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Ok ladies after having a crappy BBL and lipo done...

Ok ladies after having a crappy BBL and lipo done by Dr. Pinnella this past January I'm excited to say I have decided to go with Dr. McAdoo. Upon doing some seriously extensive research on doctors, this doctor has been getting so much positive reviews about his BBL procedures. I contacted the office and emailed pictures of me before and after BBL1 and wish pics. Spoke to the doctor via phone while he reviewed my images with me. He told me to be aware that a lot of the pics that are shown and that I sent him were digitally enhanced. However, my wish pics are realistic enough for me. I paid my deposit to lock in my date. Now I'm waiting for my pre-op appointments for my blood work and ekg. I also ordered all my supplies for my post-op including a lounge chair that I was told to cut out the part where the butt goes so I can alternate laying on my back instead of always being on my stomach. I thought that was a great idea!!! If you guys have any other great ideas please let me know. Also, I'm needing to set up my post-op lymphatic massages, does anyone know of a good place that's not too expensive? I'm super excited!!! I'll keep you posted.

Pre-op time!

I got the call today to come in tomorrow for all my blood work and EKG. I am so excited! I'm getting close guys.

Wish pics time!!!

Ok so I figured I needed to show my doctor my butt inspirations. lol So I showed him these pics. He said it's def doable. I am even more excited. If I turn out like this or damn close to it ggggiiiirrrrllll you could not tell me NOTHING! I would be unstoppable! Yes it's on now!!!!!

Had my pre-op today

I had such a wonderful experience meeting Dr. McAdoo in person. I had a list of questions waiting for him and he took the time to answer them ALL. He had a great bedside manner, personable, funny and very thorough. He asked me to show him since wish pics again and he took notes asked me more questions. Love that! His staff was friendly I must say, which is nice. However, (here it comes) my great experience turned frustrating when it came time to deal with the finance people. I was sooooooo upset when they told me they charged me interest for passing with Care Credit instead of cash. So instead of $4000 the new cost is $4308. WTF! So in otherward, I'm paying double interest one to Care Credit and one to Use but it's both on my Care Credit account which leads me to believe that I'm paying for the surgery plus the facility's charge that Care Credit charges them for processing payments. That's not right that I wasn't told this in the beginning and I've never been charged interest before by any facility I've used Care Credit to pay for services. Not to mention also needing to pay for the massages and other supplies. That's an added expense I wasn't expecting. That turned me off. See how one person can ruin a great experience?!?!????? Ugh! On my way home though after getting over that part of my experience I started thinking about how excited I was with my consult with the doctor. I can't wait for this to happen already.

Surgery today at 5:30am!

I'm super excited the day has come. I'm ready for my new body and booty. I have all my supplies, Rx and groceries. Let's do this! ????????????????

3 days Post-OP

Wow what a second journey! First let me start by saying the surgery went well. I survived! I haven't looked at myself yet without the Faja. I've been in so much pain that I can't stand to even look. I went the day after for my first massage and I almost passed the hell out! I have so much swelling that she was pressing it to where the drainage tube is. And it still wasn't draining. So she applied a heating pad to try and loosen me up but didn't work. So she once again tried massaging manually after the using the wand. Damn nothing can prepare you for that. I'm going back on Monday for my second one. I'm dreading it but it's necessary. My Faja is already big. I had to change the one they put on me after the surgery after day one and now the second Faja is already on the tightest hooks. I'm excited! Sleeping had been a struggle getting comfortable on the chair because I get back spasms do it's been a challenge. I alternate laying on my stomach on my bed and laying on the reclining chair with the butt part cut out. it's a hard and painful journey. Mentally hoping everything went well. Physically because of the pain and discomfort. I don't regret having this done so far and I hope I don't. I will post some pics tomorrow after I clean up. My butt looks great thru the Faja though. I hope it looks great out of it.

Second massage today

Damn that massage hurts but not sad bait as the first one. Still have lots of swelling but it's going down. During the message they took pics of me while lying down. I'll share them. Then they put me in my lipo foam on both sides, ab board and back board. My thighs are still extremely swollen. Don't like that. ????But I'm still wearing the compression thigh high stockings which should help... soon I hope. But honestly I'm loving my results so far. It's hard to see myself bruised, swollen and battered but I'm trying to keep positive. Let me know what you guys think about the results so far.

15 days Post-OP

Ok ladies this has been a painful yet so far satisfying journey. The massages are going great! It doesn't hurt anymore. Now they feel more like a real massage verses a torture session. Lol I won't lie and say my skin isn't sensitive to the touch because it is... But it's sooooooo much better I myself can't believe how fast I've been healing. I do my last massage tomorrow I'm happy about that. But because of the results I think I will sign up for more later when I can afford it. It's definitely worth it! I paid around $900/10 sessions. I've had amazing support from friend, family, my guy and don't of you ladies on this site. Thank you guys so much for your encouraging and uplifting words. Words are powerful! I am still very swollen and still slightly bruised.
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