Do I still want this? I am not so sure. March 4th Aventura, FL

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Why? That's easy. Why not is more of a difficult...

That's easy. Why not is more of a difficult question. I have one life to live, and I deserve to get what I want. WE ALL DO. If an ass makes me happy- consider it done. :) The only thing that has given me doubt at times is the reactions of others. Do some some people that I love think I'm crazy? Yup. I have heard some people close to me say things like "Why would you feel like you need to do that. You are beautiful- and that's not what matters anyways" Then I have other friends say "I'm jealous. I wish I would." You see? If I listened to others I'd be more confused than clear. That is why I blocked out the noise and paid for that back baby!!!

If I need some support I will talk to you ladies :) Anyone going the same week I am? We should chat and plan together!! I haven't book anything yet but the surgery. My sister is coming with me for support and post surgery care.

Now that is paid for I'm OBSESSED with this website.


So I am so excited about this surgery. Its a few...

So I am so excited about this surgery. Its a few months away and I can't stop thinking about it. Work productivity...way down. lol

Today I was imaging what it would be like to wear shorts again. After gaining weight, and then losing weight I am not able to wear shorts. They just do nothing for me. But after my surgery I will be able to wear them again, right? Has anyone had a big problem (pun intended) getting that booty into shorts? Are there shorts for girls with back like that? I have read posts about jeans being a nightmare, so are shorts just off limits because they usually aren't stretchy? hmmmm

I am spending some time picking my wish pics too. I want to really pic some bodies that can motivate me to dream big :)

So I cannot have the TT and BBL together. No one...

So I cannot have the TT and BBL together. No one can. He is splitting them up! I am blown away. I would want to have the BBL first, but then you have to wait 6 months to do the TT. If you get the TT first, you only have to wait 3 months. I am the maid of honor in a wedding a year from now. This is crazy. What could the benefits be of splitting them up? Maybe it will produce better results? It better! The price is now a LOT HIGHER considering I am coming from VA to have these procedures done- so thats two trips, two rounds of hotel and everything. Im upset. Where is the bright side? Why isn't everyone else on here getting the same information I am? Are some ladies still getting both together? Should I push for that? ahhhh! Im overwhelmed.

So I am going to split my procedures up. The best...

So I am going to split my procedures up. The best results are here goes! *hands over credit card*

Also, I am so excited to report that I am going back to school! yaaay! Very very happy about that, but I need to switch dates. Anyone interested? Please message me!

I might even be interested in doing the week after Christmas, if he is even doing procedures then (school starts again Jan 7th). Thanks ladies and best big booty wishes to you all!

Soooooo here I go! The first part of my journey...

Soooooo here I go! The first part of my journey the TT is coming up soon! After I decided to do this, I sort of put it out of my mind. I think about it every now and then and smile. This is defiantly the right decision for me. I had to work hard to get here. For a while I didn't think I was going to be able to do this procedure because of some personal life matters. But I was persistent, and focused. AND NOW I AM LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY! God is good, and if you focus your energy on doing what is best he will support you all the way. :) Now I am just praying for good results! I am not as small as I would like to be. I turn to food in times of emotional turmoil, and this last couple of months was hard. I have lost around 30 lbs in total, but I wanted to be a lot smaller for this TT. I think that it is still going to look AMAZING though, Dr. Salama is the lipo king. I have seen some of his work over the past two years that gives me faith that he will be able to take off this big belly. The next procedure is when we will get to really sculpt my waist and hips the way I want them. I know that this is a BBL thread, but I think lots of people on here will get informed seeing my progress from now until after my BBL in March.

Here are my stats:
5 8
W: 220

I haven't measured yet, but when I do I will add those on here.

I have been taking my vitamins, plane tickets booked...but my hotel isn't booked! I have a place in S Beach that I like, but I am so unsure! Would you rather be in a nicer room, or in a nicer location? I have a couple people traveling with me for support, and I want them to be happy. Thoughts?

