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Hi I'm just joining. Been wanting a bbl since 2008...

Hi I'm just joining. Been wanting a bbl since 2008. Finally getting financially stable enough to afford it and I'm ready but I also have patience. Will be 30 next December(2015). So I'm planning for my bbl to be at the end of July or early August 2015. I have chosen Dr. Salama in Fl. His pictures look amazing and his staff responds quickly and are very nice. Will be calling tomorrow to pay down payment so I can get my exact date. Super excited!!!! Will have to lose 10-15 lbs but I don't think that will be hard because I intend on lose 25-30 lbs before surgery. I want the best results I can get . Will post pre pics soon

Date YESSS!!!!!!!!!

I have my date!! Super excited!!

Flight booked

So I was pricing flights. I don't want to be last minute. I see that there are only 4 seats left on the early flight out so I instantly book the flight because I know I need to arrive early. Whew!!! Glad I was looking early. Already stressed. I love to plan ahead

Can't stay off of here

So I'm always on here reading and looking at post op pics. I'm loving Dr. Salama's recent work. Super excited!!! Thanks for sharing your experiences ladies.

Recovery house

Well got info on recovery house. Prices are going up to 2399 instead on 1899. I'm staying 11 days so was extra. Paying my deposit next week. Trying to stay ahead


Hi ladies, I just can't understand how people schedule their surgeries so quick. This is major planning. I'm 9 months pre surgery tomorrow and it's not enough time. I have a List of all things needed, from reading everyone's post, 35 lbs to lose, and saving, saving, saving!! I want to be prepared!! Recovery house deposit not paid, due to doubts, but it's the better choice so I am doing it. Mind made up. I can't wait until July but I really can, time please slow down.

Getting a little closer

Surgery is almost 6 months away. I have managed to enjoy the holidays and buy many things I will need for surgery. I love to stay ahead. Trying to decide whether to travel alone or bring someone. I am very excited about my upcoming surgery. Even though I was only told to lose 15lbs. I'm losing 35-40lbs. I want to be my goal weight pre surgery. I want the best results possible.

Weight loss

Well I been looking at post op pics and I most definitely want to tone up a little more before surgery, so I'm thinking 20-25 more lbs before July. Emailed about the recovery house as I have decided to stay there due to so many great reviews and my boyfriend is not the caretaker type, even though he thinks he is. Lol just waiting on someone to reply back so I can send my deposit. Very excited about this surgery. Pretty much packed. Flight booked. Fajas ordered. Just waiting to pay off balance. Will post pics closer to surgery as I am waiting until I'm goal weight. This weight loss journey is up and down.

Wish pics

Looking for a bubble butt

Five months

Exactly 5 months until my surgery and I am sooo uneasy. I'm super excited but nervous at the same time. Trying to stay ahead just in case something happens.

Journey to the booty

Got my medical clearance request for surgery. Time is flying by! Nervous and excited but also ready to get it done. Almost ready to post pre-op pics

Time is winding down

I feel like I have put this surgery on the back burner. I haven't been planning or anything. I haven't booked recovery house or anything! I hope there is still room for me. Starting next week, I will have to get back on track.

Surgery clearance

I'm at my Doctor trying to get things squared away because surgery is sooooo close. Less than 5 weeks. I'm excited, and this surgery consumes my life. Bags packed. Still working on paying off surgery and recovery house. Plane booked. Despite the many things that have happened since I scheduled this surgery, everything is coming together, no stress involved. Thinking about ordering the BBL pillow instead of an additional boppy pillow, because that's all I need to get. Will post pre op pics soon.

Time is winding down

Well I received my packet Friday with all of my scripts and pre/post surgery info. I have found someone who does LDM in my area and I'm so excited about that because it's affordable. I'm wondering how many massages I should get a week, but I have scheduled 3 the first week I come back home because I don't want any issues if I can prevent them.

Exactly One Month

Well I got my labs and clearance letter faxed over today. Just hoping everything is ok, when they review it. If so, things are going as planned and all I have to do is finish off the balance. It looks like I will be getting a booty before I turn 30. Happy bday to me!! I'm thinking if all goes well with this bbl, I will get a lift with implants by Dr. Salama of course, I love his breasts pics as well. So excited and slightly nervous but ready!!

Closer and closer

So pretty much set to get this new bootayyy!! Need to pay off my balance at my preop appt in cash and get something to wear surgery day that will be super easy to put on. I'm packed and ready to go. Pretty much have everything except the stuff I'm gonna get when I get there, like water and juice and a few snacks. I'm sooo excited, will post pics right before I leave town. So glad I chose Salama.

11 days to go

Well I thought July would never come. Looking at my body, I didn't lose all that I wanted to, but I did lose the recommended 15lbs. Maybe I can get a couple more off these next few days. Im so excited and ready for this new booty. Im hoping I can get 1500-1600 cc each cheek because I want a nice big booty. I also really want to add lipo to my arms so I will probably call and get a price since I'm paying in cash at my pre-op appointment. I will post again closer to surgery date with preop pictures. Good luck to the ladies who are having surgery this upcoming week, I hope all goes well with your surgeries

Less than a week to go!!

