13 Weeks and 2 days Post op... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY BBL SISTERS!!! (I will update more in the coming weeks about buttocks)

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I have never had a bootie, and for about ten years...

I have never had a bootie, and for about ten years ago my belly started growing while my butt didn't. I am now 35 years old, never been married and never had children but I look like I'm three months preggo.I have a pretty face with a caramel complexion.I'm 5'4'' and weigh 160 now, mostly belly fat:( I want a new body ASAP!!!

I am so very nervous, because I have never had surgery and I tend to get really weak and fatigued around my period. I am worried that my body won't be ready soon enough so that I get the clearance I need to have this done. It has been awaited for a long time and the time is approaching fast. I previously was scheduled for August but because of an ovarian cyst that I developped, Dr. Salama asked staff to cancel it. About 3 months ago I had flown to Aventura and spoke to the Dr. He seemed very calm and responded to my questions but now I have more questions as the date is approaching...

Actually I was researching about lipo online when I was introduced to this procedure and I was like 'Wow' that's is great, it will attack the two problem areas of my body. What was the most exciting is to find out that my own fat could be used to compensate of my lack of 'bootie' so I was ecstatic the first time I learned of this. I researched for a good affordable doctor, who has experience and Dr. Salama has so many great reviews I picked him. So I am asking all of you to pray for me and I will do the same for you my bbl sisters!!! Please if anyone has any advice on what I should do because I have been feeling very weak and dizzy for a while now, even though I now eat on time(breafast included) and try to eat healthy. I go to doctors thet say that I am fine, that they don't know why I am dizzy so often and feel so weak. I am worried because if I feel so weak it won't make sense to put my body through the stress of the procedure. I do want to look good but my life and health is the most important. Feel free to let me know of what you think. I love the sisterhood in this site and I hope you will help and encourage me in this journey as I am willing to do the same for all of you here. Prayer is key! We all need more of that... I will put some pictures soon. I would like to year from you:) Team Salama Yeahhhhh!!!!

I am leaving on Saturday evening to be in...

I am leaving on Saturday evening to be in Adventura and I am more anxious than excited. Flight is booked, but I'm still looking for a place to stay. My day is coming up on October 1st and I need some advices from all of you girls to know what I should bring and on any tips that can help me through this ordeal. Unfortunately I haven't been able to attract my bbl sisters in this page for some odd reason. I tried to post some pics but without any success, I will try again and please feel free to drop me a line at any time. I hope that everything will work out fine and that I will be happy with my results. I am asking that you all pray for me because I need that and I believe in the power of prayers, I will pray for all of you as well and I wish you the best of luck. I will also do my best to update my journey to bootylicious as much as possible. Have a blessed night and hope to hear from you my sisters:-))

Yeah!! I just booked where I'm going to stay... ...

Yeah!! I just booked where I'm going to stay...
I found a very good deal for 10 nights($600). It is a one bedroom condo right by the beach, with a balcony towards the oceancrest. It is said to be a luxurious condo and from the pictures it looks really nice and clean. Everything is included with two flat screen tv (living room and bedroom), washing machine, nice kitchen with granite top, internet and cable, etc...
Now that is one thing out of the way, now tonight I start to pack to make sure I have everything that is necessary with me. I seriously need to take a deep breath!!!
If any of you want to have information on the rental please let me know, but I will wait until I get there and check that everything is OK as agreed until I give a reference to avoid any issue.
I spoke to Larry he told me it's a safe neighborhood. I'm arriving on Saturday night and on Sunday I will be in the office, then Larry will make a trip to the supermarket for me to pick some food items.
Time is ticking for me!!!!!!!! A few days away from my bid day, God will be with me through this!

I apologize to you all. I had promised to give...

I apologize to you all. I had promised to give info regarding where I'm going to stay but I have been so busy picking up some last items. I need to finish packing tonight because my flight is tomorrow 6:30 and in the morning I must go to church. I can believe it's only 3 days away!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!!
The place where I'm staying is on South Ocean Drive and and the condo looks beautiful from the pics at least. I will upload some pics of that as well. If you're interested call a guy named 'Lorne' his cell number is: 1-954-736-7056. It was hard to get him at first, I have tried for weeks but once you do he will follow up. If you want to be sure of his service wait for me to get there before finalizing everything with me because, he sounds nice over the phone but I haven't meant him in person. I feel though that things will be ok because another girl used him and was happy, that is how I got his info months ago and kept it on my phone:)
I will post 2 or 3 more b4 pics because the one I have is blurry and will let you know how the place is. Most importantly I will post post-op pics!!!!!! I need all the prayers I can get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Later!!!!





TOMORROW MORNING IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

TOMORROW MORNING IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED SUPPORT AND PRAYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TEAM SALAMA!!!



This is exactly the time when I ask myself: "Why...

