Dr. Salama I'm Ready for Mo Cake, Countdown to 2nd BBL! Aventura, FL -May 7, 2015

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This is part 2 of my journey, my part 1 can be...

This is part 2 of my journey, my part 1 can be seen at

i had my 1st bBL in NJ in May 2014, I was not satisfied so I'm going to get "Salamified" in May 2015

Dr. Salama is one of the best from what I see from my research. My first round I was being a bit lazy by staying local, after I did not get the results that I wanted I see that you have to just go for it if you really want it. During my current countdown to May 2015 I am considering butt implants, but will most likely just go with the BBL. I feel the first Dr I went to was not experienced enough to create the butt I wanted. He did an ok job with the lipo and shaping me. i can definitely see a difference but the results are nowhere close to what I hoped for. I’m hoping with Salama I can get what i want. Basically if he cannot do it - I’ll settle with the fact that it cannot be done OR consider implants at a later date. What’s a girl to do. So here I am back on this site starting to plan for next May and praying that all goes well. This process cost too much to keep redoing – I just hope Salama does his magic on me.

i scheduled my appt w/ him basically right after my first BBL in NJ, he requires that you wait one year from ur first BBL to do it again so I made my deposit and secured my date.

fyi, 4 mo post op is when I started to feel normal again

fyi, 4 mo post is when I started to feel normal again. At that point all the numness had worn off and, my stomach felt normal soft, no longer hard. There is a small patch of stomach that is only slightly tight but basically soft....I'm now 6 mo post bbl. Just sharing info and venting... I had lost 25 lbs pre bbl, just in the last mo I've gained weight. I had initially started my diet in February and managed it all up until now. I'm about to put this thing back in motion and get my weight back down. But I will say the surgery did not make me loose weight, but because the lips shapes u. The shaping alone can allow u to fit into clothes sizes that u couldn't before. Now that I've gained some weight I feel like the weight is in my face & legs but not necessarily in the areas that were lipped /my stomach. Which makes me think I need my legs lipped this time too! Their paperwork state an extra lipo area is 500, my total quote was 9600, I see some numbers on here for lower.... are they negotiating up in there? Please share any info on this. Also I'm looking for a hotel recommendation. I had read a post with great info on a nearby hotel but I can no longer find the info. All suggestions appreciated.

saw a perfect butt tonight

was out w/ bae this evening at a store... and one of the girls that worked there had a perfect butt - the type that would be a "wish pic". i wondered if she had work done - it was too perfect to bot be but who knows - the roundness and hips were there. i was trying to see if bae was sneaking looks. i think he was. i yoked him after we left out - saying i seen u all up in that girls face. he says no i wasn't - said i mean all up in her butt - and he laughed!!!! My turn is coming soon believe that!!!! Count down is on - i pray this will go the right way - cant spend anymore on this after this go round

inner thigh lipo

i was considering doing inner thigh lipo, but after reading comments it seems that is a really tough area to get right if you don't work out extra hard afterwards. from what i read it seemed ladies are saying the skin droops??? not seeing any good comments about lipo'ing this area. maybe i'll pass on that. any feedback on thigh lipo is appreciated - i'm not trying to create a problem after lipo with droopy skin, etc...

Counting down to May 7th BBL w/ Salama

Trying desperately to loose weight. Its hard, round 1 i dropped a significant amount of weight kinda like that. this time I've joined a gym its working some but not quick enough. i wanna be slim in the face and waist this summer :)
i went in for my physical etc... my doctor was trying to straight clown me when she learned about my surgery. this is really something you cant share with everybody - a lot of people just don't understand...

