On the other side, Salamafied - 12 Months Post-op - Aventura, FL

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I am in the beginning stages of planning my BBL. ...

I am in the beginning stages of planning my BBL. I finally have the finances to do it and I am pretty close to my goal weight so I am booking it soon. After much research and thanks to reviews and photos from this site, I am choosing Dr. Salama. He seems to be the best for dramatic results that I am looking for.

My surgical history:
I have had one procedure before, breast augmentation, about 4.5 years ago. I feel like I didn’t do enough research prior to it so I am being much more thorough for this procedure. My breasts are OK, I had 34B or C before and now I am a34DD, I think I got 300cc or 350…anyways I am not 100% happy with it probably because I settled for the doctor closest to my home, despite my opinion that if I had travelled I could have found better. I live in Southern Ontario so this time around I am willing to travel for the doctor I feel is the best.

Why Dr. Salama?
Um...have you seen the reviews on here? Salama's girls always look amazing, crazy dramatic results. Teeny waists and huge round booties…that’s what I need! His work is renowned and I have no problem spending extra for travel expenses for that perfect look...I mean...this IS my body and it is a temple.

Why do I want surgery?
Ok…so you can see from my pictures and measurements... I do have booty and an hourglass figure already. In fact, people have actually thought my butt was fake when I were those butt lifter panties (people have asked lol). But I feel like my booty is not high up enough and not dramatic enough. I want to look like the girls in the music videos. Plus, my waist is small but I have a big fat belly, which needs to go. I want a crazy, head turning figure, not just a “cute” figure. I also carry a lot of back fat which bugs me and I want all that upper weight to go cute being top heavy is not attractive. You can see that back and belly fat in the pictures I have posted. Please note: I do have some minor stretch marks on my belly from childbirth, I have recently been clearing them up with some success through derma rolling, but if they are more visible post-surgery I want to clarify that they were already there before and tend to be more notable when I lose weight in my abdomen. Hopefully not tooooo much more noticeable though.

My body specs:
I am a 26 year old, mixed race (half black/ half white) female. My height is 165 cm (5’5.5”) and 146 lbs. I want to actually lose 10 lbs prior to surgery. I know that it sounds strange to want to lose weight but my face looks better at that weight and I want to be skinny with a huge butt and boobs, I everything else needs to be tight. I currently have almost no cellulite at all so I’d like to maintain that, I love how smooth my skin is.

My measurements are currently:
Bra size:34 DD
Underbust: 34”
Upper waist (smallest part): 29”
Lower waist (chubby lower abdomen): 32.5”
Hips/ Butt (fullest part): 41.5”

After I lose 10 lbs I am sure these measurements will all go down at least an inch, so I will update you just before my surgery with current measurements.

My ideal/ goal measurements would be:
Underbust: 32”
Upper waist (smallest part): 26”
Lower waist (chubby lower abdomen): 28”
Hips/ Butt (fullest part): 46”

From what I have seen if I follow proper after care routines and compression these results would be relatively attainable, give or take an inch…I just love the way those 20 inch waist-hip ratios look- SO SEXY!! I should also mention that my torso is extremely, extremely SHORT! I have super long legs and arms and a short little body lol. I have to wear tall people jeans but my ribs almost touch my hips bones. This body type is ok but I tend to carry a lot of weight in my upper back/ lower back, stomach and butt. I only want the fat to stay in ONE of those places- the butt!! My legs are ok I’m not looking to lipo them but if the doctor says he can take some out of my upper arms I would like to add that in because I find them to be a little thick for my liking. Yes...I am a perfectionist lol...but I just want my dream body!

Please feel free to offer me any advice or questions. I posted pics of my current body to give you an idea, please be polite; I know my body isn’t perfect hence why I want surgery. I hope these pics don’t gross anyone out; I blocked out most of the naughty parts lol as well as the background for my own privacy.


Some questions I have: what to bring? (A comprehensive list would be great- I will be in Miami for 5 weeks)
Recommended compression garments?
Questions to ask the doctor?
Advice on a compression garment schedule/ journey?
Advice for scars (I tend so scar pretty bad)?
Activities/ foods/ exercises/ places/ fabrics to avoid?
****I'd also love to save money by having a roommate so if anyone is wanting to book a date maybe we can book close together, I would like to have it done in winter or early spring.*****

My wish pics!!

