Round 2 pic had 700ccs transferred for total of 2200cc in all.. Dr. S did his thing on me again! - Aventura, FL

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I'm a single mother of 3. I'm 30 years young and...

I'm a single mother of 3. I'm 30 years young and I've lived all my life with a flat ass. It made me feel like crap and jealous I won't lie, when hve your mom and both your sister's have a BIG ass & me I'm as flat as a board. My stomach should be my, then it would be really big. I currently work out everyday. BTW i thought of this surgury when I was a kid and stood in front of the mirror and said. "Man if only I could take this fat and put it here (ASS)... that would be GREAT"! So I'm older now, went through life had 3 kids & after my 3rd I tied my tubes! So now that I know I can't have kids anymore I want to finally do something for myself! I'm not doing this for a man or to impress anyone. I'm doing this because I want to look good in clothes and to feel good about myself. Love myself like I should and hope that everything else will fall into place! I work Full time so I feel I'm at the point that I can afford to do this for myself. I have the support from some fam...(my know the one who already has an ASS,thinks I'm crazy!) I love her still and going to be her maid of honer 5/18/2013 and hope I can get this done & be healed in time!

So Does anyone have December Date they have to...

So Does anyone have December Date they have to reschedule or can wait to have there procedure done? It would be the best thing anyone ver did and I'd be willing to pay a lil $$ too! Please inbox me!


I am running into 1 delima though. I didn't realize how much in advance you have to make an appointment in order to get this done. I have my consultation on Oct. 3 12 and I have a feeling I'm not going to get an appointment for the procedure in December like I hope to. I work in a office with a staff of 4..the boss, accountant, office manger(ME) & assistant.My boss travels alot & only in DEC will he be ok with me taking 2 weeks off! I need HELP!! If someone can't do there date in DECEMBER please Inbox me,I will love you FOREVER! I hope someone can HELP! I love this site and that I'm not alone in how I feel!

I'm starting to get so ancy about my consultation....

I'm starting to get so ancy about my consultation. I called today just to see if someone cancelled but no luck! I really want to go to Dr. Salama but may have to go to another Dr. due to schedule...I really need to have my surgury in December in order to be good with my job and heal in time for my sister's wedding in May 2013. Is it really worth the wait? HAS ANYONE HAD A BBL WITH A TUMMY TUCK??? IS IT BEARABLE???

Omg!Nancy called me to say the had a space to see...

Omg!Nancy called me to say the had a space to see Dr. S! So I left work...hehe I know tgats bad but a girl gotta get in where she fit in! Didnt have to waitc crazy long which was great! Staff was great like all the reviews said they were! Nancy is a sweetie & her B-day the day after mine, Go Libra's! So forgot to wear underwear or shave so I was embarresed for him to see that but he made a joke & said it takes alot to scare me which made me feel comfortable & ready for his opnion. I Been to two other Dr.'s that said I would benefit from a tummy tuck! Which I don't deny! i I had 3 kids & my stocmach looks like crap! So he quickly said the same! I was interested in the be continued. :)

So he looked at my body and said that to get the...

So he looked at my body and said that to get the best results for that I would need to get to 160lb. I'm currently 5'4 at 190lbs. I go to the gym everyday and working hard to get to 160lb before I have my procedure because I want the BEST results and I know he knows what he's doing! He said I should do a tummy tuck 1st then get my BBL. I asked him why would I get the Tummy Tuck BEFORE the BBL, should't I want to have all the fat sucked out then pull the extra skin in? He said my skin is over strechted and that I won't be happy with my BBL results because my stomach would have to hang until atleast a year after my BBL. Also, even if I did get the BBL 1st I couldn't sit on my butt for atleast 6 months (thats my goal) after the surgury. If I get to my goal weight then have my tummy tuck...told him small lipo to just shape me and NO LIPO of my back because I want to save that fat for the BBL. The benefit of doing it this way is I will feel more comfortable sitting on my butt not worring is my investment getting flat by the second and I can get my BBL only 3 months after my Tummy Tuck. I will already have my flat stomach then he will do his magic to the rest and come out "BOOTYLICIOUS" (BEYONCE VOICE...LOL)! My Tummy Tuck will be on December 19, 2012 and I'm SOOOOOO Excited!!! I've been working my ass off at the gym and can't wait til my Pre-Op to show him my progress and how serious I am about my end results! I will be adding a Pre-Op pick of now so you can see my body and weight now & then 1 before I get the Tummy Tuck done. Also if anyone has any tips or reasons why I shouldn't get it done this way I would like to hear because this is my 1st time, I'm so confused. One day I think I'm making the right decision and the next I'm thinking should I just get my butt 1st? PLEASE HELP ANY INFO IS HELPFUL!

I'm so ashamed of my body but I want to give the...

I'm so ashamed of my body but I want to give the best description of both before & after!

So i've been going to the gym everyday ladies!...

So i've been going to the gym everyday ladies! It's not easy on my lazy day I'll just get on the treadmill& walk for 40 minutes....I figure something better than norhing! Its been working cuz I lost 2lbs so far in less then a week but my measurements speak louder! i lost 2 inches off my tummy..wooohoo! Im eating good too...shocker for me cuz im a chocolate addict! so what i did was buy the kellogs shake replacement in chocolate & its been satisfying that urge! Also taste great & is only 190 in calories....cant beat that.! Next post will be my current meaurements so I will have it recorded. Hope all the sisters who have had surgury are doing well, im praying for u!

So I want to record my measurements that are far...

So I want to record my measurements that are far from pretty...B-39, W-44, H-48. :( I hope to see a difference after the 30lbs. It's hard work but BEAUTY is pain! We all know that!

So I'm at the gym and a male trainer comes up to...

So I'm at the gym and a male trainer comes up to me. He says hello and proceeds to tell me how he can help me. I tell him I'm just trying to loose 30lbs for my TT in Dec. He immediatley tells me how that's the easy way out (Typical Male Response!) and I told him I've always had a pouch in the front and it will always be that way...I've learned to except that. I told him I've gotten down to my lowest weight before (130lbs)..hell twice and kept it off until I got pregnant with my 3rd child. It has been the most difficult thing to do since I had that little precious girl...I love her so much! So he tells me let me just review what your doing now and give me 15 minutes of your time, I guess it won't hurt to see if I can change something because I have been stuck in the 90's for a while now. So I made my appointment for tomorrow evening but to be honest NOTHING is gonna stop me from getting my TT & my BBL so he can talk to me til his face is's not changing buddy! I'll share some tips once I get them!

OMG, Im so sore & tired from working ourt so...

OMG, Im so sore & tired from working ourt so much. I wish I could have some chocolate :( I just gotta keep telling myself in the end it will all be worth the sacrifice! lLost another pound so atleast I know Im on the tight track! 84 more days to go & I can't wait to see what results I get. I'm hoping to atleast reach thr 160lb if not less cuz I don't need my TT coming out messed up!

Went to see the trainer today to see how he can...

Went to see the trainer today to see how he can help me to optimize my fat burning and I don't feel he did a thing but throw some prices at me. Everything I'm doing is right. First of all he's telling me I'm doing to much cardio but I only do 30 minutes and then I work either my arms, legs or abs. I don't do the weight training everyday only 3 times a day like he told me he wants to do with me. Then I told him I'm loosing it to get my Tummy Tuck...WHY did I tell him that! I can't even imagine what he would've said if I told him I'm also getting a BBL! He went on to say that I'm taking the easy way out and he described the if I already didn't know! He's a guy he just doesn't get it! Not happy right now feeling really insecure about everything and don't even know why!

I woke up this morning cuz I had a nightmare about...

I woke up this morning cuz I had a nightmare about my surgery. I went on here looking at other TT's last night and I'm sure that's why! So when I woke up I was laying on my side and my arm is just resting on my big belly hanging over the side...UGGGHHH I can't wait now til I get my TT cuz it's over due fo sho!

Doing GREAT with my diet still and now 186lbs....

