New pic! Salama chic 2 years post op!

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Soo my friends think I'm crazy, but I have wanted...

Soo my friends think I'm crazy, but I have wanted this for about three years. I have two beautiful children I'm 26 will be 27 in may so i figured I have the money why not do it for a bday present to myself. I'm so excited I paid my deposit and haven't even been in yet for a consultation, (just sent my pics online) once he said I was a good candidate I talked to nancy a few times and decided to go ahead and save the date. Especially since the price is increasing next month!! I'm excited, but already nervous about the pain afterwards! I'm always on realself (ever since I found it... Addicted) I will take any advice anyone can give me about pre-op or post-op and anything else you have learned on ur own from the bbl experience.

Had my consult today! Me nancy and her new roomie,...

Had my consult today! Me nancy and her new roomie, she sai she's so busy she needed more help! They are both beautiful women! I got so nervous bro in the office today. I can only imagine how much of a wreck I'm going to be when It's my day!! Ahhhh!!! But I got my date moved up two months so I'm now scheduled for may 9th instead I July 29! My bday is the 28th so I cannot wait to have this booty! "All I want for my bday is a big booty girl" haha my bf keeps singing that lol! But anyways! Dr.s was really good my mom came with me (I just told her about the surgery yesterday) she wasn't to happy saying I could use the money for other more important things but she knows when I say I'm doing something I'm doing it! We are best friends so she came and is like fine, but worried but free the appointment and talking to dr.s she seemed to be more ok with it.. Telling me I'm going to be super hot! Lol! But dr s said I have a square shape! :/ oh no! All I could think of was being a spongebob like those crazy sisters off bad girls club!! Lmao!! But in a few months I will be a kardashian! So no more square! ;) ok gotta start doing some papers for anatomy class! Good luck to everyone recovering (I was staring at all bootys of the post op girls I saw standing up in the office) and anyone who has advice for me I would be glad to have it!

Ahhhh... Only 2 months to go! I am soo not...

Ahhhh... Only 2 months to go! I am soo not prepared. I'm so nervous that something is going to go wrong with my labs or EKG and I'm not going I be able to do this after I pay all this money... And then ill be out money. I'm going to finish paying it off tomorrow! I'm excited by in a time crunch I feel like I h e nothing ready! I've been researching places, I want something close to the beach and shops something my mom can do instea of wing stuck in the room with me 24/7 and I want something nice not to nice ($) tho lol so girls! Help! I want people with experience in this! And I I should be taking meds now? Like idk I haven't been and I'm getting sick now with a cold so I'm just taking cold meds and vit c! What the heck I need a texting buddy to talk with this about, not me complaint but about the surgery too!!! Ahhhh ok I gg but let me know any suggestions anyone has!!! :)

Received my package today, a little confused tho...

Received my package today, a little confused tho as I thought I was suppose to receive a package and texted nancy on 3/28 and she said I will get it n a few weeks, then I called the office and spoke to someone else who said that was a mistake since I live in fl I will not get a package, and when I asked about my bloodwork and EKG, and clearance she said I will do it at my pre op appointment, which is 4/26. And sx scheduled for 5/9! So I was like ok, even tho I wanted to do it dinner just to get the stress off of me and have it done with now. And then today I received a package anyways! So now I'm confused and don't want to show up at pre op and then they are like ok so where is all ur bloodwork etc.. I think they are so busy that they can't keep up on everyone.. I hate to be a pain but I'm going to have to call I guess. And now I want them to do it because I have no insurance I called like urgent care and they said $495.00 for everything... Gtfoh! Ain't nobody got time for that.... Smh! Ok I'm don't venting! Nervous! And just want everything done so I know I can have this sx! My room is booked and its no refundable if u cancels in less than 30 days so there goes that if anything happens!!! Anybody know anywhere else I can get a clearance letter without having a primary or insurance let me know!!! Thanks girls!

Changed my profile pic to another Rs users post op...

Changed my profile pic to another Rs users post op pic! Because I love that ass! I forgot who's it is (I already commented them saying its amazing) so hope they take it as a compliment. I will post my before pics right after sx so u can see the results! My preop is Friday!!!!! Ahhhhh so excited! Stressed tho! Finals week is next week at school! And I have my kids running around at home! My hubby works afternoons/nights! Hope ill be able to handle them after I get back one week after sx!

Cleared for sx as of today!!!! Sx in one week!!!!!...

Cleared for sx as of today!!!! Sx in one week!!!!! 7 days Omg!!!!!

I'm starting to get really nervous, Im leaving...

