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Wow... I am finally booked. :-D I've always been...

Wow... I am finally booked. :-D I've always been unhappy with my shape, and even though I'm pretty small, I just have fat in all the wrong spots. I know that this will never naturally change, even if I exercised in every spare moment I have. I used to think that I wanted breast implants, and that if I was EVER going to get plastic surgery then it would be for that. But I've realized that I would still be unhappy with the SHAPE of my body. Then I discovered this procedure, and BAM. I was certain. I'm 24, 137 lbs, 5'3" I will update more later. I know that my surgery isn't for a very long while, but I wanted to start my review anyways. And by the way, if any of you ladies are going to schedule around this time - I'd be so down for splitting a room. I want to stay at a decent hotel with an ocean view and it is actually somewhat affordable if it's split. Plus, I think it'd be fun to room with someone going through the same thing. SOOOOO let me know if this sounds like somthing you'd be into. sweet.

Hey Ladies! Well, I just booked my hotel room! I'm...

Hey Ladies! Well, I just booked my hotel room! I'm going to be staying at the Ramada Plaza Marco Polo on the beach for 2 weeks! Yaay! It's a bit spendy but I wanted to make sure that I stay in a decent hotel with a cool view and really close to the beach. The rooms look pretty nice. Just so you know... I haven't ruled out rooming with a buddy - so since I booked through booking.com, there is no cancellation fee if I decide to change my mind after all. Just throwin that out there ;-) I'm so excited. Can't wait to get rid of this back and belly fat and get some booty to shake around instead!

Hmm... well I decided to change my hotel because I...

Hmm... well I decided to change my hotel because I decided it was too much money for the review that it was receiving... So I am going to be staying at the Best Western Plus in Oakland Park. Much cheaper, and waaaaay better reviews!! I opted to pay more for a pillowtop mattress instead of the standard, since I'll be spending so much time in bed!! And it's close walking distance to lots of places and only like, 20 min walking to the beach. I don't know how active I'm gonna be, but I figure the option is nice.


Hey ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted,...

Hey ladies! It's been awhile since I've posted, but I was waiting until I got my package and its here!!! Glad its not super late like for some of y'all. I'm really really excited now. Time is actually flying by. I wish I could just erase my previous posts because they're kinda stupid haha, but I actually did change my hotel accomidations AGAIN! But now I'm very happy with the place I've chosen. It's a condo which has been rented by at least one other lady on here, and it's really close to the facility and its a great deal for 2 weeks. My current stats are 5'4" (uuummm... ya! I grew an inch?!?!?! it's what my doctor told me. weird...) 132 lbs, 35"chest, 30"waist, 36"hips. I am getting lipo to the full abdomen, flanks, full back, arms (probably), inner thighs, and chin. I'll post pictures of my chin closer to sx.

I don't know how many cc's I hope for, nor do I really have many wish pics. I just want a nice full booty with a lot of bounce!!! I'm not toooo crazy about the high shelf look, not for me anyways. So I'm going to ask for a really full, beautiful, round upside down heart shape with emphasis on the lateral injections for those HIPS!!! mmmmhm. and the tiniest little waist and upper back possible.

I hope that I have enough fat for the results I want. I'm pretty sure I have 4000 cc's available to suck out. I also hope i don't have too much fat so that the additional areas don't get the attention they deserve.... ahem... arms??? yea. I feel like my arms are HUGE and so are my moms, so that definitely needs to go before it gets out of control. besides, if I have a tiny little body, except for my butt, my arms will look even more gargantuan. gross.

Thats all for now, ladies.

Ok, you know when you have a dream that feels...

Ok, you know when you have a dream that feels soooooo damn real that you get all emotional (while you're asleep) and when you finally wake up it takes a minute to settle in that it was only a dream??? Well, that just happened to me while I was napping so I wanted to share with y'all what I just dreamt about, since it was about my forthcoming BBL. It was more of a nightmare really. I'm not sharing to getcha all riled up and scared yourself!! I'm just sharing because I think actually it tells me that I AM confident about who I've chosen and am glad I'm going to Dr. SALAMA because he is the right doc for ME!! :-D

Ok, I'mma put this inbetween these little elipsis or whatever these ~ are called (what are they called?) so that y'all don't get confused.

THIS WAS ONLY A DREAM. haha, ok, then:

So I woke up and realized that I had been in surgery. I wasn't in any recovery room or nothing, just in a bad part of LA or something - ALONE! My body wasn't really bruised and I wasn't in pain but I had the drains and the bandages, and yup, the booty. But it was not what I wanted at all. the doctor hadn't taken out enough during liposuction and consequently only had so much to inject into the butt. It was an ok shape, basically nothing I couldn't get by working out for a couple months. sooooo disappointing!! not much of a difference at all. So I look in my bag to try to figure out where I am and whats going on when I realize that it's NOT december 6th... and I'm NOT in florida, and this is NOT Dr. S's work!!!!! WTF! I didn't even get a consultation!!!! I tried to remember what I was doing before this, but couldn't remember. So I start wandering around the streets to try and find my mom (the only other person than my sister who knows I'm doing this in real life) and even though I'm naked ( no garment even!!) people aren't staring at me, so I felt like, damn!!! I just had this stupid procedure for nothing! hahaha nevermind the lack of discretion for running the streets naked. dreams are so ridiculous sometimes. Well, I finally found my mom. She was at the Dairy Queen blabbing away on her phone. (LOL CLASSIC!) And oooooooh was I MAD at her. She had taken me to the wrong doctor, left me alone, what the heck was going on? And she just kinda laughed at me and said sorry and said,"ooooh I was hoping you'd get more of an hourglass shape." that's when I threw the phone at her and said if I'd been to the right doctor then I WOULD! and stormed off.
Then I woke up

Well, it took me a couple minutes to calm down. But once I did I thought about it and realized a couple of things.

A) I'm so glad I chose the doctor I did, and scheduled when I did, because even though some of y'all are worried about some recent reviews, and I'll admit, me too... I still am totally confident that I'm gonna get what I want from him.

B) I'm definitely worried about being alone on this trip. Hopefully this time around, I won't be running around Aventura without any drawers!!! hahaha

C) I am expecting a painful recovery and I'm OK with that.

and D) My mom and I really do need to work on our relationship :-(

Ok, ladies. Talk to ya soon :-)

Ok, well Nancy told me that an ideal candidate...

Ok, well Nancy told me that an ideal candidate would be 5'3" and 140 lbs. but that is if you are getting lipo only to the back, abdomen, and flanks.

