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I've been thinking about getting a bbl done and...

I've been thinking about getting a bbl done and I've been reading the stories on this website for almost a year now. This is how I found dr. Salama which I think does some of the best jobs on here but today while I was doing my daily research I came across his consultations page and I see that now the price for a bbl is $9000!!! Now all the ladies I've been following here have paid from $6,500-$8,000. I would appreciate it if I could get some answers from any ladies who have gone for a consultation recently and could give me an idea of how the payment options are because Im thinking maybe he is doing $9000 because maybe most people do the monthly payments option which I'm sure that come with interests and all. But what about the people who can pay cash? Or maybe give a big deposit? Do the prices change then?. I'm sure whoever is reading this must be wondering why don't I just go in myself and find out, and well the reason why is because I'm PREGNANT!! So even if I wanted to I don't think dr. Salama would quote me with a 6 month old belly you know lol.

It might be a little bit of a long shot but I have another question as well. Does anybody know what is dr.salama's post-partum "waiting period" before doing a surgery? Of course that ive researched that subject as well, specially from the doctors Q&A on here but some say the earliest you can have a procedure done is 3 months after having a baby some say 6 months some say a year and then some others just say it depends on how quick your body goes back to normal because everyone is different. So I'm sure dr. Salama must have his own requirements for that.

So pleaseeeeeee ladies I will be forever thankful for any piece of information I can get from you guys!!!!

Have a great day!!!

Can anybody see this review? i cant find it on the...

can anybody see this review? i cant find it on the reviews feed =/

Omg I'm sooooo excited I would jump if I wasn't...

Omg I'm sooooo excited I would jump if I wasn't prego lol. So dr.salama is so in demand he doesn't have any available appointments until march 2014!!! Which sucks but they told me I can have my surgery in October so I'm gonna be placed on the waiting list =\ so please ladies if you or anyone you know has the surgery date for October but has to cancel out pleaseeeee send me a message I have nothing to offer but a date in march 2014 and my GRATITUDE!!! Lol


Just wondering if any of you ladies going to dr salama may have canceled a consultation with dr salama for these couple of weeks coming up. I already booked mine but it's almost a month from now!! I'm trying to get this done in a certain timeline if possible so if any of you ladies could help me I would be very grateful!! :-)


here go my pre-op photos!!


I haven't had my consultation yet but I want to start doing the regimen for the supplements that have to be taken pre-op( there's nothing wrong with nourishing your body a little more) and Im still wondering what are the actual mg for iron that you are asked to take because I've read some ladies took from 100mg to 365mg so please if somebody could clarify this for me. I already ordered the vitamedica pre-op & post-op supplements since I think Is a better deal than the make me heal pack. Im already taking the 1000 mg of vitamin c and I believe that's all for pre-op supplements right?

I would appreciate some guidance here from any vets. Thank you!!!


I had my first consultation today and i gotta say everything went better than expected!! i paid off my surgery,and got my surgery date for oct 1!! im so exicted and nervous and i dont know what else. Any advice for prep and post op will be appreciated!! =]

supplies list

can any of you ladies give me some advice and tips as to what to get for post-op besides the regular list of vitamins, gauzes, gels and creams......?


Omg I'm soo nervous I can't even sleep!!! ???? I'm just hoping everything goes well. 9 more hours to go!!

This surgery

This surgery was not what I expected, I thought I was gonna wake up like a zombie or something but hell no, I'm not gonna as soon as you wake up you're gonna feel pain but for me it was bearable pain. I was really nervous when I got there but everybody was very nice, and once I got to the operating table all I remember hearing from sergio was "shot of tequila" and I was out!! Lol but I do feel sleepy so im gianna rest post a little bit more later :-)


I'm in love with my butt, it's so big!!! I already took pictures on my phone but I gotta use the computer to post them up, and that's not gonna happen for right now. But I am doing very good, eating, drinking, taking my meds and walking around. My mother-in-law (a nurse) couldn't believe how good I sounded just an hour after waking up and she's coming to see me now.... Well I'll try to post the pics later girls!!! Later.


Sorry about the spelling mistakes girls my hands are still shaky from the anesthesia -.-

finally pics ladies

more pics


I still can't believe I did this, but im so happy I did and I would do it in a heartbeat If I had to do it again!! I'm really surprised I am doing so well since ive always been a wuss when it comes to pain, but I believe since I like what I see it's keeping me motivated lol I can't wait until they take these tubes off, I just wanna get up and do something... But at least that's all I gotta complain about for now so I'm grateful hehe

i cant stop taking pictures and its only day 2 lol

I need help

I need help with this second garment!!! That thing cuts off my circulation, but this is the thing my first garment is a medium and I told them that it was just a little loose in the middle So they gave me the second garment in a medium as well along with the foams... But that thing cuts off my circulation, even on my legs!!! I feel like they start to go numb when I lay down :-( any vets that could help me with this plz!!


hey ladies!!

as many other vets have said it on here i will say it again, there is NOTHING that will prepare you for what comes after this surgery, dont gett me wrong i love love love my results salama is the bomb!! but man after care is BITCH, and its not even the pain either because for me getting my boobs done and childbirth hurts more than this but all the discomfort you find yourself in afterwards adds up. I've read how a lot of ladies with kids complain about being stuck in a hotel for days missing their family but let me tell you something, i live here, and i wish i would have been in a hotel by myself!! well not completely by myself but with somebody to take care of me because the first week and being around kids its not a good combination. that being said,( enough about the negative stuff), i love my family, i love my results, and i cant wait until i can go shopping!!! =]

2 weeks post op

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