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I've been wanting to have this procedure done for...

I've been wanting to have this procedure done for years! Two years ago, I had a tummy tuck procedure done. At that time, I thought that that was the number 1 thing I needed to get done. Now, I wanted something else done. I wanted to get my breast done. So, I'm back on realself.com doing my research. I'm looking at before and after breast augmentation photos, and keep on coming across bbls. So, I start looking up before and after photos, and learned that with a bbl your waist is countoured along with it to make the booty pop! I didn't realize that Lipo was done in all the major factors to make your body bangin! So I decided to go ahead with this surgery. I was able to book a date with Dr Salama for the 6th of Febuary 2017! I'm so excited!

56 days!

So, 56 days till my surgery. Since my 1st post, I've been researching and following Dr Salama (reviews, videos, etc.). Found some good reviews, and some bad. I've read, a lot of people say he has a great personality, and some say different. Some say he did a great job, and some say they got botched! Some say their experience with the Elite team members (customer service) was great, but I'm experiencing different. I have sent my LOA paperwork via email to 4 different people, and haven't heard back from anyone as of yet. In my email, I stated that I need to hear from someone as soon as possible, but no response. I sent the first email 1 week ago... and nothing yet. I have paid 75% of the total cost, and I'm prepared to pay it all off, but.. I need to hear from someone about my LOA info! I need to submit it to my employer, to see if it will be approved and cleared. If it's not approved, then I will have to cancel my surgery!
All this is so frustrating. I have airline, airport parking, vacation home, and rental car all paid for. Just waiting on them. I'm just gonna pray and leave it in Gods hands.

35 Days!!

I have 35 days till my surgery! I'm paid in full! I got a email from elite advising me to get my lab work done and other stuff. OMG.. been having mixed feelings lately tho. Just a few days ago, I told my husband that I was concedering canceling. I guess I've been feeling nervous about the surgery. I'm 41 years old and happily married. My husband loves and supports every decision about my body that I make, but he has said that I'm having a midlife crisis.. lol. I've had a tummy tuck done 2 years ago, was painful but worth it. Now, I'm finally going for a BBL (that I've always wanted to do). I don't know why I'm so nervous about this procedure. I would think that a tummy tuck procedure would be more painful than a bbl. I don't know.
So, I'm all paid for, doing my lab work tomorrow and pray that everything goes well. I've been doing some research for recovery suplements, and came across this article http://www.drsinatra.com/maximizing-the-surgery-recovery-process/ . It's good read and very informative. Still need to buy the portable female urinal, compression socks and the bbl pillow. Also, still waiting on clearance from my job:/ This is so nerve wrecking!! Praying..

31 days!!!!

Omg!!! Stuffs getting real! So, since my last post, I've been having mixed feelings. I thought about canceling at one point. I guess I've been a little scared. I don't know why though because this is my second cosmetic surgery. The first was a tummy tuck. I would think that, that procedure is more risky and painful. Painful it was, but it was worth it! I've always wanted a BBL. I also wanted to get my breasts done, but I guess I'll have to wait a few more years or maybe a year from now. Anyway, I go for my lab work on Monday. I pray that everything goes well. I am paid in full and ready to go! I got my surgery packet today in the mail. It included Dr Salamas credentials (which is awesome), prescriptions, pre&post-treatment instructions, descriptive information about what meds, vitamins, and supplements to avoid, and information about cell saver.
I purchased the Bbl pillow from bblpillow.com. I have also done some research about post recovery supplements and came across this website: http://www.drsinatra.com/maximizing-the-surgery-recovery-process/
It's good read and very informative. I will be posting my before photos very soon.

Double posted!!

Lol.. did think I posted 35 day review! My bad! Tried to delete last post, but real self doesn't allow you to.. oh well:/

Labs done!

So, I went and got my ekg and labs done this week! Come to find out, I had to pay (getting billed) over $500 for my lab work! I have medical insurance (BlueCross Blue Shield) but the hospital told me that since there is no diagnoses code associated with the lab work I need done, my insurance will not cover most of the tests! I was pissed, but I was like freak it! I need them done because I'm less than a month away from my surgery.
So, I was able to check the results on the hospital website that evening. Surprisingly, the results were in within a couple of hours! Everything was good! I was so relieved. I have a problem of worrying too much. Was worried that I wouldn't get the results on time, was worried if I was going to pass everything and so on. Thank God everything went well. I was able to call my doctors office yesterday and asked if my doctor can review and fax the info to Elite. To my surprise, she did! My doctor fist told me that she would not fax or give me clearance for the surgery until she saw me 1 week later! But because of the time frame, I took a chance in calling to see if she would do that for me, and she did. Man..God is good!
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