I am 5'4" and currently 133 lbs. So logically I would gain 7 pounds or so, BUT, I am also getting lipo to the chin, arms, and inner thighs. And I really don't want to compromise my torso results because of it... especially my upper back. YUK!

The pictures I've posted are actually pretty flattering, and I think because of the lighting make me look a little thinner, but I definitely do have plenty of fat to pinch.

I want a really lean look - i like skinny, but toned, and I do have nice muscle tone, - but a really full, upside down heart booty with nice big HIPS!!! I love love love the hourglass shape and definitely want to be able to bounce that ass - I just can't really make up my mind if I'm worried that I won't have enough fat to get a nice booty, or if I will have too much fat and reach the lipo limit. Not quite sure how many ccs would suit me... maybe 1000? eek!!! or is that TOO BIG? I DONT KNOWWWW

So what do you think??? XOXO

The only person who might co-sign, but I doubt it,...

The only person who might co-sign, but I doubt it, is my mom... and she has worse credit than I do... I don't really have bad credit, just young credit, really. Oh, man... and the only other financing Dr. S accepts is nplb, but I've heard bad things about that company. I don't know what to do!!! HELP!

Oh my gosh. I am so thankful that this went...

Oh my gosh. I am so thankful that this went through. yea, you have to pay for 1/2 of the procedure down before they finance the rest but thats ok with me. They also charge a 10 percent fee off of the entire amount you are financing which is a little lame, but Its worth it to me. and then almost 18 percent interest rate on the rest for 48 months. ok - so its pricey. but I GET TO GO IN DECEMBER yaay. I guess I better get some iron pills! and get a checklist together. oh my gosh this is really happening.


We are supposed to take 300 mg of iron for the 45...

We are supposed to take 300 mg of iron for the 45 days prior... but what kind of iron? At the health food store I went to none of the supplements had more than 18 mg of iron and they all had other stuff in them. Online I see that some have up to 65 mg and thats the equivalent of 300 mg of ferrous sulfate. Is this what we need to take?

Here I go, ladies. Countdown has now officially begun.

Here I go, ladies. Countdown has now officially begun.

Yaay! All cleared :-) It seems that I just keep...

yaay! All cleared :-) It seems that I just keep eating and eating, and truthfully- I wish that I am 5 lbs lighter than I am now when I go in for surgery. I mean, look at asiangotbooty!!! That's what I'm talking about, and she was a TINY little thing before sx. So I'm trying to ease up on the intake and we'll see where I'm at in a couple weeks. My god it's approaching fast.

Whew. Ok, so I'll be honest, the past few days...

Whew. Ok, so I'll be honest, the past few days have gotten me nervous and doubtful from all these posts on Realself. About unhappy results, picture deleting rants, infections, you name it. And while I truly feel for you ladies, ( I really do! And respect your honesty and feelings and emotions and all) It is not my experience, so I am hereby choosing to no longer internalize the stress. It's something I do have trouble with sometimes, but it helps me to acknowledge and release it. Ok then. DEEP BREATH.

I am visualizing my results - they are realistic for my body type and healing perfectly and very sexy indeed.
Ladies, I have 17 days left! My, my, my. I guess I don't have much else to say, I just needed to say these things and bump my post up and let y'all know I'm still here and my time is coming. XOXOXO

Hey ladies! I have one week to go. I am so ready...

Hey ladies! I have one week to go. I am so ready for this. I'm a little nervous, but not so much, really. I just can't wait until I have the figure of my dreams! Teeny tiny waist, full, voluminous upside down heart shaped booty with some major hips for that dramatic hourglass figure which I am oh so obsessed with. A defined crease and even, smooth inner thighs. That's what I want. I am so blown away that I am almost there and I leave for Aventura on Tuesday morning. Thats only 4 days away!! So I've got all of my things sorted and ready to go. Clearance, payment, condo, flight, meds, suitcase, and my fat belly and my flat ass.

I got my bags pretty much packed because I want to be ready to go since I work this whole week and leave first thing on my "saturday" morning. Here's what I have :

arnica tabs
arnica gel
clindamycin (the prescribed anti-biotic)
vitamin d3
vitamin c
vitamin a
benadryl tabs
benadryl cream


Face wash
Witch hazel
lip balm
q tips
cotton balls
tape (to tape cotton balls to my belly button!)
bandaids (super cute SAFARI bandaids!!!! rrrraawwrr)
flushable wipes
dial antibacterial soap
lanyard (to clip drains to in shower. I forgot whose review I saw this on but I though it was brilliant!)
Pads AND tampons. I'm supposed to start while I'm there. boo. I haven't used a pad since 9th grade. I HATE them, but hey.
Heating pad
1 towel
2 travel size tide detergent packs
2 plastic bed protectors.
hair ties/ clips
nail file
wooden scratcher hand/claw thing.


I wanted to pack light, but I am gonna be there for 2 weeks, so I wasn't exactly sure what to bring. I think this is good though.
6 skin-tight tanks.
2 bralettes
3 pair undies. one of my favs, and 2 that I bought the other day. I wasn't sure what size to buy, I'm usually a small...
these are large! lol. Maybe! I read that we don't really need underwear which is why I only packed 3/
1 nice comfy cover dress I bought the other day. I LOVE it. so soft and I think it will show off my backside quite nicely.
2 sweatshirts, one larger one more fitted.
3 pants; one grey velour, one calf length sweat pant, and one calf length yoga pant.
2 tee shirts
one long sleeve shirt (I might just bring another too... I'm not totally sure I'm getting arm lipo)
2 pair grippy socks
flip flops
pashmina scarf

I wanted to bring a really comfy pillow I love to lay on my stomach with but I just dont have room in my suitcase :-( BIG sad face.


Laptop and charger
Cell phone and charger
Ipod and charger
Seriously... I'm kidding by Ellen The Generous
Camera and charger
Cylinder pillow (bolster-style... not really as stiff though) for sitting on the plane with on the way home, hopefully that will help.

SO I think that's all I got. If you think I forgot something, please let me know!! XOXO

Oh yea, neosporin, straws, a pee cup ( i think...

Oh yea, neosporin, straws, a pee cup ( i think I'll just hit starbucks on the way there, honestly) plastic baggies, are a couple things I added to my list.

