Im Getting a Butt for my 27th Bday - Aventura, FL

Today I have officially put down my deposit for my...

Today I have officially put down my deposit for my procedure and I can't believe it!!! I will be staying in the recovery house and flying over there alone. My job has given me 16days off which I hope will be enough time. Im not telling them what I got down I will come back to Chicago mid winter with a booty and just wear loose clothes. Blame it on the holidays for the weight gain. Spring hits and bamm my butt with appear. Im a single mom and was in a long term relationship for 9 yrs. Now that thats over I want to make myself happy and get the butt i always wants.

need to switch i want it asap

Anyone want to switch I have November 3. I want to go anytime after September 2.

3months before surgery

I really hope salama can work a miracle
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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