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I was initially going to with Dr Mendieta but...

I was initially going to with Dr Mendieta but after reading all of the reviews I have finally decided on Salama! I ill be flying in from the UK so really wanted a May/June date instead of July as flights are very expensive around this month. So fingers crossed I can get a slightly earlier date im super excited!

I have to say ever since I've made my decision to...

I have to say ever since I've made my decision to get the BBL with Dr Salama I have been sooo addicted to this site! I've probably read every post on here to do with the BBL. I even find myself checking this site out when Im at work. But u have to minimise the screen in case my employees wonder why I'm looking at big bootys! Lol

My 2 main concerns are that I don't have enough fat. I'm 5ft 5 and weigh 140lbs. Nancy told me this is the perfect weight for my height for this procedure but I'm not sure. Also when he did my online consultation he didn't mention I need to gain or loose any weight.
My other concern is that I have 10 hour flight on the way back. So I've decided to stay in Miami for 15days to maximise results. It sure will cost me though so if anyone is looking to share a condo at that time let me know.

A few questions I wanted to ask all you girls having the BBL is
What is your goal weight or surgery?
Do you have someone to look after you out there after the surgery?
Where's the best place to stay?

This is probably a long shot as everyone seems to...

This is probably a long shot as everyone seems to want an earlier date or cancel like a month before their procedure. But I want to start preparing early do please let me know if any of you are cancelling your dates or are willing to switch. I can't afford to wait to swap closer to the time as I'm coming all the way from the UK. I pray I get a slightly early date.

I can't believe I've just managed to switch my...

I can't believe I've just managed to switch my date from 16th July to 28th February!! After the complications of switching as I was calling from London me and skyytheSTALLION finally managed to do it.
I'm a bit scared now as its much sooner than I had planned. I wouldn't of even minded a later date like April or May but I've paid for this date so I better keep it. Excited and nervous...

I need help in finding affordable accomodation...

I need help in finding affordable accomodation that's bear the office. I really want ti rent a condo so if there are any ladies that have been or booked or even just looking at condos can u please give me some info as I want to stay in condo which is still close enought to use Larry the driver.

Really really need help Ia m trying to find a...

Really really need help Ia m trying to find a condo to rent which is within a close distance to the office so i can use Larry the driver. Where did you stay? Do you know any online sites where I can book??

Any help would really be appreciated.

Managed to book a lovely condo for 22 nights. It...

Managed to book a lovely condo for 22 nights. It worked out so much cheaper than a hotel and you would never get that same amount of space and standard in a hotel anyways. It is only 10 mins from the office so I can still use Larry the driver.

I really can't wait much longer its so exciting! I decided to stay in Aventura for as long as possible so I can keep drains in longer (to avoid seroma) and get all the massages.

Us newbies are quite lucky as Dr Salama now uses the butt out garments!...and I heard he waits a little longer now til first maasage (less pain) Im trying to decide between a waist cincher or a steel boned corset...not sure which one is best?!

Im hoping that as im staying for 3 weeks that I will at least be able to enjoy a few days in Miami to shop and hit the beach without being in too much pain. Only thing I'm dreading is the 8 hour flight back : (

I have been reading so many reviews complaining...

I have been reading so many reviews complaining about the garments. And I thought to myself why do we need to wear them if they are only for compressing our waist isnt it better to just wear a waist cincher instead?! mean the butt out garments leave your butt out in the open so the only area they are compressing would be the waist. Im hoping that it is possible that after around 2 weeks i can just wear a waist cincher without the full garment as Im not too sure of the point of it and it seems to affect results negatively.

So Noemie just emailed me my package so excited!...

So Noemie just emailed me my package so excited! Now I just want to get Medical Clearence out of the way.

Ive also gained so much weight over the past couple of months! Im now at 154 pounds so need to stop as I dont wwant to have fat left over.

I feel soooo fat right about now and just cant...

I feel soooo fat right about now and just cant weight for my surgery! None of my jeans fit me anymore : (

I put my waist cincher on and its super tight but i LOVE how tiny it makes my waist even before my surgery! Makes me excited to know what I am going to look after : )

Very lucky to be in the UK as we have free healthcare so I will be able to get all my medical clearance for free. I'm scheduled in for three weeks time. Everything should be fine as I have already done EKG and had similar bloodwork done a couple months ago so don't expect any problems.