Thanks to foundumissnewbooty (who looks FABULOUS, btw...) I decided to ditch the "cylinder pillow" and bring my favorite memory foam pillow instead. I though about it, and the one I was gonna use on the plane isn't really stiff enough to support that ass anyways - and I KNOW I'm going to be so happy that I have my fav pillow to lay on for sure. Plus it fits in my carry on tote really well. actually it takes up the whole damn thing, but so what. FIVE DAYS!

Hey ladies!!! I can't believe this my time is...

Hey ladies!!! I can't believe this my time is finally here. I am all done with work and my bags are all packed. Just had a nice sushi dinner with my family and they are taking me to the airport at 4 in the morning tomorrow!!! Yep - it's gonna be a loooooooong day. I'm flying clear across the nation, and I get into Aventura at 7:45. I can handle it going, but I'm just a bit worried about what flying back is gonna be like. One step at a time, though. I hope I got everything, and didn't forget something important. But I think I'm covered! Oh my gosh - my life is about to change forever.

Hey girls! It was a long trip for sure, but things...

Hey girls! It was a long trip for sure, but things went very smoothly. I'm finally here, and my condo is F**kin' P-I-M-P! I'll post pics when I get around to it. I am beyond stoked. Like.... AHFEAWFJEKWLAFEJGAWKLJGEGA. You know what I mean. I guess I should be tired. And I guess I am, but I'm also really high on the fact that I am here, and ballin' and everything is perfect. So excited to go to my pre-op tomorrow and talk to the doc and see what's actually gonna go down during surgery (I'm not completely sure if all the areas I wanted are gonna get done... etc...) Think I'm gonna try and calm down now and chill and watch some tv or a movie or something.

Well, ladies, here I am. The night before SX -...

Well, ladies, here I am. The night before SX - what we've all been waiting for. Anxiety did not set in until about 4:30 today, but now I'm getting a bit weary. I just want to know for certain that I will be happy with my results and everything will go smoothly. That can't happen, so I am following my heart and taking a leap in faith. TRUST.

This morning I took my time exploring the shores and enjoying the sand and waves with my feet in the water. It is so much nicer and warmer here than where I live, so I really was enjoying it. Larry picked me up at 12:30 because he needed to pick up a girl from the airport - and it worked out perfectly because it took soooo long to read all the papers and sign. It was extremely busy when I got there and there was always someone coming and going. They are not kidding when they tell you it is busy when you're on the phone with them. I went into the office and Ruben and I chatted for a while. He's really super nice (everybody there is, really...) And I'm glad that I can call him if I need anything or have any questions its no problem, and I know he will get back fast. Cynthia is a doll! She had me sign some final papers, and we talked about things surgery related, and not surgery related, she is very friendly and supportive

And nancy is as gorgeous as everybody says!!...

And nancy is as gorgeous as everybody says!! Basically the staff there are wonderful and I am so glad I chose EPS simply on the customer service and support.

Dr. Salama is very nice too - he took time to explain everything to me and let me ask questions. He talked about expectations. I asked him what was a realistic expectation for me and he said that my butt will be bigger. LOL. He said I have a square butt (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) but he said that he will do his best to round it out. I told him what I wanted (hips and hourglass vs projection and shelf) He told me to remind him of all that stuff right before surgery. I feel like I need to write down what I want to say to him and memorize it because I thought I was going to tell him things and I just flat out forgot once he was there!!!!!! He told me that we could go ahead and do all the areas of lipo i planned on, and that he'd get just about 4L out of me, maybe a little less.
He also reminded me that not all fat lasts and 50% can reabsorb. I though the number was 20%! and that swelling is misleading. He is very sweet and I liked his personality and I trust him with my body and this procedure.

I met a girl who works in the office down the hall. She saw me walking out with my boppy pillow, and she asked what it was for so I told her. She's like, "I see all these girls walk outta there with those pillows..." She was so funny and nice so we talked for 15 minutes or so. She was so surprised that the Dr. in the office did that because she had seen Dr. J's work on the Tiny and T -whatever it is show and she was interested. She wants me to stop by her office during one of my visits so I can show off hahaah. Of course I will!

Larry picked me up and took me to Winn Dixie, and OMG. So he parked in a spot right next to a handicapped spot and it wasn't even a spot it was halfway on the road in peoples way and half way on the lined no-parking spot. he just parked and got out, so I started to get out too, but the old man in the car next to us (on my side) was like, wtf are you doing?! you can't do that, I cant get out!!! Now, he could definitely have gotten out... he just needed to back up like any other parking spot lol, but he couldnt deal with larry in the no park zone. And then this other old man on his side got out of the car and started cussing him out. Larry was trying to back up but the man was standing behind the car to block him, then came up to the window, and larry was warning him not to go there, and one thing led to the next and before I knew it they were both standing outside cussing at eachother. LOL. So I got out and the other guy saw me and I asked if he could please be nice and he appologized to me a couple times, but NOT to larry, and he made that very clear hahaha. sheesh.

I made it home with plenty of food. I cooked up some chicken, onions, beans, and rice to eat for the next few days. Got soup, lots of fruits and veggies, bread, lean cuisines, water, pasta, aaaaaaaaand a pack of reeses pieces :-D

Eve1982 is gonna come over tonight and hang for a while :-D So I'm looking forward to that, and other than that I'm just gonna chill, watch some gossip girl, take a shower, and try to get some sleep before tomorrow. It's been a really great day and I hope the rest of my stay is as good as I think it's gonna be. XOXO

Oh, shit.

Oh, shit.

Hey ladies.. It was really really tough in the...

