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Hello dolls!! I've used this site to choose my dr...

Hello dolls!! I've used this site to choose my dr and learn more about the bbl procedure the good bad and ugly!! So since I am next up in line I've decided to do a review since I know how much some people's really helped me!! I had three consults. Yily in DR. ,Dr David rankin , and dr. Salama. I was aiming for salama the entire time but figured I wouldn't be able to schedule when I wanted because he's booked to June 2014 already!! Soo I quick little background of me. I'm a RN. I work ER and trauma, and my boyfriend is a surgeon. Just not a ps lol. I'm grateful to have the knowledge that I do going into something like this. I'm no stranger to PS I've had lumpectomies and a breast aug in January and otoplasty (ear pinning). I'm about 5'6 and have gained to 131 lbs so far. I hold all or my weight in my flanks. I'm like sponge bob SQUARE pants here!!! My first consult the dr. Said he could give me 400cc pr cheek. I wasn't happy with that number and thought god I'm going to have to biggie size everything!! Thankfully I saw salama yesterday he told me 1000cc now that's more like it!!! Lol he was so so very nice and I was relieved to find out we had some mutual dr friends. He didn't rush the consult like most busy docs do and he want arrogant which is hard to find in Miami. I met with nancy and told her I was so happy to hear what he could do for me but unfortunately thought it would end there because there was no way I'm waiting a year. And I could only have my sx in December because of work and school. I thought I was going to cry. She was so nice and was almost more excited than I was to tell me that she had just had a cancellation in December!! I almost fell out of the chair when I heard this!! I whipped out that Amex and said its mine ill take it!!! Dr salama came in and again was so nice and reassuring. He told me I could stop shoving my face 24/7 lol and that if I wanted I could gain 8-10 more lbs but I have till December. So I can do it safely. Ladies I see sooo many people whom have to gain weight as well posting how much McDonalds n crap they're eating and that's not the right way to do it. That has sooo much sodium and other garbage we'll have a heart attack or become diabetic before we get good fat lol. I'm meeting with a nutritionist to get a good high fat diet going and will share it with you all!!:))) I can't wait to finally not have a flat butt!!!!!

Some items I've bought to prepare....

Hola!! I'm up to 130 lbs. I feel like I'm at 150 though!! It's hard. I'm using a weight gain powder I mix with whole milk and it's my easy out the door breakfast. Avocado wraps, cheese, pasta, whole milk, Ice cream, shakes ect. Not Big Macs and fries lol. U need simple sugars to spike your insulin intake and have your body store that sugar as fat. I just ordered the MAT from amazon. Looked most comphy and I like that I can put it on my bed I don't have room for a massage table nor do I want to carry one around lol. Arnica ointment and pills. The ointment will also help with ease of sliding garment on I hope. I got whole and half yoga rolls that I will use for driving as well as a lumbar roll. I'm already trying to figure out this driving this as I drive a good 45min to work. I'm wanting to buy some garments but worried I have no clue what ill need. I just hate not being prepared. I'm so so excited to finally have a booty!!!

Pre-op photos and weight gain

Jamba Juice weight gain!!!

Ok so yesterday I found out Jamba Juice has a drink. Peanut butter mood. It has a whopping 770 calories in it!!!! Just a tip for ladies trying to gain the weight:))

Pre-op cincher feel so fat

Ok so I'm at 134lbs. I'm not sure if I'm gaining too fast but I know my weight can drop easily so I think I'll keep truckin along. I was at Walmart and saw a plain stretchy black waist cincher so I figured why the hell not I can wear it sometimes now because I feel so sloppy. It's a double standard. I'm happy I'm gaining the fat but to think of looking so sloppy for 3 1/2 more months ;(. It's worth it!! Also.... So I went to a strip club last night and I noticed there was only one girl in there with a booty. So when she went in stage I decided I'd throw her some money to inspect because I was suspecting she had a bbl. and I was right. I could see some lumps in her abdomen and the famous two hip scars and her ass was huge. But I was then really scared. It looked stupid on her. Small skinny legs n literally two basket balls on her ass. So when I came out of the bathroom she was in there alone so I decided to ask her and told her I was only asking because I'm having it done soon and have never seen anyone yet in person. Well that little hussy was really nasty to me n then proceded to tell me no she hadn't had any surgery. I couldn't help but want to scream LIAR!!!! But I couldn't. Instead I complimented her and left. I've been thinking this whole time how I want it BIG as possible but seeing her scared me. I don't want to look like a clown ;( I guess I just have to have confidence in dr salama and so far I absolutely do.