Now im starting to get my supplies ready and will soon be booking my flight

Im do confused my package from Dr Salama office...

Im do confused my package from Dr Salama office said 100mg Iron but this amount is way too and from looking on the Internet is very dangerous and I've never seen that amount anywhere?! All the pharmacists look at me like I'm mad!
Can anyone help and tell me what iron pills they took??

Managed to do all the bloodwork today so just...

Managed to do all the bloodwork today so just waiting on results. Pretty sure they will be fine as I had similar bloodwork done 2months ago. Can't believe. I haven't bought any supplies yet or booked my flight. I just want to make absolute sure I get medical clearence as those things are not refundable. I just hope my doctor is ok with giving his consent and faxing my results overseas.

I'm super excited and just can't wait for my to come! Feels like time has passed so quickly since I initially set my date. I've read every single update on here so feel more than prepared but I guess you can never know until you have been through it yourself.

One thing I have bought is a squeem cincher but I'm gonna change it for the squeem vest as the cincher doesn't cover bra rolls.

So close now!! It has actually gone quite quick...

So close now!! It has actually gone quite quick.

At the moment im just getting my supplies together so far this is my list:

vitamedica supplements
arnica gel
heating pad
nivea q 10 lotion
antibacterial soap
bio oil
small squeem vest
yoga pants
vests to put underneath garment

Thats all I have so far cant believe im only 3 weeks away and haven't got all my supplies yet! lol im always lastminute.com!

Also just waiting on my doctor to fax over my clearance results.

I have to say negative reviews do not put me off as our bodies are all so different. I think it is silly to change doctors because you see one bad review. I also find it a little bit worrying the amount of girls that are going to yily, Dont get me wrong some of the results are great but the fact she uses epidural and many have woken up during the procedure is of a concern.

Ladies this is your body so please make wise choices and dont just go to a doctor based on price or location, I am travelling all the way from the UK because this is my body and I want to have great results. I would not go to a doctor in England just because it is closer as I know it would be a waste of money.

So when my results came back the receptionist lady...

So when my results came back the receptionist lady told me everything was fine but now when it come to getting my clearence letter they told me my platlette level are a bit high the normal range is under 400 and mine is 419 and that I may not get cleared for surgery. He should be sending over the results to Salama today so im praying that Salama will be ok to perform the procedure

Im so upset as I only have less than 2 weeks to go and this is the last thing I need maybe its a sign.... : (

Ok so Ive been ringing the office since monday...

Ok so Ive been ringing the office since monday trying to make sure ive definilty been cleared for surgery. They said labs look fine but the nurse needs to sign it off and she hasnt been in. Finally she was but is having a hard time reading the results as they look so different from US labs. They said anything thats missing I can do when Im out there.

Think I was being over anxious as usual plus I couldnt afford to book flights and something to happen so just wanted to be 100% sure.

I have now found my 2 other surgery buddys and Ive also realised how quickly the time has come around!! From reading every single post here on realself since septemeber to being less than 2 weeks away from my own date....such a crazy feeling....

Noemie confirmed all labs are fine so good to go..

Noemie confirmed all labs are fine so good to go..

So me and my boyfriend decided to make a holiday...

So me and my boyfriend decided to make a holiday of it so we will be arriving in Miami 4 days before surgery. Coming all the way from cold UK would be a shame if we went to Miami and didn't go to the beach, shop or experience the nightlife.

I guess next time I update I'll be on the other side. Any wait to update all you girls post-op xx

I wont be updating until after my surgery now. So...

I wont be updating until after my surgery now. So just wanted to say good luck to all the girls having surgery soon and especially to my surgery buddy's legaleagle and perfectbutt.

My surgery is on Thursday @ 1:45 cant wait to finally get this out of they way after all these months of waiting. And im looking forward to the mini holiday to miami so i cant catch some sun and shop before the big day.

I am planning to buy nearly all of my supplies over there at Walmart as it is hard to find many of the things here in the UK.

See you on the other side xx

Ok so first of all we land at Miami international...

