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Hello ladies..do here is the dilemma ! I am and...

Hello ladies..do here is the dilemma ! I am and have been super excited about my procedure I am getting with dr.salama but have recently ran into some fiancal issues that need to be taken care of prior..I need an extra month or two to finish coming up with the expenses! If anyone wants to change dates that would be soo amazing and helpful.my current date is December 6th 2013 I know it's a little short notice but I really really could use the help and I don't want to wait a year to get my procedure done :(..thanks hope someone can help!


So I just talked to nancy and I was able to get a date change with someone tho helps me out sooooooo much ! April 15th is my new surgery date I will DEFF be able to come up with the money and all other exspenses by then and I will finally be in the body I want by my birth day ! Soo excited !!! I'm going to start posting photos and such and keep up with this site

wooooohooooo booked my flight !!!!!

soo i suppose this is a good of a time as any to start writing an official review ! I'm so excited i just finally booked my flight!!!!!!!!!!!! this is getting so real i only have a little more left to save until my surgery date and I'm starting to get anxious/nervouse/EXCITED I'm going to start posting before pics soon! theres a couple things i want to cover first. number one does any one know what vitamins i should be taking and what not pre op also i have been loosing rapid amounts of weight due to some medication I'm on :( I'm gonna start trying to gain weight toward the end of feb i don't want to be too big bc i don't want a HUGE ass just something naturally juicy looking. my biggest fear is it coming out fake looking I'm only 5 ft 2 inches and 130 ish pounds and i don't want anything drastic looking I'm trying to get up to at least 136 for the surgery and have stopped working out so all my weight is in fat not muscle and have stopped smoking which has been really hard for me but i know how dangerous it can be. also any suggestions on what i should be bringing with me garments , clothes etc.... its a 3 hour plane ride too so I'm nervous about the way home having to sit that whole time ....any ways I'm going to be posting more and more and post some photos with in the next couple of weeks ! wish me luck gals

1 week!

heyy ladies so its official I'm 1 week pre op and I'm actually not freaking out as much as i thought id be ...aside from the fact that i am getting over a stupid cold i feel so secure and prepared for this ! one of my friends is currently in Colombia now and had the procedure done she was a little bigger than me and they only put 400cc in each cheek :( i hope that i will have enough fat. Putting on weight has been the worst ever i feel so gross and just want this to be over with, i also have this strange feeling that with my luck I'm going to end up getting my period like the day of surgery hahah...any ways posting pics now!!! and am going to start posting daily from this point forward ...getting excited !!!!

i just weighed myself I'm 5'2" 135.4...trying to get up to at least 138!!

1 day till I'm a rock star!!

so tomorrow is my surgery at 730 am!! I'm solo excited very very nervous but excited .. i have been running around all day and prob looked like a crazy person walking int salamas office with my rainbow unicorn pillow pet i brought on the plane with me hhahaha I'm all greasy and worn looking too ...its been a LONG ass day....i can't believe I'm still even up ..so today i went into the office and filled out 1 million pages of paper work everyone was very friendly and i felt very comfterble met naomi and she just went over everything with me what to do tonight in terms of washing my body removing body jerwlery etc....THen justin the driver picked me up and brought me to the recovery house..Everyone is so nice and reassuring here the house is well kept and the nurse is very sweet and throws down in the kitchen hahahha..im actually really happy i came here its so much more stress free and honestly i don't know how i would remember to do half of what naomi was telling me on top of remembering to eat find a ride and what not .. that would be a lot, so its nice to have people with experience behind you especially if you are coming into this alone :]...well I'm off till tomorrow...ill write once I'm officially salamafied!!!!!

