Brand New Me ; )

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As long as I could remember I always wanted a big...

As long as I could remember I always wanted a big or should I say huge butt (lol). So when I heard about the BBL surgery . I knew it was right for me. So I started reading up on it and doing a lot of research. while I was doing research I came across this site and feel in love (lol). So after going back and fourth between a couple of Doctors . I have finally decided on Dr.S . after seeing so many girl on here getting
SALAMAFIED and their long term results. I knew he could give me the results I wanted and for a fare price. So I contacted him and got a fast responded . Which I loved . So my wonderful Patient Coordinator Nancy is so great she answered all of my questions fast and always within 24 hours. She worked so hard to find me the date I wanted and always kept me update . So I paid my deposit and booked my date. So I'm officially on my way to a Brand New Me : ) AND I Can't WAIT !!!!!! 2014 ISN'T GOING BE READY 4 ME (LOL) !!!!!!

Best Hotels to BOOK

So now that Christmas is out the way I can get back on track to getting everything I need for my bbl surgery. So im looking for a really nice hotel. That's close to Dr.S office . So if any of you ladies know of a good one please let me no thanks!!!

Getting READY B.B.L

Hey ladies so I've been pricing airline tickets and it seem like south west have the best prices and the fact that you get 2 bags free . Makes it even better since I will need to bring all of my care supplys and clothes. So I will be booking my flight next Tuesday or Thursday since I heard tickets go down cheaper on those day. I still not really sure how many days I want to stay . So I will be calling Nancy Tuesday since Monday is a Holiday . I'm really not trying to stay longer then I really have to.

I really want a huge donkey booty

I really want a huge donkey booty and everyone keeps telling me I'm crazy and it will look so fake and really since i'm only 5'4. But I really don't care what the think. I would rather go big or go home. SO I WANT THE MAX that he give me . I saw one of the realself ladies pic and she got 1800ccs and she looks amazon. just like her wish pics. I want to look just my wish pics too. All I WANT IS A HUGE DONEKY BOOTY AND A SMALL WAIST for right now ; )

PRE op pics & some more wish pic

I'm finally putting up some pre op pics and yes some more wish pic to !!!!

belly button piercing ???

for all you ladies who have already had their bbl what did you do about you belly button piercing ? Did you put it back in right after you bbl surgery or did you wait a week or 2 ?

A Lil Change !!!!

ok so I had to change my date TO April. So that I wouldn't have to go alone . My mom found out last min that she couldn't get that week off . So I had to switch my date . I was a little upset but I would rather have someone come with me then to do it alone with a nurse I don't no.
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