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Every since i was 15 years old I've wanted a big...

Every since i was 15 years old I've wanted a big behind. I remember buying my 1st issue of XXL Mag and saw Angel Lola Luv *a.k.a* Lola Monroe of Taylor Gang on the cover. Im now 20 and still considering getting the surgery done. i honestly want a big ole booty with a tiny tiny waist. As a woman of color I've always wanted to have a shapely body. I'm currently 5'1 and 179 lbs. I have a very solid build but after pregnancy i have a lot of loose skin around my stomach and since i've gained weight my behind has turned into a square form. After reading almost every post on here I've decided to go ahead an start saving to put down 10%. I really wanted to go with Dr. Salama but i know he's booked up into March 2013. i think he's worth the wait. I love his work and i already have a nice shape (i think) so i know he will work his wonders on me.

Uploading a couple new pics of my pre-op body. I...

uploading a couple new pics of my pre-op body. I spoke with Nancy today and she gave me the pricing of the BBL. She was very kind and helpful. She did tell me I'm going to need to loose some weight. Currently i'm 177lbs at 5'1. She said to aim for around 150lbs. I've been working out at the gym 5x a week for the past month and a half and i've came down 13lbs. This was before i spoke with her. I'm up 20lbs from before i was pregnant so i've been working out trying to get back to my original body weight. I was 150lbs in high school and i loved that weight. So it works out perfectly! Bad news is that Dr. Salama is booked into May 2013 but by that time i'll be done with my first year of college and my friends/family will be able to travel with me to Miami. I've lived in Miami for 2 years straight after high school but decided to move bak to Pa in the mean time while i save some money for the surgery. I'm not concerned because i know the area and i also have friends/family in Miami! I'm super excited though. Talking with Nancy made it more real and honestly May doesn't seem that far away. ;)

Unable to get Percs and I have BBL tmw with Dr Salama

I'm in Florida with my Gf and I've been going to every pharmacy in N Miami and everyone is out of Percs! I'm very upset, frustrated, and worried. And to top it all off I'm unable to get in contact with the office! My pre op app is at 7pm but i don't even know if they realized that this is Memorial Day! I've come too far and spent way too much money to have all this happening to me. At this point I don't know what to do! :( has anyone ever experienced not being able to get their medication filled? And do I really need the Percs? I'm good with pain! I mean I gave birth to my child with no meds and have many tattoos but the way the pain is described on other women's post is very much scary to me! Someone help me please


The condo is very nice where me and Gf are staying! Very small and cute. Clean. But a little bug problem but no biggie I lived in Miami before so I know the deal lol I decided to not get a driver from all the negative post on here but honestly with Miami traffic and Memorial Day weekend it's def not ideal either to just take a cab either! Also I feel as though I under packed. I realized as soon as I got off the plane I packed all the medical stuff but no good clothes. I was told that this surgery you won't need any nice clothes because you'll mostly be healing but now I'm unsure. That's just me not a big complaint I just wish I had thought of attire better. I'm extremely nervous but it's good to be back home. Any last minute advice? I'm freaking out!

Worth it already

Hello ladies so I did know my body and I'm in pain but I'm doing very well with it. I knew that wouldn't be so bad. My first impression of his staff are very friendly and they made me feel at ease. The Dr. Is very well spoken and calm so I felt calm as well. When I arrived I had to wait 30 mins because me and a male nurse were the only ones there. That didn't bother me I was just ready to get it done and over with. When I saw the doctor he explained everything to me. He wasn't really interested in what I had to say which didn't bother me, I just hoped i made it clear enough I wanted a big ole stripper booty! He basically said it all depends on my skin but he would bring down my waist and I had already had some roundness to my butt so he would maintain that and give it projection. I then signed off my papers seemed like I signed the day before at pre op but oh well. I was worried I might be pregnant but I have PCOS which delays my period idk why I was freaking. After surgery I was in pain and my friend came to get me in a cab! I hated that cab! I recommend you get a rental but I was scared to use their car service because of all the bad or poor rather reviews on here!
When I arrived home I took my vicadin and went to sleep (I had chicken noodle soon before hand) then I woke up and peed, I peeped out so much blood and freaked out. My friend has been a blessing because she kept her cool and called the office! I couldn't really cry but I was very scared and teary eyes! The woman said its normal and that this operation is very messy. I calmed myself down and drank plenty of water and Gatorade. I walked for 2 hrs at one point and I started feeling better from 7pm to now which is 12am. It's very hard for me to lay down but I'm dealing with the pain! I also keep peeing all over my girdle! gross and i have to keep evertyhing on until tmrw So far I love what I'm seeing. I'm hoping my waist goes down and my hips heal evenly. also im bumping into everything with all these hips and ass! but so far I'm doing well, walking talking and feeling very well taken care of by my friend! Ladies please come with someone and make sure they are not Squamish! My drains are okay! Not as bad as I thought it was gonna be.alright then I'm going to lay back down and continue drinking my fluids taking my medication and anticipating until I can take this dirty girdle off! Happy healings to all!