I'm starting to get really nervous,
Im leaving my beautiful children tomorrow after I pick them up from school and have my bestfriend come over to stay with them until daddy gets off work! I already cried today I just need everything to go smooth and have a safe recovery! My mom is coming with me and she is so nervous for me, ahhhh I need to calm my nerves and wtf stress is causing me to break the fuck out!!! Even on my back (ewww I know) I've never had "backne" before I'm fucking tripping I usually have nice skin! Ughhhh guess I'm gonna go take a hot shower n relax! Will post preop pics Tom!

So I'm one day post op! I was expecting the worst...

So I'm one day post op! I was expecting the worst going into this but my recovery has been so good (knock on wood)... I went into the sx center at 6:45am got marked up dr salama sad he was going to give me a full butt and some projection which is exactly what I wanted! And he did! I think he said I got 1150 cc per side! I woke up just wanted to drink, they gave me a small cup of water! Came home around 12 I think and all day I drank and walked every 2 hours! My face is sooooo swollen! My eyes look look smaller then a Chinese person like hard to open looking! I did Good all day but did end up throwing up twice and a lot. Other then that I have taken it easy, no headaches or any extreme pain! Think I'm doing as good as I can. I'm putting side by side pics up I just made from right before sx and from now 24 hours p.o! And I will update later! And thanks to questforadonk she is super nice I text her ask her questions, just wanted to send a shutout lol and thanks to all the other Rs women for thinking and praying for me!

Was starting to have headaches so Stopped taking...

Was starting to have headaches so
Stopped taking Percs, except today before my first massage which still hurt like hell I started to cry and Naomi was like uh uh no breathe.. And then my mom chimes in yeh ain't nobody got time to deal with that she's trying to work... LMFAO! Shit was painful! And she removed a lot of fluid I could hear it it sounded squishy!!! Omfg hurt! I cried when I left! :( and she put me n a large garment I was n a 2xl! It's tight! My vajj is swollen and hurts in this thing! I go back wed for another massage! So not looking forward to it. But needed! And still have not had a bm! And was gonna do the whole suppository thing but not now! I'm not taking this garment off so that's gonna have to wait until wed as well! Ughhh this shit is emotional I miss home and my kids and my man. I have been staying really strong and doing everything on my own at night so my mom can sleep, we laugh a lot mostly At me, but today I cried a lot I don't wanna be a burden on anyone and this is a lot and a long recovery and I'm just starting! But I love my results so far just hope everything keeps working out and going as planned will post better pics I feel like the ones I have don't do it justice I'm smaller than I look n the midsection! Ok ttyl ladies! GOODLUCK to everyone on there bbl journey and those recovering!

1 week post post op

So I'm 8days post op! The swelling on my legs is so bad my feet can't even fit my flip flops! Ha! Annoying stopped drinking Gatorade today, so now only water with good food. Hopefully that will help! Anyways will update later as the weeks progress!... With pics, I just fell tired and look tired so when I fell up to it! Good luck to everyone on their journey! Dr. Salama is amazing!

Swelling went down, doing better each day!

Omg that shit stung when she pulled out the front drain, everything they do and I'm like ahhh they say its normal lol whatever that shit hurt! But got another massage and in some spots it tickled I had 99% no more burning feelings when she massaged me! Only one spot around where my drain was burned a couple times but tonight it's feeling way better! I asked for a smaller garment I was in a large last wed. Which was my last time in the office and my second garment since sx (I was in a stage 1 2xl the day of sx) so today I moved into a medium and I already put it on the second row of clips so I should of got a small gonna have to wait til next week when I got back again and ask for a small! I need to take pics but it just feels so weird being out of the gArment I like when my skin feels tight when its off it just doesn't even feel like my skin yet.. Idk but I saw a pre op girl who was signing paper and another girl who looked like she was in her first week post op and they both were like I look so good and they hope they look like my results so that made me feel good! My butt is big and waist keeps shrinking.. I just want a pedicure and to go tanning and of course Sit on butt, and get some lovin from my boo!!!! Ugh 6 weeks can't come quick enough!!!! Will post pics soon!

New back pic! Best I could do alone

New pics, 3 weeks po. Salama!

Adding a few new pics I know some girls say pics don't do it justice but they seriously don't! I'm loving my results so far. I missed my 3 week checkup yesterday because I didn't wanna drive in the rain, it was storming and I could switch into a smaller garment I need to because I got a med. last wed and its already feeling loose enough to go down... I have up and down days, this is an emotional roller coaster I can't wait to sit! I'm waiting until 6 weeks, that's my plan anyways! I hate this foam and board but I'm dealing... I just wanna be back to normal, but the results are crazy I can't wait to be able to be out showing out and wearing a bathing suit. I've never had a flat stomach and big butt I love it!! Wish everyone a speedy recover who is going thru this and good luck to the girls on their way to beginning the bbl journey! Xoxox

Cant stress how much I want to be out of this garment!!!

