and seems super caring and is staying at me at the hotel for 3 days. Having that part worked out makes me excited about the surgery. Lots of other details to plan & that last final to study for.

One More Pic!

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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