what a trippp

hey ladies I'm officially bootyfull hahahha i was so out of it yesterday i could barley type.i was more so nauseas and sore not really in like omg I'm dying pain....... i was really nervous when i got to the office and was trying to stay positive, salama is a really really down to earth guy and was very open to giving me my desired results...when i went into the surgical room i was embarrassed and sacred shitless and started balling and they gave me something to calm down through an iv it kinda burned then the last thing i remember him asking me was my bday and name then i was out and woke up shivering like crazy they put some heating blankets on me and i could feel my swollen ass hahah i kept screaming i was gonna pee myself and i didn't realize i had a catheter in and she kept telling me to go i think i had more of the sensation then actually having to go...i was high as a kite tho off the anesthesia the pain was very minimal but i was sooooo nauseas justin had come to get me to bring me back to the recovery house and everyone was so helpful and the girls in the house were all telling me how big my booty was i think i started crying when i saw it bc of how swollen it was but i can deff tell its going to look great once the swelling goes down.so i got to my bed and just wanted to eat and drink its very important even if u aren't hungry to just force yourself even if its just a couple bites and sips keep eating and stay hydrated and take your anti nausea meds and pain killer the second you get home...i mostly just slept and peed a lot the first night and today was in a little more pain especially bc go figure with my luck i got my stupid period hahahh the cramps where worse than the pain from all this to be honest just make sure you stay on top of your pain meds and you will be fine today was a little more sore bc the anesthesia wore off but nothing ur pain pills can't fix I'm feeling excited :] and staying positive my first massage is on friday so ill be posting more :)

Today's been ehh ....

So I'm like 4 days post op and I had to wake up super early to go get my massage wich I was a little worried about so I took more than I should have of my pain killers :-/ that was DEFF not the best idea ...I felt like shit when I got to the office I was dizzy I felt like I had to shit and I was so nauseas ... I had my massage with Celia she's awesome !!! I love her ! She was very reassuring that my body was going to come out exactly how I wanted it ... She's also had the surgery so she knows what everything is about ... She kept warning me that the massage was going to be intense blah blah blah but it really wasn't that bad at all it was over before I knew it n my back was sooooooo itchy haha the only thing that really was painful was when she had to go by my drains or insitions it burned really bad and my back drain has been bothering me since day one I can't wait for it to be taken out ...we then both squeezed my body I to my stage two guarment ......that....was rediculous haha it's so effing tight AND. I have the foams in I can't even I don't know how I'm going to get this thing back on once it's off it DEFF a 20-25 min process by yourself haha it's so tight it's giving me heart burn ...so I got back to the recovery house then finally did a number 2 ! It was t much and honestly didn't hurt at all can't wait to be regular again .... Then I've just been so exhausted from the day I literally slept for hours...my butt it looking great tho my pain is pretty under controll I wake up really really stiff n swetting but I think that's normal n I don't see myself having to take too much pain meds for much longer ....can't wait till the swelling in my gut goes down and I can start seeing real reasults! Well that's all for now I'm gonna post pics xoxo

Can't sleep but living what I'm seeing !

Today was a little tough I mostly slept all day feeling a little homesick but excited that I'm seeing results ! This cg is no joke haha it's sooooo tight !


loving**^ what I'm seeing

feeling amazing today

so i think over all i just needed all that rest yesterday i woke up feeling pretty motivated and good i took one pain pill and got ready and went for a nice walk to walgreens with one of the ladies from the recovery house its so nice out and i feel so good ! I'm starting to feel semi normal again..i hate the way these foams look under my garment tho i can't wait to get my squeem and ab bord etccc..my pain is VERY minimal today the only thing a little sore still is my actually butt its so hard and bruised hahah but one day at a time :) I'm gonna shower and try some clothes on ill post more pics soon without my cg on :)


so i woke up today feeling kinda down and really stiff just feeling sick of waking up like this then i decided eff this I'm gonna take a shower and get pretty and feel good about myself today ...now lets talk about pain...the first real pain i felt throughout all of this was squeezing my new booty out of that 2nd stage garment they gave me lol it was the worst i got really light headed it took two ppl! but i did it !!n immediately after seeing my new shape and body i got so emotional IM IN LOVE dr. slama hooked me the fuck up i can already tell just 5 days after how amazing my results are going to be its made all of this worth it thus far.....i really am so excited to see how each week is going to progressively get better and better and its making all the stiff necks and aches and pains worth it I'm so pleased and so is my bf ahha i mean obviously he is... but more so than anything I AM which is most important I'm so happy i took my time with selecting the right doctor and saving the money in a timely fashion that suited me instead of just jumping into the cheapest surgery i could find i would spend every single dime all over again I'm so happy i feel like i can't express it enough hahah