This is exactly the time when I ask myself: "Why the hell did I put my body through this?" I'm sorry I have been in too much pain to even write anything. I am just finding out ways to care for myself and alleviate the pain right now. I will try my best to be more thorough and put some pics up. I am praying for a prompt recovery. Let's see how I feel after the first week. I had my first massage today and I was screaming and in tears, even though I took 2 percocets. I will chat with you tomorrow my BBL sisters. I really appreciate your concern, well wishes and prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!
Doctor Salama put 900 cc's in eah of my butt cheeks, right now they feel just like rocks. I'm ok with his decision because I want ed something proportionate to my body and that looks very natural, not really a huge one... Anyways chat with you all later or tomorrow. Good Night:)

I can say that today was a good day. It marks the...

I can say that today was a good day. It marks the fourth full day without taking percs. The last time I took my percocet was on Wednesday and I have been only taking my iron, antibiotic, vit. C, Arnica. I love the fact that I made that decision. Through my pain I have a clear head, I feel better
It wasn't easy when I first stopped because I could feel every sensation on my buttocks but it was bearable. Sometimes I would feel tingling sensations, or just tightness, pain. It is like my ass has its own world and both cheeks just do whatever they please. I just let them be...:) Sometimes I would want to take percs but I withheld myself each time. I can't speak for others but the perc could make you act like a druggie,( I was taking it every 4 hours). Every time I would try to sleep I would have the crasiest, wildest dreams or thoughts ). I believe that I started developping some form of hallucinations. It is so hard to explain, I never was a druggie (thank God) but now I have an idea of how they must feel when they are really high.
Well I will take it when necessary, like unfortunately tomorrow before my second massage even though I took 2 before first massage and cried like a baby, screamed, etc....
I hope tomorrow is much better.
I feel much better as of yesterday. I am becoming more independent and I don't feel dizzy as much as the first 4-5 days!!!!
I will get back to you all BBL Sistas!!!!! Take Care!

Hello my bbl sisters!!! today was a very good day...

Hello my bbl sisters!!! today was a very good day. It started dealing with some level of anxiety about the massage but everything worked out fine. After waking up and doing my morning routine, I got completely naked for the masseuse for my second massage, expecting the worst because I was under the impression that I had built up fluid. She showed up at the condo where I stayed at, (pics will be posted) around 11:30am. First of all she starts by asking you to lay on the tummy so she can work the back and as she went on, it was only a slight pain in certain section but it was overall more of a relief than anything. I was thinking: " Wow I can actually take this with ease, great!". When she was done with back I was like: "that was fast". She answered me that my back is fine no fluid( the pain really comes from the fluid) so she said let's check the abdomen and I turned on my back, using the boppy pillow as a support for my derriere and again, it was somewhat painful but very bearable in the low abdomen towards the private part, (that area is very sensitive after this procedure) and she went on using firm pressure everywhere in my tummy and lateral side but barely any fluid. She then told me that :" you're good, you really don't have fluid anymore but just continue with the massages as told..." That was it ladies and off she went!!!
I relieved and happy to hear her say that I don't have any fluid built up because I was concerned that I would let them remove the drains too soon and would have to deal with that problem later. Now I must find a good masseuse and will follow up with my medical doctor to make sure that I am doing everything possible for a prompt and smooth recovery.

So after massage I was feeling very nauseaus. I...

So after massage I was feeling very nauseaus. I needed to have a nap ASAP not because of that but because I took one perc about one hour before massage to alleviate whatever pain that I thought I was going to have. The pill again makes me fill sick, out of my mind, and very disoriented. I hope I never had to take it again.
After eating a quick snack, I rested then got ready for Larry to pick me up to get the drains removed. We got there a bit after 4 PM and I spanish speaking nurse(don't know her name but she was nice but just doesn't speak English that fluently). She removed the first one, the pain was very quick(a few seconds really of discomfort). Drain on the back was painless and removed in a matter of second.
Since I wanted to speak to Dr. Salama whom was in surgery I waited for an extra 30 mts and when he came out, he answered my questions patiently. I asked him if my body didn't allow him to put more than 900 cc's (as I thought) and he explained 'yes'. Everyone's body is different. I have firm skin who really hasn't been streched(that I knew) and he said, your buttocks are very tight meaning that he couldn't put more. My body at present time would only allow him to put 900cc's. I wish I could have more since I will eventually lose some volume but at least now I'm definetely not flat. Now I do have a proportioned, nice little booty, lol. It is not giganstique nor extremely big but it is a big difference from what I had prior to this surgery. Let's hope how much I retain in the coming weeks (hoping that I retain whatever is left after the swelling).
Dr. Salama will do revision if something went wrong like uneveness but if you want your butt bigger then what it is, you would have to pay full price again as per Dr himself, answering my question.
After OR visit, Larry dropped me home and I changed quickly in a nice sweat pants and cotton t-shirt for a board walk at Hollywood beach. I had to do it because I practically stayed in the whole week aside from visits to office. I walked for about an hour. I stopped at a Thai Restaurant and bar where I stood and ate a nice thai meal(veggies, brown rice, Salmon in garlic sauce). I was hungry and I was determined to eat. The lady serving me thought it was funny when I said that I will stand near a sushi bar to eat.... I laughed with her and told her: " I want to be tall like you" (LOL), I was with my friend who has been helping me through this ordeal and he stood the whole time as well, (he didn't eat). After my delicious meal it was 8:15PM. I walked to a nearby 'Georges Deli and Store' and asked that they call us a taxi to our condo. They were really nice and helped us( I couldn't walk any longer because I was done).
I got home then started packing. I am going to rest soon then will wake up early to finish packing. I am in bed now typing this update and hope that I didn't bore you with too many details:).
I am leaving for a 3 hour flight tomorrow morning so I know it ain't gonna be easy. I will let you girls know about the flight experience.
Shout out to a BBL Sister I meant in Larry's car and we rode together. She just had surgery I believe this past Thursday, Her realself name Cutiecutie(I think, must look it up). I hope you're feeling ok girl and safe recovery from me to you!
Have a good night girls and God Bless you all (your prayers girls were heard:) TTYL!!!