Hey ladies.. It was really really tough in the beginning because my nurse didn't get here for like, an hour after I got here I was all alone and pain was kicking in so I had to get up and make soup and take meds and stuff on my own - I was in so much pain and confused and crying. Finally she got here - I like her but I am really frustrated because sometimes she tells me to do things I dont want to do like, I wanted to use the cup i made for a urinal and she said, you dont do that you aint no man, no girls ever do that just sit!!! And I said its just how I wanted to but she took my cup and threw it away!!! I was upset about that, and there have been lots of other things she says to do that I want to do differently like she knows better, but ladies - this is our body and WE know better. But I was so sick and threw up EVERYTHING up until like 2 o clock today so I just let her do her thing since i felt weak. but she would pretty much force me to eat and I said no because I'll throw it up, and of course I did and it was the worst pain because my throat was so so so sore from the breathing tube and my throat so swollen from the chin lipo. ugh. My face is rediculously swollen I look like a little chubby cartoon chinese girl stuffing rice and sushi in her face (which normally I actually think is really cute, but it's just not a good look for me.) lol. Larry was late for my post op but I did end up getting to the OR and the nurse was really sweet and changed my dressings and I felt much better. LArry picked us back up and he was very rude in the car when I asked if we could go to winn dixie for some more water and chicken broth he did not want to and started complaining that all the girls do this and he takes them shopping and they should just get enough food and I told him that I didn't know I would go through an entire case of water in one day and that my nurse would just run in and get a couple cases. I got plenty of food! I just cant keep it down - i just wanted water and chicken broth!! But he started mocking me almost and I said please complain later because I feel bad about even asking sorry. and I started to cry. So we went to winn dixie because he needed to pick up a perscription anyways and he told me and my nurse that he'd just run in and get some water. But he didnt... I'm like , ok dude whatever just take me home. Well, we got here and a while later Larry called me back and apologized which I appreciated very much. He offered to take my nurse to winn dixie tomorrow but She already made other arrangements, her husband is going to take her instead. I don't know why he couldn't have waited 5 minutes since we were already there - I know he's very busy but I've waited for him a LOT. Thats what you get though for not having someone here with you. And at least I got to go to my appointment.

Then my washer isnt working so I had to handwash my garment and sponge bathe my body and getting the garment on afterwards was so hard! Since it got all tight and I had it off for 2 and a half hours and I got swollen.

Stats Pre-op: Post-op:
under bust - 33 31
waist 31 29
belly 34 31
hips 35 36
butt 36 42

I'll let you know about thighs and arms later but when the nurse changed my arm bandage they looked waaay smaller :-)
And I'll update you on the chin later too... much too swollen to tell

Well, so far it looks like I got a shelf not so much the bottom-heavy look I was after, but it is still so early I will give it time before I make decisions about how I feel. Overall, I think I look great so far and can't wait for swelling to go down, Ibet my waist will be super tiny!! Thanks for the wishes and prayers and support, ladies. XOXOXO

Oh, and nomie brought me my arm compression after...

oh, and nomie brought me my arm compression after hours which I was so greatful for! That was really sweet of her.

So yesterday afternoon I took measurements And I...

So yesterday afternoon I took measurements And I went from 31 to 29, I just woke up now at 6 o clock and looked in the mirror like damn girl! re-measured at 27! my booty shrunk a little already went from 42 to 41 and rounded out at the top some and so it looks waaaaaay better to me. I hope it goes down a little more, but I'm already starting to fall in love with it (uh-oh, trying not to get attached). And one more thing... so glad I brought socks and long sleeve loose sweaters/3/4 length shirts because I am fun-REEZING!!!! I got the heat all the way up and got my scarf on too!! burr.

Ok. So she just left. And I don't want to be...

Ok. So she just left. And I don't want to be ungrateful because she was here for me I couldn't have done it alone. And she was a nice lady, a little harsh but nice once we talked and got to know eachother. But overall I'm a little upset and don't feel like it was the "best care" I could have recieved. She says that she has been a nurse for bbl patients before, but It seemed like she didn't know a damn thing about it. For example, at first she kept touching my butt/ putting pressure on my butt when she walked by or helped me into bed. I kept saying ouch and dont touch but she didn't really get it. Once I gained some strength and coherency and she put pressure on my butt I told her, please do not do that again! And she laughed and said, oops she forgot. not to mention she was late to get here! and that really bothered me because that was the moment I needed her the most, I felt. but she said the 24 hours would start when she got here, so she'd be here till 3 on saturday to make 48 hours. and then she just threw away my urinal!!!! and she told me to sit, and i said no and she looked at me like I was crazy! So I just squatted and got my garment wet a couple times. Eventually I told her I was upset she threw it away, and she was like what?! So I explained it to her and she laughed and said oooh she didn't get it. So she made me a new one but it's all jagged and hurts when I use it. Then she was so amazed when she saw how I used it she couldnt get over it. couldn't stop talking about it. when i needed to shower she basically told me to do it myself. I told her i was too weak and needed a sponge bath and she said ok and handed me the washcloth. So i started but I needed help with my backside and washing my incisions so i asked for help again, and this time she said ok ok give me it and started washing me saying that she does this for me because she cares so much about me. Am i wrong? when a nurse is hired for after care bbl isn't this the kinda stuff they do? She seemed like she wanted me to do everything for myself except the dishes. She had no problem doing the dishes. I'm an independent person and strong too so I tried my best to do things for myself, but c'mon! its not even like i was asking her to wipe my poop! Just a little sponge bath. And then when it came time to change my arm garment and do the dressings, she DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO OPEN A DAMN BANDAID! she ripped one of them in half! So I took it and opened them for her. She put neosporin on it but too much, I said no - it wont stick dont put too much on. But she didn't listen and of course they didnt stick... Ok, I'm not a nurse, but this is just common sense. I;ve been so cold so I put the heat on. She was hot so she turned it down. I turned it back up, she turned it back down. WHAT? and last night I was calling her from my bed for so long. But she was asleep and never answered. I know everybody needs sleep, but I was really in pain and my drain was stuck and I needed help and was screaming for her and she never answered me! She made a huge mess when emptying my drains, and didn't clean the splatter up on the base of the sink or floor. So before she left I asked if she could do that, and she did but not a very good job.... there is still splatter everywhere! Keep in mind that I drain myself now, and I don't really make a mess. Its not that difficult to be honest. she didn't understand the drains or how they needed to be fed through the holes and she would pull on them and i told her to stop but she wouldn't really listen very well. Honestly, I felt very alone even though she was here. We had some nice conversation, though.... she could talk just fine.

Then she ate my food. At first it was ok. because whatever I'll share/ But I wasn't planning on feeding her for 2 days either. I planned on enough food for ME. She ate a little less than half a carton of oatmeal. MORE than half of my bag of walnuts! Those are expensive too! bananas , water, salad, i got 2 avocados and she jsut decided to eat one of them - she didn't even ask me these things she just did. The landlord didn't leave enough toilet paper, and I thought there was more in the cupboard but there wasn't and since larry didn't take us to the store the the other day her husband brought some by, which was nice. And paper towels too. I gave her the last of my cash on hand to pick up water from the store and some more soup and crackers. But she got the wrong kinds and bought a whole pack of toilet paper and a whole pack of paper towels and opened the bags and replenished what she brought over back and said it was too expensive to just give to me. And she used my wipes i brought for my ASS to wash herself and wipe some things down. said that they are good for everything, not just butts.