Ok so first of all we land at Miami international airport after a 9 hour flight from Uk and I call Larry. He was like no one told me you were coming today! So bless him he came straight and got me. Lovely man but boy can he chat! Lol

So got to to the condo and he tells me there's another girl here who's just had bbl...turns out she is right next door! So anyway I go and see here and she's fresking amazing!...we went Walmart together and she was walking around no problem. Wouldn't even think its her who had surgery as it was me complaining my feet and back were hurting! Lol so girl if your reading this it's me the English girl and her bf!

Anyway I have to say this is my first time in America and I love it.

Well planning to go to shopping in the morning then pre op isn't until 1:30 in Wednesday.

Speak to you all soon ladies.

So I finally met all the team and they are all so...

So I finally met all the team and they are all so lovely especially Cynthia and Nancy. Dr Salama is so humble and laid back. I found out I have an A shape butt. And the funniest thing is my main concern when I first started this journey was that I wouldn't have enough fat so over time I gained weight without realising. And now Dr Salama said I have about 4litres of fat so im literally on the boderline of the limit and I dont even think Im that big! lol. So ladies please dont gain too much.

So i now have all of my supplies and am prepared for the worst pain ever so hopefully I will be pleasently surprised lol

See you on the other side. xx

So ladies in going to be very honest in my review...

So ladies in going to be very honest in my review but please remember that what I experience you may not as some girls find this easier than others. 

So my surgery was at 2 last if the day.  Larry dropped me to the OR and I had to wait for about half an hour as he was still in surgery with another girl. Anyway I changed into paper panties and hair net then waited in his office. Salama came in marked me up but didn't ask what I wanted so let him just do his thing. I had an long a shaped butt which is one of the easier to work with. So went on the operating table given IV and next thing I remember is waking up in pain shivering so hard. I was in my side trying to turn on my front but it was so painful to move. Eventually I did and they gave me something to stop the shivering. Luckily i didnt have nausea. Anyway was wheeled out to Larry and all I was thinking is how am i gonna move?! Everytime I did my insides felt like they were tearing. But managed to get in the car and back to condo where my boyfriend took over. When standing I did feel nausea but went away when laying down.
They do warn u the back drain doesn't always drain properly so I leaked all over garment.
Night 1 and 2 were the worst for me as you are so sore and can't sleep and feel so stiff when getting up.  I walk hunched over because my lower back is so stiff. He was really aggressive on lower back which is what gives me the nice curve I now have

This is 3rd night and I managed to pluck up courage and take a shower and now I feel soooo much better. My garment is so loose so I have a lot of fluid build up in tummy and back. Salama said my waist is so tiny and butt so large that was hard to find right garment. So even though I know will hurt like hell im looking forward to my massage. Because my garment was super loose on waist I put my squeem vest over top. Ladies DO NOT do this as they are not long enough and it pushes all the fluid downwards. Please wait till at least2-3 weeks

When taking off garment I was so scared to look at my body as I thought it would be all lumpy and bruised but it's actually ok. Not much bruising at all. My shape is amazing think he said he got the 4 litres out if me and I got 1100cc per cheek. 

The key is to make ur self get up every hour or so and walk, drink and take all ur meds.
I'm feeling much better but I can tell recovery can be slow so take each day as it comes.

I've tried to be as descriptive as possible but im not really a blogger so feel free to ask any questions

Oh and I'll post pics once I've has first massage as I feel this will give more accurate view of results 

I also want to add that if possible please avoid...

I also want to add that if possible please avoid lipo on arms as you use your arms soooo much. I honestly kept thinking praise the lord I didnt do arms as I have no idea how I would move!!!

I highly commend all those ladies that add on other areas as there's no way I could

This is the bit I was dreading... The massage but...

This is the bit I was dreading... The massage but it really didn't hurt me?! The only slight burning feeling I felt was when she pushed the fluid towards my front drain but that was it. Then to put me into the smaller garment was a bit if a struggle but we did it in 5 mins! Lol so the part that everyone dreads I actually found the easiest. I'm so glad it's out of the way. There was another girl there same time as me screaming out in agony so hope she is ok.

My butt is absolutely massive and my waist is so small! I hope butt goes down a bit. Sorry I didn't take pics I forgot to bring my phone so I'll take pics when I next have a shower as body look much better with garment off.

Wanted to wait until I took my garment off to take...