The following day from getting my drains removed,...

The following day from getting my drains removed, on Tuesday the 9th, I was on my way home. So Larry came right on time at 8am to pick us up. By the way I had a good time with Larry. He was very sweet, informative and was very helpful in making me feel at ease with this process.
Anyways the flight was at 9:45 am and we were on time and even before time.
While people were sitting waiting for time to starting lining up to enter the plane, I wait and spoke to the lady in charge behind the counter (by the gate for my respective flight). I explained to her that I had a surgery and handed her the letter. She read it then I asked her if I could get a seat all the way to the back or last row because I would have to stand most of the time and I don't want to make it uncomfortable for anyone. I even asked if it was possible to get a row for just myself and my friend. She looked up and said no because it was a full flight but the only thing she could do is to change my seat from row 21 to 25 which is the last row (Jet Blue). I agreed and that was done. The flight was completely full. I couldn't seat next to my friend whom I travelled with but at least I was all the way to last row and that will make less of a scene. I was in the middle seat but I told the guy in the alley seat that I will have to get up a few times because I had a back surgery and he said no problem...
I also spoke to one flight attendent who read letter, she was so nice. She told me any time the seat belt sign is off I can stand but when the sign is on, I must seat so that is what I have done.
I got up about 3-4 times and I think some other people in back row taught that I was pregnant. I sort of acted like that, LOL!!!!
When plane was taking off and for a while I sat on boppy pillow but tried to put pressure on my thighs and legs not my butt.
Once light was off, there I was towards the back standing on my two feet. I sat, went to restroom. I didn't care of what people taught and it wasn't easy because I wanted to seat down but I had to save my fat. As I am standing I could feel my feel swelling up. The thing I walked for about an hour the day before plus standing around, I looked and my legs and feet were getting fatter and fatter...
Then it was time to seat down and it was much needed. Again pressure on legs and thighs not booty. It is hard but feasible....
Then again stood up but tried to not bother the attendants by staying out of their way because they were serving. I stood, I went to restroom to urinate about 3 times but never really had to pee for whole flight. I felt uncomfortable and thought to myself that this is the worst flight experience I have never had but the 'booty' had to be protected. Then my feet looked like they were about to pop out my flats. I said to myself, I have to seat so there I was pretending to seat but really not... The girl by window was sleeping the whole time and I had told her I had back surgery so they both understood that I was having a bad time and just minded their business.
I did see two guys accross from where I was seating looking at me inquisitively. I just ignored them... I know they were asking themselves: " what is wrong with her, she just can't stay still... LOL!!". Anyways I sat for about 30 mts before the plane finally landed.
So the flight was for 2 and 1/2 hours and I stood up for a little over one hour and a half. The other hour I either had to seat down or my feet were swollen so badly that I couldn't seat any longer.
Ladies it is hard but it can be done so what I can say: speak before hand before getting in plane to people behind counter in gate. If you are lucky and the flight is not full, they might give you a whole seat by yourself or with whoever you are travelling with. The key is communicate!!!!!! The boppy pillow, when I was going through security a lady said : " you can only have two carry on..." I had that plus pillow so I showed her letter and it was all good.
I hope that you will have a somewhat smooth experience flying back home ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My 2 weeks mark was yesterday and I had my 3rd...