Ladies, there is more too. I'm just so upset and now she's gone im on my own i JUST started my period and was that really worth $350?
Thanks for letting me rant. This procedure is hard to deal with.

I let the company know how my experience went and...

I let the company know how my experience went and he said that slandering his company in a public forum is unacceptable and uncalled for, and that he needs time to investigate. He obviously did not believe me and did not even say sorry you feel this way. Maybe I should just shut my big mouth at this point. I did tell him the nice things my nurse did for me to and I will share them with you now, as I was ranting and was angry and might have left those out.

She handwashed my garment because the washer is broken.
She supported me while I was vomitting so much the first days
she helped me into bed and covered me with blankets
She kept me entertained with conversation and stories
she emptied my drains for me
She went to the store for me
she understood when larry was rude to me and told me to stand up to him and not feel crazy
And she went with me to my post-op and made sure I was seen first because I was late and in so much pain.

Seriously, I feel like shit. I dont know what I;m supposed to say to who anymore and I know that this whole process is intense but right now I'm just in so much pain Ladies Ive been strong but I'm gonna go cry now.

Thank you all so so so very much for your comments...

Thank you all so so so very much for your comments recently. It has been very stressful for me, and your comments are what have kept me going and encourage me to keep my chin up! This sisterhood is so strong and I am blessed to be a part of it.

Thank you all so so so very much for your comments...

Thank you all so so so very much for your comments recently. It has been very stressful for me, and your comments are what have kept me going and encourage me to keep my chin up! This sisterhood is so strong and I am blessed to be a part of it.

Thank you all so so so very much for your comments...

Thank you all so so so very much for your comments recently. It has been very stressful for me, and your comments are what have kept me going and encourage me to keep my chin up! This sisterhood is so strong and I am blessed to be a part of it.

I'm going to let go of that drama for now because...

I'm going to let go of that drama for now because it is too much extra for me to handle anymore at this point and I am going to focus solely on healing my body and getting better now. So to get back to the healing process : I've been getting up and walking around ( or hobbling, really) every hour or 2 for 20 minutes to however long before I start to feel weak again. I feel like I am in more pain now than I have been since surgery. I am still very swollen and now my legs between my garment and compression sox are huge like my grandmas. my hands are still swollen but not as much, and so is my face, but I feel like my waist has gotten way more sensitive and swollen as well. So I am definitely taking my percocets. And all of my other medication, of course. I eat as often as I can, mostly soup and crackers and gatorade. I made chicken and rice and beans before surgery thinking i'd eat that, but I still just cant stomach it. Lots and lots of water. I pee a lot - but my pee is still a darker color than usual. Maybe I should try to drink even more.

I have some advice for upcoming ladies- don't pack tank tops for your undergarments!!!!! That's all I brought, and I wish I had some actual tee-shirts that were as fitted as my tanks are. Look for some!!! I think Foundumissnewbooty recommended Wet Seal for cheap good tee shirts so look there, because the straps on my garment are rubbing me raw and it sucks big time. I have a couple pads lodged underneath them now to prevent anymore rubbing. it feels so much better, and it looks so sexy I'm loving it! I also am wearing my arm compression now. I'm in my original Large body garment and small arm garment. I can't wait to get my new garment because I think i could use a little more compression on my belly. I feel it sticking out easy, and I wish that was more tight. I gently rub my belly and back in a downward motion to ease myself into sensation everytime I walk around. My next appointment is at the OR at 2 on monday and I think I will see the Doctor then - i didnt get to see him at my original post-op. Then my first massage is at the clinic at 11 on tuesday. I think I will be getting my garment then, but I don't really know.

I brought a heating pad, and this thing has been a life saver!

When I woke up about an hour ago, my back drain was hurting really bad again. When I finally got I up realized it was because my drain clip had fallen off of my garment again and was hanging off the bed and tugging on me. I gotta figure something else out because I dont want that to happen again it hurts!

I'm not gonna lie, this is tough. I knew I was crazy to come here alone, but I did it anyway because I wanted this so bad. So far from what I can see it will be worth it to me. One day when I'm all healed and killin' em with my curves I'm gonna remember this moment and it will give me strength to do anything!

Shout out to my girl Eve1982 who has her surgery at the end of january! She brought me lots of healthy yummy gatorade and the best chicken soup I've ever eaten in my life yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much, girl. You are amazing.

I don't even really know you all, but you have truly been here for me when I have nobody else. I'm an emotional wreck and feel your love and support and prayers working for me. Thank you again so much. Love and blessings and health to all of you XOXOXO

I know that some of you ladies are looking for...

I know that some of you ladies are looking for really big booties, and I totally get it, but it's not what I want. I love my hip to waist ratio - that's what I was looking for, but my butt is waaay too big and high for me at this point. I think I look like Kim Kardashian. I haven't seen doctor salama yet, I see him for the first time post op today hopefully at 2. Sorry I don't have new pics to show you but I tried on some clothes in the middle of the night and I didn't really notice how big it looked until i got into the clothes. I want to get more compression all over my body! And I really hope that the fat will drop and settle LOWER. Its my instinct to press on the shelf that I have to make sure it goes down but im gonna talk to him before I do that. Yes, I read it in pretty much every post, this journey is a roller coaster and it most certainly is. I am certain that it will go down some, but in the moment its hard to realize that. and I actually hope it goes down a lot. I got 1050 ccs, btw.

I am doing a lot better with pain. I told doctor s and he told me more pain med and it is helping, I am sleeping more not doing as much walking/laying around more and eating more too.

Added pix of me in the full garment. I like how I...

Added pix of me in the full garment. I like how I look in the garment, but not in clothes. I want this booty to drop!

Ughhh... ladies I wish I could tell you that I am...

Ughhh... ladies I wish I could tell you that I am feeling better but I do not. Yesterday nausea hit FULL FORCE. and I am back to throwing everything up again :-( I saw the doc he says my body is looking great. I told him bout nausea he said less percocet so I had larry get me tylenol. But once I was in bed I started getting lots and lots of pain and short breath shivers and very scary feeling. doc called in vicodin for me instead cuz i think the percs are the culprit. So I larry brought me that (thank you larry! So sweet!!) and the pain subsided some and breathing even. but I still feel nauseaus and threw up my breakfast :-( I wish I could just eat something! I don't want to eat anything, but I force myself to at this point because I am so weak. Oatmeal is my best friend.

