UPDATE pics-1 yr 7 mo post-Need a revision (no money), uneven sides, dents/dimples, etc.

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Hi, everyone. Iv'e read soo many posts the last...

Hi, everyone. Iv'e read soo many posts the last week and i'm so excited to get a BBL with Dr. Salama. On June 22nd I received a responce from Nancy after I emailed twice for some information within a week. She sent info about BBL and quoted me $7,779 for now because there is no telling when it will go up since it was a thousand dollars less one or two weeks ago. She asked me to send pictures and now i'm waiting for a responce after Dr. Salama reviews them. I will then have to pay 10% which is about $780. down payment and then we will schedule a date and she'll send me directions/requirements in the mail for things to do before the surgery. I guess i'll be having it in January of 2013 since Dr Salama is booked until then and from what I read on Real Self he will be on vacation the first week of Jan.
So far from reading on Real Self I learned to be patient, have help the first few days after surgery, buy arnica for bruising, and pain,
Don't take ibuprofen or aspirin two weeks before surgery and two weeks after, buy depends undergarments for emergencies/mistakes, eat low sodium diet week before surgery and two weeks after to avoid extra swelling, get proper rest and nutrition week before surgery, Take Bromelain or eat pineapple to help with healing, no smoking or drinking alcohol 3 weeks before surgery because it interferes with healing and blood flow.
Walk, move everyday to heal faster, have less swelling.
I'm soo excited and I don't even have a date yet. I can't wait. I thank goodness the price isn't 10,000 because it will probably get there fast so anyone considering BBL with Dr Salama should probably schedule now because you will have months to save for it.
I've learned alot from everyone. I will post before photos when I have the date scheduled. GO TEAM SALAMA!!

Hi everyone, Nancy responded today with Dr...

Hi everyone,
Nancy responded today with Dr Salamas review on my pictures and this is what he said,"Patient is an overall good candidate for the BBL surgery. She has good fat deposits in the areas that I would liposuction".... . Now I just have to call her tomorrow and see about sending her the deposit. She stated that they are scheduling in February now. Wow! he is really popular, i'm just glad i'm scheduling now before prices go crazy high. At least i'll have more time to save money and prepare for everything. I'll be working out more because exercise helps with healing and help tighten up skin. Until tomorrow ladies. I'll post before pictures asap.

Hi Ladies, I called Dr salamas office once...

Hi Ladies,
I called Dr salamas office once yesterday and left a message on Nancy's answering machine and once today and left my number with whoever answered. I'm waiting to schedule my surgery date. I can't wait to finally have the date scheduled! Anyway, here is a website that gives ideas other than boppy pillow to sit on while your healing. http://www.coccyx.org/coping/cushions.htm

Hi everyone, I've added before pics of some...

Hi everyone,
I've added before pics of some jeans i bought which ill be comparing after the surgery. Im still waiting to hear from Nancy about setting up an appointment.

Hey Girls, I'm soo excited, I finally scheduled...

Hey Girls,
I'm soo excited, I finally scheduled my surgery for February of 2013. It's far away but at least I be able to have fun this summer and save money/prepare for what's ahead. I paid 10% which was $750 by phone with credit card and Nancy emailed receipt and breakdown of costs. Now I just have to prepare and I can call and put money down anytime I want. Everything must be paid the day before surgery. Also, a couple months before my surgery i'm supposed to be getting a package with directions, prescriptions and everything that I need to know to prepare for surgery. Oh yeah, my cost went down a little because I won't be using Larry the driver, my boyfriend and I will be renting a car because we'll need it the whole two weeks. Cant wait!

Hi Ladies, Hope everyone is doing well. If there...

Hi Ladies,
Hope everyone is doing well.
If there is anyone that has cancelled a Dec 2012 date let me know asap. My appointment is in Feb 2013 and I would like to have a Dec 2012 date. First two weeks of Dec 2012 preferably before school vacation. Message me privately if interested. Thanks, i'll keep my fingers crossed. :)

Info explaining BBL and more. What to expect...

Info explaining BBL and more.

What to expect from a Buttock Lift or Buttock Augmentation

Recovering from a buttock lift or gluteal implants surgery can be harder than most other procedures, in as that the patient cannot sit directly on the buttocks for up to three weeks. Most of the recovery time is spent in bed, laying down on the stomach. This is advised to ensure a permanent result. If the patient has to sit, one should use soft cushions when sitting for prolonged periods. No matter what position you choose - most surgeons will ask you to avoid putting constant pressure on the treated area. Try to change positions every 30 minutes to make sure you don't put too much stress or weight on any one area.