Wanted to wait until I took my garment off to take pics as I dont feel these pics do it justice but I know when I was pre op you just want to see some pics to get an idea of results.

Still very swollen but already happy with shape so should continue to get better and better each day as swelling goes down. I am having a massage every other day to avoid any fluid build up.

Will next take pics when I next have a shower so you can really see how amazing Salama is. xx

Well im wide awake at this crazy ass time and i...

Well im wide awake at this crazy ass time and i think all my ladies post op can relate to not being able to sleep for more than 2 hours at a time.

For me the only pain I really get is when i first get up from laying down it is sooo sore on my stomach but other than that it is fine I pretty much can walk normal.

The garment isnt uncomfortable for me but I do need to get a medium waist cincher as not enough compression on my waist so its not shrinking as fast. Hope fully office will have some in stock by monday. I have a small squeem which I can get on but just a bit too tight for now.

I have to say my ass look ginormous especially in the garment so I get all kinds of stares in Walmart all the time which can make u a bit self conscious. Think Ill feel better once swelling has gone down and i dont have garment on.

So im day 7 post op have had 2 massages no complications as of yet so very good recovery. I get back drain removed on friday. My appetite is back just hate lack of sleep and stiffness but I know it will all be worth it. (fingers crossed)

Will add more pics tommorow without the garment on...

Will add more pics tommorow without the garment on so you can get a better idea of the results.

Day 13 post op review So thought it was time...

Day 13 post op review

So thought it was time I wrote a more detailed review.

Not sure whee to start as the past 2 weeks seem to have flown by!

My recovery has been smooth so far without any complications as of yet but I have to say I would never want to go through this again. It's not so much the pain as that is tolerable but it's the not sitting down, being tired, not sleeping through the night and just not being yourself. I know it will be worth it in the end but this is a major procedure on ur body and it takes time to heal.

I am very happy with my results so far my waist is so small already and my butt is a lovely upside down heart shape. I'm trying to remain objective as I know the final results can take up to 6 months.

I've been out to Walmart quite a lot with my boyfriend to stock up on gaterode etc and the stares I get are hilarious!! My boyfriend has just been laughing it off so far but I think it may start to bug him back home. But especially in this garment my butt looks even bigger so I actually want it to go down a bit.

I've been shoppin and it's been a nightmare finding trousers that fit! Can not get them over my ass! Then if I do they are so loose on the waist! Hiding this booty when I get back is gonna be a problem.

I have done so much since my surgery been to south beach, Hollywood beach 2 shopping malls etc you would never think I had a major surgical procedure sometimes! But I paid for it later as my ankles swelled up like elephants! Lol

Now onto Larry, he is so busy and there are times I have waited over an hour for him so if u can I would get a rental that way u can go explore too.

Massages have never been painful for me I never felt that burning sensation which is weird I have even fallen asleep during some of them so ive been incredibly lucky with that. Stopped taking Percs after day 4 as just didn't need them. But still this recovery is no walk in the park and nothin can really prepare you until ur on the other side

Still have front drain in just to be on safe side but will get it out on Friday 

I feel I had my surgery at a really good time as I got to meet some amazing girls from realself I don't know all of their usernames on here. But especially newbootyinc an her wonderful husband! (shame we didn't make it to king of diamonds) lol
Perfectbutt my surgery buddy who looks fantastic. Snatched who I met pre op.
And all the other girls I met but didn't get their usernames.

I have to say that pics on here really don't do results justice you really have to see it in person and please remember there are plenty of other fantastic results from Salama that u will never see as not all girls are on realself or want to update post surgery.

Well that's all I can think of for now will try and update with more pics soon as I know they really help all the pre op girls going with salama or thinking about going with him.

So I really need a new garment but don't want...

So I really need a new garment but don't want anything to compress my butt and I hate the way these butt out garments make ur butt look in clothes! So I wanted a thing garment, after seeing fellow realself sxwallet I decided to order the vedette 128 it looks really pretty (better than this ugly beige garment) and looks like it gives really good compression on tummy area. Salama said we don't need any compression in butt.

Ill review garment once I get it.

Oh and my butt is starting to jiggle! : )

Friday had a massage with a different lady and she...