December please hurry up!!!

I'm still at 134lbs not one pair of jeans I have fit me. I live in sweats scrubs and gym clothes. It's funny because I'm in gym clothes so much but getting bigger and bigger lol. I can't wait to have this sx it's going to change my life and self esteem. I never was liked in my teenage days and since I've really evolved and I know I'm very pretty now but people out there are just so damn rude and mean these days. Today I'm walking in the mall and walk past a little group of boys literally mb 15yo boys and one of them decides to yell out how I have no ass. Here I am at almost 30 being teased my little fkn kids omg!!!! I was so pissed. I wanted to cry. I'm so tired of always hearing people comments of my lack of ass. Even from my friends. Soon they're all going to eat their words I can't wait!!! 2 1/2 more months!!!

40 more days!!! Salama help me!!

Well I'm up to 137 lbs. I can't freakn wait to have this surgery. Hopefully I've gained enough weight at this point. I don't even like going out much because I'm uncomfortable. I'm getting nervous because I've been seeing alot of fat necrosis in salama's recent patients. I don't dont don't want to go through a revision or a round two. I feel like I'm giving up a year of my life between weight gaining and recovery time. I can't see doing that again. I posted some recent weight gain pics.

17 more days!! Omg!!

So my time is coming finally!!! So freaking excited but nervous too. Having nightmears already. Lol. I think I have all my supplies. I didn't buy any garments bc I have no clue what size I will be and thankfully there is a garment shop in my local mall ;) I've gotten my weight up to 141 lbs. I'm the biggest I've ever been!!! I've come so far from 125 lol. I'm super scared about being burned now since I saw what happened to another poor rs lady. Althoughr her shape does look amazing!!! I'm hoping for a smooth process and recovery. No hospital trips no round two no revisions. I only have a little over two weeks to recover from this sx and I'm back to work 3x a week and school 2 days. I told salama I'm a nurse and what did he think was enough time and he told me two weeks. But seeing everyone's blogs kinda makes me feel different but I have no choice at all. It's now or never. I think I may have a chance since I'm not doing my arms or legs. Well wish me luck!!! Here's some pics of my weight gain. So gross!!! And to think I used to be a fitness model smh.... Lol

3 more days!!

Ok so omg 3 more days??? Honestly I haven't even had time to process what is about to happen to my body right now. I'm taking finals up till Thursday then heading to Miami. Wake up n surgery!!! I've made it to 141 lbs from 127 lbs. that's as much as I can do. I can't wait and I hope to god I get optimal results and a safe smooth surgery!!!

Tomorrow is my day!!

Ok so I just got done taking the last of my finals and for once all I have to think about is this sx. I have 24 hrs. Shit just now got real!!! I hope I've gained enough weight for the results I want. And in praying constantly for a smooth procedure. Some of these past cases have me a little shook. Makes me feel guilty for going and doing thing after reading what some people are going through. But I have to do this for myself. I deserve it. I will just pray and stay positive. My bf booked our room at some beach from resort which I'm pissed about bc all I want to do the first day is walk straight from car to room. To like a basic room. Not fucked up crazy looking through a fkn resort up an elevator and down a hall. I mean how the hell am I going to make it?? I don't want to sit in a wheel chair. When I go down tonight I'm going to talk to concierge to see if anything can be arranged. Wheel me up on a freakn luggage cart I don't care. I don't feel prepared for what is about to happen to my body. Like it hasn't hit yet. I'm not afraid of going under or of pain. Just of my results. I know it's selfish but I'm doing this because I'm vein in the way I look so the last thing I want is for my stomach which has always been perfect (b4 weight gain) to get messed up with lumps n ripples. I really don't know what I'd do it that happened. Or if I got horribly burned. I will express to him tomorrow that in no way do I want this at the expense of 3rd degree burns. I can't believe how much my body had changed with this weight gain disgusting. Can't wait to wear my nice clothes again. I've been dressing like a slob for almost 6 months now lol.