After much debate I have decided to stay at the...

After much debate I have decided to stay at the Best Western. I think it looks clean which is super important. My sister and mom can travel to do something fun if they want...I dont see the point in me paying more money to stay somewhere will rooms that aren't as nice just so they can have more fun....its about me this trip.

So I am all set to go, I have my bag almost packed. I just need to run to the store to get some last minute supplies. I might even wait until I get down there to get all that stuff. I haven't filled my scripts either since like another reviewer said, they need to be kept cool and I can't control that on the travel down.

When I bought my vitamins at this health food store here the lady was pretty insistent about HOW I take them. Take your bromelain about 2 hrs before you eat. Bromelain apparently will work on the protein in your food and not your body if you take it on a full stomach. Also, I bought the arcinia pills that dissolve under your tongue and she told me to take them with a neutral mouth. I was confused, but she said before you eat

Real self is strange. It cut off some of my last...

Real self is strange. It cut off some of my last update. :/ It was loooong too. If you have any vitamin questions PM me and I will tell you all I know.

Feelings talk****
Anyways, I had dreams last night about my surgery. Ladies let me tell you, when I woke up this morning my heart was beating so fast. I am going to do some yoga sun salutations and see if that calms me down. I think it is the stress setting in. I have two big tests for school tomorrow that will determine my grade for the semester, and of course a life changing procedure in 3 days. All day, my heart poor heart is beating like crazy! I am going to chill out after tomorrows tests and stuff, maybe I will get a massage or something!

Made it to the other side!! I have so much to...

Made it to the other side!! I have so much to write, but will wait until i get on my laptop. i can't wait to post pics for you ladies to show you how much smaller he made me!! Wow!

I also want to say reallyvquick, Dr Salama and his team are wonderful. From the ladies at the office, to the surgery staff...I was always happy with their caring attentive diligent work. They are al really cute and so kind!!! They feel like friends :)))
First off- the pain is serious. After surgery the first hours were hard. i kept feeling like i was going to pass out. my vision even got fuzzy when i was moved into my car. i was given pain killers at the surgery center (narcotics make me nauseous sometimes) and I felt like I was going to be sick. Then my body tried to vomit, and wooooooooow the pain stopped me and I cried out in pain for the first time I can remember. The rest of the first fews hours i kept my eyes closed and much as possible and focused on my breath. anything to keep myself from getting sick. It's not what I expected!! I can't feel shooting pains right now, but I am just uncomfortable. Its a dull constant pain. I can eat, walk, and get in and out of bed no problem. But all of if hurts.

Be ready and have a good caregiver. Someone patient that will let you move as slow as you need!! I get upset when things move too fast and I don't have any control. It feels like I might get hurt, and I get scared.

Again, so far I am EXTREMELY please with Dr SAlama and his team. They have been more than I expected!! My sister came with me, and she was considering getting Botox from him. She really likes everyone too, and she's usually hard to impress. I will post more later!! Xoxo

Okay so it has been over two weeks since my...

Okay so it has been over two weeks since my surgery, before I get into the current stuff let me talk about the TT.

We arrived in Fort Laud (my sister and I), and rented our car. When you get off the plane, there are several on site places to rent a car from. What I did was get a quote online from an off site car place and used that quote to get a good deal on our car we rented from a car rental place that is attached to the airport. Who wants to take a shuttle after surgery? Or wait on a driver? Not this girl. Anyways, we go straight to the office in Aventura for my pre op appointment. The office is in a really nice medical building. I feel like you could get anything done there! lol There are so many medical offices if I was sick I would want to just walk in there and figure out who could help! hahaha Anyways, the office waiting room is small, and there were some big ole butts running around in that office. They look great, really really great. It is hard not to stare, but the cool thing is we are all in this together so if you get caught staring they will just start chatting away with you! So fun to be in a room of BBL girls. I tried not to ask too many questions, but it was hard. My sister was in shock I think. She knew I wanted a bigger booty, but she had noooooo idea what Dr Salama was capable of. It was priceless.