There will be some soreness and discomfort around the surgical areas; however, this is easily controlled with oral medications. After this procedure, the buttocks will swell to varying degrees and slowly subside as you recover.

Loss of sensation or numbness in the area of the surgery can happen. This is normal and will take several months to disappear.

Skin in the area of the surgical site might appear "shiny" due to swelling. This will dissipate within a few weeks and the skin will return to a normal appearance.

Tingling sensations might occur in the surgical area. This is considered "nerve regeneration" and is a sign that the nerves are healing. This will go away within several months.

Most patients normally can return to work within two weeks time. A special compression garment is worn to control the swelling for at least two weeks.

If a patient who has skin that was not firm and elastic can experience some dimpling of the tissue. This can be minimized by direct massaging the fat injection areas. Daily massage should be done three times a day for a period of six weeks.

Cleaning of the incision site is imperative with alcohol, especially after using the restroom.

Walking is good after this surgery to help with swelling and edema. At two weeks post operative, exercising the upper body is allowed, but any activities like jogging, etc. should wait until six weeks.

All symptoms of the buttock lift or augmentation surgery will disappear within four to six months following the procedure.

Read more about Buttock Lift or Augmentation:

Risks and Complications with a Buttock Lift or Augmentation

Other Body Lift Links:

Lower Body Lift Information

Types of Body Lifts

Thigh Lift Information

Panniculectomy Information

Body Lift Risks and Complications

Body Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Body Lift Recovery

All About Body Lifts

Body Lift Before and After Photos

Website below,


Anyone cancelling for December 2012 for whatever...

Anyone cancelling for December 2012 for whatever reason or willing to switch with me for my appt. (Feb 2013.) Please send me a private message. Thanks ahead to anyone interested.

No longer need a December appointment. Thanks to...

No longer need a December appointment. Thanks to everyone that offered, I really appreciate it!

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I updated...

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I updated but I have been reading some reviews on the sidelines.
In the past week I received my package from Dr Salama office, scheduled my flight and tomorrow I will schedule my apartment stay for two weeks from Airbnb.com
Things I need to do:
look for cheap car rental companies in Florida
buy vitamins and meds
schedule appointment for blood tests, ekg, and clearance for January.
Buy compression socks, epifoam, female urinal, thermometer, thong garment with cheeks out, and more.
save money for massages, food, car rental, etc.

I already have: comfortable dresses to wear, stool, bed pad for leaks,
I want more projection bubble butt but not too wide just like my wish pic. Just fill in dents and make my butt fuller but not to where it looks like it's going to burst. Remember fat won't survive if it's squished, it needs space to breathe and expand.
Well good luck to everyone scheduled for any type surgery. I'll update soon as possible. XO

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I updated...

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I updated but I have been reading some reviews on the sidelines.
In the past week I received my package from Dr Salama office, scheduled my flight and tomorrow I will schedule my apartment stay for two weeks from Airbnb.com
Things I need to do:
look for cheap car rental companies in Florida
buy vitamins and meds
schedule appointment for blood tests, ekg, and clearance for January.
Buy compression socks, epifoam, female urinal, thermometer, thong garment with cheeks out, and more.
save money for massages, food, car rental, etc.

I already have: comfortable dresses to wear, stool, bed pad for leaks,
I want more projection bubble butt but not too wide just like my wish pic. Just fill in dents and make my butt fuller but not to where it looks like it's going to burst. Remember fat won't survive if it's squished, it needs space to breathe and expand.
Well good luck to everyone scheduled for any type surgery. I'll update soon as possible. XO

December 13 2012 Hi ladies! Just dropping by to...

December 13 2012
Hi ladies! Just dropping by to say i've scheduled my pre-op clearance appointment for Jan 7th and I have bought gauz pads, vit c and iron pills to begin takin first week in January. I don't wan too many cc's just enought o make my butt a little fuller and bubbly with some projection and not to wide because I don't want my change to be too drastic or huge just beautifully natural. I want my stomache to be very flat and get rid of my upper back fat which I hate. If I had the money I would do my arms which are naturally big and some inner thigh but it's too much. I have also added chin lipo since it's only $225 for now. Anyway thanks for reading my reviews and I hope it helps someone. My surgery will be here before you know it so im enjoying wine and beer because I wont be able to drink it past mid January. I have been stretching and doing some yogalates in the mornings along with some body weight exercises. I'm hoping my cellulite/butt dimples go away some after having my butt lift cause I hate them. Well that's it for now. I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas and to everyone having or have had a surgery good luck! and Best wishes!

