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Hi Everyone, I have been stalking this page...

Hi Everyone,

I have been stalking this page for quite some time, just like many of you I too am not pleased with my body, specially after having a daughter 8 years ago... I've always wanted to have my body pre-child and its impossible, at least for me, it doesnt matter how much excercise i do, the stretchmarks will not go away. I have a very supportive husband who loves me the way that i am, sometimes i wish i saw myself through his eyes so i wouldnt be so harsh on myself, which is impossible.

I will be doing MM and BBL, i have spoken with Nancy from Dr. Salama and the earliest date they have is May 2013, I am devastated to say the least. Unfortunately, I have the kind of job that I travel quite a bit and my only downtime is during NOV/DEC, which i will be traveling to FL for the surgery.

I dont want to wait until next October to have my surgery, and I hope and pray someone out there that reads my post is willing to change dates with me :((

Hi Ladies, i just paid my deposit and booked the...

Hi Ladies, i just paid my deposit and booked the date for March 15 to have my BBL done, i am soooo excited and wished the date was sooner, so if there is anyone out there that needs to change the date to a later one, please let me know, i wish my date was Nov/Dec/Jan :(((

A little about me, I am 31 years old, 5'6 and 130 lbs... the reason why i am choosing to do this is because just like everyone i want to love myself a tad more, everyone in my family was blessed with big booties except for mua, i guess i got to the booty line way to late and got the scraps lol

I am so obsessed with this site now, i eat, breath and sleep a$$ all day long, extremely anxious, and hope and pray I can get a date this year.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to scream of joy!!!!...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm going to scream of joy!!!! Thanks to WannaButt220 who is my answer to my prayers, she switched dates with me, i went from March 15th, 2013 to November 5, 2012, YES november!!!! I'm jumping with joy!!! cant you tell with all the !!!!! i am adding!! lol

Thank you girl, from the bottom of my heart, i cant thank you enough.

I spoke with my husband and told him i no longer have to be on a diet to go back to 120 lbs, that i can keep the extra 10 that i currently have, so him being dominican, he said he was going to feed me more rice and habichuelas to get a bigger ass lol

On another note, now i am nervous, what to do, what to buy, ive seen so many lists, now i am just confused, where to stay ahhhhhhh screaming.. any advise is GREATLY appreciated!!

Thanks girls, i dont know what i would do with out this site, you irls are amazing with every single story.

Hi everyone, i booked my flight and hubbys last...

Hi everyone, i booked my flight and hubbys last night!!! i am so excited.. now i am on a mission to gain weight but have no idea how :/ i know this should be the easy part but no clue where to start.

Just need to book my hotel and car... i was thinking of renting a condo so the hubs can cook for us so we do not eat out all the time, any suggestions on a place?

Thanks a bunch

Hi Everyone, so i am looking for a place for...

Hi Everyone, so i am looking for a place for november, what is the yacht club that ive read on a couple of reviews?
does everyone pretty much stay at hotels? or staying in a condo is just not the norm?

Hi Everyone, so i finally received my package, i...

Hi Everyone, so i finally received my package, i just have a couple of questions and hope you girls can help me with the answers:

1. Do i just go to my Dr to ask for an EKG and blood test? If so when? My surgery is Nov 5th

2. Where did you girls buy the vitamins? or can i just go to a walmart/target and get them there? jus wondering where is cheaper.

3. I am having a hard time gaining weight, did any of you had any problems with this? if so, what did you guys drink? my brother told me to drink protein shakes?

4. Where has some of you stayed at and actually liked the place? Just trying to figure this out.

I am scared and a bit anxious, specially reading some reviews that are not so great post op :/

Hi Everyone, just ordered my vitamins, here is...

Hi Everyone,

just ordered my vitamins, here is what i ordered and the price from drugstore.com

This shipment includes the following items:
1 GNC Natural Brand Bromelain, 500mg, Tablets - 60 ea $12.99
1 Boericke & Tafel Arnica montana 30C, Tablets - 100 ea $4.49
1 Twinlab Zinc Caps, 30mg - 100 capsules $6.94
1 Finest Natural B-100 B-Complex Caplets - 50 ea $6.99
1 FoodScience of Vermont Bioflavonoid 1000, Tablets - 60 ea $5.99
2 Nature's Bounty Iron, 65mg, Tablets - 100 ea $8.98
2 at $4.49
1 Walgreens Vitamin C 500mg Tablets - 100 ea $3.99
1 Ester C Vitamin C 1000mg with D3 2000IU, Tablets - 60 ea $10.49

With 2 day shipping it came out to $70.85

Wondering if i am missing anything else?

