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I am an old patient of Dr. Salama previously...

I am an old patient of Dr. Salama previously having a mommy makeover (tummy tuck and breast lift). Now I'm going back to him for a BBL. I wouldn't trust no one else with my body. He really loves his job and cares for his patients. Been almost 4 years since my last procedure and he remembered me during the new consult and not because he had my file because they start a brand new one. Office staff is amazing and always helpful. Would and do recommend him to everyone wanting surgery.

So anxious

I am so anxious for my surgery to come. Can't wait to finally have the body and curves I've never had. The last time I felt comfortable and sexy with my body was actually at the age of 25 ????. In 2013 when I had my TT and BL I felt good but I've always been unblessed with back fat and still my body didn't look perfect to me. I'll post some pics of what I look like now. Since my 2013 surgery I've gained 20 lbs since I just had a baby who's 4 months now. Desperately hoping to lose some weight before surgery but it's so hard.

9 more days!!!

I have 9 more days til my BBL so excited and anxious. I got my hair done and finishing up on some needed supplies. I'm adding some pics cause I've lost 10 lbs since the last ones I posted. I was hoping to lose more but didn't get there :( I'll add bust, waist, and hip stats before surgery

I made it to the other side

Hey guys just wanted to quickly update. Got to Salama office around 930 and an hour later I was knocked out and next thing I knew I was opening my eyes. So far I will say my tummy tuck surgery was way worse. But, I know ppl say this gets worse around day 2-3 so just hoping for the best. Of course Salama was a pleasure as always and Nomie was a sweetheart very attentive to my needs. I have a follow up tomorrow so I hope to be able to take some pics. Thank you everyone for the good vibes xoxo

Pics 3 day post op

Yesterday was super rough. I guess since the anesthesia finally went away. Hoping for better day today. I have a small ball of fluid on top my belly button, I go for my first massage tomorrow. Not looking forward to it

Not the best photos but these were taken Friday

One week post op today

So I feel better as everyday passes. Only thing is sucks to sleep on my stomach and I swear I'm going to need knee surgery after this because they can't take it by the end of the day anymore. I went yesterday for massage and saw Nomie who prescribed me a steroid cause apparently I have a rash and that's causing me to be super itchy and my skin is very red.

Booty pics

Why are booty pics so hard to take lol

TMI pic

I am blessed to be able to work at home while recovering but it's so tiring to be standing or kneeling. I try to leave sitting in the BBL pillow for when I'm in the car driving or if I go out to eat. I loaded a pic I was bending forward slightly (fyi) but if you compare my before and after in which I had no waist from the back it is night and day. I cannot wait to get rid of this faja! And be able to wear everything without it showing. Again idk how to block off my tattoo but whatever ain't got nothing to hide if I'm posting pics of myself on here in the first place. Oh and that other mark on my back is my birth mark not a burn mark


So I know I've posted about this before but not sure why yesterday it hit me hard and it's bothering me more than ever. I know I said I wasn't aiming for perfection but urgh I hope this doesn't get worse. My right cheek is so perfect and my left just decided to look imperfect. Does anyone know if this gets worse as time passes?

Was finally able to take a whole body pic

I don't own one of these mirrors so I took advantage I was getting a massage and took a whole body pic. Girls I showed my therapist my before picture and she almost died. Wouldn't believe that was me before. My back fat was on another level. She told me I still got a long way to go but it's night and day. I am super happy I decided to do this

Almost 3 months in

Time flies sorry haven't updated more. Still wearing my faja but I take it off a couple hours every evening and if I'm going to go out. I still swell like hell yes specially in my back. I don't think my butt has gone down anymore but I wouldn't mind it to go down a pinch more still think it's big lol I am over all happy with my results. Trying to get back on my diet to lose 10 more lbs

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