Surgery Done July 24th 2014- Dr. Yily

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Hi Everyone! I am new to the site and I want to...

Hi Everyone! I am new to the site and I want to have a BBL, lipo on my back and stomach. I am happy to be starting my journey! I am a thick african american, weight 183, and I am 5'1. I pray he can make this body pop again! My fiancenack (like most men) is athe butt man, Lol. If anyone has any recommendations pls write me. I will be posting pics soon.

Hi Ladies! I have now contacted Dr. Yily in DR to...

Hi Ladies! I have now contacted Dr. Yily in DR to get a quote. She sent an auto reply as soon as the email went through, but it has been 4 days. Her auto reply said it would take 3-7 days to recieve an answer, but I am sooooo anxious! I figured me and the family would make a vacation out of it if Dr. Salama doesn't work out. Help me out ladies, pls don't leave me hanging. I also made an appointment with my doc to let her know what I am doing. What has been some of your doc.'s advice when it comes to getting the procedure. I have read so many peoples post in the last 10 mths! Yall are full of info. Thx for your post!

Ok Ladies! I have heard from Dr. Yily and I am in...

Ok Ladies! I have heard from Dr. Yily and I am in route to my consult with Dr.Salama! Dr. Yily quoted me $4400 just $400 over what I figuered she would charge me. But she added a tummy tuck on. So this price covers a TT, fat grafting to buttocks, bbl, lipo of arms, inner thighs, back, flanks, waist and knees. I will let you guys know what Dr. S says when I finish with this consult. I have also been reading lately that few ladies are not happy with Dr. S results; uneveness, dimples and not achieving what they want. I will investigate them more before I make my decision. Good luck to all you Feb. ladies!

Hi ladies, I completed my last consult Feb. 6th...

Hi ladies, I completed my last consult Feb. 6th with Dr. Salama. For my tt Doc. S wanted to charge me almost $6000 and the bbl is almost $8000 and each additional procedure(arms, inner thigh...) an extra $250.
I was confused about who I wanted to go with until me and my fiance discussed the results I want. While doing research I noticed a lot of people saying that he was not giving them the results they wanted and his prices were going up. Before I went to my consult I knew I needed a tt but I did not know I would have to get my tt and bbl done separately. He can only take out a certain amount of fat at one time. Understood, the amount of fat differs between states. But he kind of lost my vote when he said he would have to leave back some fat due to these restrictions. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem following the rules but I don't understand why you need to leave some behind if you still have room to take it all? I would have to return back in 3 mths for the bbl and I sill have enough after the tt to get a nice, big, round butt? I just don't want to go through the pain two times.
Dr. Yily's prices are great, her results are on point and I can ge everything done at one time. The only problem is that I am a little scared about traveling to the Dominican Republic for surgery. I asked her if she has had anyone die on her and she said no, just 1 person needed a blood transfusion. That made me happy.
I am going to schedule around the beginning of Sept. Can someone send me a list of items that you bought so I can start stock piling! Lol.
Thanks Ladies

Good evening ladies! I am still doing consults,...

Good evening ladies! I am still doing consults, lol. I thought I wanted to go with Yily, but I realized that I love Jimmerson results. Even though Yily is cheaper, I have to be happy with the entire procedure. So now I am trying to get my consult wih Jimmerson moved up. I have read that I could go to the office to get a quicker consult or call and pay my deposit. If any of you ladies have done this please help a sister achieve the bootay of her dreams, lol. I am open for all suggestions. Don't get me wrong, I still love Yily's results, but I want to make sure I get the projection I want. And it does help that hunny has decided to pay for everything!! Woot Woooooot! I showed him Whorscope (I hope I spelled hat right) results and he said, I had to have that, lol.
On another note......
I stayed away from posting for a while, but I continued to read and comment on other peoples post. I noticed a lot of negativity was going on. Ladies, let's uplift and support one another. Keep the hate for the people that will be gawking at your new assets!

Ladies inbox me if you know of someone that wants...

Ladies inbox me if you know of someone that wants to switch or give up their consult date.

I am finally scheduling my surgery. I am waiting...

I am finally scheduling my surgery. I am waiting to see if the date is available and I am looking for a sx buddy to get the discount. Email me!

Both Worlds......... My appointment is set with...

Both Worlds.........
My appointment is set with Dr. Yily for Sept. 10. She is completing my tummy tuck, thighs, knees, chin and arms.
My consultation with Dr. Jimerson is set for Feb. 12. I want him to complete my BBL and back lipo.
The way I see it Dr. Yily is the queen of sculpting. I have seen her work her magic on a lot of girls. No matter the size, she comes through, big frame, small frame, she corners the market on sculpting. The problem I hear most is that she pretty much gives you the size butt she feels you should have. I have been on this site long enough to tell that she doesn't give big butts or shelfs. That's fine by me because I can pay her to do what she does best! But I have noticed that her butts do fluff out very nice in time. And let's not forget that she is aggressive with lipo!
Dr. Jimerson on the other hand gives women a nice shelf. His sculpting is good, but not as good as Yily. I have a shelf already, so I need Dr. Jimerson to make my butt hold a baby cup, lol. I uploaded wish pics.
I see it like this........ Why chose 1 when you can have 2!

3 Days Away .... Silhouette or Recovery House in the DR?

Hi Ladies, I have been a member of real for a while. I have read and seen the good and the bad. So now it is my turn to cross that glam body threshold! I am a bit nervous, but happy at the same time. I think a lot of my happiness comes from being off from work, lol! Well right now I am trying to figure out which recovery house to stay at, Recovery or Silhouette? If you ladies know anything about these two places could you help me decide

Just a few pics.

Ok the pics didn't post last time.

Uuuugghhh... I have to post 1 at a time I

Things You Need 2 Know

1st- If you have negative blood type please advise them b4 u arrive. Cipla does not carry this blood type, they must call around for it. I had to wait a full day not knowing if I was going to have my surgery.

2nd- Do not take unnecessary items with you. The max of 1 carry on and 1 check on bag. I had my arms lipoed a full tummy tuck and bbl. Make sure you advise the airline that u will need a wheel chair. Only take your meds that the doctor prescribed, your womens t-shirts(not wife beaters), pez, thick pads, comfy clothes, benadryl, monistat, a cheap purse to carry ur drain and slip on shoes. REMEMBER YOU ARE THERE FOR RECOVERY, NOT TO LOOK CUTE.....BECAUSE YOU WON'T. You will be swollen and feel really uncomfortable. RECOVERY IS NOT A CAKE WALK. PERIOD.

A Few Pics

Things You Need 2 Know Cont...

3rd- Follow your doc's advice! Don't walk a lot on ur 1st day....Rest. After that walk as much as you can. You will be walking bent over for a while. Don't fight it. Your stomach muscles will be extremely tight. Your breathing will be off, this is normal. You will only be able to eat small portions. This is a great start to the new you. Drink plenty of water. O and bring ibuprofen and arnica montana pellets found at health food store (I will post a pic). The ibuprofen will help a lot with your inflammation and the arnica helps with the healing.

4th-Eat, Drink, Walk and Thank The Lord That You made it Through. I stayed at Silhouette Recovery. Angela (the owner) use to assist Yily and she speaks perfext english and spanish, she is from Texas.

Please do not go to the DR if your hemoglobin is lower than 12 and your BMI is higher than 35. Yily will not touch you. While I was there, she operated on 2-3 girls a day...if that.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Great Doctor! Arrogant and Caring!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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