Hi Everyone, counting the days till my November...

Hi Everyone, counting the days till my November 5th date.. I pray that everything goes well, i went to the Dr on the 16 to do all my lab work and EKG, unfortunately Dr came back to me on thursday 18 and told me i had a UTI, well ive been on antibiotics ever since, and had to go to the Dr again this morning to give my urine sample, i pray, pray, pray that the UTI had gone away, i will be extremely crushed if it hasnt. I have stopped taking my vitamins for a whole week, didnt know if they would affect me in any kind of way with in regards to the prescription for my UTI, i will start on them again today. I have everything ready, hotel, flight, the only thing i need to purchase are the misc. items to take with me. So crossing fingers all will be good.

Hi ladies, so excited, i leave on sunday to...

Hi ladies, so excited, i leave on sunday to florida, i still cant believe it, singing: "i'm so excited and i just cant hide it, i'm about to loose control and i think i like it" lol

O EM GEE - so much to do still and not enough time...

O EM GEE - so much to do still and not enough time.. Can't wait, cant' wait!

Hi ladies im at the airport, im so close to my new...

hi ladies im at the airport, im so close to my new booty, im about to scream and do my happy dance in front of all these folks. lol im meeting w ruben today will let you know how that goes. until then, ttyl ladies!

Hi ladies, first I want to say thank you for the...

Hi ladies, first I want to say thank you for the well wishes and prayers, i feel the love and i really appreciate it.

, arrived at my condo, let me tell you ladies, if you can afford it, rent a condo with a full kitchen, it is definitely a life saver, i am cooking dinner right now and feeling like home, and saving money. The place is the Yacht Club and its in an upscale area, its absolutely beautiful. The husband will cook the rest of the time, we went grocery shopping and thankfully the condo has a washer and dryer so we are set in that department as well. If you want info on the condo i will be more than happy to give details .

Meeting with Ruben went great, i signed a bunch of papers, last time i signed that many papers, i was purchasing my house
I was so overwhelmed going in but he answered all my questions and put me at ease.

I cant wait to meet Dr. Salama tomorrow, I will update tomorrow if I am feeling up to it.

Pray for me ladies :)

Hi Ladies, my surgery is at 11 this morning so...

Hi Ladies, my surgery is at 11 this morning so excited. Already took shower and unfortunately I cant even put lotion on my face or feet im a bit bummed about that, oh well. Wearing a maxi dress going on, taking my slippers, glasses and meds and i'm good to go.

Pray for Ms Incredible as she is having her surgery as we speak.

TTYL ladies.

Hi ladies, well its taken me a while to update my...

hi ladies, well its taken me a while to update my story. On monday nov 5 , i went in at 11, Dr S asked me a couple of questions, marked me up and by noon i was out cold, i woke up at 7 extremely drowsy and was sent home, that night was painful , i felt like i was hit by a truck over and over.

Tuesday Nov 6 -

went to the office for my first post op, all looked great, i was in a lot of pain, Nomie took off my garment, i thought i was going to die, the pain is unberable, and of course because i do not take pain killers during the day only at night time, they make me extremely drowsy. Took my first colace

Wed Nov 7 -

Saw Dr. Salama, i asked him how much he put in me, he said 1250, i promise i will post before and after pics soon
was able to go #2 today, OMG i thought i was going to die when the husband gave me a shower, every time that garment comes off i feel like i am going to faint. That evening i had fever, the poor hubs had to walk to the store which was 2 miles away to get tylenol

Friday Nov 8

First massage, holy guacamole, that shit hurt like a mofo! i was told to take 2 precocet prior to going in to the office and i did, well since they make me extremely dizzy, i threw up all over the bathroom in the office and almost passed out, not fun.
anyways, massage became less painful the more i talked to the massage lady, she took my mind off of it.

Saturday Nov 9 -

been in bed most of the day, its still painful and just when i find a comfy spot, i have to get up to pee, extremely annoying.

Ladies, i must say i definitely under estimated the severity of this surgery, the pain is horrible, i am extremely blessed to have a wonderful husband and that he was able to come with me, i take my hat off to the sisters that do it on their own, i dont think i could do it, actually i know for a fact i wouldnt.

I cant wait for these drains to come off, they are very annoying, pretty much at this point, i am just annoyed with the garment, with the peeing, with hurting, i'm in pain all bloody day.

My second massage is monday, ill let you know how that goes, until then. God bless
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The reason why i chose Dr. Salama is thanks to you guys, everytime i read everyone's stories and saw the amazing transformation,

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