Doing GREAT with my diet still and now 186lbs. I've upped my workouts, I work out from 5:30am to 6:40am and then on my lunch I either roller-blade or walk for 30 minutes. Thinking bout getting my boobs fixed too since I'm already getting my TT and they need to be fixed! My 1st doc FREAKED them up. He didn't give me the size I wanted and gave me TWO breast lifts, 2nd one due to the fact the implant was shifting under my pits when I lifted my was gross! The day of my surgery I told him I wanted a FULL D. He says to me, "You just can't pick what size you want to be"! I was so pissed he said that and still regret not putting my foot down and telling him well then give me my $ back so I can find a Dr. that will JERK! My nipples weren't cut to be the same size I still have flaps on the side of my boobs from him placing a small implant and not filling to it's fullest potential. I've dealt with it since 2008 when they were done so now I feel it's time to get it done! That's why now I'm very specific when it comes to my body now! Even in my consultation with Dr. S I told him exactly what I was looking for...ladies please don't be afraid to be verbal & express how you feel! This is your body & money...not theirs, well atleast until you decide on your doc. Sent pics to Nancy to see what type of quote she can give me, hope it's affordable because I really can't afford to spend anything over 1,500 more!

Uploading Wish Pics for Booty! I want projection,...

Uploading Wish Pics for Booty! I want projection, projection, projection, Along with a better overall shape!

Ok, In 21days I've lost 10lbs. I've been working...

Ok, In 21days I've lost 10lbs. I've been working out twice a day & watching everything that goes in my mouth! I drink almost a Gallon of water throughout the day which begins at 5:30am. I work out everyday! On weekends though I don't go to the gym I hop my 2 year old in the stroller & have my 2 bigger ones ride there bike & just go for a 30 minute walk. They love it cuz I stop @ the park & there I'll do lunges or jumping jacks. I haven't had any chips, chocolate...which is my weakness! If I feel for sweets I immediatley grab a fruit! My will power is very high right now & hope I can keep it up til my surgery on 12/19. I wantbmy TT to come out tge best goal is 160lb but if I get below I will be happy! butt is just getting flatter & flatter...sigh smh. I think this why I've kept on the weight for so long after havin my last child cuz i atleast had a lil booty! Patience is a virtue & it will be here before I know it!

My B-Day just passed on the 19th which officially...

My B-Day just passed on the 19th which officially marks my 60 days left until my TT and can't freakin weight to get this hanging belly the hell out of my face! Still been doing great with my diet although I did have a cheat meal on my B-day cuz my family was like you look so good treat yourself!!! I can't tell you how guilty I felt afterwards :( But I just let it go and worked out even harder this weekend. I know it may seem like I'm obsessing but I don't have much time to lose this weight and Dr. S made it clear I need to get to 160lb to have my TT. I want the best results, I HAVE TO STAY FOCUSED!!! Received my packet with information on both of my surgeries which was a little over whelming but it was fun reading everything and started to get me excited! Wishing the best for all the ladies getting there new bodies this week.

Down to 175lb & feeling positive I will get...

Down to 175lb & feeling positive I will get close to 160lb before my TT. Started taking my iron & hate it. Finding a cheap DR. to do the labs & EKG is impossible may call Nancy on monday & schedule to do in the office. Dont't have insurance will have to pay cash, so that sucks. I hope all the ladies that got there BBL this week are doing good & your in my prayers. 48 more days to go & it is flying by to be honest! The closer I get the more nervious I get& the dreams...more like nightmares are crazy! This something that you really have to mentally prepare yourself for. Thank goodness for this site cuz reading other experiances really gives a good idea of what to expect. Just hoping for the best & expecting the worse to not get my hopes high & feel disapointed. What I did notice is that another Dr. doesn't use the drains after surgery & doesn't reccommend doing massages until week 2. Im going to follow this case to see if she has any complications & then discuss with Dr. S what is the real reason they are used compared to not being used(drains). I still feel very confident I chose the right Dr. tho! I'm lookin goid now & with my TT i know it's only going to look better, my dsughter keeps seeing mommy u so she's the best motivator! I will be posting pics up the day before SX I want to get ads low as possible before i do, later & GO HEAT!

I need to know do any of you ladies know where I...

I need to know do any of you ladies know where I can get these Iron pills that are 125mg? I only can find 325mg. If anyone can tell me where to get these it would be greatly appreciated! On the up side date getting closer and closer and I can't wait! Still have 6 weeks to lose these last 10 pounds...Hope I can do this!

Started my Pre-op pills today...swear I feel like...

Started my Pre-op pills today...swear I feel like a pill popper but whatever. Still working out but cheated a lil so I gained 3lbs :( Still have 4 weeks so I'm going really hard core right now with my workouts! Have noticed a lot of negative comments on Dr. S and his BBL and I can't lie it's starting to make me worry. I know these surgeries...ANY surgery is a risk. You never know what your results are going to be until they are done. I'm just gonna take the BBL thing one day at a time. I need to focus on my TT and worry about getting through that which beleive me is a whole other set of worries! Just hoping for the best and expecting the worse because you truly never know. I have a lot of family members that have done a TT and they look great! I just hope my story with that turns out the same! As far as the BBL when I went to Dr. S the only thing I had on my mind was BBL..BBL then when I seen him & he said a TT then BBL it really broke my heart, goals and hell my bank! Sometimes I feel I'm being really selfish, being a single mom of 3 and all. I just feel like dam I've been caring for them and it just caused me to let go & not give a crap how I look. I'm pretty but my body is like WTF happend the face don't match the body! I had my 1st child at 19 and to be honest he did the most damage! Now I'm older and have a steady it wrong? I don't know we'll see next month, til then praying for all the Sista's getting surgery & happy healing to all.

I can't freakin weight to get rid of this fat...

I can't freakin weight to get rid of this fat stomach!!! I'm so excited receieved a call today from Salama Office and confirmed my Pre-Op for labs. I hate taking all these pills. Ladies I bought a pill holder that is Monday thru Sunday and has AM and PM. I seperated my Iron and all the multi vitamins so I'm not taking it all at once and I will always have them with me. I just thro in my purse so I don't forget! Hope that helps any of you! Other than that still working out but my diet has changed a bit. I gained 5lbs but I still have 2 1/2 weeks to get it together and lose it again. I will be posting pre-Op pics the night before my surgery for TT. This is a dream come true for me and I can't beleive I waited this long to do it! Happy healing that when in today!

YEEEEES! I got my Monthly Misery so don't have to...

YEEEEES! I got my Monthly Misery so don't have to worry about that during my surgery. I do take my labs tomorrow tho, Will that affect my results with my iron levels? I've been taking the iron pills which by the way make your poop pitch black & big as hell like a baby coming out ur ass...ijs I know it's TMI but dam be aware & take a softner cuz I almost died yesterday from that ish! Please if anyone know bout what ur Iron should be. I dont want any reason for me to not pass my labs! thank & fgoid luck tou ladies going in & happy healing to those still recovering!

So had my pre-op clearance work done & cant wait...

So had my pre-op clearance work done & cant wait for my big day! Gonna keep working out everyday til the big day! Soooooo happy and scared at the same damn time! : D

Oh goodness I woke up at 6am so i just went on...

Oh goodness I woke up at 6am so i just went on here lookin at TT's then fell back asleep. whoa was that a big mistake talk about horror movie! Im starting to get crazy scared! Hope everyone doing well & happy healing!

Been working out everyday until my TT. I hate...

Been working out everyday until my TT. I hate doing excercise and then look at my reflection and seeing my flabby stomach...freakin gross! Staying positive and I've prepared all the items below so far to prepare.