Okay so I made these as comparison pics to show the doctor my goals...I admit they might be a little ambitious lol but that's why they are WISH pics. I do realize my results probably won't look this extreme, but alas, a girl can dream. I used the plastic surgery simulator, what do you think? ( I actually think the butt is reasonable but I probably made my waist a little smaller than humanly possible lol)


okay so I have my date officially booked for August 26 2014....so far away. Put down 1000$ on it :D. I have about 7000$ in the bank plus a 4500 available credit so im good to go right now. I told her I'd like to be on the January cancellations list because work is slow for me in January and then I can be healed by February for my birthday and for vacations. I just so eager! Best part is i sent Salama the same wish pics you see above n he said he can get me close to those reseults. I believe if i do proper aftercare i can. I am planning to get a garment and squeem now for 2 reasons. #1. So my butt looks a lil bigger presurgery to the fact i got surgery is less detectable. Only my man will know the truth cuz he is going to miami with me and lets be honest: he knows my booty better than i do lol. #2. Other reasons is i want to begin the compression process now to develope my tiny waist a bit pre-surgery and then continue for at least a year atterwards. The better results i have seen on here do the compression for a long time so i plan to be diligent about my aftercare. If anyone wants to switch who has a date in January let me know! Thankyou!!!

I really want my surgery ASAP! More wish pics of other Salama Dolls

Above are some of the best results i have seen and i would like to turn out like these two girls. (In addition to some random pics i like too) Just beautiful with teeny tiny waist crazy ass! I am stressing because i just planned a trip to Vegas at the end of June and I really wanna be Salamafied for it. I cannot wait til August :( Imagine a booty like that on the strip! Ugh..I have enough money now too. Plus it is busy season where i work and i have been making crazy tips (no I am not a stripper lol just a bartender) so i have the extra money to use for it now. January work slows down so i pray someone cancels and i can get it done by then. Oh yea the girls in the pics are both Salama Dolls one is named bigbootytinywaist and the other is bubblesssssss. Check out their comprehnsive reviews. Both were very helpful to me along with thier pictures. Bigbootytinywaist includes videos, supplies list, garment guides etc. So much useful details it is my go-to review. She knows what she is talking about as far as planning and maintenence because look at her body!! I like bubblesssssss cuz she is my size n also provides a ton of helpful info. Anyways enjoy the pics n hey: Give me your date January ladies!!! Sharing is caring lololol bye for now :):)

sorry the wish pics didn't post here they are

My wish pics

Feeling fat :(

Ok ladies so i put on a lil weight and I am feeling it ugh. My tummy is all rolly polly and i am tired and sore. Unlike most girls on here im not going to keep gaining, in fact im going to eat clean til jan and get back down to 140ish. I dont feel healthy at 150 and since this sx is permanent i want to be at a permanently maintainable weight. I look terrible in my mind and trust me...at 140 i still have plenty of fat. My face even looks fatter lol. Plus i want that " slim with a huge butt" look lol. I always tell people too i have super long legs n a short body so i need to weigh a little less than most girls my height. Short torso/ long legs body type needs to weigh like 5-10 lbs less than a long torso type because torso weighs more than legs. So yea ima stay low 140s for surgery which only 5 lbs bigger than normal. I plan on sending Salama 4000 more next week and another 4000 2 weeks after that (just before xmas) to pay of my whole bbl. I will still need to pay flight and accomodation but Nancy kinda hinted that customers paid in full get a lil preference in moving up thier dates (though it isnt mandatory) n i want my booty asap. My sx date is August which is too far n I am desparate for a Jan. Date. Today i did blow some money though lol i went black friday shopping spent almost 2 grand smh. But i got my baby his ipad mini plus a 70" smart TV n some new stools n stuff so i did good. Tis the season right? Now off to work all weekend to make back all that cash lol prayers for good tips! Xo dolls

Quick update- half way paid

So I paid another 3800 on my sx...why the weird number? well i have to pay using my credit card which has a $4000 limit in Canadian Dollars, so I have to pay in $3800 increments to pay off the sx. I put $4000 CAD on it to pay $3800 in USD on my surgery. Gunna pay another $3500 USD once that payment is applied & $700 USD once that is applied then I am technically all paid up. I really want an early January date so bad now cuz my friend moved her wedding up to Feb 1st. Though I wouldn't be completely healed I'd like to at least be 2 weeks post op for the wedding. I won't be sitting down much for it though lol I want to impress at that wedding! I will have to pay for the extra areas still but I think I will do that once I receive an earlier date. My finances are in order and relatively stable for someone in the service industry. I have had scars and stretchmarks on my mind though. Any tips on scars? Do stretchmarks on the lower abdomen look worse due to the volume loss in that area post op? I think if they do i may cover with a tattoo and/ or look into laser surgery... Oh yea an I plan on getting restylane in my tear trough in the next month! 2014: a bangin' new me

am i weird? am i the only one who does this?