LAst night I was certain i needed to go number 2 so I took off my garment (WHAT A FEAT) and once I got it off, and put some towels on the toilet seat I couldn't go!!! So upsetting. my tummy hurt so bad and I knew it needed to come out but wouldn't. so i put my garment back on felt like a failure and had a fit wondering if I should have even done this at all.

This morning I really really had to go, though so I took my garment off again, whole process and this time I went! :-D yay. it was very hard to pass and not very much but I felt better for it.

Then I also had to do something about my hair. I probably should have showered at some point with my garment off, but I felt too weak like I wouldn't make it or something. So I moved the dishes from the sink and threw a lemon down the garbage disposal and washed my hair in the sink! Ooooh, it sucked having my head upside down like that thought I would lose it again.... but Im glad I did it because my hair is clean and wet and back in a braid now. After all this weakness I don't know how I managed to get my hair into a dutch braid, but hey lol. I wont complain.

Now I am waiting around napping and wanted to update u ladies before my first massage today! at 11, so soon. hopefully I feel better after that.

Thanks for the support ladies, if I don't answer your emails or comments im sorry im not on realself that much right now, just trying to take it easy. I'll get back to you all when I can! XOXO

Hey ladies - quick update here! I feel like a...

Hey ladies - quick update here! I feel like a different person today. I think the nausea is FINALLY behind me, and I am HUUUUUUNGRY! for as much as my little stomach can take when squished in this damn faja, anyways. I've been craving hamburgers and fries big time. ugh.

Got my 2nd massage with celia today. it was awesome, felt much better after. Then I got my back drain taken out which was a huge relief... then I took a shower once I got to the condo, got all garmented back up, and checked up on my girls on rs and wanted to let you all know how better I feel now.

Well, it's been a long day so I'm gonna veg out and watch tv and fall asleep, But so you know, when I look in the mirror at my naked self I am LOVING what I see :-D XOXOXOXOX

I went ahead and bought a new garment. I've been...

I went ahead and bought a new garment. I've been searching all day and for the past few because I just don't like this lipoexpress butt-out, I just DON'T!!!! Its toooooo tight on my hips and I can't stand it. So I went ahead and followed asiangotbooty's lead and bought a size small 2 beige katie from hourglassangel.com. They are having a 10% sale right now anyways, and I figured I would be happy with this garment, so might as well have 2, and might as well stay consistent with it, right? It says that it slims the hips but asiangotbooty says its more comfortable/breathable and from the pictures it looks very sheer in that area and so I think this is exactly what I am looking for. I ALSO bought a squeem cincher vest off of amazon in beige. EXTRA small!!! :-O I was a little hesitant to do this at first because, well, at first I thought, what me? extra small? no way! I'm a medium!!!! But that's not the case anymore, and if I follow the size guide, with my waist being a 27 currently with the very likely potential to shrink even more than that - well, I guess x-small it is!

With the foams and garments i am 28. How long are we supposed to wear the foams for? When I asked Nomie she said for as long as I wear the garment. I'm not sure how necessary that will be - I plan on wearing a garment for a while. Also - I haven't gotten my board yet but must I wear the board and foam at the same time? And for how long do I use the board???

Anyways- I look forward to wearing my new garments because I HATE this one. I'll let you all know how they fit when I get them. XOXO

And by the way - I know I'm not totally healed...

And by the way - I know I'm not totally healed yet, but I am SOOOO Glad I decided to do the arm lipo! YES it was an extra pain big time- but I hated my arms and look at the before and after from my behind angles. there is a huge difference, and it really completes the look. 1 inch of fat can make a huge difference like that. They are still so sore, but in my opinion it was so worth it.

Hey everyone. I'm feeling great. Getting my...

Hey everyone. I'm feeling great. Getting my garment on and off is way easier now, and I'm not taking any pain meds at all anymore. I'm still a little bruised, actually, alot bruised but swelling has gone down a lot. Sleeping is uncomfortable but I sleep all night and wake up really really stiff and swollen and it takes a while to get back to feeling somewhat normal. I'm loving my results so much and it's true that I don't want it to get any smaller!!!!!!! hahahahahaha I really don't so I am hoping for the best. I feel so bulky with these foams, I know I need to wear them for a while but I can't wait to not have to wear them anymore. My lipo is very even and smooth and my stomach is so flat and I feel so sexy!!! BBL Train said it - Day 10 = all smiles. Posted a new pic. don't mind the tape, but just LOOK AT THAT ASS :-D Don't you wanna just smack it? lol such an improvement, I'm ecstatic.

Hey Ladies - Oh my gosh. the ride home was...

Hey Ladies - Oh my gosh. the ride home was TERRIBLE!!! Absolutely terrible. I had 13 hour total travel time - 8 hour total flight and 3 airplanes. I knew it'd be a long day, but my gosh. It started out when larry picked me up to take me to get my front drain out and there were 2 guys in the car, so I had to kneel instead of laying down. Got my drain out, but they were going to ft. lauderdale too, so I had to kneel the whole ride to the airport which was so awkward looking at people through the back window LOL. Then that stupid boppy pillow! UGH I NEVER want to use it again! I stood for a lot of the plane rides as much as I was allowed, but there always seemed to be turbulence, delays, or 40 minute landings!!!! Ugh, I probably sat for a total of 3.5 hours maybe even 4. :-( I sat with as much pressure on my thighs as possible (yes, I looked RIDICULOUS!) And as much pressure with my arms, you know. Hahahaha people are soooo nosey, and I just could not get my story straight! I told so many people different things ( at different places/times of course) Some of the excuses I gave: I am very nervous to fly and I can sit still/straight; I just had surgery and I cant sit (well, that's true), I have hemmerhoids and it hurts too much (lol THAT person shut right up hahahahahahahaha) One of the flight attendants asked if I was ok, and I said no she asked if it was my back and I was like, yes! She asked if I had surgery, I said yes, and before I knew it I was up in the galley hanging out with the ladies telling this big lie about my back surgery! Omg, I don't normally like to lie, I really don't... but this was just kinda funny.

a few people commented on my boppy and I'm embarrassed enough about that stupid thing, so this one guy really set me off, but I kept my tongue bit! good thing probably, but he was seated and I was boarding and walking past him and everyone else, and he's like, "That pillow is so big! It's out of control!!" I ALMOST said, "And so is your mouth!" lol, but I just "smiled" and kept hobbling forward haha. Gosh, it was a long day. I felt so upset and anxious whenever I was sitting and I felt like my butt was just melting away and like it was back to normal by the time the day was through. Hopefully I didn't do too much damage :-) Did the best I could.