My preop appointment was easy. He looked at my tummy and talked about what was going to happen. I remember feeling comfortable and safe. I didn't feel rushed or unsure about him. My sister was feeling better by this point too. Less worried about the giant ass I was planning, she could focus on my tummy and talk with the doctor too. lol I asked him all the questions I had. He didn't go into tons of detail. Just simply answered our questions. All the post op questions of mine were pretty simple. I think I was so focused on results, most of my questions were about what I could expect to see after surgery. He went over the complications (the shocking ones), but didn't dwell on them which is good. Then we made a few jokes and went on our way.

Next I was with Cynthia. Love her. She is really sweet. She can chat too. Sometimes you just want a girl to talk about the surgery with that has the knowledge. I think this site is based on that wanting. Anyways, she was it for me. She was honest, and made me feel 100% ready before I left her. I met Nomi that first visit too, but it was just a smile and a hi. She is so busy- always!

So we went to grab some food after that and then went to the hotel. Ruben recommended a Cuban place that we went to. After that we went grocery shopping, and got my meds. I didn't have one of my prescriptions, so we text Dr Salama, and he fixed it right away. Loved that.

So we pull into the Best Western (Hallandale) and checked in. The hotel is OLD but remodeled. It is clean, but felt old to me. Maybe because I was imaging myself all sewn up in a bed made me more sensitive, but for sure I didn't love it. Then we get into our room, and the room didn't have a microwave. I am going to be here for a week, so I def need a microwave, so I called the front desk. The front desk clerk was really rude. I explained that when I reserved the room, the description said it would have a microwave and she was like well it isn't a guarantee. Silence. Then I asked if there was another room. She said I dont know. Silence. I was starting to really regret by budget room decision at this point, but felt like it def wasn't bad enough to leave. We called the front desk again and they switched us to a different room with a microwave. It was on the first floor by the laundry, gym, lobby (which was kind of nice actually). I went to sleep around 12PM, and was so tired I dont remember trying to fall asleep. Next thing I remember my alarm was going off! The beds in the Best Western are really comfortable- I slept like a baby the entire time I was there.

We arrived at the surgery center at 7AM. The building is very old, but Dr Salama's surgery office is nice. I think they probably spent a lot of money on the equipment (in the actual surgery room), because it was top notch. I appreciate that. Dr Salama marked me up, and the anesthesiologist (hottie) talked to me about what was going to happen. It was very casual. Honestly, it made me feel more comfortable.

I laid down on the table, and that was it. I was out pretty fast. Next thing I remember was waking up in the room next door. There was loud music playing in the surgery room, which was confusing at first. I was like what is going on? Anyways my sister got there and it was time to leave. I was ready to leave from the second I woke up. All I kept thinking about was getting out of there and getting all snuggly in my bed at the hotel. I was kind of a bitch that first day. I am not a good patient. hahaha I just felt so shitty and nothing could make me happy. Regularly I was like "what the hell did I do?" My sister took a pic of me that I really love. I am laying on the bed topless (of I forgot to mention I bought a triangle- BEST PURCHASE EVER) on my triangle, and my waist looks crazy tiny. Like whoa. That was the first time I smiled.


Let me be real ladies, recovery is a bitch. There were ups and downs. Sometimes I was so happy with my results I wanted to write Obama and tell him that this man down here needs some kind of metal for his work on the ladies of our fine country, and other times I wanted to call Salama and complain about this or that. Its a process. There are so many things that happen along the way, and I didn't know what to do. Little things. Do I scrub my belly button? Is my drain clogged? Whats this? Is this supposed to look like that? Being a plastic surgery virgin is probably part of it. And I really care about what I look like in the end. Everything mattered in those first days. They kept in contact with me throughout my time down there, which was nice. I had a post op the first day after surgery, then another post op, then one the day I was leaving- and they are always just a text away for questions. Bottom line I learned a lot, and I am so grateful to this site. It save me from blowing up Ruben all day everyday! haha I was able to refer to this site to see if what was happening was normal or not. WHAT A BLESSING!