Ok so now that i am planning my bbl it consumes me lol. But i am wondering if anyone else does the things i am doing while u are planning your bbl. So Firstly. ..i find myself looking at girls figures all the time amd picturing them with a bbl or think " oh her figure would look amazing with a bbl" lol. Am i the only one doing this? Do u ladies look at people and BBL them with your mind? Maybe I'm just weird. I also can't stop looking at butt pictures either. My phone is full of big booties..you would think i was a lesbian! Lol cant wait for my bbl though i wonder if i will miss my old butt..its kinda cute in its own way. Lol sorry just a random funny 2am update. Xo ladies!


Oh my gosh ladies it is actually happening...I called 2 days ago to let Nancy know I was ready to pay my SX in full. She asked me why I wanted to pay now if it wasn't until August. I told her I wanted the 1st date she had available. She hooked me up with either February 5 or January 20th. I chose January for 2 reasons: #1 February is busy where I work and I can't take time off then and #2 the Jan date still leaves me 2 days before the wedding I am attending :D :D. I will only be 2 weeks out of sx at the wedding but hey, at least I can go right? I'm just so exciting it is happening now. So here is the list from bigbootytinywaist that I am using for supplies...please, please, please let me know what else to get. Considering sx is just 12 days away I need all the help I can get asap. Thanks ladies I am sooo excited!-
List from bigbootytinywaist:
Arnica capsules gel and tea
- Bromelain capsules
- Iron
- Vitamin C
- Telenol
- Stool softener
- Boppy pillow
- Cell phone/Charger
- Lap top/charger
- Robe
- Compression garment(should I buy one before or wait till i get home)
- 5 Maxi dress
- Leggings
- Sandle/flip flop
- Zip up hoodie/sweater
- Tanktop/ wifebeater (wear under garment)
- Thick socks (cold after surgery)
- Extra large panties for all that ass lmao
- Baby wipes
- Deodorant
- Toothbrush/paste
- maxi pads
- fragrance free body wash
- antibacterial wipes
- triple antibiotic ointment (I dont do well with neosporin for some reason, but this stuff works for me)
- Gauze/ surgical tape
- Gloves
- hydrogen peroxide
- Emergen-C packets
- Protein bars/ mixer (we need protein to help repair our body, this is very important)
- I plan to purchase a chair for when there that I can cut the bottom out so i can sit down with out putting pressure on my ass

Wouldn't mind a travel buddy

I have yet to set up accomadations and I would love a little company. I will be in Florida Jan 20th to 30th, let a sista know :D

10 days away staying at the recovery house

So I got the last bed in the recovery house! Yay!! I mulled it over and I realized something very important: I cannot do this alone. I am not telling ANYONE I know that I am getting this done. I made up a pretty good story. However I will need some help and I like the peice of mind and I have that at Serenity. Serenity recovery cost 1899 for all 10 days, includes a shared room, wifi, all meals n snacks, rides to appts n airport and 24 hour care and laundry. How can u beat that? I love the peice of mind of simply only having to worry about my recovery. Also I ordered a massager, heating pad, post op clothes, post op recovery system, scar cream, etc. I will make a comprehensive list when I get the rest of my items on Monday. I am planning to fly in at like 12am on the day of my sx so I will get a lil sleep n then boom: consult and surgery. Im not too nervous to be honest, just a bit about the travelling alone. I plan to relax at Serenity and take care to heal. My job does not require me to sit but it is moderately active. I plan to return to work 11 days after surgery. I do have to drive and commute alot so any advice ladies on how to sit post op when driving would help. I booked two extra massages, so 4 in total and I found two local places that do the lymphatic massage. I plan to stop by one of them and show them a video of how to do it to ensure the will do it properly. My personal massager will also help this. Im all paid up for everything and I am blessed to have the peice of mind to have enough extra money in my bank for everything and anything I may need. I think other ladies should consider that with the sx. You dont want to be broke at sx time. If you need a new garment or med or whatever you do not want to sacrifice your recovery because you have no money. I am blesssed to be financially stable and able lol. I am just tying loose ends with shopping and obligations here at home. My best friend / roommate will be watching my son the whole time so all is well. Oh yea and by the way I just got a restalyne filler in my tear trough for the first time. Looks great so far you will see a review on that very soon but so far so good. I really feel so happy and blessed roght now I am thankful foral lthis and can't wait. I will update on monday with my supplies andpacking list. Shout out to bigbootytinywaist for answering all my questions, she must really be an amazing person in real life. Honestly she should work for a surgeon if she doesn't already because her help has been amazing. Another helpful review is sxwallex. I also used her supplies list and some of her tips. Thanks ladies you will hear from me soon!

ok so I'm on the other side!