Pre-Op Vitamins- Iron, Arnica, Vitamin C, Zinc, etc.
Antibacterial Wipes to clean my hands before I touch the tubes.
Gloves when dealing with dumping tube fluid
Alchohal Wipes
Recliner- borrowed from my foster mother but my biological mother will be caring for me. Love having two moms best of both worlds!
Cotton underwear- for after surgery..mainly the ones I don't care about and most likely won't be wearing anymore : )
Sexy Underwear- to show him exactly where I want my scare to be the day of surgery
Tray Table- I bought it so I can put my pain pills, water, food and anything I may need so I don't have to constantly bother someone to help me.
2 way radio- I live in a townhouse so I will be living downstairs for the most part.
Professional Bathing wipes- Won't be taking a bath for a couple of days so I will use these to clean my body until I can. These are huge 8 1/2 x 11 cloth sheets and were special ordered, wasn't purchased in a store. I work for a medical company and my boss gave me the hook up thru a vendor he met at a trade show.
MOVIES!!! Cuz I know I'm gonna be bored!
Prune juice- We all know why I have this lol
Cranberry Juice- to help keep my urine clean, I get UTI's very easy and with all the pain killers and not being able to really bathe it should keep me free of that problem...I hope!
Water bottles
Lots of frozen veggies and fresh brocoli- spell check
Whole Fish- My mom is puerto rican nuff said, that heffa can cook a fish in the oven like it's nobody's business.
Popsicles- sugar free to help with my throat after surgery.
Maxi Pads for around the incision to catch extra fluid
A nighty that zips in the front for day of surgery
Most importantly support from friends and family!

I'll add if I think of more & can't wait days are going by quick! Happy healing to the ladies going in tomorrow and the ladies who are still in the process of healing :)

Wow the pain is all ii can say

Wow the pain is all ii can say

So I got to the surgery facility @ exactly 7:30am....

So I got to the surgery facility @ exactly 7:30am. Was Immediately taken back to get changed. Then pee in a cup for pregnancy test which was pointless cuz my tubes are tied. Then went in Dr. S office where we chatted a bit about my expectations.Really I just wanted a straight low line & a normal looking BB. Then he took a bunch of photos from different angles. The the anastegilogist...spell check that lol came in asked a bunch of questions. Then I made sure to tell him that I always throw up after I wake up from the anastesia & he said he'll make sure to give me a anti nasua in. His name was Sergio & Monica & Yanesy was al great! So sweet & made me feel safe & comfortable. Next thing I'm seeing stars & out like lights. I wake up to Nikki Minaj & feeling like I was hit by a truck. My ride came & it was time for me to leave. When I got up I was really starting.bbto feel it! I frlt sick, Yanesiy immediatrly took control got me a cracker wit a lil water & fanned me and I was feeling better. I got.bbto the car & went home where my mom was waiting for me. I took a anti nasua supsetory & took my pain meds. My mom made me homemade soup salt & I got, up to walk & pee. Had to lean over like a old woman. The 1 st day was hell. Today was much better day. Went to my post op & met alot of BBL sistas with there, big booties. I cant wait for thst 1! Waited a bit to be seen but it flew with all the conversations of booty. Then Dr. S came in to take of my under dressing. When he took my binder off I was so dizzy & felt sick. I looked down & seen my new stomach & BB and I was in love. I told him thank u...u did ur magic. He said im glad ur happy with it. Then told me to come next wednesday. I forgot to ask bout taking a shower but I will call tomorrow to see bout that. When I was waiting tho I forgot I entered to win tickets to see Carrie Underwood & I got a tweet that I won vip tickets for this Saturday...really! Sucks big balls I wont be able to go!

Pre-Op down to 170lbs before surgery.

Pre-Op down to 170lbs before surgery.

So this is 1 shot I was able to get...sorry you...

So this is 1 shot I was able to get...sorry you guys had to see the kitty but it is what is. OMG I caughed today and seriousely felt like I was shot in the stomach. SOOOOOO MUCH PAIN! Will try to get more poses but keep in mind I'm swollen and I love my results hands complaints. Received a call from Dr. S office checking on me and confirming my appointment on Wednesday I told her I needed more pain pills cause I won't last with what I have she asked if I can come in by two and I couldn't so she mailed me another scrip for pain because I was running low and I really apprecaited her making it easy on me. his is no joke. I hope the BBL isn't this bad cause I won't be able to deal. But hell by the time June come I won't even remember this pain lol. I hope all my BBL sistas are doing well and happy healing to all!

I'm doing much better today. I am hardly feeling...

I'm doing much better today. I am hardly feeling pain just a light ache at this point. I'm able to get up be myself and walk by myself, I freakin love my belly button, Dr. S is the man with BBL and TT' doubts with him! I know I chose the right doc for me. Will try to get side view soon. I don't like taking the binder off it makes me dizzy and sick. Whatever you do do not stand up and take that thing off. It's best to be sitting down take it of let your blood circulate then you can move around. My mom has been feeding me very healthy and I'm not really bloated but swollen. I haven't pooped yet which is bothering me. I got alot of sleep last night only woke up once last night around 3am and went to bed at 10pm. So everything is running smoothly for me. I'm very greatful to have all the support on this site and my family, I'm sure it would be hell if I didn't. I don't feel depressed or upset i actually feel more patient...I credit the percs for that I hope all the ladies preparing are able to get a good idea of what to expect and for the ladies that have already had there BBL or TT happy healing and my prayers are with you..Especially the ones doing this alone!

Ok, so call me crazy but I did go to thet Carrie...

Ok, so call me crazy but I did go to thet Carrie Underwood concert that I won tickets to with my mom. I was so sick of sitting on my butt and wanted to treat my mom for all her help and dealing with my 3 kids. It was great, I won VIP tickets wich included dinner and free dessert and drinks. I only drank water though. The food was freakin delish. I had Turkey that melted in my mouth with this cranberry sauce I wish I could get the recipe to! Had only healthy food although they had pizza and some other fattnening stuff I wasn't about to ruin my new figure over. I did have 1 dessert that was freaking worth the People were looking at me crazy!!! I was walking all hunched over...this one lady just kept starring so I starred back and did my eyes what the hell are you looking at! LMAO I mostly sat though except when I got my food. It was great and didn't regret it a minute! I didn't even have to take any pain meds...woohoo. But when I got home I did and knocked out. Went #2 yesterday too! Wasn't bad I've been drinking mad prune juice and the stool softners so all in all I think I'm healing right on schedule. Some supplies I didn't mention above but did have to buy was some curad surgical tape, gauze, neosporin and peroxide. I still havn't taken a bath, I've beenv getting spongve baths. My son who just turned 12 is such a helper...he helps me when I need to clean my belly button. Last night though was hilarious cuz he says, "Mom, why is it so big". I'm freaking out now and I'm like What.. What? He says, "Your VaJayJay is huge"...0_O...I bust out laughin which did hurt but was worth it.My waist is shrinking which I do like but I like to look thick not a skinny minny. I'm gonna have my mom wash this binder today and dry it maybe it will shrink it to go tighter on around me, cuz I don't want my scare poking out. It keeps bunching up I don't know what to do. Should I be wearing a under shirt? TT Vets please help!!! I just can't wait til my booty ladies! Now is the count down...6 more months...lmao!

Sorry I haven't been able to update it's true u...

Sorry I haven't been able to update it's true u get so caught up with your new body you just get caught up. I love my new body, shape & belly button!!! I just cant imagine how I'm gonna look when I get my butt. Ok, so drain was takin out in the 26th. Love all the staff at the office they are truly great & I get full attention if I have any questiond. I got my monthly misery like a week early on the 27th which I'm not happy about. When they took out the drain it hurt a lil bit but was tolerable for the most part. Ok, to this mother lovin garmet they put me in which really hit me for a loop when, they told, me I hsd to wear one. I thought those were only for BBL...boy did I get a suprise. I hate no no I dispise this garment. I dont know which is it the fact I can't hardly breath or that it takes 20 minutes just to put on or maybe that it cuts into my kitty...i fudgin hate this thing!!!! 6 weeks of hell ahead of me :( will post pics soon! Happy New Years to everyone & happy healing to all!

My new pics have been added please keep in mind...