Does anyone know a cheap car rental company to go to and where. We will be renting an economic small car for about two weeks and since we are not from Florida im hoping someone can give me some info/ideas. Thanks. I was thinking Enterprise because they pick us up and drop us off but would I have to pay for the insurance also?

Hi everyone! I have questions. For those...

Hi everyone! I have questions. For those of you who flew in

are you able to bring Rx drugs on your carry on or where?
Has anyone had any issues with items needed for surgeryat the airport?
What items are you allowed/not allowed to bring in carry-on?
What items do you recommend I buy in Florida?

Im concerned about being stopped and having them throw away my arnica cream or anything else.

I plan on taking a cab to hotel because car rentals at airport are more expensive.
What is an inexpensive car/rental co. near hallandale, aventura, or close by AND how much money do they ask for as deposit, daily charge, and insurance?

Any other info would be very helpful. Thanks ahead.

Anyone have info on what is allowed or isn't...

Anyone have info on what is allowed or isn't allowed on board airplane? ( for ex. medications, etc.)
thanks ahead.
I will finish paying my surgery in a couple weeks and I will be having my pre-op testing January 7, 2013.
I still have to purchase a couple meds and some items.
To be honest the thing i'm worried about is having a severe sore throat because I turn into a baby when i have sore throats, I hate them! Does anyone recommend anything powerful to numb my throat after surgery?

That's it for now ladies, good luck to everyone. TTYL

I gained five pounds, freakin holidays, lol. JK

I gained five pounds, freakin holidays, lol. JK

February 5th I arrived in Florida Saturday and...

February 5th
I arrived in Florida Saturday and today is my surgery. I met Nancy yesterday, filled out a bunth of papers while waiting to be called in, Nancy is very nice and reassuring. Not really feeling anything but just wanting to get it over with. Im hungry! surgery is scheduled after 1pm. Hopefully everything turns out perfect. Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else having surgery of any kind. :) TTYL

It is 4 days post-op after surgery my face was...

It is 4 days post-op
after surgery my face was very swollen probably fron the chin lipo and my butt is poking out my garment like crazy. It looked like a mushroom. I had to cut it a bit even though they cut it at the office. I checked yesterday and realized they gave me a medium garment with the butt out. It sucks! Its digging into my skin alot and the tube that goes down the back of your crack hurts. My front tube wont stop leaking and my nausea lasted two days. Everytime I got up I was nausious. The pain from surgery isn't that bad i've been using tylenol extra strength rapid release. Its the stiffness and the pain from the garment being too tight. I think they were supposed to give me large. Anyway, today I get my first massage and a new garment with the butt closed in because I asked for it. I took a shower and the it wasn't bad the only thing is that the open wounds stung a little but thats it. It was difficult putting on the garment again but it wasnt painful.
I haven't had much of an appetite. I tried eating chicken and beans with salad the second day but I couldn't get it down. I've been drinking tons of gatorade and ginger ale. I mostly ate sugar free canned pineapple and jello. the first two days. I haven't had the urge to use the bathroom #2 but I have been peeing alot. I hate that I cant sit but it is what it is. The first day I woke up every two hours through the night to walk, drink gatorade and eat pineapple. second day added bananas. Yesterday I ate half a chicken sandwich from mcdonalds for lunch, and slice of red baron pizza for dinner, and today one waffle. I just don't have the appetite. I never want to have to do this again, it sucks! If it wasn't for my BF I don't know what I would do. He literally does everything all I do is sleep, lie down, eat, walk, kneel.
Hopefully, I can get well enough to enjoy the outdoor with him before we leave Saturday. It is so beautiful out here in Florida. I feel like a prisoner,lol.
This is just my experience, everyone heels differently and some don't even bruise, lucky. I'll post pics asap. My stomach looks alot smaller. I cant wait to post pics. Good luck to those that had the surgey and are going to have it . Happy healing. I wonder if I can have some coffee?