Pics day b4 sx

Post op

So I'm two days out n I feel horrible. I haven't showered bc I'm afraid to take this damn thing off with out fainting. I've been throwin up n have no apatite. My elbows r on fire and this pee funnel omg it's not easy. The garment feels like it's about to rip me a new but crack. I hope it gets better n soon :((

3 days po

I'm miserable In pain omg

1st massage and look at myself

Just had my first massage they were shocked that I barley bruised at all. This was the first time I've taken my garment off since sx. I was too afraid to look. That massage wow.... They shouldn't call it a massage it's more like post op torture!! But i do feel better I'm in my 2nd stage which is super super tight I hate it already lol. Eager to see what my butt will actually look like. Right now it just big square and black.


I just had my first BM. Fuck my life !!! It took the life out of me n I'm sure there's more to come but I can't right now. Still not walking right but I'm no longer dizzy like I was b4 so that's good. One day at a time I suppose.

The roller coaster has started...

Is it me or are my hips grossly uneven?? I keep thinking maybe it's the garment but the first night I had to sleep on my left side entire night n day and now it's not like the right? Hoping maybe it just didn't swell because of the pressure. I didn't want hips anyways...!! My knees are the size of my thighs now so swollen

Question for vets

Is there a point where the massages don't hurt as much?? Also 6 days po got my butt drain pulled today!! Yeay!! It's the front one that hurts though ;( I'm still looking like a crazy penguin woman. I can't even wear a pair of my sweats nothing fits. I really hope I shrink soon all my friends that have seen me are like OMG!!!! But not so much in a good way :/

6 days po

Having a melt down

I've been balling my eyes out the past hour. I don't know if it's the way the garment is cut or the swelling but I hate the way my hips are so crazy out. I look like a penguin. I can't even put a pair of sweats on, I look absolutely crazy I can't exit the house. I'm one week today but I feel like in everyone else's reviews a by this time they were loving their shape. I told him focus on projection not hips. I feel like I've ruined my body. I was perfect before. Sure I didn't have a booty but I wasn't like negative ass. I'm so beside myself. I'm tall with skinny long legs and a short torso. Why would you make me look like this!!? I don't know what to do. I know I'm lucky for my health and pulling through this sx but I'm very very depressed.

Day 10 po

Ok so today Is day ten. I see no difference in swelling going down. My mom came over. Last night and she hasn't seen me since Thursday and she said she saw no difference. I just started to cry everyone who sees me shouts omg and laughs. I don't know how I'm going to go back to school in January. Today I'm going to have to pull my front drain. I'm super nervous bc it hurts me alot. When I changed the dressings it looked really red at the opening and almost infected. I put antibiotic in it and hopefully it's not like that inside. Also I notice I have a bandage strip in the middle of my public area and under each boob. What is that!! It's not more incisions is it!?? He def lipoed my vag it's super swollen and hurts the most!!! I feel like I got more than I asked for. Not happy still. But I did find a massage place and omg they are amazing!!!! The heating pad is my best friend. I slept 12 hrs after that massage. They told me not to worry that every girl comes in crying after this they made me feel alot better about myself. I tried in clothes today some sweats. Awful....;((

4th massage today

Today I got my fourth massage god I love my spa I go to by home :) I asked her to take pics of me before I got the garment on. I do like the way I look naked in the pic but then I put that garment on n sweats and I looks rediculouse!!! There are two very hard bumps by my belly button my therapist is working on them she said its normal?? Oh and omg I pulled my front drain last night!!!! It burned like a mother! The incision is like wide open and almost infected looking when I clean it later ill post a pic. It's def going to scar. I huge long blood clot came out too like the size of the drain! Eww. Looking for a butt in garment that doesn't put too much pressure on my butt , but calms down this penguin look.

