15 Months Post Op and Butt is still Shrinking :( Has anyone else experience this continuous shrinking!

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Hi ladies Thank you all so much for the honest...

Hi ladies Thank you all so much for the honest feedback and thanks to you all I have decided on Salama who I am in love with! So I guess now the hard part begins and being that I am from NY going by myself I know there's a long journey ahead of me to reach my dream body!

A little info about myself, I am
140pds- need to gain 10-15 Pds
Athletic build
No booty :(

So I am finally on my 12 day countdown. Thank you...

So I am finally on my 12 day countdown. Thank you all so much for all your stories and feedback because I am still in disbelief that I am having this procedure done. I booked my hotel for 10 days and was able to get a discount from $199 a night to $157 a night which doesn't sound like much, but with all the expenses that come from this procedure saving any money is great!! So at this point being that I am going alone I still have to get a nurse. Does anyone have any good nurses they can recommend?? My Goodness I am a nervous reck now! Will anyone be having surgery during May 16th?? If anyone has a list of items that i should pack please feel free to forward it to me. I have been so busy that with work traveling and trainings I have not had a chance to go shopping yet. I will post pictures soon! Thanks for all the support ladies!!

So Salama's office is super busy! Met the whole...

So Salama's office is super busy! Met the whole crew, Nancy is a sweetheart and the new driver Miriam is soo nice. FYI she does care taking as well if you need those services and are traveling alone. So I am ready for my new booty!! Preop pics are up..

Pray for me Ladies!!!!!

Waist 36 1/2
Booty 39
Weight 146 pds(Gained 16 pds for surgery)



1day post Op

Okay so I survived!!! I have to say ladies reach out to eachother for support! I came down here by myself and I was going to hire a nurse and one of the girls having surgery the same day who I had been chatting with ended up having a booked hotel so we ended up getting a 2 bedroom suite at the residence inn with a salama discount! I highly highly recommend this hotel! Super clean, friendly , it has a full kitchen and believe me that you need that kitchen!

Day 2 was more painful than day 1. Today was a sensitive soreness and being that I can't take Percocet I'm feeling the pain in its full glory! It feels like my bum was hit by a Mac truck but hopefully tomorrow will be better! Will try to post after pics tonight!

2 Days Post Op Pictures #Team Salama

So I am two days post op and the pain was definitely more intense the second day than the first. It was a tender severe soreness. I got up every 1-2 hours the first two days and ate, so I wasn't lightheaded, gatoraded myself up (red preferable), took meds (iron pills, vitamin c, arnica pills, antibiotic every 7 hours and went for a 10 to 15 min walk. So important to do this so you keep draining. Day 1 and 2 are about surviving pain! It is now morning or 1am of day 3 and I already am starting to feel the difference. I am able to stand up a little straighter. I am also recovering with a roomie, which has been amazing. I was definitely kidding myself thinking that I could have done this alone.. Even with a partial nurse this would have been impossible. Just getting in to bed is a mission during the first two days. I strongly recommend getting a full time nurse for the first two days or if you are planning to come alone, the driver Miriam does have a home in which I believe here sisters have an all inclusive and which they nurse you back to health.

New Pictures Post Op Day 3

I was just mentioning to one of the other BBL sisters that the mornings are super hard! You wake up and feel like every bone in your body is broken. So today I had my first BM this morning and wow it felt like I was in labor. So I have posted new pictures and I don't know I am a little worried about my figure right now, my bum looks like to car tires going separate ways! My roommate says not to worry yet, because it seems that in the first days it looks hard and squared. We both had surgery the same day and her behind looks rounder and it seems that her hips seamlessly flow to her butt, my hips as if they are a separate entity from my behind. Well I chose Salama because I am confident in his work, so I will be patient! I went on a 2 hr walk today to Aventura Mall today and I think the walking and eating healthy is so important. Ladies, basically what they told me is that they are going to make me anemic after this procedure, so its very important to eat a lot of proteins and Iron filled foods in order to supplement all the blood loss!! Plus a lot of Fiber so you can have your BM.

Did anyone else have really bad headaches during recovery????

