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Well I am 28 and a mother of two great and...

Well I am 28 and a mother of two great and beautiful children ages 9 & 5. I am a proud parent and college student, majoring in Nursing and i currently work as a Nursing Asst until I graduate. Right now taking my pre recs my last three to be exact. So I go back to school next week the 21st of Jan. going to take only two classes and the last one this summer in June thankfully all hard work pays off because as of July 2nd I am done with pre recs and next fall I can officially apply for Nursing school yayyyyy goooo meeee!!!!! Not to mention I will be the first to have a college degree out of all my parents children and my parents siblings children so basically as of July when I finally finish these last 3 pre rec classes and in Sept when I can officially apply to RN school at the Community College I attend I will feel so accomplished and honored..... Especially, when I "Rock out." In these tough never ending days and nights of studying for 18months stright. Although, it will all be worth it when I walk across stage and make myself, my family and children happy. Its a huge dream of mine and I am "MAKING IT HAPPEN" I say this to give you a little insight on who I am. I believe all things are possible through God and although the Bible says her body temple. I do believe that we have the right to make our own decisions.

It was a few years ago that I actually realize that I wasnt happy with my body. Sure, indeed in certain clothes i looked okay but, when the clothes came off and it was just me in the mirror an reality I didn't like what I saw. For quite sum time now I have been only insecure about my shape. I am 5"6 165lbs. I should be 140lbs for my height. Although, 25lbs over weight does not seem like much well it is if you have a pair of 34 DD's, long legs and a pretty outsface. Sure, from the front covered up I look great but soon as I walk past from behind I resemble Sponge Bob Square Pants haha no but seriously. Anyhoo notice I keep using the word "I" well this is key in making a life changing decision for YOURSELF you need to be 110% this is something u want to do. I made my decision and I want change for the better so again "I AM MAKING IT HAPPEN."!!!!! I love myself but when I put on clothed I have always wished something could stick out from behind especially with nice boobs I hate looking as though I am going to tip over from being so improperly portioned haha.... Well I truly neveer thought the day would come when I would be offically applying for Nursing school nor the day I would be actually making an apt for my new assssssss!!!! Well for those who have booked there apts with Nancy, sent in pics, recieved confirmation email from Dr. Salama himself saying your a good candidate, paid your deposit, and got your date etc., then u are prob just as excited as me. If your close to booking a date good luck on your journey but remember do it for "YOU" & no one else. Well to my fellow BBL sistas and sistas to be I wish yall all the best of luck and may God bless you and watch over all of u and the.Dr. Himself as he works his artisticagic on our beautiful bodies!!!! Well I have also quit smoking as a New Years Resolution crazy first one I have ever had and kept. Must be a sign because Nancy said u cant smoke at all 30 days prior to surgery you have to be nicotine free they even test u to make sure. Normally, I would be pissed but seeing how I am no longer a smoker cool with that lol Anyway Nancy was so cool and helpful. Another sign my boyfriend/ kids father/husband to be one day hopefully gets released from jail after a 3yr bid on August 17th this summer. Nancy said next available date is next October I was about to panic because my boyfriend is sooo against this surgery as is my mom but they support my decision bit are.not happy. Thankfully some one cancelled their July 26th apt so I was able to SNATCH IT!!! Again another sign. Just glad its going down before he gets out who wants to here that mouth of his hahah kidding thats my boo boo. Anyhoo it sucks because he will be hkrny as will I and Nancy said no sex for 4 Weeks we will be right at 3Weeks and 1 day whelp something is gonna have to give hahahah Well at least I am buy my motorcycle in a few Weeks otherwise after surgery I wont be able to ride it for the rest of the summer but there is always Fall lol Well they are supposed to provide me with 2garments 2massages, and a boppy pillow. Good less to buy. However, if anyone who has already been through this

please let me know if I should look into buying xtra garments? Also do I need any SCAR CREAM? Gonna get sum to be on safe side. Also if anyone knows who has been through procedure does it hurt afterwards to pee or have sex? And does anyone know if garments have and opening at the bottom or do u have to remove entire garment to pee? I hope there is an opening because all that motion taking garment on and off prob hurtssss right? Also if anyone know a reasonable hotel thats decent and has a kitchen thats close to hotel please let me know okay? And VERY important has anyone had a BAD ENCOUNTER WITH DR SALAMA CURIOUS THATS ALL..... Saw a lot of his pics work lools solid bit still u never know hopefully I will ne a morning surgery. Well I will be keeping a full detailed experience during this incredible life changing journey. Again good luck divas and God bless "Making it Happen"


CAN SOME ONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO POST PICS USING AN ANDROID PHONE? Sorry I am a Lil slow with electronic s lol thanks deff want to post before pics for yall!!!!! OX

Still unable to upload any before pics. I went to...

Still unable to upload any before pics. I went to update, i saw add pics (optional) bu
t the word optional is not highlighted its in gray the only thing i can actually select is ADD VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE (its in blue and when u touch letters a box comes down allowing u to upload YouTube video) Nothing at all says DESKTOP SITE Huuuuuuuh even went to help i am using an Android cell phone maybe that's problem idk??

Hey my bbl divas!!!! Each may brings me closer to...

Hey my bbl divas!!!! Each may brings me closer to my surgery date. I am so excited. If anyone has a date sooner than July 26th and wants to switch please let me know best wishes to u all. #Team Salama

Does anyone know of any hotels close to Dr...

Does anyone know of any hotels close to Dr Salama's office preferably one with stove, microwave and fridge? Possibly any hotels that have A Discount if u book with Salama? Any tips or advice on garments don't want to look like "Sponge Bob" lol Also are his garments good or should i get my own?

Hey ladies long time no update lol

So, I didn't make my original date of last July 2013, due to a family death I since then have rescheduled for next Jan 16 2015..... ahhhhhhhh I could scream!!! "yes" I was originally scheduled for July 2013 but due to my family issues I have to wait exactly a year and a half yikes!!! I'm pissed and I am now on the site Real Self begging girls to swap huhhhhhh sucks no replied yet wish me luck dolls xoxo gonna put up some b4 pics seems I'll be ms flat booty for another year and 4 months hahaha fml oh well still gonna keep lurking on rs for a potential swap!!
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