1yr and a half post Round 2

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I'm fairly new to Realself. Started looking into...

I'm fairly new to Realself. Started looking into this procedure about 4-5 months ago and I finally set my sx date! I'm 23, 5'1 and weigh 130 lbs. I started at 123-125 and have started to put on weight over the last few weeks. My current measurements are 34-30-39. Would love to be at 34-26-43 after. Nancy advised that I'm the ideal weight and don't need to gain but I want a booty so I'm looking to probably go up to 140 by surgery date. I was torn between Duran, Cortez, and Salama but decided dr S can give me the results I'm looking for. Haven't booked a hotel or flight yet.

Added some wish pics. Bbl salama nov 2013

Wish pics !

Pre-op pics 132lbs salama nov 15!!!

Here are some pre-op pics, I'm now at 132lbs have 8more to go to reach my goal! Been eating like crazy!

Pre-op pics, 11/15/13 is sx w/salama

Any tips on weight gain? Salama Nov 15

Ladies, trying to gain weight but I'm stuck at 131. Any tips on weight gain? I been eating so much but can't get past 131-132. I want to be at least at 138 by surgery date less than 60 days away!

21 more days

Yay, I'm 21 days away from sx. I finally got my packet. Need to get my labs done ASAP. Hopefully it will come out fine. I still need to book my flight. My mom will be joining me, so I'm happy, she is supportive in my decision. As for my weight I'm currently at 135, my measurements 36-31-40. I think I will gain 1 or 2 additional pounds just to have enough. Ugh I feel big,
None of my clothes fit. These love handles have got to go!! Do you ladies recommend inner thigh lipo? Just don't want to end up with skinny thighs . I am also considering chin lipo.

Sx tomorrow

Got to hollywood fl today at 10 am and went for my preop visit today at noon. I basically had to sign a ton of papers and met with Nomie , she is such a sweetie!. She made me feel comfortable and answered my questions. My final weight is 135. Decided to stay at this wt as I want to be as closest to my ideal weight. So my sx is tomorrow nov 15 at 10:30 am. I'm looking forward to it but I'm a little scared and hope I can tolerate the pain well. I ultimately decided not to go with the thigh lipo although kind of regretting not adding chin. Starting to hate my chin the more I look at it, everyone thinks it looks fine but maybe I'm exaggerating. Well time for me to get some rest for tomorrow morning, talk to you soon ladies.

Out of surgery

Thank you ladies for the best wishes.. I got done with surgery two hours ago. Everything was a success thank god. I received 1100cc each side .The pain is crazy! Got to the room and ate some Mac and cheese, luckily I had an appetite and I'm still hungry lol but will wait for dinner, my moms making me chicken with rice, will take a nap, and update later with pics. Ttyl dolls!


For some reason

It's not letting me upload pics from my phone, will have to upload from my computer later. I am now 11 days post op. Recover is not a walk I the park. It's tough not being able to sleep comfortable, and not being able to wear what I want. I got my back drain removed at 7days post op and at 9days I flew back home, we missed our flight and had to wait 4 hours for the next one and waiting at the airport was hell. On top of that I still had to take 6hour flight which was so uncomfortable. I was standing almost the entire flight And my feet were killing me. The stiffness is so bothersome, that I take a perc in the morning and 1 at night to help me cope with it. I wake up stiff and my arms numb. As far as my results I am happy with so far. Dr salama knows what he's doing ! I just hope I don't have a lot more volume loss. I been holding steady at 43 inches since day 2. My current measurements are waist 28 and 43 booty , I want to have a 26 or 27 waist. My stage 1 garment was medium and was put into a stage 2 small garment on day5. This thing is so tight and I feel it pinches my skin too much and it takes 15minutes just to put it on. Ladies Any recommendations on a more comfortable garment?

So Today marks 2 days shy of 4weeks post op

Hello ladies , so Friday will be 4 weeks post op, I was really excited with my results for the two weeks post op although I know it was a lot of swelling so I tried not to get too used to my big behind, after two weeks I kept losing volume and have lost 3 inches total. Measurements now waist 27 , booty 41.5. I would be content with at least a 42, now I'm starting to question this whole thing:( another concern I have is that I have a dent on my hip, and still have fat left on my flanks which I noticed since day 1 but figured it is swelling and it will go down but now almost 4 weeks out and now it's more noticeable that I don't feel like I have the hourglass shape because my freaking love handles poke out. I mean I was a pretty small girl, weighed 134.5 sx day., current weight is 134. Thinking I will need a revision or round 2. I also noticed I have more projection on one side ... Grrrr. Trying to stay positive but it's tough . I invested so much and had high expectations especially considering my size. It is an improvement from preop of course but before gaining weight I already had a decent body and only 1.5 inches increase from pre-op isn't that much.


