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I have been thinking about getting a butt lift bc...

I have been thinking about getting a butt lift bc I've always wanted a more shapely behind., everyone has always said that I have a big butt already, but hey I WANT MORE lol, I have talked to my friends about it and some have mixed reviews, some think I have gone off the deep end,others are asking if I've looked at the good and bad sides of the butt lift, I have talked to my boyfriend who is overseas at the moment and will be back in August, he was alittle skeptical at first but said if I really want it go for it and said he would pay half of my procedure. Right now he is the only supporter I have, He will actually be the one accompining me on my journey. I have seen many ladies on here and already am imaginging myself with a new booty. These bootys on here look so great. I am definetily considering Dr. Salama bc I have seen so many great reviews about him. Please ladies give me some encourgement and more information. I'm pretty young well 21 will be 22 in December and was thinking I might as well change what I don't like now RIGHT. PLEASE HELP me with my process. I also want my gut gone and the fat between my thighs. I've posted pics of myself now. I have been really reading reviews and would like more info...... will keep everyone posted.

Guess who's Back! !!!

As you beautiful ladies can see , I haven't been on here in a while. My last check in was when I stated my boyfriend would soon be returning from Afghanistan which he did and a month later I found out I was pregnant! !!! So here it is now and I have a wonderful 1 year old son who was born May 2013 and am now a WIFE!! So as I started my journey in motherhood my pants sizes started to creep up. I gained alot of weight and I finally got sick of it and stopped feeling so sorry and started working out this year in March and started losing weight and toning up. Well since having my child via c section my stomach was completely ruined. Now it sags a bit and is stretchy ughhh. I've always had a bootie but now just looking at myself in the mirror makes me depressed. Even working out 3 days a week eating better isn't giving me the results I want. So I need a mommie makeover and since my husband just told me he doesn't even want another child right now or maybe ever (pending on that thought.*) I have just decided to focus on getting my sexy back. He is still alittle wary of this procedure but said he will support me in everything and be there every step of the way. I told him I will pay for everything since I WANT IT SOOOO BAD. Here is what I want done: Alittle more shape to my rear end just some fluff (no monster booty) sculpted hourglass shape if possible. I really need the doc to do some magic on my stomach and back My batwings taken care of as well (arms) and some inner thigh fat sucked out lol. Am I asking too much. I know I might be told I need a tummy tuck. I've posted some recent pictures of how my mom body looks. I've also been researching some doctors and I am very impressed with Dr. Fisher and Dr. Hasans work, I was considering Salama as a doctor but im still researching. I hope to get this procedure done next year before the summer time!!! I'm praying my husband won't be deploying again for a while I need him here with me lol. I honestly can't wait to get this done im nervous but I'm excited at the same time. Please ladies if you have any advice or please just give me your thoughts on what you think about my body now and what you would do. I'm so glad I have you ladies!!!

some more pictures of me now.

Excuse me im bloated today ughhh.

idk what to do.

I recently mentiined my husband doesn't want anymore children anytime soon. But who knows when he will, im unhappy with my stomach so I want to start putting my surgery into full effect!. But I'd know if I mention maybe wanting a child down the road they would tell me to wait till im done having kids and then continue with surgery. And they are right Im just so torn ugh. Any advice ladies.

maybe I should go with what I have

I'm really nervous about getting a bbl. Im waiting to hear back from Salama and Fisher about Bbls and lipo. I just dont want my butt to look deformed or fake (really really big). Maybe im fine with what I have more squats i just dont want it to turn out terrible. Maybe I should just go with some lipo. Ugh. Ive been researching and still am nervous about all my options.

Damn am I that Fat wtf???

So I got a quote from dr. Fisher 7500 for arms inner thighs and tummy tuck lipo to waist he told me he could not do my back at the same time. So maybe after the tt I can come back to do a bbl but he wants me to lose 45lbs before anything. I am now 200lbs and have already lost 20lbs. But Omg I was working on losing like 25 or 35 lbs more. I did tell him I want to be at my best possible shape for the surgery. But in no way do I want to be skinny. I like having meat on my bones (in all the right places lol) but I understand what he is saying. Im waiting to hear from Dr. Salama for a quote. During that time im going to keep working out and also tone up bc I want to look Baaddddd lol... yall just don't know how excited I am... also I really don't want to be on a payment plan. So would it be wiser to pay for the surgery in whole. If I decide to go with Vanity I don't want to deal with their shenanigans, or even if I go with salama I don't want to worry about anything as far as payment.
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