Hi everyone Just a quick update. Im doing fine,...

Hi everyone
Just a quick update. Im doing fine, its the tight ass garment that I hate. I didnt have much pain from lipo. The only pain I have had is my butt tingling but I think its because of the tight garmentbecause when I take it off to use the bathroom or shower I feel amazing. When I think of putting it back on I stall because it feels sooo uncomfortable. Other than that the pain from massages is hell! Im a strong person and even though I don't cry and scream it still hurts i have always been able to hold the pain even when I gave birth I just held it in with heavy breathing. I suggest for future patients to take double pills especially if u can't take pain much. The nausea post op for two days made me feel like crap. I just wanted to stay sleeping forever because everytime I stood up I felt terrible.
I received 1100 cc's in each cheek. My butt looks huge! I hope it goes down alot because I don't want it to look fake, I just wanted something a little fuller and rounder. It feels like I have two basketballs attached to my back when I walk, lol.
I know some people have said they feel alot better after massages but I don't . I actually feel worse because my abdomen is sore and more sensitive aftarwards. I'm going for my third massage tomorrow and getting my back drain removed, I can't wait until they are both gone.
I got a secong garment but it was with the butt out. The massage therapist said they didn't have the covered ones anymore and that they had a medium with covered butt left but she thought it would be too tight so I had to wear a large butt out garment and it hurts around my butt even after I cut it. I guess i'll have to purchase a covered one tighter in the middle. To be honest they don't have a perfect one for BBL. They need one that is very small at the waist and comfortable in the butt.
If anyone knows of a garment like this please let me know!!!!
Oh yeah, I received the foam padding but the board will be given to me probably Friday before I leave back home. I also have a squeem back home waiting for me so hopefully that will help compress my waist and make it smaller since I have a little softness/fullness in my lower abdomen.
Well if anyone has any questions let me know and THANK YOU to everyone that sent me comments and well wishes. I appreciate it.

Update+++++++++++ Wednesday I had my third...


I had my third massage today. It was painful but not as much as the other two times. My lipo areas are fine, they don't hurt. The only time my lipo areas hurt is after massages for a little while they are sensitive in the front but thats it. They say i'm doing very well for one week post. A couple people commented on how good I look and how well i'm doing for one week. I'm glad i'm doing well.
After my massage I saw Dr Salama and he removed both drains, thank goodness, I was getting tired of those things. I feel soo good when i'm not wearing my garment. I put it on when I got back to my apartment and it's freakin tight. It feels like its compressing my ribs, so I leave the top hooks open and my shoulder straps off.
I feel like some people come into this thinking its easy but it really isn't. I want to be honest and say that you MUST have someone to take care of you at least the first week. You need someone to make you walk, eat, etc. It's very important to move around so you don't get bloog clots. I don't know how some woman have done this alone other than they pretty much had no other choice. I didn't want to do anything the first few days. My Boyfriend treated me like a baby.
Using the bathroom: they gave my boyfriend a plastic container for pooring the fluids from the drains and this is what I used to pee in. Worked like charm. As far as #2 I went 4 days post-op easily after that.
My right cheek looks a little bigger than my left. It feels like a low bump toward the middle of my right which I'll bring up to Dr Salama on Friday the last day i'll be seeing him. I hope (fingers X) it isn't necrosis or infection. My cheeks are sensitive to touch and my right tingles more than the left. My boyfriend had been smoothing on arnica gel but it finished. I'm still bruised up toward my armpit areas and but.
Chin lipo:
My chin looks a little smaller and I still wear my chin strap. It is also still bruised. The massage therapist massaged my chin on second massage day only. The Dr said wear it for upto 6 weeks.
Driving around:
My boyfriend drives me to my appointments and I lay down on my stomach in the back. I went to target yesterday and I laid down on my stomach. People looked at me because of my bruises and big booty but I didn't have the energy to care. I just wanted to get home because when the garment is on I feel like crap. It squishes everything and feels very uncomfortable.
Saturday flight:
I won't be wearing my garment on flight so that I can be more comfortable when sitting on boppy and moving around. As soon as I get home I'm buying a comfortable garment asap. Can't wait to get home!

Well that's it for now ladies. Good luck to everyone and thank you all for your well wishes.

Finally back home! I ordered a new garment fro...

