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I'm a mother of 4, 36 years of age, 5'...

I'm a mother of 4, 36 years of age, 5' 8" and I weight 215lbs. I have always wanted a more curvy body as all the women in my family have one except me! Even my younger sister! I always said I stood in the leg line too long when I was made! I've been researching the BBL and TT for over a year or so. I did research several doctors, and when I found this site, I knew which doctor I wanted. I sent in my pics today and I am patiently waiting on my consult as the doctor has raised his price since he is so popular! I figured I better get in where I fit in otherwise I will continue to procrastinate. He does an amazing job from what I have seen on this site! I will put up before pics, and try to post at least once a week. I do know that my booking will be months out because the doctor is booking way out into November. Today marks my journey of finally making the decision to strenthen my confidence and look good too!!

Well I got my quote today from Nancy and I was so...

Well I got my quote today from Nancy and I was so thrilled!! It's a few hundred more dollars than I oringinally thought because I'd like to have my upper inner thighs lipoed as well. I guess I will let her know FIRST THING MONDAY that I'm ready and I will put down the deposit then, so I will have the date set. I'm too anxious right now!!

Not quite there yet ladies, but getting there. He...

Not quite there yet ladies, but getting there. He still does both TT and BBL to those who request it but he feels that it's best done seperatly for better results. I am so anxious but patient at the same time. Got some saving to do, afterall... it is an investment!!! Good day BBL ladies!!


I haven't gotten the procedure done yet. Im going through a divorce, moved into another home, got a promotion at my job.......so....yeah. Im still in high spirits though. The stress has made me gain some weight though. Im currently up 12lbs...Ugh! Im still interested in Salama but Ive recently seen good docs overseas as well that seem to do a great job. I cant wait until my time comes because it has been a long time coming for me. Good luck to all the BBL sisters!

Closer to getting that Fatty Fatty!

2014 girls I am ready! I've decided to go to Duran in the Dominican Republic. I know that my review says Salama but I did not want to get another review page. I haven't got a quote yet but will soon. Im soooo ready!

Heart Drop

Weight gain

Okay since 2 years ago since I first posted, I have gained weight. Im 224 lbs and my current age is 38. I have 1 more child in the house age 15.

Got my Quote this morning!

Hey RS! I received my quote this morning from Dra Duran! Im too excited! Finally!!! Now it's time for me to get my date booked and get this journey going because I started a while ago. I still need to lose about 30lbs to achieve the results I'm anticipating. Either way, Im ready!
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