Yes I'm So Excited BBL I'm Scheduled for June 9th 2016 - Aventura, FL

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I've been thinking about bbl surgery for a while...

I've been thinking about bbl surgery for a while maybe 2 years but I never thought I would actually go through with it so I thought why not get it don’t b4 my 25th birthday so I could be all healed up and ready to show it off by august so the first place I called was Dr. Miami's office but he was booked out up until Christmas and that was just tooooooo long so after a lot of research and comparing photos and reviews I Finally I booked my appointment today with Dr. Salama I'm so excited my date is for June 9 2016. here is what I look like now and I added a few wish pics

Medical clearance

Me and my flat ass at the doctor's office now for medical clearance fingers crossed I get cleared.... I had no idea that the visit was going to be almost $500 but who cares definitely worth it

My weight gain

Okay now I'm starting to get a little nervous. When I did my online consultation with Dr. Salama he's told me that I needed to gain about 10 more pounds. I started off at 166 then when I went to the doctor the other day to get cleared for surgery I stepped on the scale and it read 163 I've been eating everything Pizza Pasta donuts and ice cream but it seems like I'm losing weight instead of gaining it im now 160 ugh it's so frustrating no matter how much I eat the pounds just keep dropping.... Any suggestions?...I just hope I have enough by June 9th to get the booty that I want

medical clearance approved

nothing special.....just kidding finally ive been waiting to get cleared for weeks (really only a week) but it felt like forever for the results to come back but they finally did and everything is A-Okay youll basically get approved if your young and healthy

My weight gain

Finally starting to notice a difference I think I should stop here what do you think ladies???

quick question for post Salama patients

I'm was just wondering does he test for thc (weed) or just nicotine and pregnancy test please help

surgery June 9th Dr. Salama

so I have surgery coming up in less than 3 weeks for the 9th of June and something came up and I need to push my surgery back a couple weeks if anyone has a later date with dr. Salam and wouldn't mind changing please let me know course we'd have to check and see if alright with them but if anyone is interested please message me


hey ladies let me update you on whats been going on with lil ol me. So...I called Dr. Salama office this morning wanting to push my date back just so i can be on the safe side because if you test positive for THC nicotine or anything...yes ANYTHING HE WILL NOT PERFORM SURGERY so i was wanting to changed my date because I was "sneaking" cigs here and there and smoking a little bud also (this can fuck with your healing process and lead to fat necrosis witch can make you precious new booty all hard and lumpy eww right...yeah i know) so I thought it would be best for me to hold off for a few weeks because I found that fat necrosis (dead fat) occurs more often in ppl who smoke so i gave them a call but i was told that the next opening wouldn't be until November 21 and that's just to long because I'm trying to have my new booty b4 my birthday so a few hours later i was lucky enough to have Cynthia give me a call asking if i wouldn't mind a later date for June 28 which is only 20 days more than my original date and she also offered $400 off my full surgery which is all i had left to pay anyway So my prayers have been answered . I now have a new "due date" June 28 (previous date was june 9th )


ONLY 24 MORE DAYS TO GO ..........................HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!

post op supplies

So I finally got a of my post office supplies: Foam roller 4Tank tops Antibacterial dial bar soap and liquid soap Neosporin Gauze 4 x 4 Antibacterial hand wipes Febreze (for my room at the recovery house) Pee EZ ( purple funnel) Benadryl Extra Strength itch cream Hydrogen peroxide spray (for incisions) Anti-itch spray Palmer's firming butter Band-Aids Paper tape (forgot to put in my lovely display) Pill organizer Ab board Sugar scrub (probably won't be using this) Scrubber on a stick (to reach itchy spots) Face down pillow gopher 2 pick up and reaching tool (just to be more independent ) I still have to get a robe some slippers Surgical underpads and fill my prescriptions but other than that I'm good to go everything's paid for flight already booked I'll be staying at the recovery center super excited can't wait

6 more days

Ok ladies its officially the last week ill be suffering from noassatall...I just ordered the booty buddy on the 20th and it should be here by the end of this weekend they say it takes 2-5 business days . I'm all packed and ready to go be salamafied

plastic surgery simulator

plastic surgery simulator. My friends don't like the pic when I showed them

Got my booty buddy today

omg I'm so happy my booty buddy came today from shipping was super fast couldn't be happier I tested it out and its works great and its also super comfortable only 4 more days til my surgery cant wait to show off my new bum


I cant sleep its 2:02 am july 26 and omg its real it seems like it was just yesterday when I booked my appointment with Cynthia I'm really starting to freak out but I'm also super excited anyways ill talk to you ladies after I make it to the other side wish me luck

getting my procedure done in a few hours

It is June 29th 7:15 a.m. I arrived in Fort Lauderdale yesterday unfortunately the day before Cynthia notified me that I was not going to be able to stay at the recovery house so they refunded me my money and found a super nice hotel right next to the office she also hired as a nurse and took care of the expenses for transportation there's also another girl that was also supposed to be staying at the recovery house so we decided to room together and split everything which was good because we ended up saving an extra $1,000 Cynthia Naomi and Nancy really took care of us I feel so grateful... I get my procedure done at 10 o'clock thos morning I'm so excited it's really hard and not eating or drinking anything I'm starving right now but it'll be worth it in the end anyways I guess I'll update this whenever I make it through to the other side wish me lu k ladies

post op 2 days

All I can say is ouch


I'm sorry I haven't been updating you guys on my just a little disappointed not in Dr. Salama but just because my skin wouldn't stretch as much at the top as I would have liked to get the look I was going for ... :'( but I must say Dr. Salama did his thing and hooked me up I'm am very pleased with the results he gave me super curvy

before and arter pics bbl

before and after pics bbl 10 days post op

new pics 3weeks post op

3weeks post Op and omg I'm in love with my results

8 months post op Salama

8 months postop a lot of ups and a lot of downs some days my butt feels super huge some days it feels really small but I'm getting ready for round two
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Salama is the best before I just had a long back and he gave Mr the booty I always wanted he was super nice answered all my questions and was very honest he is by far the best

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