Dr.salama BBL July 31 2012: Needing to SWAP dates from July 31 to an Aug or Sept date??

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I need to push my surgery date back, so if anyone...

i need to push my surgery date back, so if anyone is getting their surgery with dr.salama in august and wants to get an earlier date please contact me asap.

I decided to get the BBL because I am no longer pleased with my body. I'm doing this for the simple fact that I want to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with the way I look. I'm a young woman who had a nice shape, a flat stomach and a nice size butt. It wasn't humongous, but for my height and size it was a very nice size. I loved the way I looked a couple years ago...but for some reason after I had my baby all of that changed. I knew, of course, that my stomach was going to be big and that I was going to have to work out to loose my stomach. But I didn't know that I was going to loose my butt. That was so devastating to me when I went from having a nice size butt to a droopy pancake booty. That is NOT cute.

So I started to look into the butt implants,but there are many complications that can result from getting butt implants. So that was a no to that option. Then I came across the BBL procedure. It wasn't many complications, and it was your own fat being re-injected into your body versus a thick silicone pad being placed into your body...I am so EXCITED that I came across this procedure as well as this website.

I'm just praying that everything goes well and that I will get the exact results I'm looking for and not be disappointed. But I'm not worried because I know everything will go great, and that I will get my desired results. Reason being, I've heard so many wonderful things about Dr. Salama and I know his skills are up to part. I'm not nervous at all because I know God is with me. I'm mostly anxious and excited. I'm ready to get this going and began this journey.

My desired results are 36D,26,43.I'm currently 36D, 34, 39. I'm 5'6 and weight 160lbs.

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Dr. Salama gets a 3star only because I have not yet experienced my BBL

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