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After many years of fitness and healthy living, i...

After many years of fitness and healthy living, i have decided to perfect my body with what i like to call "liposculpture" I prefer that term over "BBL" because i am not making my butt bigger per say. I do have curves, my hips measure 41" however, i do not have lateral fat which leaves me looking square in silhouette. Lateral fat is hereditary, you can not build it in the gym since there is no muscle in that area, that space is in-between muscles. With that being said, i am 5'2" and am currently 156 lbs. This is the heaviest I've been in my entire life. I gained some weight after taking a break from fitness… before i go crazy in the gym again i figured i could finally have the body I've always wanted with this extra fat! The weight does sit well on my body…..My Lower half is perfect rite now, it's my upper body that has me feeling sloppy. No amount of gym and diet will allow me to keep my thickness in the bottom while leaning out in and above the waist….it's just not possible. And that is why i decided to have surgery :-) I tried to book a date as soon as possible because i can't bare the thought of having to go through summer with my body at this weight, and now that my surgery is booked for Aug.8 i have to keep the weight :-( If anyone has a date with Dr.Salama at the end of this month, or early to middle June and would be interested in switching for August please let me know!

My main goal in this journey is to achieve the...

My main goal in this journey is to achieve the smallest waist possible by using lipo and adding more curve to the hip to give the illusion of a smaller waist. A lack of lateral fat is what causes the "squared" appearance. I don't need any projection from the side view, just an overall contoured silhouette. Currently 5'2" & 156lbs. Surgery is set for August 8th with Dr.Salama. I am looking to swap for a sooner date, preferably the end of this month or early/mid June.

Why I chose Dr.Salama

First i want to thank every lady who has been brave enough to post their journey... It has been extremely helpful! I'm a very decisive person so it only took me about 4 days of serious research to make my final decision. I originally started looking for doctors in Dominican Republic. I had my heart set on Duran, however at the end of the day I just don't think I could bring myself to doing it there. Her results are by far the best I have ever seen but concerns for my safety were priority. I contacted them many times via email and whatsapp....2 weeks later still no response. Next best doctor I came across was Dr.Salama. His results are just what I'm hoping for! I've heard and seen nothing but wonderful things about him and his staff...Of course I did come across a few negative reviews (there will ALWAYS be some!) But they were nothing major in my eyes. I called the office and voiced my concerns and I was reassured not to worry. So August 8th it is :-)

Your face and gaining weight

I wanted to share something that I'm sure is an issue for a lot of you ladies! Weather you are gaining weight for surgery or already have the extra weight and can't wait to get rid of it..... Your face unfortunately gains the weight too :-( It is seriously the most depressing thing for me, I cringe inside knowing my face looks full. I've thought about having my chin lipoed during the procedure but one 1) it scares me a little to have that instrument in my face. 2) I really don't want my entire body to be in pain 3) I need to do something about it NOW because I won't make it to August feeling like a chipmunk :-/ So how can I do this without losing weight before surgery?? KYBELLA!!! I found it, made an appointment and did it all in one day! Lol Kybella is a bunch of injections into the fatty area under your chin. The solution breaks down the fat cells which your body absorbs and the skin also tightens! Sounds magical rite?! Well it is.... But of course there's one downside. Just like surgery, it gets worse before it gets better. I had it done May 16th (last Monday) so I am 1& 1/2 weeks post. My face looks fatter than before which is mentally challenging but I know it will be just what I'm looking for. The doctor said 4 - 6 weeks to see the full results. Some people have more than one treatment depending on your starting point, the doctor said one will be perfect for me so we shall see... Fingers crossed! About the procedure... The doctor puts a temporary tattoo of a grid of dots under your chin. The dots mark where the injections will go (I think there is 10 dots) First, each dot is injected with a numbing agent. Then after a few minutes he begins injecting the solution.... It's really not as painful as you would think. Just tiny pinches....totally doable, and fast! It starts to feel sore nearing the end of the injections and it stays feeling sore until the next day. Not terribly sore, it just feels like someone pinched your skin between their fingers ... Lol. After the next day it only feels sore to the touch. I still feel it today if I touch it, but very little. The swelling sucks but just take a look at some before and afters on real self. It has 100% approval rate..... IT WORKS! I live in New York so I went to Fountain Med Spa in NYC. Check out @drtoddfmg on Instagram, you can see the procedure and his prices... Very good! Best of luck to all xoxo :-)

Is it August 8th yet?!