Friday had a massage with a different lady and she did the massage dry differently from eilyn and celia. I didn't like it. Went to the toilet after then noticed a pocket of fluid...showed her and she was just like oh ok u need to massage it and that's it. Anyway had to go see doctor after and he drained it for me and said not to get any more massages for now.

I've added so much extra foam and have now put small squeem vest over and I took a shower and noticed that's it's back again! : (

I'm so upset as I go home on Tuesday and I know no doctor back home will drain it for me so I'm praying this damn seroma disappears!

Ok so I left Miami day 19 post op. my last day was...

Ok so I left Miami day 19 post op. my last day was a nightmare in terms of transport. First Larry calls me to say he doesn't have time to take me to my morning massage so had to take a taxi then I had to wait over an hour for him to pick me up! It's not that he is too busy with us girls it's that he has his own limo service too. Needs to do one or the other as u waste most of ur day waiting around for him.

Has my drain removed day before it didn't hurt just a tugging feeling. Eilyeen said I had no fluid build up and so far I haven't noticed any. I managed to have a total of 7 massages whilst there.

For me recovery has been fine massages never hurt me, never had burning or itching. Garment didn't hurt and could get it off and on ok. Key is to get bigger size and then wear corset over.

Only pain I feel is at night trying to get comfortable and sometimes the corset hurts my ribs.

Never had trouble with bm been every single day. Only scary thing was when it was bright green! Lol

Appetite was good has a lot of fast food so now trying to be healthy.

Ur butt will be huge and u will want it to go down then it goes down and u want it big again! Lol that's what happened to me now I feel like its shrunk in a day! Prob hasn't think ur mind plays tricks.

My flight: so I was in a row of 4 seats and there was a man next to me. I prayed so hard that no one else would sit there and they didn't! So asked man to move right down and he did. Was able to lay across seats. There was tuberlance a couple of times where I had to sit and i have to say I have no idea how I could of sat that journey! Was so fortunate.

My tummy has a hard lump which I think is swelling and is going down. They had no more boards at the office when I left so waiting for it to be sent. I also ordered my own boards. Annoying thing about being overseas is that it takes ages for shipping and shipping is so expensive! You Americans are sooo lucky! Lol I also heard leachco pillow is good for sleeping at night...guess what...only sold in America is prob have to wait weeks for that too.

I've taken garment to seamstress while I wait for vedette 128. Only wearing corset at moment with foams.

Also was having trouble sleeping so salama gave me sleeping pills and they work wonders!!

I really wanted to share some more pics with you but they are on iPhone and I dont have my laptop only iPad. Realself really need an app! Will try and get to laptop over weekend so I can show u more pics and you can give me feedback xx

Hey luckily Kirsty the manager helped me upload...

Hey luckily Kirsty the manager helped me upload some pics for you girls. I do feel my butt has shrunk an awful lot but I know it's mostly swelling and looking forward to this fluffing!

I've been lucky to no have hardly any scarring only horrible hole I have is where the front drain was but hoping that closes soon.

I think the fat hasn't taken as well to the left...

I think the fat hasn't taken as well to the left side but it's not hugely noticeable but I think after the surgery you are even more critical of your body. Will try and post more pics soon.



Its so much smaller than i imagined and sooooo stiff! looks like this will defo do the trick in smooting out and remaining lumps and bumps. I also after 3 weeks of waiting received my smaller vedeete garment.

So I will be updating with new pics as im quite swollen due to not having the board and being in a garment thats way too big.

Will update soon.

Oh and no idea how to use the board or what way round it goes?? any advice is appreciated.

Here is the link: http://www.bodyshapetech...

Here is the link:

Just wasted money on vedette 128 small only wore...

Just wasted money on vedette 128 small only wore it once!... It's too big and just got an xsmall garment called gitta from vedette whigives excellent! and that's a bit big too! lol
Will upload new pics next week when I get my laptop back.

Hey I've taken a few new pics just waiting for the...

Hey I've taken a few new pics just waiting for the realself manager to upload them as I can't get to a laptop.

So far I started sitting at week 5 with boopy and yoga mat both get uncomfortable after a while but sitting without them feels worse.

My tummy is still quite swollen as i can get enough compression even the xsmall are easy to put on. I've ordered a corset so will start wearing tommrow.