Count'n down forreal - May 7th Salamafied

I'm just praying all goes good and the job is done right. Have not been on this site too much lately, hope I ain't miss no breaking news about anything about my Dr, etc... - lol

Anyone else getting Salamafied on my date - May 7th?

new booty i'm coming for you - lol

counting down to may 7th - i'm in the gym serious these days. i called myself dieting for a while but i wasn't seeing results like i wanted. now i'm counting down and taking extra steps - i can see a difference from my eating and going to the gym over the last few days... i guess i'm just a last minute person... anyways i'm just praying all works out right. i hope my skin can hold all my booty fat. for bbl1 - the doctor said my skin would only take so much... but i didn't trust him. at the end of the day if salama cant do it - it cant be done - that's the motto I'm taking. i just want to be a happy big booty camper when i'm done.

not telling my boyfriend again- so i really want this to come out right this time. he'll think i'm crazy if i don't come home with a donk after 2 tries. anyways... happy thursday!

i have a fibroid that poking my stomach out

i asked salama staff if fibroids will complicate anything - they said no. from what i see online there's no complications since the lipo is above the muscle and the fibroid is inside. only thing is i will need to get that out after healing - cause my stomach stick out way too much --- i be like i know i don't eat that much to always have a gut like i have. - IDK - always something!!!

after lipo massages

2 massages come with my package - do i need more? Any advice past salama dolls?

My date/next week is creeping up fast! considering inner thigh lipo again

was not able to loose as much weight as i hoped to... I swear i can do really good then just eat it back on... i have been steady with going to the gym though and doing the elliptical machine...
i wanted my face to look slim though... and really wanted to get these thighs down. I'm seriously considering inner thigh lipo. my thighs are not humongous but I've never had thin legs so - i'm thinking while i'm designing this dream body - i might as well address the legs too. - we'll see...

I'm starting to get really excited. Glad I will be asleep for this one. My first one was local anesthesia - so i was up and felt a few though spots - ugh. gives me the willies thinking about it...

i'm just kinda dreading the massages - seems people say they really hurt alot. my last dr didn't even recommend massages. but i sure remember how tender my stomach was - so i can imagine how painful massaging that area will be. - we'll see. just want to make it to the other side. Ahhhh :) :) :) can't wait

I leave tomorrow for Florida

I'm so excited!!!! May has started off great. I managed to loose some of the extra pounds and am feeling good about current weight. Plus I know a few pounds will drop after surgery. I decided to stop eating meat. So Im feeling real determined right now. Can't wait for my new bod. When I heal up I'm hitting the gym and getting my abs on. Butt and abs here I come :-) im claiming it. Anyways.... I leave tomorrow morning I know today will be so hectic trying to fit in all that I can do before I leave.

Can't wait. :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

the saga continues

Feeling a little down.... I'm in Fl, met with salama and team. They are all wonderful by the way, all very professional etc... met a few diff people in the waiting room who shared their stories, and were helpful and very nice. So my experience has been great that way. The bummer is salama says I don't have that much fat!!! So I'm going to end up with that inner thigh Lipo I was considering after all, along with arm Lipo! All to find fat. I am about 175lbs but at the end of the day my Lipo from last year really took my fat away. And my current diet plan took the fat that I had as well. So he says he 'll get some fat from stomach but prob not that much.... says he'll do best he can. I appreciate his honesty. So basically I'll be thinner all around even In places I didn't necessarily expect but :) but my butt won't be a donk. He didn't say it like that but that's how I'm taking it. He'll take all the fat he can and place it. But my fat is limited..... So I'm kinda down right now just hoping what he can place makes a significant difference. Oh well... He also said my stomach actually needs a tummy tuck says Lipo will not take it down , or I need took hit the gym and focus on my stomach. That was my plan anyways to start on abs... im at lunch now feeling like eating up everything on this darn menu lol. Anyways... that's my update. Will post before pics later this evening and tomorrow at 7:30am I go under....
I really need prayers right now. Thanks in advance!