I did loose weight for this surgery

Just a little entry when I scheduled this app I was told to loose weight I weighed 179 when I called and yesterday at surgery I weighed 157 lbs. I was told to get down to 150 but i think it's very important to listen to the doctor to get your best potential results. I liked my weight at 157 hopefully after this major surgery ill loose more. Does surgery make you loose weight?

One week PO and pic

It's been a week since I've updated and let me say its been crazy with this pain and discomfort. I already had plenty of bowel movements and learning how to get in and out of this tight ass girdle. I've had 2 massages which were very painful but Dr. Salama staff who does the massages are very nice about it. Now I only need them every other day until I leave which is Monday. The offices are closed on the weekend so I'm scheduled for 2 more massages before I head back. The pain has been bearable but very uncomfortable, I ran out of Vicoden yesterday and I'm still unable to fill my Percocet prescription. I'm really feeling it today and my front drains hurts like a b*tch! My butt is still very swollen , big and stiff. My waist is very small, looks as though its getting smaller. I'm really content with how my shape is. I know alot of women get upset about how much their butt goes down but I decided even if it does I won't be mad cuz my shape before was so bad I'm just happy to have a better body!


1 week PO pics

5 days PO pic (old pic) I'm 1 week PO

5 days PO

1 week 1 day PO (NEW PICS) SALAMA

More pics

1 Year 5 months POST OP Dr SALAMA BBL

I know its been long over due for a review but i thought i would give my view on how my life has drastically changed! First off I'm engaged and pregnant so i thought for all the BBL sisters who want to get pregnant after your BBL ( which i wouldn't recommend being that you spent all this money on your NEW AMAZING BODY) They want to know like me "How will my body look during and after pregnancy and will it mess up my results?" I thought i might as well make a blog on how that goes! any who i absoluetly love my shape even after a year and a couple months! And even through pregnancy my waist has gotten bigger but My ASS is just ridiculous looking! the most important part of pregnancy is not focusing on your weight or body but just living a healthy lifestyle for your baby. Im already pretty thick so i shouldn't gain more than 11 lbs but that never happens! haha Im going to briefly go couple of my experiences SURGERY DOCTOR CARE END RESULTS , RECEPTION, LOVE & SEX LIFE, AND OVER ALL SELF ESTEEM. there are probably more but those are the ones i can think of right now

Elite Plastic Surgery is the best place to get your Brazilian butt lift . I already was thick but my behind was flat at the top half meaning I had thick thighs but my waist to bum ration was non existent. Everyone results vary but my mine are perfect for my short thick stature. My waist is now a tiny 27 inch and my butt is a perfect 45 inches. I look like a total video vixen. Personally I wanted to be built like the urban models so if you don't want "that" look Dr. Salama can definitely achieve your personal goals. He asks you what your desirable shape is and tells you how realistic it is of you to achieve the body you always dreamed of. He has worked a miracle on my body! I Would say getting down to a medium build shape for me thats (140-160) standing 5"1 thats why i think my results looked so nice. If you do plan on getting this done, loose the weight the doctor recommends coming from an overweight patient to another. IDK about the thin ladies who probably had to gain weight but for me loosing weight was key in my end results. The staff at ELITE PLASTIC SURGERY were very helpful and informative. I could also get in contact with them at anytime of the day or night. They always were there for me, and despite being the best BUTT Doctor in Miami and the World, Dr. Salama always makes time to answer questions and tend to your every need. I recommend Elite Plastic Surgery to anyone and they are extremely certified as well and a very clean environment that's the most important. I actually brought a friend with me to a hotel which i found to be expensive. I've never been to a recovery house but that would probably be the best option if you don't want to bring another person and just focus on recovery! As much as my Body was in pain I would do it all over again because I'm so in love with my results and how I look!