ok so im a little over two weeks post op... sorry i haven't been updating but i got excited coming home and what not i have just forgotten how helpful other ppls reviews where for me so lets talk about the plane ride home....hahah it was horrible everyone was staring at me i literally stood up the entire time it was a sick joke ,,as far as pain goes I'm not in any i just take extra strength tylenol.. i had to come home with a drain in and get it removed yesterday it wasn't as bad as i thought.....hmmmm I'm seeing better results everyday my butt is shrinking tho a lot i hope it doesn't get any smaller but my stomach is still swollen ...some days are better than others,..you really need to watch what you eat ladies just bc he took all the fat out doesn't mean u can't swell which of me is actually worse than anything...my ass is still really hard and hasn't settled yet...i get about 2-3 messages a week at my home and also self massage ..hmmm what els...I LOVE MY REASULTS...hahhah I'm so bored band still on my stomach but am not going to rush back to work or anything i want my booty to stay ! I'm going to post some pics and keep you all updated :) xoxoxo

Meow some ass shots for u guys

One more


Feeling a little down today I woke up feeling like my butt is shrinking way too much and is starting to look like before I had the surgery I reLly don't want that to happen I'm getting all loca in my head thinking like "maybe I shouldn't have kept my garment off too long ..." Hahah and over analyzing everything that I have been doing that may or may not have resulted in fat loss ...I'm down to 134 and am thinking I shouldn't have taken my add medication yesterday it's adderall wich is basiclly like speed and speed well speeds up ur metabolism wich burns fat ughhhhh this is such an emotional journey and let me tell you BOOTY GREED IS REAL once u see ur booty all big and juicy and start to see it shrinking u go crazy ...I need to find a diet and work out regime that helps me to make the fat in my ass stay or get bigger n keep my upper body small ...I'm only 18 days post op and already considering getting a revision I'm going cray over here ! Hahahahha



ok so since my last update I've come to terms that i actually am very happy with my butt and hey if in 8 months to a year from now I'm not happy ill just go for a round two i just need to be patient ...i hate wearing this stupid garment does anyone know when i can maybe switch over to a more comfortable one with out risking anything...? and I'm getting so sick of being stuck in this house I'm 3 weeks tomorrow tho!!! thats exciting i need to get out more i just feel so uncomfterble all the time with this garment on...i had a few days of crazy swelling and started eating healthy again today and have been taking all of my vitamins and such and the swelling is going down ALOT i also started juicing again mostly ginger orange pineapple berries and i mix in some other things like flax and chia all these things are know to help reduce swelling and are natural anti inflamitories ...i can't wait to get back into the gym and really start getting in shape tho i miss it so much ! and i can't wait to work again !!hahah i never thought id say that

More photos

4 months out!

Heyy ladies so I'm about 4 months out I'm pretty happy with my results I finally sit all the time but still get scared I'm gonna mess up my booty hahah I'm just paranoid I call the office wayyyyyyyy to much asking questions but I'm starting to feel like me again ! I'm still wearing my garment mostly at night tho I work out now too I'm trying to build the muscle under my butt to see if it will help with some projection My weight is up and down depending on what I eat but my butt is up and down too :( I think I MIGHT go back for a revision there are a couple things I'm a little unhappy with but that's just Bc I'm super anal everyone els loves it no one can even believe that i had a bbl and they are shocked my money has compleatly tripled ! Wich is great .... I get a lot of stares and a lot of positive feed back ...my skin on my stomach still feels kinda loose sometimes especially when it's Hott out I hope it gets a little tighter ! Umm..what els....oh my scars are pretty much gone I just have the one from the drain still but I put maderma on it a lot
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Dr.Salama and his staff are extremely helpful down to earth people they are more than willing to help answer all of your questions and concerns.Dr Salama makes you feel at ease during all your visits with him I'm extremely happy that i chose him as my doctor and very satisfied with my results ! i definitely HIGHLY recommend him for your surgery especially if you are doing the bbl but know he does great work on other areas on the body as well just from what i have seen in the recovery house he's done an amazing job on other girls tummy tucks and breast as well...he's definitely just over all the go to plastic surgeon.

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