Almost four weeks, still loving my results! Dramatic difference from my flabby soft stomach from before to the flat stomach and shape I have now! My butt sometimes I feel is big and sometimes I'm like "does my butt look good it doesn't seem that big" my man says its perfect and will take shape once I get this garment off for good, because when I wear it now it makes the top of my butt look poked out idk its funky. But anyways, I'm in a medium garment got it takin in a little at the place I get my massages at. Serena spa (located in west palm off military by southern) and I'm wearing foam and board under it and a small squeem on top of the garment.. I still feel tired don't sleep good at night and sometimes wake up with back pain or stomach pain, not like I need to poop but like the compression is too much! Idk IM READY TO FEEL NORMAl!!! Dr appt Tom, with salama for a check up since I missed last weeks

Omg I hate waiting!!!! Lol and NEW PICS SALAMA 6 weeks po

So I'm 6 weeks post op as of yesterday!!! Finally started sitting on the boppy.. Feels fine other then me thinking my ass is shrinking every sec of the day! I swear this sx is life chnging! I love my new shape it's amazing but I keep on thinking my ass is shrinking.. I didn't measure because I know I would become obsessed... But I was like a 44 in the butt hopefully it hasn't went down to much! It's so hard finding clothes and as much as I hate the garment I got use to the way my butt looked in it and when I take it off I'm like its small, even tho I posted a pic on fb and got mad comments about did I get implants and private messages from females asking what I did I look amazing! I just wanna feel normal! I had my check up on Wednesday! I got so frustratedl.. Apt was at 11 and I didn't get into the back until 12:45.. And all I had to do was have salama look at me which took about what ten mins to tlk... Smh but the man is good and in high demand but still.. Well I don't go back for 2 months I hope my butt starts to fluff.. I stared wearing a vedette size small 136 and I have an XS squeem it fits but tight as hell I think I'm gonna wait until Tom to wear thAt alone n then the next day add board n foams and then the following day wear my vedette and then the squeem back on top... Cuz up until yesterday I was wearing my butt out garment size medium (but I had the sides taken in a little) and a small squeem on top of that! But anyways.. This shit Is hard! I just want to be back to normal and I need help with my stomach, my skin is flat but still loose.. I started working out again, walking and boxing(with my man, hitting the nits) I need to tone my arms! And some squats... But congrats to all the new n upcoming bbl girls and good luck! Thankfully I have been healing good and no complications wish everyone the same! :)

3 months post op

So I'm 3 months post op... I stopped wearing everything board foams garment squeem... Everything at 8 weeks... It was July 4th, had family come in town and ever since I haven't went back! It's summer I live in south Florida... Beach and pool and having kids can't stay inside wrapped up anymore... I love my new shape and booty! I do wish my butt was bigger but everyone says its perfect...and so natural... Well it's def an improvement! :) salama is the man and everyone I see that goes to him looks fabulous... If I was to give any advice it would be to lose weight before sx... Because I see girls that are 130 lbs and come out with huge bootys!!! And now I'm 3 months po offically Tom. I want to start hard core working out but I'm afraid to lose the butt I have... But def need to tone... And I still get messages at least once a week they say I'm good and was ever since the beginning its just I love them now! Well good luck to everyone I'm putting up a pic from last week and I will take some booty shots from the back and side soon! :)

13 weeks post op!

Sooo I think my butt shrinks everyday! But I love my new shape and I have OFFICALLY committed to hard exercise works and I start Monday! I need to tone up my arms, legs and of course loose skin on my stomach! But anyways good luck to everyone recovering and soon to have this sx! It's painful at first but so worth it! I love my shape! :)

5 months po! (In exactly one week) dr.salama

I'm still loving my new body and booty! My butt could be bigger (more projection) but it's very natural looking and still pops out and looks big because of that salama slope he gives! I'm not on here much anymore but will continue to post pics! I stopped wearing all my garments and waist clinchers at exactly 8 weeks! It was summer and I wanted to be out n the pool/beach... I still weigh the exact same as before sx. About 165 I started working out at A bootcamp place cuz I need to tone arms and legs and keep my tummy flat cuz I don't diet really... So now I'm almost po my butt is around 42 down from 44 post op and my waist is around 28 was a 26 but I'm very happy!!!! I love dr salamas work! My stomach skin is still lose but I had lose skin to begin with and have had two kids, my rolls under the bra area is what I really hated and they are gone now ( he said they come from ur posture, so i try to not slouch anymore :/ ) haha anyways I don't come on here to often sometimes u see girls way "better" then ur body and it would make me be like damn and feel kinda bad but u have to keep reminding urself of the progress u personally have made and my before pics show it! So I'm happy for the girls who look amazing and the ones on their journey! Positive energy to everyone! :) any questions just ask! Sorry for the crazy amount of stickers trying to keep my tats covered!!! :)
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