POSTOP 7-17 days
Now this was the fun part for me. When I got back home everyone was like whoa. It was a big difference. My boobs look huge, and my waist went down like 8 inches. hahaha Thats a big difference for people to notice. It was fun showing people. It was also fun seeing people that didn't know me enough to be able to say anything to me about my obvious change. I got attention from a few guys (thank you little waist + big hips) that made me laugh. It has been a while since I felt this good about my body, and I am loving it! It gave me a new motivation, and since surgery I have been eating well and looking forward to losing more weight!

The recovery part after day 7 was easy too. I mean I was in pain sometimes, but that is to be expected. The only time I took a pain pill was at night. It was really nice to get into bed, and then relax and have all the pain and aches go away. The big boost in my attitude was my location. I was home, and that was really great for me.

Now not having my surgeon in the area. SUCKS REALLY BAD. Since surgery I have not had any major complications, but I have bleeding, belly button that is driving me crazy, and a swollen spot next to a dint. Is my scar supposed to look like that? I wish my surgeon was here to see it, and talk to me about my recovery. Ladies be prepared for this lacking post op care. If you are in FL then you get more post ops, but when you fly home...that is it. You send pics, but really it doesn't feel the same. Maybe he could start some post op plan for out of town people so they can have some form to fill in the pics at each week so he can see how you are progressing? I mean I can send a pic of my belly button, but if he doesn't know what it looked like before, how can he tell that the red is spreading quickly? He can't! This is my one and only complaint about this whole thing. I feel alone sometimes and I don't think that's right. I am hoping that the BBL part is easier since I wont have an incision wrapping around my body to worry about. We shall see, wont we?

Now back to the positive!! I am posting pics so you can see my results. He did a great job!!!! The skin on my tummy was really stretched out and super ugly. He took all of it off! I mean, my stretch marks are gone!! I had stretch marks above my belly button! Thats a lot to cut off! He also lipoed in my waist. When i was normal weight, I had a really tiny waist. But at this weight now, no ma'am. Man did he fix that! All in all, I am super happy and so glad I did this!! It is totally worth the money and recovery time!!

I will keep posting more about my recovery!! More pics to come too! My phone died while I was using a productivity app to time my task! (of course haha) I have been on here for almost an hour typing this up! More to come soon!! Hugs and kisses to everyone out there! Thank you for sharing your journey because it helped me so much with mine. I am wishing you the best and if you need any support please feel free to message me!!

Anyone want to share an apartment? Message me!

Anyone want to share an apartment? Message me!

Recently I have been imagining more what LIVING...

Recently I have been imagining more what LIVING with my new figure will be like. Can I wear a cotton jersey dress without spanx? Will it jiggle sooo much that I need to always wear some kind of compression? What if this surgery for a big booty sentences me to spanx for life?? Scarrrryyyyyy

Hi there ladies!!! So I am doing really well...

Hi there ladies!!! So I am doing really well over here. Just getting used to my new body and so far I love it!! My clothes fit me better and really that is such a big deal for me. I LOVE CLOTHES. One of my biggest motivators was getting into some edgy clothes- I CAN NOW. So so great. My scar (that once stood out more that Jessica Simpson at a library) is getting flatter and less wrinkled. Yay! The biggest difference is in how I feel. When you look good, you feel good. This surgery has helped my confidence and my heart is not so heavy every morning when I look in the mirror. How i feel right now is priceless...and I would do it 10 more times if I had to. WORTH IT WORTH IT WORTH IT.

