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Today I have officially put down my deposit for my...

Today I have officially put down my deposit for my procedure and I can't believe it!!! I will be staying in the recovery house and flying over there alone. My job has given me 16days off which I hope will be enough time. Im not telling them what I got down I will come back to Chicago mid winter with a booty and just wear loose clothes. Blame it on the holidays for the weight gain. Spring hits and bamm my butt with appear. Im a single mom and was in a long term relationship for 9 yrs. Now that thats over I want to make myself happy and get the butt i always wants.

need to switch i want it asap

Anyone want to switch I have November 3. I want to go anytime after September 2.

3months before surgery

I really hope salama can work a miracle

4days away

So it's almost time I will be flying out Wednesday morning having my preop that afternoon and then Thursday is the day. It hasnt sunk in yet I just took some pictures after 5pounds weight gain and i want this more then ever.

Added more lipo

So I had surgery a few hrs ago and I fell horrible that parts that hurt are where the incisions are. I'm staying at dolls recovery getaway! These ladies are amazing the food is delicious and they are constantly checking up on me. The owner is such a great person I feel so comfortable with them. Feels better then home. Place is clean !!! Anyways back to my surgery sorry if i misspelled jajaja still on meds. So I went in at 130pm cause surgery was scheduled at 2 well I didnt meet salama till 4pm!!! I was starving og yeah youre required to fast for about 8hrs well my last light meal was at 6am. I think i went in at 5 idk what time i got home all i know is i needed help n with everything. I been walking every 2hrs feeling a little better but i have no sensation on my fat. Here are some pictures and of course they will go down. The dolls that are here are all so sweet. Im so glad i booked my stay here.

Showered today

How i loom without the garment it was being washed.

Day 2

Day 2 has not been that bad I been on it with the pain meds. Eating and drinking alot of water.

Im loving it!!!

This is day 4 had my first massage omfg!! That shit hurt like hell but hey we need it. The ladies in the office are really sweet and make me comfortable. I just asked how many ccs I got turns out 1300ccs on each side!! I fucken love my huge butt! Even if im left with half its so nice. Coming back to elite next year with some of the ladies from here to get our breast done by dr salama!! I look at my body and im in love even if its all bruised and sore I'm in love with myself! Recovery has been a pain because I got my armpit fat lipo, chin, the front of my pubic mons and all my back and stomach so its hard to pull myself up. Its only day 4 but I'm feeling normal except for my huge butt.

6 weeks post up

Who wants pics or has any questions ask away

4.5 weeks on this

So its been hard but I would do it again

8 weeks post op

I hate my stomach its uneven and has dents. As for my buttocks its better then i ever had but not worth all the money i spend. If i could i would of gone with someone else.

Not worth it

I wish i had gone somewhere else paid too much for no real difference

The office saids I look fine w t f

So my back fat is gross they never took out enough and my butt has no projection. It looks like my butt only sticks out on the bottom where it meets my leg which makes me look fake as fuck. I'm so insecure of my behind worst then before. I have talked to the office and they are quoting me $5500 for a revision on something they fucked up pluz medical bills a air plane ticket and a recovery house I'm looking at 9k Wtf salama?! Don't go to him I'm only 4montjs post op and living a nightmare and they just want more money
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