Well time sure is flying by, will be flying out Wednesday morning. I added lipo to my arms because I think it would be beneficial. Cleaning my apt from top to bottom so I can enjoy a super clean home when I return, on my first vacation from a job in 4 years. I am a workaholic. But anyways, the recent reviews that ladies have posted from Dr. Salama are AMAZING!!! I am praying I look as wonderful as they do. Can't stay off of here. I am excited but also I have patience. This is something I have wanted for a lonnnnggg time and it's happening before I turn 30. Yayyyy!! Will post pics before I leave Wednesday.

2 more days

Well ladies. I will be leaving tomorrow morning. I may have over packed but I like to be prepared. I'm excited, but nervous. From other ladies' post, it seems like the recovery is something serious so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself. I didn't lose all the weight I wanted to but hopefully Dr Salama will be able to work his magic and help me the best he can. Finally ready to post pics of my body pre-surgery.

Preop Appt

I made it here safely. Justin the driver is so nice. I have already met a couple of girls who had surgery yesterday and they look awesome!!! At my preop appt, all is going well so far. Will post again later.

Day before surgery

Pre op appointment went well, I really am happy I chose Dr. Salama as my surgeon. He informs you of what is best for you and I appreciate that .He really explains post op care and what will give you the best results, and is willing to answer any/all questions. Nervous about surgery tomorrow but hopefully everything will go well. About to relax until then.


Surgery went well. I think I was one of those "crazy" patients every nurse hates to get. Very loopy after surgery. But I'm better now, lol. Going to post op appt tomorrow. Recovery is hard but u have to stay encourage. I don't know why anyone would say anything bad about the recovery house, because Grace and the other ladies are AMAZING. They make you forget you are down here without anyone. You feel at home. Very experienced and knowledgeable. I recommend coming here than with family because they are experienced in taking care of patients in your situation. The girls here are supportive and are going through similar situations so you feel better. My roommate is great, I was dreading having a roommate before coming here but I am happy I have her to answer questions and be a support system for me.

3 days after surgery

Recovery is filled with a lot of ups and downs but it gets better with time. First massage tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. Resting, trying to stay hydrated and moving around is what I'm focusing on. The recovery house was the best choice I could have made, it takes a lot of pressure off of you, like getting the right foods, having help with dressing changes, showering and other daily activities you never thought u wouldn't be able to do for yourself. Good luck to the ladies with upcoming surgery.

1st post op Massage

Had my first massage this morning and yes it was painful but tolerable. Celia did a great job and was very nice, even though I wanted to scream during the massage. I must say this has been a great experience so far since my arrival day. I'm glad I chose Dr Salama and his Elite team of care providers, including the recovery retreat. Not looking forward to my second massage but I know it's beneficial to my recovery and it helps with stiffness and makes u feel better overall. Good luck to the ladies having surgery this week and thanks for everyone's support on here during my journey. Happy healing

4 days post surgery

Post op massage #2 and back drain removal

Had my second massage today. It never hurt so good. These massages are much needed and I enjoy them, if it promotes healing, I'm all for it. Waiting to get my back drain removed. The recovery process is getting better and I'm feeling better. So happy I chose the recovery house because I have been able to focus on healing and Grace and Nellie have been the best away from home moms. The better I feel, the more I appreciate them because this has been a journey.


The recovery process isn't easy, I must admit. Glad I had my bbl sister chocolatecheeks, we were roomies at the recovery house, to experience this with because she helped me make it through. The pain the first few days was difficult and I wondered was this really worth it,many times. I Needed help eating the first day and taking a shower was difficult because ur body is so weak and tired. But with the help of the wonderful ladies at the recovery house and my bbl sister, I made it through. It had been a week today since my surgery and I was wondering if I would ever have a bowel movement. I finally had one and I feel a lot better, I know it's tmi but I was scared and my stomach was hurting and I couldn't get any relief so that was a big thing for me. 7 days post op, I must say I'm happy with all my decisions I have made so far and I am very thankful because everyone's situation is not a good as mine has been. I go for my last massage tomorrow then I leave Saturday. Good luck to the ladies with future surgeries.

3rd massage

Got my 3rd massage today and I feel great! Feels good to be free from the drains. One step closer to going home.

Before and after pics

Almost 10 weeks

Next surgery

Plastic surgery is an addiction. Ive made my mind up, I will be going back to Dr Salama for a tt/bl with augmentation. I hope I dont boost myself up to get a round 2, my butt is already lovely but i might get greedy lol.

5 months

Dr. Salama is very professional. Good bedside manner. Very informative and one of the best in his field, if not The Best!! I would recommend him to anyone interested in a bbl. He has gifted hands to craft and sculpture what his patients desire.

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