My new pics have been added please keep in mind when you see them that I'm swollen and it will take atleast another month for true figure to show, I like my line although it isn't perfect...which you can't expect in this game it's just how it is. It doesn't show when I where panties and it's very low, My belly bottun is in the process of still healing and still happy with how it looks. Really can't wait to just fully heal and very happy I did it! I wouldn't change my decision to hae a TT at all! I plan on using fading scare silicone strips after and vitamin E to help with lightening the scar, My sister and 3 cousins have done this and no lie you can't see there scar. I haven't seen my scar yet because it's covered by tape stil. Does anyone know when that is suppossed to be taken off? I'm doing better with the damn garmet and taking it day by day. I do however love how it shapes you while recovering. I was put in a 2xl and only could do the first clasp now I'm able to get to the last as shown in the pic. I hope these pics help some of you on the fence and like I said yeah there is a scar but my results in the end are going to be great and my booty is coming in 6 more months, which I am happy I'm waiting 6 months to do the BBL because I need those months to heal and for him to really fix anything he sees that hasn't gone down. Want a big booty and can't wait!!!

Do any of u salama patients want to sell there XL...

Do any of u salama patients want to sell there XL or L garment that dont fit them? Im a single mom of 3 & cant afford to dish out 100 everytime i need a new garmet. I can pay u thru pay pal...please inbox me if interested.

Went back to work and everyone was in shock with...

Went back to work and everyone was in shock with how little I was and also how fast I came back to work. I have a desk job...assistant to the CEO and show coordinator so I sit all day! Not gonna be good when I get my BBL, I'm gonna have to come up with an invention for my knees. I'm only taking 2 weeks off for that one and I haven't even told him yet...he's not gonna be happy. Oh well, I'm willing to lose my job for my new butt. I didn't come this far to be told NO! I don't handle not gettin my way very well. When I got pregnant he tried to tell me to abort...I don't have to tell me how F%$^ed up that was! The business is a mom & pop and really I couldn't sue...called a lawer. FL is really messed up with labor laws! I stood my ground tho and he keot me and that was almost 3 years ago and I'm so happy cause I love my lil monster. lol Ok to garmet and this foam. Above where I got lipoed when I wear my garmet I have a crease...should I put the foam there..he only gave me two pieces. Do I fold it or do I lay it flat? Please help, thanx!

I noticed my BB was really red & oozing puss.....

I noticed my BB was really red & oozing puss...yuck! Thanx to BBL sista missMercy for telling me I should send pics to Dr. S. Ruben showed him the pics & Dr. S immediately called in a scrip to my local pharmacy. Not Dr.'s fault we all just heal different & I'm not really worried and relieved that I gave something to make it heal better now. The BB is the most important part of this process! Good luck to all the ladies going under & to all the ladies healing! Happy New Year!

I noticed a couple of days ago that where the side...

I noticed a couple of days ago that where the side drain was on was REALLY puffy then when i would touch it it would jiggle...WTF! So I'm more positive at this point I have a pocket of fluid. I will go to Dr. to get it taken out tomorrow I wonder how many times I'm gonna have to get this done. Really a inconvenience and it hurts cuz it's right above my kitty. My Faja is not tight at all and I know that's why I got this...not enough compression. I hope they give me a smaller one tomorrow. It's very loose in my Kitty area cuz my legs are so small. Sigh, I don't even know if I want my BBL anymore,,,this whole process is just so drainig. I'm tired of the process and the ups and downs that come with it, I don't know if I can handle this in another 5 1/2 months :{ On top my daughters father is really stressing me out..finally blocked his number from my phone all together cuz we not together and you not gonna have me stressed when we not even together! He lost his mind...letting my transformation get to his head...Um I left you 8 months ago..y u don't get the point yet? Sigh sorry for my frustrations but I'm confused at this point and hope it gets better soon. Oh and belly button doing little better...trying to take that day by day too! hope other ladies are healing better than I am & good luck!

Went to see Dr. Salama and What I was feeling was...

Went to see Dr. Salama and What I was feeling was me being swollen. Dr. said I had a little but not enough to want to prick me,. Relieved about that. He did take off my tape and it hurt like hell when he got to the pubic hair Salama makes you feel comfortable, I can just imagine this man has seen it So I'm going on Wed. to get a smaller garmet but for now I washed my garmet again and put in in the dryer.I'm also putting the binder I woke up around me. My son came tellling me about how his 4th spanish teacher this year ...quit. I got mad at him cause he made me laugh from my belly and that HURT! SOOOO I won $$$ on the radio today! Woohooo and vwhvven vI gevtv vthatv cvheck in vthe mail I'm gvonna put it towards mvy BBL. :D I will post pics of my scare the next time I change my bandage. Good luck to all the ladies who went in today. I was there at 3pm so whoever was getting there new body I heard them cleaning up after you were done and even though I didn't know who it was I prayed for to wake up comfortably!

Love my results! My BB is 20x better with the...

Love my results! My BB is 20x better with the cream he gave me. Scar could be more symetrical but over all it's good and is hidden under my undies so who cares! Will start using fading cream as Dr. S said I could start yesterday when I seen him, Any suggestions on which kind I should use...was thinking of the Silicone strips but I was told they have a cream in the office too has anyone tried? Little more than 5 months left and going to tell my boss mid Feb about my 2nd procedure...eeeek he is going to freak!

I'm 1month Post op & feeling good. Still have some...

I'm 1month Post op & feeling good. Still have some tight abs but everyday slowly stretching straighter & straighter. Wanted to updaye my measurements now from pre-op.
Pre-Op = B-40, W-44, H-48
Post-Op= B-38, W-41, H-43
I cant wait until I can start working out again! I feel like crap just eating & not being able to burn any of it. I want to lose 15lbs before my BBL surgery cuz i want the last of my fat sucked out! My next post op appt on 1/30 & is my 6 week check up so hopefully i can start working out @ that point. Otherwise, I'm very satisfied with Salama work on my TT & cant wait for this BOOTY! I hope these months fly by quick! 6/21 is my next date to look forward too!

I'm glad that I've past the mark of feeling like...

I'm glad that I've past the mark of feeling like it will never end but it does and you start enjoying the new you! 2013 has been great for me so far. Seen Dr. S last week and had a few stitches that didn't dissaolve taken out...didn't hurt. Of coarse he loved my outcome & do I! He took an after photo and then combined the before and showed me the difference and man was that crazy! I put the photo's he gave me up today. I thought that was nice he took the time to do that for me. I still have fat on my back and a little fat on my tummy which I knew would happen because of my weight pre-op. I still love the shape and 100% happier that I got a TT! Best investment so far..even better than my boobs. LOL Now to that BOOOTAY...I asked him should I lose any weight and he said like 10lbs but I'm going to lose 15lbs more. Just cuz I really want the last bit of fat gone and I'll maintain from there! I have alot of flank fat and side fat he will have no problem giving me the 1300cc's I want. :D I told him that and he laughed and said we'll see. He gave me the go ahead for gym and sex. Started going to the gym 30 minutes a day for now and only walking. Do some arm weights as well. Will put a new Pre-Op just before SX or maybe some before who knows. Thanks for all the ladies that have supported me through this journey on here. Reading your messages after my surgery has been a great help especially some of that know who you are..Have a good day! :)

Started working out again. Feels weird to run but...

Started working out again. Feels weird to run but things getting better & better. Me & my daughters father back good so my next surgery should go great with having someone to care for me. Still love my stomach & have 1 dog ear :( but was anticipated. My sister has 1 to so nothing wrong that Salama did. He actually said he will fix during my BBL. Which is June 21st and can't wait! Good luck to all u ladies getting your booty...wish it was me !

Can't wait for June's not comin fast...