Ok ladies here i am 2 days post op. Sx was Monday afternoon. Its been up and down but I am healing. So lets see... Sunday night i left Toronto at 10pm...should have been 9 but due to snowy weather it was delayed. Got into ft. Lauderdale an Justin the driver was waiting for me. He was so nice and sweet. I slept a bit and then it was pre op at 830am. I showered and dressed and we were off . Justin was so cool lol he let me be a tourist for a minute n take pictures of the ocean. We got the meds and did the pre op etc. Then it was straight to surgery. All the women that work in his office are gorgeous and verykind. They were so pleasent and thorough. Dr. Salama was very personable and respectful and answered all of my questions. I felt ready for him. I was a little low on fat so he offered to do my thighs for free to get more fat. just the interior of the thighs. Once i was in thier lovely anesthesiologist (Chris?) Made sure to comfort me as i passed out. Waking up was scary. This is my only complaint of the whole thing. Nurse made me sit, yes sit, in a wheel chair alone while i shook and cried. Finally Justin came and i returned to the recovery house. I cannot stress enough how much I appreciate the recovery house as nd the staff here.it was literally like going home to my mom. Grace babied me. She tucked me in, fed me, dressed me....everything. She was great. The night was ok and I ate. Morning was hell but thank God i was in good hands. I didn't take in enough sugar n iron so i was super dizzy and sore. I cried and moaned...i was in a bad place. I didn't want to go to my post op but i had to. I took a couple pain meds and drank a ton of oj so i was ok there. Waited for a bit but no too long and it was nice to be up and ok. I was worn out though by the end of it. Rested the rest of that day other than a little wandering around the house. Make sure you move as much as you can. Day 3, today, was weird. Very up and down. I woke to poo and shower. My poo was huge lol 3 days worth i guess, so it took a lot out of me to push etc. So i got in the shower feeling dizzy and nausea. I started freaking out so Liz came to rescue me. She quickly washed me and helped me out of the shower. I fainted though. Thankfully the lovely liz had me in her arms when I awoke. She caught me and i was not hurt. I slept for bit after, got sugar and iron in me amd was ok. Be carefulto take in lot of iron and sugar cuz I'm positive that is why i fainted. Rest of today I've been fine. I went for a walk to the Walgreens 2 blocks away with 2 other girls. I gotta say i love my roomies. They are very helpful caring and fun. We looked like 3 old ladies lol walking all slow. Since then I've been ok. Eating and everything is ok. As for my results they look good so far but its hard to tell. Swelling and garments hide em a bit but my ass is HUGE. I have some pics but they don't do any justice. I have my 1st massage tomorrow and no lies: im TERRIFIED. I'm gunna inhale a ton of pain killers prior lol. I'll let you know how it foes tomorrow. Xo dolls!!

brief update

So yesterday and today have been pretty good. I walk 4 to 8 blocks a day (to Walgreens) and i have not had any more faint spells. Massage was absolutely awful and painful but i expected that. Felt better after it. I took a long shower successfully it made me feel like a new woman. I shaved and washed my hair and felt good. My stage 2 lg garment is tiiiiight so its hard to put on. Foams make it even tighter but i feel secure. I started my period too so I'm a lil sore from that but my pain killers help me. Luckily i have a light period so its quite manageable. Ive been good today. Here are some pics of my body now. ..still lots of swelling though. I'll take better ones as i go.

post op pics day 7 1 week post op

My butt is still hard be softening around the edges now and it is still high. Bruised up too. The girls at the house keep laughing at my big ol booty lol. I walked a ton today feeling great. Enjoy the pics ladies

the pix didn't all load

Trying again

Finally met with Salama 1100cc per cheek

Had my post post op lol with Salama. I had 1100cc in each cheek and only 2.3 L of fat removed. I still have a drain in me too. I fly out tomorrow morning. Should be ok. I started in a size lg stage 1 garment n now i am down to a medium stage 2. Should be in a small pretty soon. Still wearing foams n stuff tho. More pics soon xoxo.

day 9 pics in medium garments

Here are the pics. Medium garment fits way better love it. Im sure ill move to a small soon lol

day 9 pics! new garment

Here are the pics. Medium garment fits so much better now. These are post massage 3. This massage was the best one. Almost no pain and smoothed out. Got my free waist cincher too. Its a sz small. Size small vest was a little big. Today is my last day in the recovery house. Kinda sad to be honest lol i became very close with my caretakers and the other girls. My roomie MistiSD is the the best we joke that we don't know how we will survive apart now. I absolutely love thd caretakers Liz and Grace. I would recommend the recovery house to anyone who asks. Best care and it was nice to meet some new friends who also got BBLs. Enjoy the pics beauties!

my ab board is too big! what to do?

the flat firm board dr salama gave me is too big for my torso. ..I need to cut it smaller. any advice on this? ps. ladies I have been pretty ill to the stomach past 24 hrs. I can't keep anything in me. not sure why so If anyone else experiences stomach issues or food tolerance issues around 2 wks post op please help

5 things you will never hear a BBL girl say!!

