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Procedure done with Dr Salama 5/27/16. Excellent...

Procedure done with Dr Salama 5/27/16.
Excellent results.
Buttock was Flat as a board before.

Preop 115pds
Current 107

Current waist 21 inches
Sexy back slope
Round bubble butt perfect for my body.

Dr Salama exceeded my expectations. I look like my wish picture I showed him. Procedure was relatively easy for me. Doctor and Office staff are a 10.

Day of surgery I did not wait. I met with Dr Salama, showed him my wish pic, he went over every possible scenario and complication known to man then marked me up like a circus animal. Next thing I new I threw myself on the operating table and the anesthiologist knocked me out. You have notime to worry because as soon as he injects you your off to spaceland. I wokeup feeling like absolutly nothing happened. No pain, no nausea, i honestly wondered if I had my surgery yet. I then realized I did because my face looked like a creampuff exploded . For some reason my face puffed up really bad. I live close to the surgery center so my drive was easy. When I tell you ladies I could have easily driven home I mean it... I had absolutly no pain, nothing. Ive had breast aug before with a different surgeon in Miami and felt like a caveman clubbed me over the head and body. This time was so different. I got home and my best friend was prepared for war to take care of me. She transformed my condo into a surgical center. Little did we know I needed basically no after care. I was walking, cooking, and cleaning the day of surgery. If my butt didnt look like a bamboon struck it with a pitchfork I woulda never known I had surgery. The only part about days 1-3 that were difficult was using the restroom and where to store your drains when your showering etc. I became ingenious at places to drape them so I could eventually take a shower without help. Ladies you need a caretaker, family or friend to help clean yourself during the first few days as its hard to reach back. I never once took even a tylenol for pain. It felt more like a bad workout versus me havin surgery.
Day 2 I went into the office and got a new garmet and foam things to put inside garment. Drains cameout 6 days later as I drained like Niagara falls the first 2 days, then basically nothing after that. Dr Salama was extremely professional, knowledgable and I felt he really cares about his work and takes pride in our outcomes.

Please remember I was looking for a small perky bum so I had a total of 1000cc injected into my butt and hips. So Im guessing close to 500 per cheek .
I had lipo on my back, arms, and knees. He did not lipo my belly nor legs.
I did not sit for the first 6.5 weeks. Im now back to sitting and sleeping on my back/sides. My butt was hard until 5.5 weeks. Now back to normal.
My back was completely numb for first 4 weeks. I did not suffer any complications. Had a total of 2 massages at the doctors office and 3 massages from a girl in my building. First massage I felt like getting ran over by a semi-truck was easier than the massage. I did not take pain meds so Im guessing thats why it hurt. The massage girl at the office .. I forget her name is absolutely fabulous!! Very kind, caring, and funny.

Before this surgery I had a little fat pocket/banana roll on my leg as he did not lipo my legs. I didnt like the look of a nice cute round booty and then a fat pocket on my leg/upper thigh so I had sculptra injected into my leg to smooth it out. I went to another surgeon in Miami for the sculptra as I asked Dr salama to lipo my banana roll asap and he said Id have to wait 6months. Knowing how impatient and critical I am on my body I went to another well known bbl Miami surgeon for the sculptra. This surgeon was originally going to do my BBL but he insisted he could not do fat transfer as there wasn't enough fat. He booked me for butt implants on 5/27/16. Then about 3 weeks before that surgery Dr salamas office called and stated they had a cancellation for 5/27/16 so I cancelled with the implant surgeon and went with salamas office. Im so thankful I did as I never wanted implants in the first place. Anyways this surgeon was amazed salama got 1000 cc of fat and said my butt looks fabulous like I had implants put in. I let him touch my bum so he could feel how natural the fat transfer felt even though it does look like perky implants are there. I figured he would have to lipo my banana roll but he said sculptra would be perfect to smooth the roll away. I had 3 syringes of sculptra injected into my banana roll and now it looks perfect. The first two days the sculptra looked lumpy, bumpy and horrible. I was freaking out but Day 3 it smoothed right out. Like the sculptra fairy came and worked her magic. Just sexy bum and nice lean legs.

Tips I learned.
The boppy pillow did not work for me. I kept falling in the middle of it so it didn't holdup my bum. I switched to using the bbl pillow. Https://bblpillow.com .
Wear a waist cincher as much as possible. I took a week off as I was tired of wearing it under my clothes. My skin started getting puffy on my hip. Put it back on but hooked it even tighter and it went back to normal.
I have large breast implants and it hurt to sleep on my belly. I took thick memory foam( from target) and cut out two areas for my breasts to fit into. I slept face down with the holes cut and laid my breasts in there. Ladies it was so comfortable I still use it today. My bfrd hates it but who cares as long as Im comfortable.
Do not obsess over your bum for first 5/6 weeks. The shape changes daily. Big, sloped, square, octagon etc. One day I swear it looked like a mozzarella stick. Just give it a few weeks to settle and take shape because you'll go crazy thinking you need it done again for the first few weeks.
Day 3 I drank 2 cups of " smooth move" tea to get the system working.
Week 5 I started feeling little shooting pains in both butt cheeks lasting a second each time throughout the week. Im thinking it was just the fat dropping into place as it went away week 6.
Overall Im amazed at my results and highly recommend Dr Salama for any procedure. I am incredibly hard on my body and critique every inch of myself so trust me if there were imperfections from the surgery Id be the first to point it out. I breezed through this and yet came out with a round perky bum, sexy back, invisible waist and stick thin arms:) I do maintain a insane strict diet of no meat, fish or sauces but I think this procedure and the outcome really is reliant on the surgeons technique. Dr Salamas skill is top notch. Im sure theres cheaper surgeons in Miami but knowing my results Id def recommend Dr. Salama and his team. Goodluck to you ladies, and remember to wear your waist cinchers for atleast 8 weeks.



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