Can't wait for June's not comin fast enough. I upadated with new pics of my TT and I won't update again until before my BBL but am always on here and browsing so if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm loving alot of you Salama and other Dr.'s too I don't decriminate but I truly feel I found the doc that fits me. I'm wanting to lose like 10-15lbs for my sister's wedding in May (Maid of Honor) which is right before my SX. The last time I seen Dr. S he told me I could benefit to loose like 10lbs and check back in to see him a little closer (I live locally) to see if I'm at a good point. I made clear I want as much fat but the LAST fat in the area know what I mean? lol I'm sure we all do! I still LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE my TT results done on 12/19/12 and Love Dr. S and staff for being nice and always answering my questions. Funny story...yesterday I was calling the BB&T center because I won tix to see Disney on while I'm on hold this guy comes on the line and is like hello how can I help you? but you can still hear the hold music 0_O I said, " I don't know what's going on but get off my line please". when I get off the phone I realized I freakin 3-wayed Ruben cell from Dr. S office on my call....LMAO how embarresing, stupid Andriods! So please I added pics that were taken in the morning on my 90 day mark 3/21 and I have to look good for my lil sis wedding but I don't want to get to skinny that I don't get the results I desire. I'm 5'4 and 175lbs. He would like to see me at 160lb. I carry weight different though and I don't want to be like a skinny stick when I come out. I like to look thick...especially with all that AZZ I'm bout to get...I CAN"T WAIT!!!! Good luck to all the girls getting there SX and if you see your on the same day as me let me know :) I'm also wanting to get some hips but don't know if that will take from my bootay...I have 3 months to decide either way.... Thanks for the support!

So happy I have no worries in getting my 2nd SX...

So happy I have no worries in getting my 2nd SX with no was stressing me out now I can focus on losing these last gonna be here before I know it! Good luck to all the ladies getting there NEW BOOTAY!

It was stressing me the hell out that I didn't ask...

It was stressing me the hell out that I didn't ask for my SX time off yet. So today I went in with a I chose pics...before & after of ladies on faces!!!!LOL Well, it went well and I gave him a little peep show! I came to him with a plan and because I work at a mom and pop joint it's hard for me to take off! I'm a valued employee so thank god for understanding bosses! So I have the money, the time off, working out getting fit and I started taking my vitamins. Monday gonna call Dr.S for Pre-Op Lab appointment and I'm ready!!! SOOOO excited and time is flying by like rain! Good luck to all the April SX's, happy healing.

I already started taking my pills so I was ahead...

I already started taking my pills so I was ahead of the game but it was so sweet that she called me to let me know and then confirmed with me I'm taking everything correct. Can't wait for my day and all the ladies I've been checking,hot hot and thats not just from my doc either! Still working and trying to eat's so hard! lol I'm currently 174lbs :( and 5'4. I want to be 160lb by SX on 6/21. I hope I can do this! I want my ass so phat..lmao! Happy healing to the ladies and prayers for the ones going in! :)

God the waiting game sucks and it doesn't help...

God the waiting game sucks and it doesn't help coming on here. Been seeing great reults from all different doctors but most importantly for me ..SALAMA! Love my new body and enjoying it in the meantime. There was a time you wouldn't find me walking in front of my man with just some undies. Now you can't make me wear clothes to bed! Dress-up and Fun time is great and need to get all I can in because he will be in ass out of luck come booty time! I will not let him get any till 8 weeks! I will have to come up with ways to substitute pleasure time for him :P Taking these pre-op vitamins is very hard to remember! I keep missing doeses and it's makes me feel bad. I also haven't lost any more wait but still going to the gym 4-5 times a a rut right now! Good luck to all the ladies and to the girls waiting like will soon be our time!

I've been thinking heavily about adding inner...

I've been thinking heavily about adding inner thigh lipo. My legs are very skinny but right below my goodies...its not! Im scared to get lipo there only cuz I dont know how it will look. I dont want saggy skin there! I also don't know if it will take away from him getting my fat back and rest of stomach fat from where he stretched me down. I love my results still! My TT was best decision and glad I got it done first even tho Im ready for this booty! Also what if my body rejects more fat on one cheek then the other and he needs more fat? I really need help from vets and what they think, thank u and happy healing to all the ladies!

Im ready!

Can't wait for this transformation! I cant wait for my back to match my front! Had my sister's wedding this past weekend, I looked great thanks to Dr. S! I looked beautiful and my dress looked great on me, thank goodness I got that TT first. I have my clearance appointmet June 6th and im first sx on June 21st :). Any other ladies on my day?

New Pic

Not Happy at all! A bunch of BS!

I get a call from Dr. S office confirming my date and whether I'm still getting it done. She says I have you down for June 21St and currently the 2nd surgery of the day...skkkkkiiiiirrrtttt! WHAT! No I'm not 2nd surgery of the day! I scheduled this freakin date since September of 2012! When I chose my date I was the first scheduled and chose that date because I can be the 1st of the day! I'm not gonna be 2nd where 1st of all we all I'm anemic and me not being able to eat or drink for that long I canot do! 2nd we all know the 1st of the day ever starts on time and then because that one is running late I' m gonna be the rushed so the last person can try to be done on time! No, I will cancel my surgery if I'm not first like I planned. She told me that if the Dr. has to rearrange the schedule thats not in her hands. Well, I'm paying for his services and I scheduled this the way that I needed it to be! I'm not a rushed patient! I didn' t have a consultation 2 months ago and your trying to squeeze me in where I fit in! I'm fuming mad, I have kids I scheduled this so I would be out before they got out of camp since it is the summer. I'm a single mom and my mom is taking care of me she has a morning job that day and planned on picking me up right after and now it's all fucled up. Even when I spoke to them a few weeks ago I was confirmed as all of a sudden it's changed. Smdh! Pissed!!!!!!!

Hoping this is not the reason

So I can't wait until tomorrow when I get to speak to Nancy or better Dr. Salama. I noticed that his prices has went up and I had double procedures so fairly I got a discount. I just hope that my sx wasnt bumped because someone paid more than me. My friend recently had a TT & BBL. She went to Dr. Salz but he was charging alot but she didnt care about price she said she had alot of friends that went to him and they look great. Dr. Salz was also my other choice and when I came on here and seen Dr. S results I fell in love with it! I told her just go to a consultation and she did and went with Dr. S. So I am also giving him extra business from refferals. She loves her results as well! I'm so stressed and such little notice to change my plan at this point. My mom don't play with her cleaning jobs most of them are old people and she doesn't do it with a's just her. That's her $ maker and my original plan wouldn't interfere with that. First thing in the AM tomorrow I will be calling Nancy. I've had time to calm down and will be focused on making my origonal plan work for both of us! Has this happen to anyone else? I just don' t know what to think of this, it's very frustrating knowing all this time you have a time and date u want and then boom its changed! I've had surgery alot in my life due to my fingers, appendix, tubes being tide, corpal tunnel, breasts, tummy tuck and the fingers surgery was about 10 times throughout my childhood. I've always and even my mom as a child always requested first of the day so maybe it's also because I don't know any different then that! Lol Ok enough of my rant wish me luck : /

Thank Goodness!

I was able to speak to Nancy today and everything is back to original plan which I didn't doubt would be the outcome. Nancy and staff do care about the patients and will try there best to accommodate the best they can within there means. I cannot wait! This booty is way overdue! Good luck to all the ladies out there and happy healing!


I have pre-op labs with Dr. S on 6/6 and super scared about my Iron. I'm definitely anemic and the day of my TT when he read my results they said my Iron was low and that for my BBL it might be a problem. I was taking my Iron then and scared it will be the same for my BBL. I've been having surgery all my life do to my birth defect from my mom doing coke while she was prego with me. The doctors told her when I was born I wouldn't be able to walk but she changed probably from guilt.... and took me to physical therapy from baby and I walked before any of her kids at 11 months! However the same didnt go for my fingers where I was born with webbed fingers, where the skin doesn't let my fingers fully extend. My right hand was fixed to the point that it looks normal but my left hand not so much! Naturally Ive been very concious of this my whole life. My arms where also not fully developed but not so noticeable. Also, I had a skin graft near my kitty with one of my childhood surgeries and at the time I didn't have pube hair. Well, whem Igot older and it did grow so did the area of skin he used on my fingers! So in between my pointer and middle I grow pubic hair! Lmao yes I just said that! So when I shave my kitty I also have to shave in between my fingers. If I dont they get freakin long and look like I got spider legs coming put my hand! Omg I can't believe Im sharing this but Im at a point I feel happy with myself and have accepted what god gave me...thank god he gave me a pretty face lol! I posted a pic of my fingers so hopefully if a motherto be reads my blog and gets prego later they take care of themselves and the life there bringing into the world and obstain from drinking, smoming or recreational drugs! On a lighter note good luck to all the bbl sistas going under and Happy Healing!

