Packing my bags 4 days to go!!

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Hey Ladies, I've been wanting this procedure for...

Hey Ladies,
I've been wanting this procedure for about 2 years now and thanks to this site I finally made up my mind, I want to thank all of you who wrote your reviews it has help me A LOT!!! THANK YOU!!

A lil about me i'm 25 years young, no kids, i'm about 5'3 and my weight is 170lbs. I'm flying to Miami for the surgery. I met Dr. S already when I was on vacation in Miami, he answered all my question was very nice, also met Nancy and Ruben the whole crew is very nice have nothing wrong to say bout that. I've waited about 20 mins before seeing the doctor and let me say he is very busyhas I waked out the consultation room about 10 girls were already waiting to see him he must be really popular..

I've been wanting this done so bad I am looking for an earlier date in January my surgery is March 15th 2013, if any of you would want to switch omg I'd so happy and grateful!!!! :)

I will be posting before pics soon dont have a camera on hand now and dont feel like asking someone to take pics of me naked cause no one knows I am having this procedure done I feel like ppl are going to hate for nothing so I rather keep this to my self.. thx ladies talk to you soon :D

So i decided to keep my march date due to money...

So i decided to keep my march date due to money issues... i private msg most of yous that ask me to switch sorry if i forgot any of you and sorry if im answering u guys now i havent been on here for a while... last time i was on was when the whole negativity with Dr S was going so i decided to not come on Real self didnt want to get second thought about doing this procedure cause I really want it!!! Im still in LOVE with Dr S results just getting hella nervous now my time is approching so soon :s lol

Heyy beautifull ladies so my day is coming up and...

heyy beautifull ladies so my day is coming up and im super excited just want to get it over it at this point! i wanted to say good luck to everyone whos having upcoming surgeries and all the march Salama patients really hope to meet you!! God bless

Hey lovelies so im 7 days pre op and I cant seem...

Hey lovelies so im 7 days pre op and I cant seem to deal with stress that good, im extremely nervous I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding in my chest, I know we got to think positive but I cant help my self to think about the negative stuff, the complications etc... Im even having seconds thoughts now.. Im calling the office today ill see if they can help me with that but however ive been reading all the reviews lately and everyone seems to be very happy, it gives me hope.. btw im going alone I think thats why im freaking out.. Maybe some of you ladies can relate to my situation.. xoxx
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