Ugh I'm so mad

Hello ladies, I tried I stay positive but it's hard when you see your but shrink everyday . Only been 4 weeks , I started at 40 and now only 41 inches. I feel like by 6 weeks I will be back to pre op. I feel like I waste my money and time. And I have not sat on it at all since sx except for during massages and used a boppy pillow. I haven't been back to work or drove. I don't know what to do. I feel like my projection is almost all the way gone. I will post pics in a bit


So today

Marks 9 weeks post op. Recovery was very tough and I'm finally starting to feel things back to normal. Sleeping is a lot better and the stiffness is very minimal. My measurements are 26-26.5 waist and 41 booty. It does jump to 41.5 sometimes depending on what I eat. My goal is to get in the 42-43 range but I think it won't happen unless I gain weight. I'm currently at 133 lbs and know if I lose any weight I will lose more booty so careful in making sure I don't lose any. My butt is completely soft and jigly. I think a little too much lol I feel I need to hit the gym and start a squat regimen. I don't know if it's me but I kind of feel like the top and side of m butt is flattening out and losing fat there, not sure if it's just me . I will try to go for a revision this year, since as I addressed earlier I have leftover fat on my flanks and upper back/bra roll and I have a dent on one cheek and a dent on one side of hips. I will be emailing dr salama for a quote for revision . He did a great job on me and I'm confident he can deliver. He is straight forward and made me feel very comfortable


A little over 4 months post op

Ladies be careful who you can trust. Only two of my sisters and mom knew about the surgery and now seems like half the town knows . Some people just don't have enough respect for you to keep your business on the low even when you think you trust them, my mom told my family against my request and my sisters told two friends who have told many people I know that I had this surgery. The haters are out there so be careful to not tell the wrong people if you want to keep your sx on the low. I regret telling them and it sucks they have no consideration. On the flip side, I'm happy with my results with the exeception of the dent on my right hip/butt. Also have some fat one flanks. Still considering whether I should do a revision/ touchup or a round2. Also don't know what to do with my stubborn loose skin, which you can only see when I crouch or bend down, considering a mini tuck , I will provide pics later . Measurements waist 26.5-27 butt 41.5 goes to 42 when I gain a couple pounds. Wish measurements are 26 and 43 booty.

7 months post op

Measurements still the same 27 waist , 41.5 butt. Debating on revision or round 2 . Just
Don't want to have to gain any more weight.will keep y'all updated!

1yr& 8months postop salama! Rd2 coming

Tomorrow marks 1 year and 8 months post op. Going for revision/round 2 and need a tummy tuck due to loose skin. Gained some weight . Booty still holding up. Going for round 2 to fix the dent in my hip and I have some flatness on center of my right cheek. Would also like more volume on the top as well, boots greed is real lol . Current measurements with weight gain. 34-28-42.5. Doctors im considering for my rd2. Duran, Baez, fisher, Hasan,Pantoja, Dr Henao or Correa in Columbia. Want to gain about 5 more pounds.


Following some of these doctors on Instagram isn't making my decision any easier . Torn between Dr. Correa in Colombia, Dr Molina, Dr Hasan, And Duran. I know Dr. Cabral can truly deliver just scared to go to him because of deaths/burns, too risky. Having surgery November so I need to hurry up and decide. Any ladies went to any of these docs for round 2?

Ready for round 2

Will be starting a new page for my round 2. Deposit paid , going with Hasan Nov 13.


So I'm finally getting ready for my round 2 with Hasan next month. Time off approved , flight booked. Will be in town for 8 days. My hemo was 13.1 two weeks ago, started taking iron hopefully can get it to go up. I am now within 30 days from surgery so I want to do my labs locally. I haven't received the lab order yet. Do any of you ladies know what tests I need? Also is it better to buy a garment online or from vanity? I have no idea the kind they use.

Round 2 harder trhan my first .nov13 hasan

I had round 2 this morning with Hasan. Was the first of the day. Can say it's been much harder then my first. Dr hasan was very straight forward, he asked why I wanted another bbl.He said there may be a lot of bleeding due to scar tissue. He said I have a lot of irregularity as I thought and would do his best to fix it.. I did get lipo on my abdomen again to try to fix the irregularities. Not used to not having drains , definitely very messy. I feel like I've been bleeding a lot. I will have to monitor it. First massage is tommorow with Marian. Butt looks way
Too big and I know it will get better after swelling . So far I'm content with my experience with vanity. Although I was a little upset they accidentally tossed my eye contacts so I will be blind the remainder of the trip as I came all the way from the west coast. I will update with pics once I reel better.

16 months post round round 2

Love my results. Waist 26-26.5, butt is
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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