Pic of how Webbed Fingers look

Didn't consider Hurricane season while booking my date!

So it is getting ugly weather daily here in South Florida where I live and where Salama's office is as well. I didn't even think of this when scheduling my date. I hope that weather holds up because we here in Florida seem to always get something and was told that it will be extra busy for us this year! My pre-op testing is on 6/6 and 18 more days! Goid luck to all the BBL sistas!

Excited & Scared at the same damn time!

Went to OR today to have Labs done. Monica is great she was able to get blood from my hand in 1 try which was impressive cuz usually takes 2-3 tries. Ruben came in while I was waiting, he's very sweet! Was able to see Dr. S too and I showed him my TT scare. I told him to go low which he did but after healing realized to low doesnt let me where thongs and I love thongs! Right now im wearing boy shorts undies...not my thing! He told me to try and loose weight b4 SX & I td him I will work out everyday til my Im bout to be on my weight grind! I can lose like 10lbs by my SX for sure! After that went to office and had to sign hella paperwork. She took me to the back showed me everything I need, got my scripts. Also his number and was told to drink Gatorade which I freakin hate! I dont like juices or soda...unless its mixed wit liqueur lol. But I told her I would :( Im a water lover! My kids same way if We go out they want water! She told me to please expect some of the fat to go away...I told her I don't have unrealistic expectations and done enough research to know that some of the fat will dissolve. I dont expect to come out like a video vixen..we both bust out laughing! She said that alot of girls have unrealistic expectations! Paid my balance and added the scar cream so I can start right when I need to. This ish is starting to get real BBL sistas! I can't wait!

Labs have been cleared!

So happy and feel lime I'm ready for this to go down. Wishing luck to fellow BBL sista Yassie her big day tomorrow! Good luck chica and to all the ladies going in. 8 more days EEEKKKK,Can't wait!

It's about to go down!!!!

I'm so excited words can't even describe the anxiety and my brain is like going 1,000 miles per minute. Pics below and pre-op weight is 175lb and I'm 5'4. Just have to make clear my goal after this is to still look thick. I don't want to be stick thin, I've lways been thick and embrace it and guys love! Happy healing to everyone in that process and to all BBL sistas going im tomorrow! OH, Let me not forget LET'S GO HEAT...TONIGHT IS TEAM NO SLEEP CUZ IF WE WIN IM HITTING THE STREET WIT MY POTS AND SPATULA! Hahaha!!!

Today is my day!

Wow what a night I didn't get any sleep because the Heat won the championship yeah baby! Today couldnt be a better day! I cant wait to see what this miracle worker does. I will update later when I feel up to it, pray for me ladies and good luck to all BBL sistas going in today! I'm here now and going in!

Home and in pain!

Man oh man...didnt expect it to be like this!


Lol yeah i know i waste no rime but i know how much u girls wanna see!

Day 2

All I do is eat, take my pain pill & antibiotic, sleep, pee then walk...repeat. Im really really sore in all the lipo areas. My eyes and face are really sore and my family says I don't look like myself. My mom has been wonderful cleaning and cooking and caring for my kids. My sis is visiting with me and when she seen my butt said damn thats a big ol butt! Lol. Love my butt and shape andcnt wait for my swelling to go down. Happy healing to all the girls and so happy Imade it to booty land!

wow surpassed my expectations

I cant believe he was able to fit so much. I havent thrown up once and havent taken any nasaua pills either. Key is eating and drinking! He said he sucked me dry. Lol just left my post op and he said everything looking good. Now im gonna go home and shower and wash this pissy garment!

Thought I was prepared :(

I thought I did so much research that I was prepared for this BBL but I had no clue. The pain is worse than the damn TT I had in December. I don't want to scare any of you cuz I know in the end this pain will be worth it but I'm on day 4 & feel like thispain will never end. Thank god I worked out my arms cuz that's veeeeeerrrrrryyyyy important with this surgery. I praise girls that get there chin, arms and inner thighs with this surgery, you are a trooper cuz I couldn't do it! I just want to be healed already :( happy healing to all the other BBL sistas and good luck to anyone going in today!

Back pic day 4

Just before a shower. Didn't take many cuz i felt like throwing up without garment on. But Salama gave me the exact shape and volume i wanted. Love him!

Massage & Pics

Wow, that massage felt painfull and good at the same time! Eileen was great, she said I did great & thanked me gor letting her do her job. I hated the part when I had to lay on my butt tho! First she did ultrasound with a cold medium and then went to town on my back i took deep breathes and just took it! I wanted all the fluid out! I mean napkin after napkin with fluid coming out. I loved I thought it was gonna be horrible but it felt good to me. Stomach massage hurt more tho. Pics are right after massage. Keep in mind Im still swollen these are not my final results. He did a TT scare revision so thats why you see the white on my sides. Today has been 1,000 times better! I got a new garment today 2XL. Geesh this booty big, I walked right in, no waiting. They are great at Elite, I couldn't be more satisfied! I love my new shape and body and its only going to get better :) So happy I made this decision to better my body!

Last night was rough!

Last night I felt like I was going to die! I was fine then I woke up at 10pm feeling hit everywhere!!!! I immediately took my temperature and seen it was 100.8. I started to freak! I started hydrating and called Dr. S. He said it's normal to get a fever with a BBL and to hydrate and keep him posted if it goes higher. I went down stairs and grabbed some watermelon and Gatorade but even that didnt help. Ladies I was laying literally hearing my heart beat thru my ears. When I spoke to Dr. S he said I want to see you tomorrow but already made an appt. Yesterday to be in there the next day. So popped a perc which by the way I stopped taking since earlier that day and once I took it I was feeling much better! Gonna keep taking until i get these drains out. When I went in at 11:30 the office was packed but I didnt wait long. I took off the garment last night cuz it was cutting of my circulation. I finally did #2 and man was that a mission and freakin messy! I've taken 2 more today and hate having to take this garment off! It's so hard to whipe this big ass!!! I have adult wipes then i take a rag and clean with that. I can't be taking a shower after every crap! My 8 year old has been a blessing she wants to care for me left and right. I told her she should be a nurse when she grows up! Well while seeing Dr. S I told him what I was experiancing and he said I wasn't eating enough. He said you must eat, eat eat! I said u just want me to come back to suck out more fat!! Lol we laughed and he said no your anemic, you need to build your iron back up...u lost a lot of blood. Well thats all for now..gotta go eat again : / oh added a fun above the booty pic while laying down. Booty still big as hell!

Today has been a lil better.

I cannot wait til I get these drains out tomorrow! Im draining less than 20 cc in both drains and there starting to sting and really think thats why i keep getting this fever. My legs are soooo swollen its crazy! I feel better today tho and feel like there is light at the end of this foggy tunnel. I don't even care bout this damn ass anymore lol, focusing on my health right now but did take a pic this morning cuz I know how you ladies love to see knew pics just like I did when I was on the waiting train. Happy healing ladies, just cb take it day by day!

Why is it that my butts feels on fire but not red or anything it feels hot!

Please give me some advise to kool my ass off cuz its on fire. I cant take it! Feel so much better. And please if anyone knows the BBL sista who was selling her garmentspls let me know below or pm me. Im a single mom of 3 and not gomna be buying these garments left and right can't afford it! Also my butt is still huge...this will go down some right? I wanted it big but thisthing huge. Doing great other than that. Oh when should I expect to get a board?