Dr. Salamas presence in my recovery after my flight home has been almost nonexistent. I dont send pics, he doesn't ask. Now if this is going to bother you....go to a local surgeron!!!! There were times that it bothered me, a great deal, so I understand. But I love my results and am going back for my second procedure more prepared. I also spoke with Nomi and I am going to send a bunch of pics and questions in the beginning- and then just lean on you ladies for support after surgery. This site is INVALUABLE. I have not used it to its full potential, I dont get on here and message or pm people, I dont do much but look at results and review...but that is a mistake! I got the chance to help another TT/BBL sister on the phone and it was so rewarding. I am going to need that same support back and I trust that with God and this forum...I will get it.

Now for my BBL I am getting an apartment. Its nothing amazing, but it is only 80 dollars a night-- AND SUPER CLEAN AND BRIGHT! I love that. It is sunny and happy :) Look at airbnb ladies. LOTS OF GREAT PLACES. My sister is going to be coming down for the first few days again (what a trooper), and then my BFF is coming for rest! I am so excited to have them both with me, but I am super stocked because my BFF is going to talk to Dr Salama about getting a TT too!!!! YAAAAY GIRL!! DO IT! (she reads this site :)

I am renting a car again (any tips on that to get the best deal?!?), and our place is in North Miami very close to aventura. Last time I went to around to a bunch of places in Miami (tubes in and all) so I am hoping I get around as much this time. It will be different bc I wont be able to sit and we used a wheel chair a lot last time...oh and those scooters in stores are so much fun! hahaha

So I have uploaded a bunch of pics, and I want to hear what you girls think...I love my results from my TT (there are dog ears and minor things he is going to fix) so now I am 100% focused on my next round. I feel like I need additional lipo all over!?! I want chin, aux and inner thigh (for sure). I am 200 lbs now (and dropping- low carb all the way) and plan on being 175 for surgery. Its a crazy goal...but hey why not? So when I get to whatever weight I am going to be...I will see what I need. My back is gross, my outer thighs have dents and my arms. ohhhhhh my arms need help! What do you guys think?

I have so much to say, I am going to try and get...

I have so much to say, I am going to try and get all this out. The surgery was amazing. I dont regret it one bit. I lost only about 5-6 pounds from the surgery, but Dr Salama was able to give me back my body. I had a little waist and big hips/chest for most of my life and now I have that again and it makes me feel more like me. Since surgery I am losing more weight which is good for me however I feel like maybe I am focusing too much on my looks. I care about my body- I want it to be healthy and strong. I look good. Do I want to have another surgery? Truth be told I dont need it. If I keep losing weight I will have my booty looking good again. It always looked good before and I got compliments on my figure OFTEN.

I think that gaining weight changed my perspective of myself. I felt ugly and not sexy. :( But now I feel good. I look amazing and I love myself. Would more lipo really add anything to what I have now? I am not so sure.

I have lost more weight...I am around 190 now. I am about 60 pounds over my "normal" weight still...but perhaps bigger is my new normal. Maybe I am just going to be a bit thick...for life. I look beautiful...what am I looking for???????????

I added another pic for fun. As always I am on here to help other girls, so if you have any questions feel free to ask in PM. I am better about answering those :) Regardless of what I choose- more lipo or not...I dont regret what I have done so far.

** Side note** I was finally able to get waxed this past week and it was just fine! She waxed over the scar (which is fading fast) and it didn't hurt a bit! S Also I feel totally normal. I can do everything that I did before- no pain no swelling. Sexy time is fun. Exercise is not a problem. I do have scar tissue in my abs, which sucks. I was told by a local surgeon I went to visit that my scar tissue is TOTALLY NORMAL and should fade with time. ummmmm...anything else just ask.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I choose Dr. Salama because I liked seeing his transformations. He does a great job and after seeing his patients come out with amazing bodies, I knew he was the surgeon for me. I gave him a very honest rating, and the cool thing is he can handle it. He isn't a child, and he cares about his patients! TEAM SALAMA ALL THE WAY.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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