other side

Hi everyone. I made it to the other side. The pain is real. I don't think a Person could ever get use to this pain, it feels way worse than my round 1. I'm happy to announce that salama DID manage to give me a donk :-) his conversation had me scared straight but after waking up i had a donk... So all I can say is he is the man. Says he think he put about 1500 cc in each cheek! Im just trying hard to maintain though with this pain and the drains etc.... I haven't even been in The mirror too much. But I know he did the damn thing and this is what I shoulda had my first round... im battling constipation a bit, which is always a night mare for me and even worse in this state. But time heals all things. My mom is here with me. She is a lifesaver!!! God bless her!!! She can have whatever she wants from me. I gotta get my strength together to put up my pics. Over all, all is good. Thanks for all the kind words, u gals rock!

the pain of vanity

Hey guys, I'm maintaining... today I broke down crying though... I was starting to feel like a freak of nature or something. Can't wait to get these drains out, they really make me feel like an invilid just feeling the tubes hanging between ur legs just makes me feel like an old sick person or something... It's depressing so can't wait to get those off. And it's sooooo hot down here it's also making everything feel 20 times worse. To not get closterphobic I'll go out wit my mom, but have to lay on the car back seat. Today was just too much time on that hot car seat, my head was pounding it was like the worst day ever. Then I've been taking the Percocet like clock work every 4 hours 24hrs. Kinda feeling hooked... so mom's is like I need to slow down on that... So I missed a dose early this morning and another time today and that threw my body off too. But it's horrible without the medicine you really do need it. Without it- it feels like ya body was scrubbed with a brillo pad inside and out and u can feel everything, every nerve ending. Then today was supposed to be my first massage. Had to reschedule to tomorrow cause I need to be fully medicated for this with no skipped doses. The other crazy feeling is wearing no underwear in this garment it's all so uncomfortable. I know it's only been 4 days but its miserable and feeling like fiend, yikes. So today was just crazy, I had been holding up pretty good but I had my minor break down. Felt much better though after bath, air condition and food. Guess it just got to me for a min. But I'm better :-)
Not looking forward to massages but we'll see what, tomorrow brings. The inner thigh Lipo and arm Lipo is not really hurting just my stomach and butt. Those areas feel a little sore and weak but nothing like the pain in The real /main areas. My legs are swollen a bit too I can't really see a major difference from the thigh lipo, I'm feeling like I'll see that result once swelling and fluids in the legs are gone. A lot of the color has come back to my butt already...
Lord give me strength :-)

Thanks for support

U gals are really so kind I appreciate the comments so much. I have my supplements with me and do u know I forgot about them. I will start tomorrow and start with the pineapple juice too. All the research and planning just went right out the window once i got here. I just been doing Gatorade and water....
Today was another hard day... don't mean to sound like such a complainer but this is ready hard for me and I consider myself to have a high pain tolerance.... I suppose child birth must be on this level or worse (I don't have any kids)....
So today was the first massage! Ladies that shit hurt like CRAZY. I was expecting pain but there is no preperation for that kind of pain. I felt the masusse was also heavy handed in general too... everything thing she touched she did with a little force ( I observed). She was very nice don't get me wrong but it was a little odd that such a heavy handed person is giving this type of massage. But she did her thing my drains were almost full after she finished. I had to tell my self I was a super hero getting 'remade'. That was my silly way to make sense of this pain/torture while it was taking place. I felt like the mother of dragons- lol. I was thinking I must be about to do some big Things cause this level of pain it's only for someone about too do something great. Otherwise it does not make sence. I was thinking my message to the ladies (u all reading) would be if u can get through this u can do anything. I mean this felt like dying and coming back. So if that can be done its no need to be scared of anything in life. That's the feeling im having... ladies go for ur dreams in life (outside of vanity). Im saying that cause if u go through a process like this with a real dr who does this ish (cause my 1st dr was no where at this level) just go for anything u want in life use ur brain not just ur body. But not to digress too much but I wanted to put that out there for the readers to think about. Anyways back to the main message... after the massage I got my new garment,, this thing is tighter than idk what but I made it into it. So im stuffed in. It cuts so bad, I did put a pad into it to help it from digging into the skin. Also my butt is burning in this thing. I woke up and my butt felt like it was on fire. Mom put wet wash clothes on it, it helped some. Then she poured cold water on it to soothe it. That really helped. Not sure why the skin was so hot but it felt so hot litterally and figuratively Im suprised it didn't start smoking when water hit it :-) lol. I know my last reviews are lots of complaining but just keeping it real. This ain't no joke. I do have a butt tough :-) haven't had time to really revel in it Yet. I just know its there. I'll get to the flossing later. Right now I only feel pain don't feel cute or nothing and not trying too be cute either. I be in the mall looking like a dam handicap person but I don't care I know my time is coming. The mall here is soooo nice I did some shopping today but just a little. bought mom some things... She is truly an angel. Welp I can say I got a new ass in Florida- lol. feels like I got tore a new ass in Florida- lol. thats my joke to my mom. Anyways I know time heals everything I just hoping that time speeds up. I will survive :-) chat later