Just a pic

Frustrated-post op day 9

SFeeling so frustrated because I had a plan and now it seems I may have to break my NO SIT rule! Originally I was going to have my girls father care for me and take me to all my post op appointments and so on. Well, I broke up wit him 2 weeks before sx cuz he just wasnt suportive and was feelingalone in a relationship so had to do what I had to! Then my mom was caring for me and going great until post op day 3 where she started neglecting me and not feed me on time and then refused to help me shower out of my pissy garment. So I told her to please leave and I'll have my sis come. My sis came from Sunday to Saturday and helped me big time by taking me to my post op appointments. Well now she is gone and getting her tubes tied tomorrow so she cant help me this week. Now I have knowone to help me and afraid im going to have to drive to my next appointment. I really dont want to do this but what choice do I have. I know this is going to hinder my results! So my question is please give me some suggestions. Im local so I live in south fl where dr. S is but hes like 30 minuted away from me. What can I do please help! I have knowone to help me at this point and gotta do what I gotta do!

Elite is da BOMB!

So had 3rd massage today. I looooooovvvvveeee Eileen. She is so sweet and helpful. Everytime I come she asks me do I want soethig to drink. My back hole re-opened while massaging my back and fluid flew everywhere! She was like OMG! I turn around my fluid flew like no lie 5 feet onto the wall..the floor..her shirt! Yuck!!!! But she was so professional and laughed it off and I think she likes getting that fluid out and seeing the difference she makes after! 1St massage was bad but held my composure and everyone after that feels soo good!!!! I was in a 3xl after surgery to now a XL :) my body is shrinking and my booty still big and hips look glad he gave me hips! Just so I note on my blog i got 1500cc each cheek and 100 each hip so 1600cc in all each side...WOW! I will ppst new picks atvtwo weeks. I got my boppy and board today too! She showed me how to use and i start board friday! Eileen said I needed to get a heating pad so will get that wednesday cuz my skin so tightwhere he lipoed! Otger than that Im feeling 100% myself now just with this damn garment that i dispise. I also self massage after I take a shower each day. I feel I have mybdream body and wouldn't take this experiance back. It takes a tough chick to do a BBL and not everyone can handle it! So give yourself a pat on the back! I start work wednesday and this should be interesting what my boss says when he see this big ol booty!!! Haha Happy Healing ladies abd Oh my sons father came and took me to my appointment so no driving yet...wednesday I will but i literally live 5 minutes from my job so I should be fine!!!

New Pics

2weeks Post Op BBL

I went back to work on 7/3. It was a long ruff day. I drove for the first time with a yoga mat under my thighs and my boppy holding my back up nd my butt hanged out the back NOT touching the seat. I would hold myself up with my left leg and pushed gas with my right. Took getting used to but wasn't painful. Once I got to work I stood and leaned on my chair while it was backwards with a pillow under my knees. Then my legs got soooooo swollen I can feel the fluid on the top of my feet when i shook it! I then said forget this I have to lay so I got 1 of the many massage tables and my co-worker put it together for me and I laid down while working. My boss seen my butt and was like WTF why is it so big! I had to explain Im still swollen but today he said if your happy thats all that I didn't know that already, jerk! Everyone else said it was big and cant believe the transformation! Had 4th off and went in today and was 100% better cuz I would lay, stand then lean on chair. Feet got a lil swollen but much better than Wednesday. I started wearing my board today and it's all right doesn't bother much. I use my heating pad whenever my back gets stiff which is usually at night...boy is it bad at night. Hate havin to poop and take this garment off. I need to get a smaller garment. It's already not tight again in tummy area. Butt is 48" and is still big. Not taking any pain meds at all and feel 100% myself again. I took of the tape around my incision from the tummy tuck revision he did and he did it perfect! My line is beautiful! Will post pics soon of that. Went shopping on the 4th and loved the lil outfits I got. Will try to play dress up when I feel up to it. Still feel very dr ad ined from this surgery and just taking it day by day. Hope all the bbl sistas are healing great!


Cruel World

I've had a very emotional week this week. My lil sister was brutally beaten, choked and he attempted to rape her on Tuesday morning. She told me that the guy was a friend of hers from Facebook that wanted togo to the movies...they are were just she said sure. They go and then come back to my moms house afterwards and my mom goes to sleep not knowing this guy didn't leave yet. My sis says that they were chillin as nd then he started telling her how he wanted to be in a relationship wit her and she said no she just wanted to be friends. She then got him to leave and about 20 minutes later he called her saying that he left his phone cover at her house. Its now 4am in the morning and she said can u get it tomorrow but he wanted it now. So he came back but with another motive. She said when she opened the door he immediately grabbed her by the arm and pulled her out of the house she started fighting him to let go and screaming then put a knife to her. He took her next to the stairs under it and started punching her and trying to rape her when the dogs woke my mom up with all the barking. She lookedouutside the window and seen him choking my sister. She yelled stop it and she ran to the door where the guy then ludged towards her...she slammed the door and locked it and called the police. My sister was still out there so she yelled the police are on the way and opened the doir again and my lil sis ran inside. He then tried to get in tge house thru the sliding glass door and then the cops showed up. My mom didnt know it but the neighbor upstairs was on her porch and seen the whole thing and had already called the cops. My sister was sent to the hospital and he was arrested on the spot. I almist lost my sister and this needs to be a lesson to not trust these men out here ladies tgey are not all good!!! If knowone was out there he would've raped and killed my sister. Thanksto god above he interveined and stopped that injustice! Not much to update on my sx other than i had two more massages, seen Dr. S on Wednesday and when he came in he said, " whoa that a big butt"! Lol hes to funny. He said it was ok to where a garment that covered my butt and looked at my Tt revision and said im healing great and he wants to see me in two weeks. I played dress up last night so hace some pgotos of that and man is my waist small oh and measuered my boity and its 48 1/2!!! Geesh! Goibg to get a small cincher...yeas i said small :) I love this new body and man the attention is crazy! Good luck to you bbl sistas healing right now take it day by day and for the ladies wairing..its worth the waitjusjust hang in there! Live all you ladies comments ob here to me! Thank you for taking the time to right the sweet things being said!

New Garment Im using

4 weeks post op BBL

Can't believe I'm a month post op today! Things I can't stand!
1. Garment
2. Not being able to sit
3. These damn foam and board and in that

I've had 7 massages at Dr. S office. Next week will be my 8th and last. May do 1every two weeks from my massage therapist friends.. shes cheap 50 for a hour. Celia is the truth with massages, hurts but good! I showed her my pre-op pics on the site today and she was like OMG I cant believe it! After the 5th I was like OK celia it wasn't that I ordered and received my Vedette 136 woohoo and I love it no more taking my whole garment off to poop. I still haven't received my period in 6 weeks and this is worrying im not prego...TUBES are burned! Has this happened to anyone else? I hope im ok! After my TT in December i had my period twice in that month. Booty still shape is lovely, god I love Salama for doing his magic on me...hes the best! More pics!!! Good luck to all you BBL sistas coming up with there SX. And cant wait for two more fridays when I can sit!!! Love you guys, toodles!

Can't wait to sit!

Had my last massage on wednesday and also seen dr. S. He said I was healing great! Celia is the bomb at massages. It hurts but man does it feel better when your done. Don't have to see Dr. S til week 8 then he wants to take post op pics. Butt has shrunk a bit :( but still way more than what I had to start! I added comparison photos to show proof of that! I can start sitting next friday at my 6 week but may hold out til week 8. I dont want to loose volume! Happy healing to you ladies having surgery and to all the sistas in the healing process!

wow, had to compare these pics!

This pic is me before post TT and after post BBL. You can see how much looser the top is and how good Dr. S shaped my spongebob square pants body! Now Im!


ok let me try again : /


6 weeks plus photo

So I can officially start sitting today but don't know if I should! Id like to hear from ladies that sat at this point with boppy and whether it made a difference in size or shape! Really need to know before I try this out! Also, can I start working out? I hear ladies on here doing squats at 6 weeks...does that help shape or should I wait? Please help and happy healing to all ladies going thru the bbl rollercoaster....its worth it in tbe end!