SO Ladies if you already have a decent body and just going in to define your shape get ready for all kinds of crazy! After i got my surgery i worked at MACYs for a while but then i moved into bar tending to pay the bills! Thats when things got really crazy for me. First off bartending with this body has paid BIG TIME but at the same time i wasn't ready for all the mean women ,nasty talk from men and sexually harassment! Everywhere I go I get looks, compliments and even marriage proposals. Beware of the hatred from women (and even bitter men) TIMES 100 more if you already have had haters.I'm a country girl from VA and wasn't used to the hood bar atmosphere of pittsburgh pa so it was extremely hard for me to get through my head why these ppl were so mean to me all because i looked like this! OF course i can't walk down the street without someone saying something sexual to me or commenting on my body. At first i laughed brushed it off but then i would think a woman having a big butt(nice body) is like a man with a lot of money you don't know who really wants you for who. I lost a lot of friends who claim i "changed" but these same friends already had really nice butts bodies and who i used to go out with any get all the attention from guys which i was okay with because I'm very shy and not flirty at all. i think they didn't like me getting all the attention and now they were in the back light. Which is stupid but idk i have a family and friends who say i haven't changed they see more confidence in me. I didn't get this surgery for anyone but me and i love my body! i do miss those days where i can walk somewhere in peace tho lol. Also i do keep it real when i see that someone is really interested and not just nosey "IS YOUR BUTT REAL?"

MY love life has been very crazy. Serial dating because a lot of men like i said will only like you for your body! I've even had guys who hit and quit it or dissed me throughout high school be all up in my face now that i have my body done. PPL change when they see you looking all good. It did feel really good when this one guy i was obsessed with dissed me after we slept together that february before i got my body done to diss him back when he came to my bar telling me how much he's missed me. and he even had the nerve to curse out my friend who tried to talk to me on IG (juvenile i know)HE went crazy after i did that because he had money and was extremely handsome and probably have never been rejected like that before! OH WELL. But I'm finally with someone who loves me for me. He's the greatest! i couldn't be happier. He loves my body and accepts that I've had an enhancement. He does get jealous at times because elf how much attention i get but he's working on it.I've always been confident with sex like i love totally naked sex i think that happened after i had my daughter. i felt so womanly after having a baby i finally know what i like and how to please a guy. MY NEW BUTT had little to d0 with that. all i can say is i did have sex maybe 4 weeks after surgery(Dog STYLE ONLY)! it wasn't painful and felt good! but to each his own! Listen to your doctor because you wouldn't want to mess up your results.

Ive always struggled with self esteem mainly because i was always way different than a lot of ppl. Im an artsy hippie country girl who first language is spanish. I definitely feel more comfortable in shorts , jeans , even dresses but i can say I've grown up a lot in a year and i think thats motherhood, being 22, and just finding my own path, I do feel good in my body and when i look in the mirror but I can say for certain its because of the surgery because after a while you forget you've had it done, you stop looking in the mirror 100X a day and you're just you with a hot body, it doesn't define me anymore, and i have to say anymore because at one point in time it might have. I love my results and i love the woman I'm becoming. i would do it all over again but i wouldn't go into it thinking the things that i thought and learning to love me FIRST before getting any enhancements! Hope this helps i will be uploading more pics through my pregnancy! IM 15 weeks BTW :) TTYL BBL SISTERS

PICS POST OP DR Salama's work

DR Salama BBL POST OP Pregnancy Blog 8 months and STILL HAVE A PHAT BEHIND!

Hello! I'm now entering my 8th month of pregancy. 31 weeks. I'm doing this blog/review to show people even if you get pregant after your procedure you will still have a huge behind. I have been doing my yoga and light cardio a couple times a week along with a healthy diet (carbs included! Only because baby needs carbs) lots of salad, fruits for snacks, and meats. I haven't been eating out much only because the taste of fast food isn't pleasing to me. I figure I've done well this pregnancy compaired to my last pregnacy, I haven't gained a lot of weight and is rather not know the number so I just let the doctors tell me if I'm healthy and they think I'm gaining weight just fine and baby is healthy. We are having a boy by the way! I will be keeping up with the blog for post pregnancy. I plan on having my waist back and I'm not worried about my butt deflating one bit! It's so big now it actually looks ridiculous! So I have to get back to my pre pregnacy size so I don't look so "fake butt". And I also want to write a whole new review on Dr Salama Breast Lift and Breast aug he did on me. You will be surprised on what I have to say. I plan on getting a revision in the next 2 years with Dr Revis in ft launderdale. Its unfortunate that I have to dish out all this money to repair what Salama did to my breast. He is a genius at the butts but I could cry how my breast turned out. That's a whole other review for another day. Stay blessed everyone and happy belated new year!
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