Looking Forward to Having the Body I've Always Wanted

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Hello ladies. So I have my consult with Dr Salama...

Hello ladies. So I have my consult with Dr Salama tomorrow. I paid my down payment weeks ago to save my date for Dec.16th which is 80 days away. I have my notebook with my questions ready to go. I'm a nurse. I took 10 days offor to recover and plan to utilize the cell saver to recover quicker.
I'm really excited and wish I could do survey sooner, but I am currently in school again so I have to wait until the end of my semester.
I have always had a butt. I'm not flat back there. The problem is when I gain weight I get a big fluffy butt, a big belly, and my no red bull wings (love handles). I really want to get rid of my love handles once and for all. Even when I'm thin I still have love handles.
I'm 5'1 and I currently weigh about 137. I would like to get up to 145-150 before surgery. I am hoping to get my braline done, love handles, stomach & lower back done. I would like to get a nice butt and hips too. I plan to pay my surgery in full tomorrow at my consult. I attached some wish pics.
Personally I think I'm a pretty girl as far as my face goes. If i had to rate myself I'd say I was about a 5 without makeup and 7.5 or 8 with makeup. I know how to put myself together. I just really want the body to make me feel like a 7/8 waking up with my messy hair in the morning. I want to feel sexy all the time.
I'm happy that my family is fully supportive, including my husband. I will be 30 in march. I look forward to going on a shopping trip for new clothes and getting out of that Faja. I'm beyond excited and I have a ticker on my phone. At the end of this semester I'll take my final go home and prep the house and food for my next day recovery. My husband and mom will be looking after me. Can't wait. Ill post pre op photos closer to surgery.
Ill write and update when I meet the Dr. Tomorrow.

Had my consult today

Where do I start? Okay so the one con= yes you have to wait. It's a doctors office. Expect it. I waited 2 hours, but in the 2 hours I saw a lot of nice round butts, had conversations with several pre and post op patients. I got a lot of information during my wait. His patients love him.

The girls at the desk, very professional and courteous.

The visit. Dr Salama. hmmph. Let me be honest. I was very nervous. So i was in the room with my socks and undies in a gown and in walks Dr. Salama. Smile on his face, great energy, very professional. He introduced himself and sat down and started asking questions. You know how some physicians have this pompous attitude? Not the case with Dr. Salama. He made me feel very comfortable. The last consult I went to the Surgeon wouldn't even look at me when I was speaking to him. Smh. Great eye contact with Dr. Salama. He collected all of my medical information, not a nurse. That surprised me. He took all my information. Gave me tons of information, which I wrote down, and although I think he was a little tickled that I came in with a note book, he took the time to answer all of my questions. He didn't make me feel rushed. When he left the room and I was waiting for the nurse Nomi, I had a smile from ear to ear. I was so comfortable with my decision and I was happy I didn't settle with any of the other 3 surgeons. I had paid a deposit to hold the day I wanted and if I was uncomfortable I was okay with losing it. I paid my surgery in full before I left the office. 79 days to go. Yay

More photos

Im almost fully prepped and I've gone shopping. ????


Same name. Follow me. Forgot to tell you guys about preop. Everything went well. Labs were on point. And my Surgery will be at 1030am this Friday. I can't wait. Check here and ig for updates.

See you on the other side

I'm the office now. Awaiting my turn to be bodied. All nerves. Bye


Okay, so I had my surgery on Friday. Let me start with the one thing that is slightly annoying for me because I am very funny about time. Not one scheduled appointment has been my appointment from the beginning of this journey. I have been given appointment times since the beginning via phone, email, and even on paper, and then when someone calls to confirm my appointment it's always at a different time. It was annoying for me for work and asking my family for help with my son. Not sure of the system they use, but it's no bueno.

Moving right along. So surgery. I was nervous as hell. I had a panic attack right before I went to the back to meet the anesthesiologist and Dr Salama. After I met with Dr Salama I was completely at ease. So surgery, I went in, climbed up on the table, I was talking to the anesthesiologist and he was telling me what he was about to do and that the medication was going to sting going in and that I was going to have a nasty taste in my mouth. I remember saying okay and that was it. I woke up face down on a bed in a faja in pain. and then knocked back out. Then woke up again (not sure of the time gap). I remember asking the nurse a question and she didn't speak much english and couldn't understand what I was asking her. Anyways the nurse put me in the chair and wheeled me out to my husband. I was in and out of it on the way home. I remember I kept touching my butt and it was cold. I was itching all over my body. Not sure what it was from but I was itching bad. I didnt want to take benadryl with the pain medications so I tried to just tough it out. Okay so i get home and I was able to be up and walk around. I literally got up every hour to walk around. (It reminded me of the no sleep of when you have a newborn). I was exhausted but i pushed myself through. I was leaking all over the place at home leaving trails.

Fast forward= my follow up. Took my garment off. Dr. noticed I had 2 areas of skin necrosis starting to form so told me no on the garment. He told me not to put it back on until he clears me. He gave me 2 prescriptions and some foams and my garment back. He put some silvedene on the 2 areas and helped me into my t shirt and my robe and I was on my way back home. We stopped at the pharmacy and then my husband went to pick the meds back up. When he helped me to take a bath I noticed there was another area that was appeared to be becoming necrotic so I started treating that area too. So Im 3 days post op and still out of a faja. I can feel the fluid moving around in my belly. I feel okay othewise. 2 of the areas appear to be improving. The drains are the most annoying part for me. I cant wait to have them taken out. Hoping they both can come out on friday.

My results: Am I happy?


Right now i can see some asymmetry of my hips. Not sure if it can be fixed by the garment or if ill need a revision. My shape; love handles which were my primary reason for being unhappy; are gone. So that's amazing. As far as the skin necrosis goes, I'm a nurse. I read all the possible complications. He also reminded me prior to surgery. Did I want it to happen? No. It was actually the 1 big fear I had. But it happened. No point in crying about it. I will continue to treat the areas with the prescribed meds and hope for the best. The areas aren't that big and it's not like I had perfect skin to begin with. LOL. I'm just saying. Things happen. It's a risk you take and you have to ask yourself if you can live with the risks. I'll be just fine. I will upload the pictures from my phone in a second. My massage is tomorrow at 9am. I am dreading it. I heard someone singing on saturday in the other room, that scarred the mess out of me. Ill keep you all updated.


Here are the photos

My massage

Um.... for everyone that says they're massage was painful.... um..... not my experience. I took 1 and 1/2 percocets at 820. My massage was about 910. The back... was literally painless. Felt like release of pressure. The front was a little more uncomfortable down by my public areas. I just did some deep breathing and counted a 6 count inhalation and 6 count exhalation. Focused on my breathing. Just that fast I forgot the masseuse name. Starts with an A. Ahhhh man... she was absolutely amazing. I saw Nomi too. Still no garment. I come back on Thursday for massage and removal of the drains. This has been an awesome experience so far. Can't wait for Thursday. :)

Post massage

I haven't been in my garment since sat. SALAMA worked magic in this body. I love my body now

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