Finally back home!
I ordered a new garment fro this site:


I had to get it because the butt out garment I have is too uncomfortable. Last night I woke up every hour literally! Even after wearing all pads I still have marks and indentations. I have a bump that looks lke a bubble in front abdomen toward the right side but Doc said it isn't a seroma. Besides swelling is different for everyone and it could take 8 weeks to 6 months to fully heal and rid of swelling maybe even longer.
I also signed up for a swedish massage which is healing since I couldn't find anyone that does Lymphatic massages. The massage therapist said she'll do a little lymthatic as well. So i'll begin Monday and every Mon, tues, wed, thereafter for upto maybe 9 massages ($65/hr -$35/half hr) or more depending on outcome and $$$.
Other than the garment being too tight my vulvar area was swollen after 7 days. I read its because when I stand/walk the swelling goes down toward lower body.
I had to sit yesterday for three hours on airplane and my butt hurt alot, it was very sore afterwards.. I kept moving around the whole flight. It looks fine though. I measured it today and it is ..........45 ". My butt is still sensitive and still bruised even though I used arnica a month ahead and put arnica gel on my butt.
Tues feb 19th will be two weeks. I still wake up stiff and I have been doing my own massages to help with blood flow and circulation. I put a hot towel on area to be massaged and then massage with either, coconut oil or almond massage cream. Also , I have put petroleum jelly to help with this itchiness that I have every single day, it was suggested by a Doc on real self, since the benadryl isn't working at all.
I wanted to add that I had gained weight before surgery, I though it was 5lbs but I weighed myself post op and the scale says 173 almost ten pounds higher than my pics from June. Say whaaat! I can't wait untill i can workout to get a better outcome and smaller waist. My goal is 150ish. I bought a squeem in small and it doesn't close. I might have to get a medium.
Good luck to everyone and any suggestions/tips/ideas will be appreciated.

I am three weeks post and one day today Wednesday....

I am three weeks post and one day today Wednesday. I just had my 8th massage, it feels good but I can't tell if it's helping because everyday I continue to stiffen, swell up, etc. Every day is different. I take off my garment every morning because it stiffens me up at night and feel very tight and uncomfortable. I massage myself every night with almond massage cream or you can use coconut oil. I use mederma on closed wounds everyday and the scar from my drain in front still has a scab so i'm waiting forthat to fall off so that I can also put mederma on it as well. I have a silicon sheet but i'm waiting untill my mederma is finished to use it on my slightly raised scars.
My boyfriend and maasge threapist say's that my scar on my upper back is big and from what I can see they are right.
I also have two weird dots/bumps under each breast, like if the doc went in that way also. I didn't know that. I still have a little swelling on my pubic bone area and my stretch marks look more noticable It isn't completely flat around stretch marks either so looks like I might need a mini TT if I choose to.
I have a bump on my right lower abdomen which looks like the doc missed a spot of fat because it is soft. Right above that I have skin that isn't attaching/tightening and it feels a little jiggly and kind of hollow a little but it isn't that noticable just a little. Some days it look more noticable.
The scar under my left cheek is tiny but feels like a tiny hard pimple. The dimples on my butt are bigger and it looks like i have more. Also, it looks like I have new stretch marks on my right cheek so i'll prob need more mederma cause it helps with new stretch marks.
Everything else is fine. My butt is softening and jiggles a little. The shape is looking a lot better and dropped alittle. It looks very nice and doesn't look too big or unnatural. I really love my new shapr especially my flat stomach. I wore shorts yesterday inside and they look soo good on me. My stomach is still improving, sometimes it looks discolored, other times it looks normal. Sometimes very flat and firm other times swollen and soft. My period should be coming soon so maybe the swelling has to do with that as well, idk. So far soo good, I stretch lightly every morning because I used to be able to stretch really good but now it feels like i'm pulling my skin and it hurts to stretch.
I still can't sit but to go to my massages I use my boppy and my butt still hurts and tingles mostly on my right cheek. My lower back is tight and numb also. It still itches but only a little randomly.
My new garment is in a large but fits perfectly for when I tire of the butt out garment I wear because it loosened up a bit and I found it helps the best with flattening my belly and reduces swelling also it helps shape the butt better but that's my opinion.
I'll be posting pics but I did this before and it never showed so here I go again. I suggest everyone copy their review first before submitting just in case. Oh yeah, I took pics a week before surgery and I looked much bigger because I gained weight mostly around my waist.
If I think of anything else i'll post later. Let me know if you have any questions. The pics are from week two up to now. Also, if anyone knows of an inexpensive heating pad let me know. Good luck to everyone. TTYL

More pics

more pics

More pics

more pics

More pics

more pics

Just a quick hello to everyone. I was wondering...