I uploaded a few pics - sorry if nudity offends anyone, but I thought they are beautiful photos and I wanted to share them :-) I love my body and my results so far and am very happy that I did this surgery. I know my body will still change, and I'm excited to see what that means for me XOXO

Hey ladies! First of all, thank you all sooooo...

Hey ladies! First of all, thank you all sooooo much for your nice compliments about my photos. They are all so sweet, and I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the positive attention :) In a good way, but I guess I better get used to it, but it's something I'm definitely not used to! And I haven't been getting too much attention in public to be honest- guess I'm one of those people who don't notice it much anyways, and never even realize when I'm being hit on lol, but anyways. Thank you.

On another note, I am starting to get a bit down about my results. :-( I know, I know - but hear me out. The biggest thing is I have a serious dent on my right cheek. It's been there since the beginning and I don't think it will even out or go away. It's pretty big and noticeable though yoga pants and such, and it makes my butt not round, but flat looking at the bottom from the side. It is the same to a degree on the other cheek, but on the right there is a clear indentation where my finger fits perfectly - it's like it got pushed on or something! maybe the fat didn't take, or whatever,. Since I didn't get to see Dr. S before I left I didn't really ask him if it was going to fill out once my booty "drops" or whatever. I still want to send him an email thanking him for what he did, because overall I'm happy - and asking these questions, but my gut instinct tells me that its just gonna be there. It wouldn't bother me as much if it just didn't look all flat and dimply at the bottom. Another thing is I wanted an upside down heart and its not. Like I said, I'm not fully healed, but I am three weeks, and I don't know how much more things are going to change. It's not totally soft yet. the ring where the butt out starts is soft and the middle is a bit, but maybe its at 40% softness or something like that. It can jiggle a little but thats only because of the sides. So maybe the rounding at the bottom and deflating at the top is still in store for me, but as for the dents, I think it's just how it is. I'll try to get pics that show you better at some point, but I'm trying to not freak out about it and make a big deal yet because it's still new and I'm not used to everything yet so I"m trying to give it time! But you can kinda see in the latest picture I posted - it will be on the "left" since this camera flips it around but you can see it still, and yea. So there it is. NOT PERFECT! But nothing is, I suppose.

Ok, I got the katie vedette and a couple things about it - it's much better than the lipoexpress one in that the straps are sooooo much better!!! The old garment was making my shoulders bleed!!!! this one has nice soft bra-like straps which are removeable and adjustable and satiny. It has a clasp and zipper closing system, and the waist is small, but not small enough, really - so extra compression is a must! I had to wait a few days for my squeem to get here, and it was a bitch because I got all swollen and it hurt! The compression on the butt/hips is definitely more forgiving which is nice, but the legs are shorter, and do roll up which is soooo annoying, and doesn't compress my inner thighs. It's something I've given up on, I guess. My thighs didn't really get lipod enough and still rub when I walk and jiggle all the way, so I'm like - bleh. But I do wish that I had that fuller compression there.

Then I got my squeem vest in extra small, and when I first got it I almost cried because it was soooooo small, and I almost gave up w/o trying because htf am I supposed to clasp this thing when I cant even close it past my sides lol!!! Well, I took my foams out (they're really only for extra compression anyways, right?) Left my board in, and had my sister help me and WE DID IT! hahaha. Then I looked in the mirror and freaked out because I look like I belong in the late 1800's!!! so strange to me. With the squeem and the board I'm at a 27, which makes a 26.25 when I'm naked, and my booty is at 39. Pretty nice ratio, I must admit. especially for being a 31", 36" pre-op lol!!!!

Another thing, even though this garment is"better" and I wouldn't even really say that since there are drawbacks to both, it still is not that nice, and I'd rather just wear nothing but the cincher. But I guess I still will for the next couple of weeks.

I don't spend too much time out of my garment, but when I do, it always calms me down. Even this more relaxed butt out fit makes things a little crazy, and I much prefer a more natural look. But when I spend 23 hours a day in this thing, it's kinda hard not to think your body's gonna just mold and end up like it permanently.

Ok, ladies - merry christmas and thanks for reading my rants!!! It's so up and down with this surgery, and it's very emotionally exhausting! I still have a week left before I go to work, and I'm hoping I heal up more because I still do not feel "normal."


Hey ladies!!! I took lots of new pics after my...

Hey ladies!!! I took lots of new pics after my shower today and wanted to share some. My butt is softening up now, probably at about 50% It's still kinda hard. Some days I love my results, some days not so much. But these pics make me love it!!! Angles really do matter! And lighting, but im not poking it out too much haha. Yes, there are dents and from the side it looks not as round as it does from straight on from the back... so these pics don't really showcase my flaws at all, really. But keep in mind they are there. I am a little disappointed with my inner thighs. they still rub and bug, but w/e. And not aaaaalll of my upper back fat got taken out, but believe me it is a huge improvement!! I love love love my waist!! its pretty flat and I can't wait to start working out again. haha, ok maybe I can - I hate working out! But I love what it does for my body, so hey. The sacrifices never end. At first when I got the XS squeem it was ridiculous I could barely close it up. Now, I can close it on the 2nd row no prob. My waist is at 26-26.5 and my booty is at 39.5

I like the katie but honestly, after I cut the sides of the lipo express one I liked it better after all. It gives more compression on the thighs and since i cut the sides, it really let up on the hips! So I've been wearing that one. The straps KILL but I wear pads underneath them. When I go back to work I will most likely wear the katie since I will need to bend, and need more flexibility. I probably will ditch the board during my work day, since I bend and lift all day long, and I can't bend at all when I have the board in. So I will wear the katie and the cincher during work.

I have been continuing with massages thanks to my mom!!! And a heating pad and scar zone cream on my scars, and also emu oil on my butt because I got tons of stretch marks!! I should have done that before surgery to prepare my skin. I don't know why I didn't :-(

Ummm... My clothes are stupid now. Nothing fits and I'm embarrassed to go anywhere because I don't have any clothes that match or look good at all! I am going shopping tomorrow. I seriously do not have more than 100 dollars until my next paycheck so I will have to scavange ross or something for new clothes. I like how I look naked better than I do in clothes, to be honest. Wish me luck! XOXOXO

Hey everyone! Well, I made it to 4 weeks. What a...