My 2 weeks mark was yesterday and I had my 3rd massage (a complete body lymphatic massage). Well it was ok, I felt great yesterday except that my feet got swollen because my car isn't working and I had to take 2 buses (about one hour ride both) standing on my two feet. Back and forth it was a 3 hours on my feet. I was so tired that I went to the back of bus and layed on the empty chairs for the first time in my life. There was a nice guy next to me whom I explained that I had surgery and need to rest and he was kind enough to let me know when I should get up, because a lot of people were coming in. I felt pretty good when I got home and could finally rest my swollen, fat feet...
Anyways I felt great until late evening today (10/16/12).... ( to be continued)

I looked very good in my tights today, I even...

I looked very good in my tights today, I even walked to the store nearby and felt so sexy. I could feel the attention from guys staring. My bootie was popping and I looked good, so good in those tights....
I got home, ate, rested.... I felt a little sensitive in my abdomen. I touch my right side and I feel a pouch. I touch the left side it's fine... The masseur told me that I was ok, and I don't understand why I have this just the day after my big massage after returning home. I said to myself: "it is probably nothing... let's see how I feel later"
I watched the presidential debate with my friend who came over and he also saw that I had a pouch. It feels like I have built up water in it, I feel a funny sensation. I am getting a bit concerned, because I don't want any complications but it seems like I am facing a seroma!!!!
I was just feeling my stomack, I feel some lumpy, hard, my stomach is super hard.... I feel some cold sensations. Now I'm trying to remain calm... I was told by both Eileen and the masseur from yesterday that I'm doing great, no built up fluid so now I don't understand what is going on at all....
I just don't want to deal with this stress but if it that I have to deal with it. I will call office tomorrow and I probably will have to see a doctor if this doesn't go away soon.
My back ( a portion of it) feels sore to the touch, my stomack is hard as rock. I drink a lot of water, I make sure I eat properly. I have plenty of rest. I am now only taking my iron every morning. Girls if you have any advice please let me know what you think I should do...
All I have to say about the office staff is that they do not call to know how patients are feeling after such a drastic surgery (or should I speak for myself). I just feel that someone should have the decency to call and find out about recent surgery patients, definitely if they live out of state. It shouldn't be just about the money, that will really show how the office staff care!!! They will hear from me tomorrow for sure.... Girls keep me in your prayers for a prompt recovery. Good Night!

I am giving you my measurements taken as of...

I am giving you my measurements taken as of yesterday:
Bust (38), Waist (33.5), Hips(44). So I am a petite 5'4'' and this is my current measurement. The next time I will update measurement is on my 1 month mark (Nov. 1st). I am aiming to have my waist at least 28'' (even better 26'') and hopefully my hips will stay the same or 45'' (the bust is just fine).
Girls what do you think will be the perfect measurement for me???
For now I am mostly concerned about my health, my well being so I need to address the seroma issue so I will focus on that and pray to God that there are not serious complication.
God Bless my sisters and make sure you take good care of yourself before and after surgery:)

Ladies today marks the three weeks exact and all I...

Ladies today marks the three weeks exact and all I have to tell you is that beside this seroma that I am dealing with, I'm getting to be more and more myself. At this point, I feel no pain well since the second week mark really. The only thing is at time I feel tingling sensation in my buttock or the hips (rather rare but as of now while writing this I feel the sensation), I wonder is it because the fat cells are fighting to survive, it would make sense...
Basically since before my one week mark I stopped taking the percs so I just felt sensations in my buttocks, I'm used to that right now and now it is much better.
After three weeks ladies, you will still have stiffness in the abdomen, tightness, swelling in some part of the body. Personally while I feel pretty good, if I try to stretch my body a certain way or bend down too low or too rapidly, I will feel pain. I also feel some soreness in my back still. My vayjayjay has gone down but it is still swollen.
I have a new love for tight fitted clothes now and I my booty hugs them very well. It is not that big but it's nice and very noticeable in certain clothing fabric.
At this point what can I say to you ladies.... enjoy seating as much as you can before bcoz you will miss it for a while post op. Now next Monday is my fourth week so according to the office I can seat on it but not according to many bbl profiles that I have come accross(many say to wait for 6 weeks). While I will be seating probably the week-end that will follow my 4th week, I will be very mindful of it and try to avoid seating as much as possible until my 6 or even 8th weeks.
Anyways next week I will give my measurements and post new pics for the 1 month anniversary ( Oct. 1st is my booty anniversary by the way) LOL!!
I wear the new lycra garment everyday and night, during day I take sometimes a hour or so break from it. I stopped wearing foam becoz my back looked smooth but I think I'm gonna use it more.
Seroma? I have a number from Ruben to contact of a surgeon in NY where I reside, so will do tomorrow. Also went to my doctor and I'm trying to see if I could get it aspirated from them, I have a referral will call tomorrow and will keep you girls informed. This coming Wednesday will make it a week since I saw the seroma and I need to address this or get it aspirated ASAP!!!
Be Blessed Ladies and remember to keep God first.... Good Night!
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