Just a quick hello to everyone.
I was wondering how everyone of dr salamas girls were told to wear their board because I was told to not wear anything but the board. I've read different things.
Also, did anybody notice swelling around their period?

He definitely could have taken out alot more around my abdomen. The doc said he added 1100cc's but it seems like he put less. I wonder how many liters he removed. I'm happy with my outcome so far but I don't want my booty to go down anymore. I want to loose weight but i'm thinking my butt will shrink alot. I wish I could do a part 2 but I don't want to go through this again and I don't have the money anyway. I still can't sleep good at night and i'm sooo ready to sit.
Is anybody else having trouble sleeping nights?

If you guys have questions ask and i'll answer asap. TTYL take care

Feeling great today, I had my 9th massage. I...

Feeling great today, I had my 9th massage. I ordered clothes online, I couldn't help myself! I'm soo bored. I wore stretch jeans yesterday they looked great but they left marks on me. Every morning I wake up with marks from the padding and board, is this happening to everyone else? I hope it doesn't affect my results. Until next time ladies. TTYL

Hi Everyone, FYI, Anybody dealing with this? ...

Hi Everyone,

FYI, Anybody dealing with this? I have been experiencing diarrhea with mucus for the last five days. Yesterday I called the doc and he said this happens with the antibiotics killing good bacteria which makes bad bacteria produce and therefore give you a swollen large intestine which is called antibiotic colitis. I haven't heard anyone else talk about this so I thought i'd warn everyone. The doc prescribed Flagyl which is another antibiotic that helps get rid of the bad bacteria but i'm also taking probiotic to replenish the good bacteria. This, from what i've read online can get worse or recur. I wish I new this beforehand so that I could have prepared with probiotics and stopping the antibiotic at first sign, which you're supposed to do but I was never informed. Anyway, I have to take these antibiotics for ten days so hopefully this goes away and doesn't get worse. If anybody experiences diarrhea after surgery please call the doc asap so that he gives you another because this from what I read is something that happens alot. Look it up. I have lost weight because of this since you can only eat certain things so my butt went down a little. Now I have to see a gastroenterologist to see the damage.

Other than the above i'm ok. I'm only wearing the squeem lately because I cant wear the other garments due to having to take them off evey hour to use the bathroom. The squeem works fine and I put the board and foams underneath in the back to help with flattening and indentations which I still get alot. I tried on a new dress that I ordered online and it looked really nice on me. I can't wait to wear it out to eat with my BF! Pics comming soon. Take care, TTYL

Here I am posting this all over again, wth. I...

Here I am posting this all over again, wth.

I am 8 1/2 weeks today. I lost 10-15 lbs because I contracted an infection in my guts caused from the antibiotics killing good bacteria in my intestines which gave me a life long problem called C-DIFF (look it up). 336,000 get this every yr and 14, 000 die every yr. Be careful cause doca don't tell you about it. I have to take probiotics for life and can't eat certain foods than can cause it to come back anytime. I had severe diarrhea with very painful cramps and could only have liquids which is why I lost weight rapidly and left me dehydrated and weak/fatigued. I was given iv fluid in the ER and have to take another antibiotic for this infection every time it comes back. FYI

I am happy overall and thank God I am alive everyday, it could have been worse. This -c-diff could happen to anyone so please research.

My BBL -
Since I lost weight my abdomen looks better. It has some hard spot which my BF massages and I still get stiffness with burning feeling when I lie down for long periods. I get itchy sometimes mostly in my front abdominal area. I like that my butt isn't hard anymore and it is soft, bouncy and looks very natural. Yesterday my mom said "you lost weight and your butt looks bigger" she hadn't seen me before and know one knows I had bbl surgery so I guess my BBL surgery looks good even though I lost weight.
My vajayjay isn't swollen anymore and I haven't noticed swelling since losing weight. I don't wear garments anymore since I got sick. I bought about 5 new pairs of stretchy jeans and they look really nice. I'm soo happy with my new shape. I have to sew the back waist but that's expected since there aren't many jeans out there for big booty's. All my jeans were from a store called CW price and they were $14.99. I want high waisted jeans but they cost like $40. bucks and i'm cheap soo i'll keep looking, lol. (Thrift)

New Pics! TTYL xo

Hi Girls! I will be 3 months post on Sunday...