2nd massage, next steps of journey

Got my back drain out the other day that was a major relief... Yesterday had 2nd massage with a different massause. This woman was so nice and gentler I have to get her name again because she should be requested by name, she was 200% better then the other massusse I had. I'm going to follow up and include her name in a later post. I suppose the second massages may be easier in general but her overall vibe was better than other massuse, she had compassion and softer touch. Even with little things like when they put the masage gel on u. The first lady was just like this is gonna be cold and just squirted it all on me, this lady was like ok I'm gonna go warm this up (massage gel) and be right back ok.... small thing but it set her apart in addition to her gentler touch. I believe if she had done my first massage it would have been a better experience. I kid you not that first lady baptised me by FIRE -lol. I don't ever want to see her again in life (I'm laughing writing this). Lol. Anyways yesterday was pleasant I was feeling like I was finally home free with getting that getting that second massage out of the way. Today I get my front drain out and tomorrow we fly home. That plane ride is gonna be something else! This truly is a journey.

Back home to the real world

Plane ride felt like it would never end but we made it back home. Boyfriend says to me what's going on here? U got ur butt done again? What did u get an extra large? :-) That was kinda funny... So it must look kinda huge. I didn't do a true unveiling :) he's sick with flu! And out of it. All the pampering of Florida is over... u know how men r when they're sick.... anyways I plan to take some real pics tomorrow. I washed and dried my faja today, I started thinking oh was I supposed to air dry this instead of putting in the dryer??? I was thinking oh god hope I didn't just shrink this thing. But everything worked out. It's in tact and is as tight as ever :) lol

Any good recipes from anyone on how to maintain weight, etc... ?
I was looking forward to returning to the gym but I can not imagine working out in this faja. I don't suppose that's done. Have to research time frame on when it's ok to resume working out, etc...
Gonna work on getting some abs in this stomach. The next project :)

Doing the most but the butt is still stacked

Been driving, sitting, the whole nine!!! But all on my boppy pillow :) Tomorrow I go back to work so it was just a matter of time.... I have my pillow still at work from my first bbl so im covered with sitting on pillow. But it's a donut pillow not a boppy, it harder, but its good cause I can sit on the edge / on the thighs. I got a deep tissue massage today it was ok. If I wasn't sore I think I would have really enjoyed it. But it was good. Only thing was the guy (yes a man massaged me) focused on the back of the body not the front. I had to tell him to do my stomach. He did not speak a lick of English but it all worked out. He worked the hell out of my back and some of my stomach... He was real good though, he was putting all his man strength into it wit his elbow and arm all in my back... made another appt for Saturday. And it was only $40. They do foot massages too going to try one of those one day soon.

This weather in nj is so crazy. it was hot and the other night it got cold, so I started coming down with a cold but I jumped right on it with vitamin c, oj, nyquil and keeping warm and actually stopped it thank God. being sick with a cold would have been the last thing I needed to happen.