Infected drain hole

This is my front drain incision it's open n looks a little infected. I'm using soap n water and ointment. I also decided to take more antibiotics by mouth

Bought a new garment

Today my massage therapist took a pic of me lying down she wanted me to see lol. Also I just ordered a butt in garment so hopefully it'll help me not feel so crazy looking. It's thin material over the butt and it's specifically made for bbl, lipo, and fat grafting. I ordered over night so I can't wait!!! Tomorrow I start my board. Question do I put board directly on my skin or over my tank top?? Help me out please!!??

Got my new garment!!

I ordered this last night and chose overnight shipping bc I was desperate and there wasn't a huge price difference. And omg I got it literally 12hours later!!! I'm so excited to try it but I JUST Finnished showering pooping and changing my bandages also today I added the horrible board. So I'm a little exaughsted right now but maybe later. I also ordered a different board bc the one they have me looks like it's been sat on! Lol and I also got a triangle board for the back because the foam moves around on me too much. I'm praying that this garment change lifts my spirits. I do feel good about myself naked but unfortunately even tho I live in sunny south florida going naked is NOT an option for me lol hope everyone had s good holiday. Mine was a little depressing bc I couldn't do much and get tired so I have to lay down while everyone else sits!!! Lol oh and today is officially two weeks!!! I can't wait for my massage tomorrow. It's the only thing I leave the house for lol. I've had five total and they feel so good I think I may extend my package from 10 to 20 since I can afford it and it's the only thing that brings me peace lol. I also ordered that candula tea from the pink room. My therapist talk about it and they've all had lipo too. Also with regards to the the whole pineapple juice thing they taught me how to make pineapple water. Since alot of the nutrients are in the skin like a potatoe. So you skin the pineapple and put it in a huge pot of water and boil. Then refrigerate the water and drink up :)

My new garment

Sooo.... After all day looking at it I finally got the nerve to try on my new garment. I was worried bc I felt if I still looked the same way I would fall deeper into my slump. Well wrong!!! It's freakin amazing!!!! I took some pics n even tried on one of my fav dresses and it's wearable!!! I'm finally happy and have a light at the end of my tunnel!! I took it off and I will wear this devil suit the office gave me though until I have to return back to school and work. It was a bit snug on the booty so I figure in a week it'll fit good. I think I'm just not used to havin anything touch my butt. Sooo happy!!!

Almost 3 weeks po

I'm almost three weeks post op. tomorrow. I'm really liking my butt right now. I know it will shrink so trying not to get used to it lol. When does the shrinking occur?? I'm getting massages every other day. I put a tampon tip in my belly button because if was a slit like a sad face I hated it. I'm only worried bc I see like a little bit if rippling around the top of my belly button and I DONT want that!!! My therapist says dont worry but I am! I'm using the board but it doesn't feel real tight against my belly bc of bending around my rib cage. Should I cut it?? My butt it soft around the edges one cheek has dropped more than the other so far. I'm still in a large stage 2 and it was loose so I went to store to get a squeem and I needed a large too!!! Wtf lol but now three days later I'm on tightest hook so ill get a med next week. Here's some pics oh and my incision is still healing ;) also I notice a line forming because of the cincher above the crotch area so I just cut some foam and see if it smooths out...

First time in panties!! Lol

So this whole time I've yet to try on undies or a bikini or anything lol. Only a maxi dress. So after my shower I tried a pair on to see. I love my projection but I could stand to loose some width still I think it looks a little funny from the back my chicken legs with this big ol ass!! Lol also I'm using this soap it's good for inflammation And helps the itches!!! Whatcha ladies think?? Also still wondering when is it that u loose ur volume? And when was the mark that your supposed to be safe with your booty size?? Thanks :)

4 weeks PO loving my butt!!