Hi Girls!
I will be 3 months post on Sunday March 5th.
I'm doing good. I still get some tightening when I lie down on my sides and no more itching. My scars are still dark but they look a little better. It takes time.
I'm satisfied but I wish the doc could have lipoed my midsection better and my upper back. In the pics you can tell that I have fat left over and the right side has more than the left side. My butt has a lot of dimpling which I hate. I think my booty looks better on the left side than the right side. I notice he was more aggressive with other girls but I don't know why. I'm still happy though.
I walk around naked a lot now and I have been shopping a lot, lol. I went out to eat with my BF and noticed a lot of people looking at me as I walked by, lol. Pictures don't do me any justice. I love my new body although it isn't perfect. Maybe one day i'll do slim lipo or something for my waist.
My brother was asking or telling me that I had lipo because I was thinner but I didn't lose weight from lipo but from when I got sick with the infection so he's crazy, lol. He was trying to figure it out and make me admit it but I stuck to saying no way I can't afford that I lost weight from being sick. My mom saw my butt in butt lift jeans and she said Oh my God! you r butt looks so big why does it look big and I said I do workout for my butt. Then another day with tight jeans she said my butt looked like I had butt pads on, lol. I just smiled and said no this is all me, lol.
I have noticed that I have a hard ball on my right butt cheek and I try to rub it but I don't think it's working. I know it must be fat necrosis because when I first saw my butt after surgery I noticed that same area had a bid bump like too much fat was injected in that one area so I thought to myself "I hope it doesn't turn to fat necrosis" but I was right. I had read before that when too much fat is injected in one spot it can kill the fat cells because they are to tight or squeezed together. IDK that is my opinion. Regardless the hard mass is there and I don't know if I have to have it removed or what.
I still wear my squeem but prob should get an xs. My measurements are still the same and i'm still doing squats, lunges, etc to tone my butt and keep it up.
My BF noticed the rippling look on my stomach, I don't like it and it's very noticeable in the light. I'm worried I won't be able to wear a bikini because my abdomen looks a little weird even though I still massage it.

Is there anyone that has or had this hard mass necrosis? What did u do?

More pics

More pics

I had to redo the title because it didn't change...

I had to redo the title because it didn't change again. WTH

OMG why won't the title change. I keep putting 3...

OMG why won't the title change. I keep putting 3 months post and it stays at 81/2 weeks!

Hi girls. I ordered the XS squeem hopefully it...

Hi girls. I ordered the XS squeem hopefully it does something. The small fits good but it creases and bends in the back part.

My crazy BF and new Pics!

WTH is wrong with these men? Seriously! Yesterday I graduated from college and I wore some cute stretch pants and my BF was like "don't take off the grad robe until we get to the car, I don't want no one looking at my ass" lol. Then at the hotel I went with him outside when he went to smoke and he made me wear his large loose basketball shorts, he said "perfect, its not showing your shape" lol. Too funny, it lets me know that I look good, lol. I gained a few pounds though so I have to eat better because I've been slacking eating a lot of crap, I think my butt got bigger. Check out my new pics and see. I have before and after pics. Take care ladies. TTYL xo

Quick update!

Hi ladies, I will be 4 months post in 5 days so i'll be posting photos soon. I want to let everyone know that im considering going to Dr Duran in the Dominican Republic next year when I have the money. I feel like I need better lipo of my midsection. My stomach, lower back, upper back, bra roll, arms, chin again, and fat between underarm and breasts. I hate my big upper arms heredited from my mom, even when I lose weight they look huge. My moms arms are huge and she hates them also and hates to wear short sleeve tops just like I do. I want to be able to wear sleeve less tops and not feel insecure in the summer. Hopefully her prices won't go up too much by next year. TTYL ladies. Good luck to everyone going in and happy healing for those post-op. xo