All of this activity and my butt is still stacked. It hasn't hit me all the way yet. I'm amazed at my pictures. My right side is slightly bigger than the left though. Both sides pop but but i can tell the difference. Just hope all settles well as time progresses. My boyfriend has begun bed ridden sick since I been back.... So he knows but I don't think he even realizes just how stacked this butt is. He's been crying sick, I'm like I just had surgery I sicker than you :) no one has seen me yet... My two besties are like so it really worked this time, u really got s big butt now :) I'm like yep ya gotta come see it :). My friend is having a cook out this weekend she was like is ur butt gonna be ready for this weekend LOL. she gonna be ready alright. Anyways just sharing the sharing the latest.... check out my pics and let me know what y'all think.


Bust 38in
Waist 33.5in
Hips 45in

Was hoping the waist would be smaller....

Not feeling the jeans in this pic. I think the new butt needs jeans with out pockets on the butt. These are my old size 12's that I can apparently still fit!!!
Need to go shopping starting to feel frumpy again ;( ......

3 weeks post, booty still there

Every night and every morning I check to, make sure my butt is still there. One side is still a lil bigger than the other but I'm happy so far I just hope it stays. Next week I'm starting butt exercises, etc...

The mirror can play tricks on u. Like my butt does not look that big to me. But my boyfriend says it's huge and my butt selfies look huge. the selfies are my proof cause , the mirror plays tricks.... anyways uploaded a few pics...

I've come a loooooooong way

found pic of my ol lil booty. WOW. thanks Salama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

need new a faja

i want to get next size down, but want to get a strapless one with shorter legs. I was looking at this one:

any feedback on this one? basically, i'm curious to know if the shorter legs roll up or are even more uncomfortable then the half leg kind, etc...

vets please let me know your opinions... i'm only 3 weeks in but my "suit" is now easy to close and i'm feeling like i need a new tighter one.... was just going to get the next size down. right now i'm in 2x, gonna get 1x.... my waist trainer (from salama) that i start at 8 weeks is a large.

4 week anniversary :)

Started wearing new garment early, other one was too loose. Butt measurement went down 1in. ): Started butt exercises yesterday gotta reverse that ... I work near the mall so I love going to try on clothes, here's a few dressing room pics... :)
Going thru a crazy time right now my job is bugging, I'm job hunting like crazy right now. But wherever I go next I'll be the girl with the big booty- hee hee :) life's little pleasures... oh well :) :)

Tomorrow is 6 weeks post, started donkeY kicks

Time is moving forward booty still here so I'm happy. I started doing squats and donkey kicks at home. Today was my first day back in the gym. I did the donkey kicks on a machine, basically glute presses.... this exercise is the real deal with weights. My legs were weak, when I finished I had the weak leg feeling u have after u just had mind blowing sex or something ;)... the craziest thing is I measured when I got home and I swear my butt almost went up an inch. Almost back to a 45in measurement. So u know I'm trying to donkey kick especially in the gym like everyday.... I'm on it. Gotta start abs too.. gonna see how much I can pump /plump up my butt even more :)

big booty trade secrets / garments

almost 3mo post.... still happy. I see some dimpling and while I would love perfection in my eyes I'm damn near 100% perfection if u seen what I started with (zero booty)... this morning while on instagram I came across a big booty wearing a garment that lifts the booty/ plumps it.... I realized that all the well known big booty gals still rely on undergarments to enhance.... obviously waist trainers are every where and very popular but the booty lifting garments are in full effect too. I actually had one of theses such garments laying around (from my flat booty days) and after I tried it on now I can't wait to wear it out. it puts my booty on steriods. no need for revisions gals just get u a pair of these butt lifting panties and ur set. after all we're probably gonna be tied to a waist cincher for life if we're really trying to "slay" and perfect a certain look. add this other garment to ur arsenal too. I can't wait to try on some jeans or pants wearing this it really takes the booty to another level. almost too much but u have to see how it works for u. once I discovered it I was like I gotta let my big booty sisters know this one- hee hee hee...
and I always saw these panties but never considered wearing a pair and like I mentioned I had a pair that was just laying around. perhaps I looked at these as panties that flat booties wear, but when a big booty puts on a pair watch out now.... for me this is another game changer. wearing this and some heels should equal like 2 more surgeries in terms of plumpness :)

Booty still popping 8mo post

8mo post... my measurements are the same, I'm still happy. If I look too close I can see flaws but I'm good. I've come such a long way from being Ms. Pancake booty, LOL. An old boyfriend actually used to joke and call me that, LOL... If he could see me now.... I have a new job and have heads turning on the regula, LOL; so i'm the new girl with the nice body and big butt; who would have ever thought. My boyfriend loves my new shape and my sidepiece adores it, LOL (don't judge me).