Ughhhh getting restless.... Lol. Sick of feeling sloppy :-/

Getting Close!

Surgery date is August 8th. I received a phone call from Dr.Salamas office instructing me to start taking 325mg of Iron and 1000mg of vitamin C daily until surgery. The iron makes me terribly nauseous... Has anyone experienced this? I was also informed that the recovery house they recommend is all booked, does anyone know of any other recovery houses in the area? Thanks xoxoxox

The Final Stretch!

I'm exactly one week away from surgery! I have an 8am flight to Ft lauderdale on Sunday the 7th. Once I land i will be headed straight to my pre op appointment where I finally get to meet the team :-). The recovery house that Dr.Salamas office recommends was totally booked so I found another that I really liked. I will be staying at Miami Escape which im really looking forward to, only thing is that they are closer to Miami... About 35 mins away from the doctors office. Dani, owner of Miami Escape is super nice and helpful and she instructed me to stay my first night (before surgery) at a hotel that was close to the doctor for ease of surgery morning. After surgery, I will be picked up and taken to the recovery house. I booked my first night at the Hampton inn Hallandale which gives special rates for Dr. Salamas patients.

A few things you should know....

1. Miami escape is a little out of the way

2. Since Dr.Salama is further away, Miami Escape does not use their staff to drive because they don't want their staff to be gone for long periods of time (which is totally understandable because they need to be taking care of the girls)

3. They DO have a driver who works with them which you have to pay separately per ride... If I'm not mistaken I was told $25 per ride which sounds Just fine to me, uber would probably be more.

4. Miami escape provides massages but Dr.Salama will not let you receive massages by anyone who is not his own staff.

5. If you try to book the recovery house that Dr.Salamas office recommends and they have no spots left, they will give you the phone numbers of caretakers who you can hire to stay with you in your hotel... One quote I got was $170/Nite which seemed excessive. That's not even including your hotel cost. One night at Miami escape is barely that much and they are a full service recovery house (meals, supplies, laundry, 24hr care, appointments, massages)


I'm here!!! Surgery In the AM

Just got to my hotel... Staying at the Hampton Inn Hallandale just for tonight. Pre Op in the morning. Super excited!!! Will post before photos, weight and measurements before I go! :-)

Before Photos

Here we go! Day of surgery. Waist is 29" Hips are 42". I gained about 7lbs for this surgery so I'm around 160lbs rite now. Waiting to be called in for my preop rite now, my email said to be here at 8am but when I got here I found out the office doesn't open till 9am... Could have slept an extra hour but oh well.

At the recovery house!

Guys im SO glad im staying at this house!!!! But first let me talk about the surgery. I had a difficult time waking, I was just VERY tired and weak. Saw Salama before the surgery and he is awesome. We talked about what I wanted, I showed him some photos and he marked me up. Went into the OR, got an IV and the next thing I knew I was waking up. Thank god my driver was stuck in traffic because I got to lay down alittle but longer and it was just what I needed! My driver Michael picked me up from surgery ( he works with Miami Escape). I definitely love him, super nice and cool. His car has the seats folded down and he has an air mattress in there. Got to the recovery house and was immediately tended to and cared for by Dani and her nurses. Very happy. They give excellent care here :-) My hips feel very sore and they rest of my body is just sore. I can't take pics tonight because they want me laying down... So tomorrow


So peeing was interesting. I got very dizzy and nauseous after I peed for the first time. Ended up throwing up a little. The nurse told me that's normal and even told me that was going to happen. I felt much better after and I even slept well through the night. This morning I feel like I got rolled over by a car but it's not terrible... I haven't taken any pain pills and I don't intend to. Going to get up and walk around in a few, it feels really good to walk.

Day 2 post op

Guys so far this is the hardest day ;-( Everything hits you and it just hurts everywhere. Getting up from laying is the hardest ever. I have a drain rite where my tailbone is and it's extremely irritating. Tomorrow is my first massage, I hope it alleviates some of the stiffness. Sigh.....