Hi ladies so had my first massage yesterday! In a scale of 1-0 for pain i would give it a 7 overall pain with level 9 for only short moments. So basically the massage is not too long, they start by doing your back where she puts the gel and rolls one of those massage looking machines on your back and I told her, oh this isn't so bad, which she then added, I haven't started the massages yet! Eeeekk!! Once she is done, with the machine she then starts finger massaging you trying to get the liquid out. I literally dug my head in the pillow towel and just bit it when the pain got intense, which was when she was primarily squeezing the sides that are super sensitive. The actual massage does not take too long maybe 5-7 minutes. She then rolls you over and does the same for your stomach. Lubes, machine roll and massage. I heard all the liquid squishing which she drained for me and I did feel much better when I was done. Salama clearly expressed how important these are for recovery and preventing seromas and a lumpy stomach. So getting someone that knows how to do it well is great and you should only get max 15 massages! He says it is not necessary after that, I am assuming because once the stomach has shrunk back to place, there is no saving it by that point!
I know everyone is very curious about the actual details about the massage. Hope this helps. Oh yes I did take 1 Perc just because I was so scared from what I heard. I did not cry or scream, there was a whole lot of under towel moaning, but its definitely doable. I have 2 more this week!

Can someone share some light on this

Hi Ladies... I am kinda down today Day 6 Post op. I am not really happy so far with my results and I just uploaded some pictues in which I was noticing that the top part of my bum looks dark almost bruised. Salama said that it seems that the top has flatten a little bit, aka the fat cells did not survive, necrosis. I am really afraid that I am not going to get the results that I want... ughh.. all the time and money spend and I guess I did not consider the fact that that I may not get the best results. Can someone share any similar experiences with me?? :(

7 Months Post Op-- dissapointed

Hi ladies... What a roller coaster ride this process has been! I went from a really hard recovery, jumping back to work two weeks after my surgery! Being super ecstatic because for about 6 months my body was exactly what I always dreamed off, to waking up one day and realizing I was loosing all my fat! Now was the surgery worth it for me... I guess yes and no. Yes because I still think I look better than I did before, no because I temporarily had the body I dreamed off and was so happy to now I'm depressed because I feel like it's gone and I am 7 months post off and I am not sure if in 3 months the little bit of fat I had might be all gone. I am giving it to 12 months to figure out what the final results are. To me the word fluffing never existed and I think I lost probably more than 70% of the fat injected. Not sure if this is because of me, the procedure or just my body not accepting the fat, but want people to know that you can loose the fat and at least is never had an infection or anything really bad along those lines.. Anyways I am sad but will update in a few months!

11 Months Post Op #SalamaFailed #WantARefund

Hello Ladies I just made 11 Months Post op and I have to say this surgery and the 10k I spent and time and recovery was basically a waste of time for me. My Fat is 90% gone, I'll post pictures later, but worst part is that every month I loose more and more and I just really wish I was told from the beginning that this was a possibility. Yes I did everything told, no I didn't sit, yes I ate healthy and still nothing. I had a perfect body and was super happy for about 6 months and now I'm back to wearing long shirts and long jackets. :( I just want to put it out there because no one tells you that this is a possibility, and perhaps if they told me ahead of time, i may have made a different decision. I know my body and I know it doesn't like to retain fat. Some people say if the surgeon is good, most of the fat will survive. Is that true, could Salama not have done a good job because I was his fourth patient of the day and my surgery was scheduled at 6pm?? I guess I'll never know! However, I did call to find out if this is typical and Nancy from what she said made me seem like this can be the outcome. Now she asked me if I wanted a revision and the thought in my head was, why would I pay you 10k more if the fat didn't survive the first time! Anyways yes I'm bitter yes I'm upset, this surgery was 6 months prep, plus now a year of recovering and doing everything possible for this last year not to loose fat! It's a mental and physical trial that you go through and right now I do feel like I'm entitled to money back because I'm pissed off, but obviously that will not happen nag I just want to close this chapter in my life and I guess it wasn't meant to be.

... Still Shrinking :( has this happened to anyone else???

So 15 months later and I get depressed every couple months after my butt shrinks more and more. It's funny because you cN actually feel it shrinking. All off a sudden your butt will feel really sore and you will feel these pinches of pain and almost like little electric shocks and the next day your butt is flatter! Still to this day my butt gets sore easily when I sit for periods of time, I feel like my butt got over stuffed with so much fat that it all died in there. I never got one stretch mark which my roomy did immediately and I think my fat cells died right after surgery because the fat never felt like it was a part of my body. Well I wanted to keep updating because I'm sure someone else is experiencing this and I wanted to know if this has happened to anyone else?? If so did they lose all their fat?? It seems like I'm going back to my original flat pancake behind... Almost feel like I'm going back to being a frog.. So sad!!!
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