I feel my butt has shrunk so much. I don't even think its that big until I see how AWFUL my pre op pics were and the reactions I get. Everyone is like ur butt got big! I put on soooo much weight since my initial pre op Pics. It was quite shocking how fat I got and made me realise how much better my body looks and how much of an amazing job he did. I would go for round 2 though but we will see at 3 months. Only because I have a few dents in bum but I had them before ago not docs faults.

Measurements so far are 26 inc waist and butt is 45 and half inc last time I checked.
But dont get obsessed as ur body changes everyday.

I also realise not to take too much notice of pics posted within 3 week post op as the swelling goes down quite a bit then and u see the true size.

Anyway good luck to u all xx

I honestly thought that hiding this suregery would...

I honestly thought that hiding this suregery would be pretty easy but its NOT! lol luckily no one has asked if I have had surgery but people keep talking about how big my ass is since coming back from Miami! lol I don't even think its that big but I get so much attention it must be we just get used to it.

So be prepared for clothes not fitting and people staring at ur ass all day long! I have to admit I do secretly love it and this surgery is one of the best things I have ever done.

Well i'm now 7 1/2 week post op. Not much has...

Well i'm now 7 1/2 week post op. Not much has changed but im still very swollen on my tummy so hoping that goes down soon.
One thing I have to say is that while all the attention I get from my new ass it does also make you realise how shallow people (men) are. Suddenly tons of guys become interested but hey you cant blame them! lol Its just crazy what a big booty can do.

Just a bit unhappy as hips are slightly uneven, my boyfriend doesnt I think we do as we scrutinise our bodies so much more now. Like looking at my before pics I can see uneveness now which i hadnt noticed before I guess are bodies are not perfectly symmetrical.

will prob update around the 3 month mark as not much changes

3 month update!

Well first off I want to say this surgery will change your life and the reactions you get! It is crazy.

Also everyday I think my butt is not small then I think its big then small....lol drives you crazy. You wont think its big but everyone else does!

I havent loss volume my booty has just dropped my shape is crazy...tiny waist and big round heart shaped booty. Im lucky I already had hips so looks so natural.

Only issue im having is terrible stomach swelling! My lower abdomen is rock hard and a bit bumpy so im praying that goes down.

I think I would defo get a round 2 as there is some back fat left and id like to add my arms but for now im just trying to work it out at the gym and hoping not to loose my booty.

I will add pics asap just dont have camera at the moment.

Feel free to ask any questions

Added new pics @3 months

Hey I just want to let you all know that if theres one thing ive learnt is that we live in a very superfical world. Since having this big butt I get more attention than ever most times the guy hasnt even seen my face just my behind! Some girls my like this....but for me im a much deeper person that just an ass. But hey guess it comes with the terriority.

Ok rant over! lol Not much has changed my tummy still a bit swollen but getting better and im not dieting and gym to lose my fat arms and a bit of back fat just hope i dont lose my butt. Apart from all the unwanted attention lol this is a fantastic surgery that leaves people amazed and i wouldnt change my descion.

Still dont think my butt is big but when u go from flat to phat trust me people will notice....only so long i can keep blaming the squats lol

8 months post op!!!! Update is so long overdue

Firstly I will add pics soon I promise but just wanted to check in.

Its crazy logging in and reading all the girls stories. It is very true that once you have surgery you dont think about coming on here anymore.

This is actually life changing...good and bad....since i had the surgery my relationship ended! its crazy i guess it makes guys more insecure.

My tummy is still not completely smooth bit dimply....my bum has defo shrunk but still there and gets tons of attention! I gained way too much weight for this surgery and im now on a diet which means my butt is shrinking too but oh well you swill still keep the shape. And ur butt is always much bigger than you think

I would love to go for a round 2 if I had the money not becuase im not happy but just to perfect a few things, But still he did an amazingggg job and its all so antural.

Will add pics

pics 8 months

One year Post-Op

Hey guys im just a little over a year post-op. Gone so quick!

Asssss still there only issues I have is my tummy is still a bit lumpy and discoloured I also have 2 scars from the front drains. Bit im still so happy completly transformed my body. Also gained quite a bit of weight so started diet and exercise. Was too scared before that I would loose my ass! lol

So heres a few updated pics...
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