Don't like my big booty

Hi Everyone,
Just a quick update. None of the clothes (in the old pics before today) fit me anymore. I gained weight and now I think my butt is too big which I never wanted. I only wanted a normal real looking BBL, just filled in where it was lacking fullness, lifted and flat stomach. So I want to lose weight badly. MY pants barely fit. I feel like Nicky Minaj (in my head) her butt is soo fake/ugly looking in my opinion but my butt jiggles more, lol. Maybe i'm just paranoid. I'm usually a size 12 and today I had to buy a size 16 in skinny jeans just so they aren't too tight because I don't like how everyone looks at my butt at work. It's so uncomfortable. Some kid at work told me that another guy was telling someone I was coming in to work and the other person said who is that and the guy said "you can't miss her". Basically he was saying my butt was huge. I don't know why but I felt very uncomfortable like he was making fun of me or maybe i'm just giving it too much thought. What do you girls think? I'll take a quick pic with my laptop but in person my butt looks bigger. My mom saw me again and said Ay dios mio! wth are you doing butt injections, your butt is huge! So her response confirmed that i'm right. Let me know what you girls think. FYI i'm bloated cause my period is coming so my abdomen looks swollen, ignore it. lol
Love you guys! TTYL :)

New pics! September 27 2013

Does anyone else's butt look like this when sitting?

After BBL with Dr Salama my butt looks weird. Its as if the top half/sides were filled and from mid to lower buttock it wasn't or the fat died. I have no idea but I have ugly dimpling/indentations and would like to get it fixed in the future if possible. I gained weight so the top half grew, weird. I wish the fat was distributed evenly. I wish I knew Kim Kardashians doctor because her butt looks very nice when sitting. lol Other than that im happy, I just need to lose weight. Good luck to everyone and God bless. :)

Annoyed! Family members keep asking questions.

I'm beginning to get pissed because family members keep asking if I had work done and some tell me I had work done. It's freakin rude especially when I keep telling them no. They don't understand when to shut up! I feel like moving away because it bothers me a lot. For example, my mom called me one day at 8:30 am to tell me that one of my brothers saw me somewhere and told her I had shots done to my butt because it wasn't this big. I told her for the tenth time I have been working out. So now people think I had silicone shots done. I hate it. I'm sick of the gossip. It's like they can't stop until I break but it isn't going to happen because my family loves to gossip and can't keep secrets. My brother is a jerk and will probably talk about it in front of other people on purpose if he sees me and talks to me but we don't get along and haven't spoken in a couple years so idk. I keep telling people I did not have any work done but my booty is a lot bigger so it's not easy to convince them, lol.

Need a revision. Maybe in a year when I have the money. New pics one yr 2 months post.

I wanted to show everyone my recent pics that show more of my dimpled areas or fat death. Left side is shapelier and some fat traveled down a little on my right side. It seems bigger but not as high/lifted as left side. both sides have dents/dimples in the middle but the right is worse. TTYL

Need revision. insecure about dents/dimples.

Does anyone know a good store or clothes that I can buy for big booty's. I have trouble buying clothes. Nothing fits. All shorts ride up and half my ass is out. Pants or jeans stick out at the waist and leggings show my dimples/dents. I hate wearing belts so that's out of the question. I can't find jeans that fit my waist and booty size. 31 waist 47 booty. I wish I was 27 waist 45 booty. It's just too big for me. I can't go anywhere without people staring. The clothes that kind of fit my waist are very form fitting on my booty and people stare more plus my BF gets mad at me for wearing "painted on clothes" like he say's. I just can't win. The scars and bra fat are another issue. lol I'll post recent pics asap. TTYL :)

Update 1yr 7 months- still not happy with dimples and unevenness.

I've been working out and in my opinion its working a little but I still need a revision because the dimples, dents, and unevenness is ugly to me. My dimples look worse in person and they go to the bottom of my booty. The only smooth part is the top which is firmer. So I always wear undies hiding the middle where the most dimples and unevenness is. I'd like to make the flat parts in the middle rounded if possible and lipo my upper arms and bra rolls but it isn't cheap so i'll have to wait a while to save the money. Has anyone had revision for what and what were the results? which doctor did you use? Thanks. TTYL :)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Salama did a good job but I definitely need a revision. I chose Dr Salama because he has many excellent reviews, the price, from the before and afters I have seen on Real Self and his website epsmiami. He seems good at sculpting a womans body plus mostly everything is included in the price. There is always going to be some that aren't pleased but it depends on body types, weights, skin elasticity, age, and your expectations. I hope everyone gets the results they want.

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