From the front...

Exactly what I wanted :-)

3rd day post opp

Feeling better, had first massage today and i cried so be ready... Lol

Day 4 Post Op

Still difficult to wake up, still sick of sleeping on my stomach, but I do feel good. I was able to do everything on my own today.... Taking off garment, showering and putting the garment back on with foam. It's a lot more difficult when your arms are lipoed. My face, arms, & hands are still swollen which is aggravating , drains are annoying.... So I guess pain is just fine, everything else just starts to get on your nerves. I do have to say that Salama SLAYED my body! I will definitely post pictures the next time I take the garment off. I couldn't have asked for a better result.

Day 5 Post Op

Feeling much much better.... Almost normal. Swelling from my face and hands has gone away and I owe it to pineapples. Some of the bruises have even started to make progress. EAT PINEAPPLES!!!!!!!! Do yourself a favor and buy a whole pineapple. After you cut it up, save the skin and core and boil it in a pot of water until the water is deep yellow. Keep that water and chill it or drink it hot. It made such a huge difference by the end of the day. I've also been drinking lots of celery water (boil some celery stalks and chill the water). Bruises are fading, my butt feels softer... Progress is being made! Now to get these drains out!!!

Day 4 Photos!

Day 6 Post Op

My second massage is tomorrow.... Woke up today feeling good. Less swelling in my stomach area... I can even see my abs! Aside from the pineapples, I've been eating extremely healthy. Spinach salads with chickpeas, lentil soup, avocado toast..... Everything LOW SODIUM! I still take my iron and vitamin C everyday. Yesterday I deviated from the plan and did not wear my lipo foam under my garment... I was sick and tired of looking pregnant when I went out. I did wear it to bed and it made no difference.

Day 7, 1 week Post Op

Hey dolls! Had my second massage today and surprisingly it felt gooooooood! They used the ultrasound too.... Alittle pain on the bruised area which is expected but it really felt nice. They also took both drains out today!!!! The one in my back was extremely inflamed and irritated, it was honestly the worst part of my recovery. I was terrified to have it taken out but it really wasn't bad at all, and the one in the front I didn't even feel :-) I feel so relieved and stress free. This will be my final daily update since the first week has come to an end. I am going to post photos later tonight and then I will only be posting monthly updates. To conclude the week.....

The beginning is hard, a lot to deal with all at once. Make sure you eat, drink and walk as much as you can. Day 2 post op was the worst, and it later on became the best. As for the rest of the week, soreness & stiffness decrease each day. EAT PINEAPPLE 3 TIMES A DAY! I don't know why the doctors don't emphasize on this but it is critical. Pineapples have a high concentration of bromelaine, an enzyme that literally eats bruises and swelling. Ever wonder why your mouth starts to hurt after you eat a lot of pineapple? Drink pineapple water as well... You can make it by boiling the pineapple skins and core.

If your doctor is using tumescent lipo suction, you will be swollen... Including your hands and face. It is due to the fluid they inject you with before they lipo.

If you are also having your arms lipoed, bring long sleeve, loose fitting LONG sundresses.... You have to hide all that foam and bruising... You will also have drains hanging between your legs. I order all of my dresses (for life and surgery) at ...... Your welcome ;-)

I found this stupid memory foam lounge chair pillow (for the head part of the chair) that ended up being extremely useful... It's not too bulky and awkward to carry around. I got it at bed bath and beyond.

Definitely bring a long black robe.

I think I got everything... :-)

Healing Nicely!

All bruising is GONE! My skin burns and feels tight from the inside if that makes sense, especially around my waist. It definitely feels better to wear my faja! I still feel some swelling in my back and waist but most has gone down. The left side of my body healed completely different than my right. I had a lot of fibrosis in my left inner thigh and in my waist but the massages have taken care of it ... And that is why they are extremely important! Taking care of my body and PRAYING I don't lose any size from here on out... Fingers crossed!!!!!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far my experience with elite plastic surgery has been perfect. Ive been speaking with Cynthia who is super nice and helpful. I submitted an inquiry and received a call from their office the next day.

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