So yesterday was 4 weeks!!! It's been really ruff recovery but time has flown. Can't wait till I can sit two more weeks!!! Going to school for 9 hr a day SUCKS!!! My thighs hurt horribly from the roll I sit on. I finally bought some stretchy leggings yesterday and a loose shirt to hide the foam n board and for the first time I was all smiles!:)) I like my booty!!! I def notice that in past couple days it has all the sudden gone down alot! I love it now so I hope not much more ;) my lipo seems to look pretty good. Still working on some areas by my belly button and my groin is very swollen still and hard were the drain is. I lie on a heating pad then roll myself with a spikey ball roller. It's amazing and helps with the itching too!! Today I finally started wearing my new butt in garment and I got into a medium squeem vest. It's true with all this on I can eat much and I burp alot lol. Whatcha ladies think?? Came a long way!

This is the roller pin I use. I love it. From target

5 weeks po

So I'm 5 weeks now and I feel pretty good. Besides the damn board and foams I look normal in clothes and I'm rockin the shit out of leggings like I never did before!! Lol I tried on a bikin for first time that I never really liked to wear. It looks great now. Almost too small for my ass!! I don't sit with a boppy yet I still stand alot n sit only on my thighs. My abdomen is still very lumpy. Has me concerned a bit hoping it's not going to stay like that. My culo has def shrunk ALOT!! It's still nice n high and a bubble. My right cheek is def bigger n higher than left and has been for past two weekes so not sure what's going on with that. The top half of my butt is very soft and the bottom just not the middle. I have some cellulite but I had some b4 and I don't mind it at all looks more natural. The only real problem I'm having is I have a stitch coming out of my bottom butt cheek incision that's bothering me and I'm not sure what to do with. But I'll ask doc. Other than that I love my new shape so far. And here I am the girl that was crying and freaking out 3 weeks ago now I'm going hmmm I hope I don't loose anymore!! Lmao ohh how things change!

Before n after pics

Finally tried on an outfit with out boards n foam. Also did before n after pics :)

6 weeks. Going out for first time tonight!!

So yesterday was the six-week birthday of my booty I still have not sat yet but I sit with a little more pressure when using a pillow under my thighs tonight I'm going out for the first time I'm not going to wear my Ab board but I will wear my garment and cincher just no foams either it feels really weird not having it as far as the attention I'm finally getting some looks and stares when I went to the mall today I have to say me being the one who was devastated in the beginning now I feel like I've never had this much confidence in my life. I'm so very greatful!!! It's changed my life. Gained a booty and confidence and lost a fiancé. Ohh well!! I'm happy with myself for the fist time in my life.

7 weeks po

No garment tonight. Feels extremely weird.

Question for vets

I have a question for some of the vets. So my butt has softened up a lot the bottom top and sides. But right smack in the center of both cheeks inwards by my crack it's still hard and sore. It feels like the size of a soft ball it's sore but not red and you can't see anything "like a lump" is this normal at 8 weeks just the last part to soften up?? I'm praying it's not a shit ton of necrosis!!?? But I thought with necrosis the skin color will change and u can visibly see a lump. Please if anyone knows of this???

9 weeks po

So I'm 9 almost 10 weeks now!! It's crazy it seems like a year ago I started. I love my butt it's perfect shape and size! I finally match my boobs! I still have the hard areas in the center but that's it. I'm very thankful for dr. Salama. My stomach it perfect and I was very worried I'd thine my flat stomach with weight gain and lipo but he did perfect. No ripples or loose skin. I still have discoloration but that's to be expected bc I stayed out of the sun for like 6mo before sx so I didn't scar. I'm going to get spray tanned this weekend dr if it looks better. I don't wear any type of garment now. Sometimes a cincher and board to bed if I'm swollen but that's it. Lipoed areas don't hurt anymore just the burning feeling on some movements and stretches but I can deal. Dr salama changed my life. I wish I had done this sooner!!

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