Hey everyone! Well, I made it to 4 weeks. What a ride. I'm definitely feeling a lot better now, but I am still very swollen and tender. Especially my back and sides. definitely my arms too! I'm hoping that some of the "fat" I have left on everything (except my booty!) is swelling. Its still kinda hard to bend and move freely, and I don't like to put any sort of pressure on my butt, so even when I bend I get really anxious. I had to take the bus yesterday and it SUCKED. Of course I didn't have a boppy, so I just sat at the edge of the seat with my booty hovering lol. Definitely got some crazy looks!!! hahaha. I got off early and just walked my ass home - F* that. And it HURT to sit! Damn, i haven't really been sitting on the boppy or anything, trying to get max survival rate and so my first little taste of that was not fun at all. I was surprised at how uncomfortable it was. My butt never really hurts otherwise. I guess cuz I take such care of it. \\

My butt jiggles now a lot more! Its not totally soft but it's getting there! I tried twerkin' for the 1st time with my new booty the other day and I had soooo much fun hahahaha. I've always had some moves, but looked absolutely stupid with my puny little ass. So it was definitely satisfying but at the same time I didn't want to bounce around too much and kill any cells!! So it took everything I had inside of me to stop shaking it and put the garment back on and lay on the heating pad haha. I can't wait till it gets TOTALLY soft though.

My waist is holding out at 26-26.5 and my butt at 39-39.5. I really want to get my waist down to a 24!!! That would be unbelievable. The XS squeem isn't really that tight. It makes my waist tiny - but it doesn't feel that tight, really. I'm wondering if I should go down to a 2XS - too bad squeem doesn't make one!!! Lipo express does though - but its not all rubber lined, i dont think. I really like the squeem so I'm bummed about that. But I really want to tone up so crunches it is! (in a couple weeks...) And I'd also like to get my butt up to a 40 or 41, so once I'm totally healed and well past the 6 week mark - probably more like 10 or 11 weeks, I'm gonna start exercising and build some muscle so I can really twerk it!

Ok, so this is what I was dreading the most, to be...

Ok, so this is what I was dreading the most, to be honest. Ive been trying to find clothes that hide this booty- and I know it sounds ridiculous, because I didn't get it to hide it... I just didn't want it to be soooo obvious right away esp. since I'm still in the garment, you know. And I've been doing a pretty good job with a line skirts and such, but I wore the WRONG outfit today, and my ass was bouncing everywhere, and if anyone didn't notice before, well they do now. I'm just fine with the attention that it brings from people who didn't know me before lol, I just am kinda embarrassed about actually getting surgery, you know? Not that I really think its that terrible, but still... I just don't want to be pinned the wanna be fake ass like kim kardashian of my work place. Even though I love Kim!! haha, see... I"m just conflicted. I am so happy with my results, but the one thing that I was hesitant about getting surgery was what people would think (in a negative way) I realized that was so stupid, and I shouldn't do (or NOT do) something because of other people... but anyways. They don't know I did this, and it was only super obvious today but I wonder what they are thinking. I heard a bunch of jokes under the breath. Caught lots of stares and super confused faces lol. This one girl I work with who is really really kinda bitchy and judgemental (and flat bootied hahahaha) was like, seriously scowling and looking at my butt AAAALL DAY!!! I know it's curiousty and jealousy, but it just made me very uncomfortable. nobody said anything directly to me, but I was definitely the elephant in the room, that's for sure. haha. Whatever, they better not say anything or else I'll tell them to eat it! At least I can come on here with all my bbl sisters and feel not so alone!! Thank you! What have been some of your reactions? XOXO

Hey Ladies - Yea I've been ditching realself...

Hey Ladies - Yea I've been ditching realself lately. It's true what they say, this site looses it's appeal after about 3 weeks Post op. But I wanna keep you ladies updated, so here's my 8 week review! Well, my body is almost back to normal now. I still have soreness/burning in my torso, mostly lower back and flanks. My flanks and abdomen get the most swollen still and sometimes, I'm like. whaaat? I look so puffy! But When I wake up and I'm not all swollen I love how flat my belly is. My inner thighs are still tender too, but I'm really upset with them. I like looking thick, but I just feel like my thighs aren't what I wanted. I think they could be better. I dont think they look thick, I think they look fat, because I have that gap, but then like a 3 inch fatty bulge. Thats not thickness, thats blubber lol. Ugh I hate that sooooo much and I thought it'd be gone, but ugh. it kinda ruins it for me.

I feel like my booty got soooooo much smaller but it is the same measurements - 26 waist, 39 booty. I am hiring a personal trainer next week and gonna hit the gym and start lifting HEAVY! I wanna bulk up, I got all this fat now haha it jiggles just fine. But now I think I can bulk out my muscle and really get the result I want. I wouldn't want nothing but a fatty ass anyways. I want something to jiggle, yes of course... but I also want alot of muscle to make it JUMP. My wish measurements are 25" waist, and 43" booty. That's a 4" increase. yikes. Sounds so intimidating, but I do think it's possible over the next 6 months, so that's my goal. Whether or not I ever get there isn't that important really - I just wanna get my ass up in the gym and see what I can accomplish. My strategy is to not do ANY cardio (YAAAAAY!!!) I don't want to lose any weight anymore. That is such a good feeling. I eat healthy, and now I actually have trouble putting on any weight. Im 130 now and I eat so much (healthy but a lOT) and I can't put on a single pound, this is CRAZY! I neeeever had that issue before. Ok, and eat lots of protein and take maca root and do low reps, high weights of squats, lunges, hip extensions, deadlifts, hip thrusts and butt bridges, and also ab workouts and mild arm workouts 2ce a week, and just keep increasing weight.

I'm getting used to not wearing a garment anymore. It's like my security blanket now, and I don't really like not wearing it, but can't wear it forever! I dont really sit that much still, and I still sleep on my stomach. even though I'm "Allowed" to, it just feels weird and I can't bring myself to do it.

I'm bummed about the cellulite and the dents, but I guess I have to get used to it. Ruben said its not necessarily permanent, but I think it is.

I totally am glad I did it - for sure. Much improvement! But I still have things I'm unsatisfied with. Inner thighs - I wanted a curvier sillouhette from the front, and a bit of upper back fat left, not too much though. Round 2 isn't totally out of the question, if Dr. Salama thinks my inner thighs could be used to fill in dents and fill out a little more, I might consider it - But I don't really want to go through that again!!! Imma see where I am in 6 months after working out!!!

Just for comparison I wore the same panties from my pre-op pix, omg what a diff. check it out. Thanks ladies. Good luck to everyone XOXO
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