My tummy could still use some work; Salama did tell me i needed a tummy tuck... i think about it sometimes but .... i never really put in my work to try to get my stomach down so that is still one of my goals.... maybe a mini tt one day... But I'm trying to save for some other thangs right now... I walk a minimum of 5 miles every saturday and sunday - that helps me keep my weight down. i still have a gym membership but barely go; but i am faithful to my walking and i detox every so often - these things are part of my routine to keep my weight in check; I also am on my way to becoming a vegetarian. Basically I've stopped eating meat but every now and then I mess up, lol . My overall goals are to still loose more weight, really work to get my stomach flat and do my booty exercises faithfully to plump her up even more... getting that waist small is a BIG part to getting the look. i did not wear the waist trainer faithfully after the required amount of time after the surgery... but i wear it sometimes now... i plan to start that back up too. Gotta fine tune this body now to get ready for summer. She still a force to reckoned with. some of my big butt friend be like damn your butt bigger than mines now, lol. had a guy stop me in walmart the other day and he was just so obviously starting at my butt; it was funny but it was kinda lame of him too.... oh well

Azz still phat after 1yr - happy to report :)

Hi today marked 1 yr for my BBL wit Dr salama. I'm happy to report all is good, butt is still plump, all is on tact. I finally did start exercising more, walking alot... so my legs got smaller from walking... n again I'm happy to report my butt has not gone down even though I've lost some weight. I'm walking even doing marathans now.... so I'm proud to say I took it to a level I didn't even think I had in me.... the strenuous walking actually pumps up the butt muscles. I was concerned a lil bit that I might shrink... but all is good. My hip/butt measurements are 45.5. Stomach is still a lil bit of a challenge but overall I'm good. Actually in the best shape of my adult life!!! I always used to pray... lord let me have just one summer in shape.... well at this point in time I actually feel I'm there :) there's still room to improve but I'm just glad I made it this far. For the ladies planning for the other side, get ready this thing is life changing N when done right is worth every penny, LOL. Just stay focused N keep improving urself N let go of the fear of trying new things. That's my 2 cents... just checking in to give my update on my anniversary/ day I was made into a doll, lol. Stay up dolls???? Xoxoxo

I was created! Best $ ever spent

Loving the fat ass life! Best money I ever spent, would do it all again. DR.Salama is the man. Just checking in to state that, lol. Dolls stay up

Salama Did Dat ~Still amazed

Just a few flicks to show off this Salama bod????????????

This has been the best Summer ever! Feels like im living the best life ever, loving life N my figure. Not perfect but perfect for me :) the heads keep turning N this donk is definitely a problem ochea, lol

Peace dolls
Stay up :)

Wus up dolls?

Just saying wus up! As always preparing for that Summer body... still working to get stomach all the way flat flat. Really needed that TT, but the BUTT still poping LOL. Anyways approaching my 2 year anniversary of being made a doll. Just checking in. Stay up dolls :)

Go for what u want, deal with top notch people only, quality costs, don't skimp on ur dreams, don't be afraid to step out of ur comfort zone. Lastly if u ain't got no haters u ain't popping, lol. JK

Setting an appt was easy and informative, the staff is very professional and on top of everything. They been very proactive, organized and concerned for my well being. so far I'm very impressed on how they operate. they are the real deal. Very pleased I selected dr salama as my surgeon. He knows what he's doing, this truly is his specialty.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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