8 weeks post op pics

10 week pics

10 week update

So I haven't really updated...been busy! I had my 8 week check up where Dr. S said to go ahead and start working out which I have and do 10-15 of cardio then I do arms or legs. Abs I do standing up for now with weights in my hands. I still dont sit unless absolutely necessary and when I do its wut the boppy. Im holding a 48" booty since week 2. While doing my appointment Dr. S and I spoke about some concerning areas like dents :( which BTW I had some of them pre-op. We discussed a revision which is not a new BBL it only filling in the dented areas. I really want more projection so in the future I will be getting a round 2 and skipping the revision and yes I will be going back to Dr. S. I know it sounds crazy but I wanted a biiiiggg butt lol we are all different and want different please don't judge me and I won't judge Don't get me wrong my fam & everyone I know loves my results and say he did magic on this body. i went to a waterpark this past weekend and the stares from men and woman spoke for itself! Like i said it wont be anytime soon because I want to focus on getting these boobs fixed that are all F%cked up! Dr. S mentioned it does take some woman more than one try to get the shape they prefer. I havent went out out yet cuz im scared of a dumby ramming into my butt and having to slap a mofo so I'm docusing on compression and keeping this shape going. Ladies hope your journeys areging good and happy healing to all ladies about to go in! MUAH :D

3 months PO

Hello ladies, so Im 3 months now and can't believe how quick the months have gone by. Im enjoying this body but will be getting a round 2. This booty is just not the size I wanted it to be. Everyone that knows me says it looks great and doesnt look fake. I wanted a lot more projection. Dr. S said he wont do anything until a year post op. I love my tummy and shape. I mean clothes fit me great! Although i have to wear stretchy jeans :( Im going to get these tits fixed in the meantime cuz they dont fit this body! Happy healing to ladies going tbrough this journey its tuff but worth it and I wouldn't change my decision for a minute!!!

3 months po

3 mon po

3 month

No freakin projection & thats all i wanted!

I get pissed looking at my butt sometimes because of the dents and no projection! Thats all i wanted with this surgery. I am just feeling disappointed. Frustrated I have to do this again and spend more money. Sigh i will take day by day but I gotta get this fixed. The dents are so noticable with clothes on. No bueno!

pics of dents

Trying to upload more pics

Realself is messing up but I'll post more pics of dents from side view once they fix there problem with uploading pics. Just to make clear I don't blame Dr. S and I will be returning to hom to get this fixed. I've had a great experiance with him and not going to let this taint my respect for him. He's a great doc and told me from day 1 it may take more than 1 time to achieve the results I want. Unfortunately, I have to invest more to get the look im wanting to achieve, which comes with the chances of plastic surgery.


4 months post op

4 month post op

Still got booty!!!


poppin lol

Round 2

So I went to see Salama since Im local this past week. I have to get a steriod shot on one side of my tt revision cuz its healing with a lil keliod...uggghh! I never thought I could get that cuz ive done plenty of surgeries on my hands in past but it is whati is. While there we discussed my dents issue and how I really wanna round two but dont wanna get murdered on cost!!! He gave me a steal of a deal and I took it! I cant say the amount but lets just say I couldnt let that price pass me up!!! So were gonna do some more lipo in the flanks, upper back, tummy and inner thigh. My boss is gonna kill me when I take another two weeks off lol but I dont care! He said he can fit atleast another 600 ccs each cheek. wowser this ass gonna be big! Hehe...not going to tell any fam this time just my lil sis that I know wont judge me and support my decision...everyone else thinks im crazy but I dont care I wen in knowing th 1 st round may not be enough...i went hoping the good results but i want GREAT results so Salama will finish his creation!
P.S. Dr. S lookin so handsome now! Much better than a year ago...Go head Dr. S!

Very Interesting Photo

6 months post op

6 months

6 month post op


Hello Everyone! I'm 10 months post op BBL and I still have booty! Sorry I've been MIA and have neglected my BBL sisters but I will say that when you have a new body you just live life and it's great! So I'm still getting my BBL Round 2 in August but need a date change because that date is to close to when my kids go back to school. So if any ladies need to change hit me up so we can work this out! My TT scar is much better...I did not get the steroid shot. I massaged it out and used cocoa butter with vitamin E oil and massaged it everyday twice a day. I put pressure while I massaged and pushed the scar tissue down and eventually it flatten out! It's best to do it after you get right out of a hot shower while the tissue is soft. I'm going to update with some photos very soon. I love my results and wouldn't take back doing my TT or BBL the way that I did or getting the surgery at all. Dr. Salama is not perfect but he does have a gift to have given me a 2nd life at living life! I feel confident, sexy, get endless compliments...although I am still single because, "These Men Ain't Loyal" LMAO... Ya'll know exactly what I'm talking about! I will wait until god brings that man to me! Nuff said on that...My butt is still big and has gotten bigger because I gained like 10lbs...uuggh....I will be losing that before my next BBL tho because I want him to focus more on my upper back, flanks, side and back rolls that was left from last surgery. Ladies you have to understand that in FL they are only allowed 3 liters of lipo..I think that's the amount, not positive....but regardless I had a lot of belly fat and he made sure to get that because my belly is still flat! But he did tell me that he reached his limit and couldn't really get EVERYTHING in the back which he warned me before surgery. I want more projection I have the wide and big down packed but would like a little more project...maybe 800 cc's. My last BBL I got 1500cc's each Cheek and hips. I don't want any more hips, I'm good there... he did good on that. I won't get the butt out garment this time. I want to use the but inn to really shape and give it that bubble look. If you have any questions leave them below or inbox me ladies and happy healing to you all. LOVE, BOOTYLICIOUS :D

10 months PO

Need earlier Date!

Please if anyone can switch really need juneo or July date! Inbox me thanx

Im almost 1 year post bbl

Now its time get ready!

Round 2 complete

So I had round two for more projection yesterday and he did the dam thing again...Love Dr. S! He did chin lipo, inner thigh lipo, lower and upper back lipo with bra line and a lil on my sides. I hate the thing i have to wear for my chin lipo but it is what it is! I have NO DRAINS!! I feel great and only have soreness. I have only taken two pain pills and going to switch to tylenol cuz the pain pills delay the healing process. I have post-op appointment today at 2 and hopefully he will allow me to shower cuz i have pee all over my garment ???? The only thing that has been a problem is I been throwing up a lot but took my pills for that and feel much better now! Will post pics soon! Happy healing to all thatvare going thru it right now....keep your head up!


I had 1500 transferred my first bbl and 700 transferred for round 2 for a total of 2200 ccs each cheek...thats a donk lmao

I feel great

I can really say that round 2 is easy lemon squeezy compared to round 1. I have no drains so that alone is a life saver! My chin lipo has my face looking a mess but I know it's just for the time being. I've been drinking a lot of water and eating as much as possible to get my iron back to normal. First night was a lil ruff...couldn't stop throwing up even with the pill they gave me. I went in the next day for post op and they gave me a shot which completely took it away. I walk and then rest. I'm not taking any pain meds since day 2 and feel it has helped me recover quicker by not taking them. I still havent pooped so im taking stool softners now to move that along. Other than that ladies I feel great and happy I stuck with my decision to do round 2. I couldn't tell alot of people this time round because they think Im crazy. They dont understand and its my life so I kept it to myself...i didnt even tell my boss! So when I get back I know he's gonna have some words to say but freak them this is my life and u only live once and Im going to live they way that makes me happy! Im done with surgery except for fixing my boobs but that not til 2018 lmao this is really a life changing surgery and hope you ladies fully understand your life wont be the same after. I have been blessed to not have any complications but unfortunately thats not the same for every patient. All you can do is go in hoping for the best and do everything possible for a healthy recovery. Good luck to the ladies going in amd happy healing to those recovering!

Side View

Holy cow it swole, i went from a 47 hips and butt to a 54 hips and he definitely gave me projection like I wanted!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I'm Going with DR. S cuz he's the BEST...DUH! He has a great personality and he's down to earth. Take his critique seriousley because he is the professional and knows what has to be done to get the best results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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