This is Just a little humour ladies:
1. "I love this garment, so comfy!"
2. "I really wish my doctor was less aggressive on my waist..its too tiny!"
3."That 1st massage was just a walk in the park"
4."First few days post op are the best!"
5."wow I really miss my old body!"
Lol 4 weeks pics on monday ladies! Enjoying my body and healing. Still resting lots. Booty is still big and is sooo soft now. My waist could be a little smaller though....see u on Monday!

4 week update

Here are my update pics: good news is my waistvhas gone down but guess what? So gas the booty. Waist is now approx. 27" n booty is now approximately 44". I am fairly happy but i need fluffing! It is gighly n most of my pain is gone. I bought a xs vest version of the stage 2 garment because my médium garment is way to big now. I am holding my weight at 150 n feeling way better. Still doing my own masages. Enjoy my pics!

sorry here are the rest of my 4 wk pics

Bra measure:32
Waist 27
Hip 44

Very late 1 year update

Sorry I went MIA for a long time ladies, but I am back. I have been very busy and sort of got a little detached from this journey. Anyways, let me give you what you want: how am I doing a year later and have my results maintained. Short answer: yes- for the most part.... would I recommend this surgery and doctor: yes...for the most part. You can look at my new pics and see the change for yourself, but here is a detailed update if you are curious, I won't make it too long. One year later I've had positive results: I am currently 155 lbs, same weight as surgery, though this is the heaviest I have been since surgery (winter weight). I was as low as 146 in the summer and have mostly been around 150 since surgery. My measurements are currently 31" underbust, 27" waist, 43" butt. I have been waist training on and off, but i notice a big difference in long periods of not training. Basically what I am saying ladies is that if you want to maintain results, you need to continue to waist train for a long time. When i stopped for like 4 months in the summer, my waist grew to over 28" from my original post surgery 26.5". So to maintain that tiny waist eat healthy and waist train. I always eat pretty healthy with some relapses occasionally LOL, but I am back on track and looking great. All the ppics are from the last month. The booty has really maintained well, I am very impressed, by 3 month point it was what you see is what you get, no fat loss from there. I do have the booty greed and crave a second sx, because I want to have the biggest skinny girl butt in the world LOL. I do wish I did my arms though, maybe one day. My inner thigh gap salama created has also maintained.
Negatives: Recovery is long and difficult at first, worse than I expected. Also prepart to only buy stretchy pants cuz jeans are your past lol, they don't make em for botties like this LOL. As far as driving the boys crazy: well i get a lot of stares, hollers, double takes, proposals LOL, I didn't do it for male attention but boy do I get it, I got a lot before but WOW, the boys...and girls go crazy..example:
Gay man: "girl im sorry but can I touch you booty I have never seen anything like it"
The attention does get overwheling, so be aware. Some of my friends don't like going out with me because of the attention, they tell me I'm not "allowed" to wear tights when out with them LOL. People also sometimes take pictures which is annoying, or significant others get jealous. Some men act nervous around me. Its honestly something to get used to but overall my experience was positive. My scars have all heeled quite well except the front tube exit scar, but I scar much worse than most people. No keloids though, just one dark scar I don't like. Feel free to ask me any questions. I do still have a revision on my mind but due to other obligations I will most likely have to wait. I always thought I'd do it twice so who knows, I'll keep you ladies posted. I hope this one year post op review has helped some, It has been a big year for me (and my butt LOL)

So I got a little bit fatter lol

Short but random update. It's almost 2 years later. I've done a VERY poor job of maintaining my body last few months...just haven't been active. But I want to get back to looking good. I just did my measurements. My waist has increased 4 inches since last year and my but increased 3....YIKES! can I keep the boot and get my little waist back?. I've decided to eat healthy from this point on I won't let anything tempt me. Let's see how it goes...I'm thinking of another bbl soon if my finances improve. One thing I can say is despite the weight gain (20 lbs) I have gained almost equal amounts in my butt and waist. So the shape has maintained decently. Hopefully I can come back next month with good news... need to start waist training again also but I'm too big for my trainer currently.

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