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Hello, i have been thinking and wanting to get...

Hello, i have been thinking and wanting to get this procedure done for about 2 years. So, finally I saved up my money and now I am finally ready. I am very nervous as my date is a little over 30 days. The first time I contacted Dr. Salama office everyone was really nice, especially Nancy:-)! Thank God! I've completed all my lab work just patiently waiting on my results and medical clearance on (4/29/15). There are only a few people who know I am getting this procedure. The reason for me NOT telling certain people is because I didn't want to hear any negative comments. I did have a speak with Dr. Andrew Jimerson, staff they were not as friendly as Dr. Salama staff! It appear to me their only concern was the MONEY! Which, I believe was a little to high!! I will be updating daily on my process.. As of now, I am preparing myself mentally and physically for this procedure. Is their anyone else having this procedure done around5/29/15?

BBL PILLOW-not the Boppy Billow

hello, has anyone used the BBL pillow? Not the Boppy pillow..


Today, I received my medical clearance everything is ALLLLLL GOOD NOW!! I am so HAPPY and looking forward to having this procedure done.. I am going to upload a few pictures of how I look now.. My butt is flat:-(( it needs to be fuller and I need to get rid of these love handles and stomach..lmbo...


I am officially 27 days away from being the NEW ME:-))...There is so much on my mind right now:-(.. I am trying to prepare myself mentally for everything. I am hoping my new butt comes out PERFECT..LOL... But, seriously the more I read my RS stories it's kind of making me feel alot better. Today, I paid finish paying for the condo I will be staying at in Sunny Isles.. The cost for that was $1100, so I am saving a couple hour dollars compare to staying at the recovery house:-).. For some strange reason, I keep thinking I will be able to move around by my birthday (3days after my surgery)..lmbo wishingful thinking... I am hearing everyone say pack light...I have a couple maxi dresses and jumpsuits, shorts and tee shirts...I guess I will prepare my checklist of the things to get before my surgery. I am planning on buying those things once I make it to Aventura, Florida.. Anyone who has had this procedure went back to work that sits all day? That is a HUGE concern for me:-(((..ANY ADVICE??



Has anyone ever used or heard of the BOOTY BUDDY PILLOW? Im not talking about the BBLpillow or the Boppy pillow?


The countdown is soooooo REALLLL RIGHT NOW!! I am nervous, scared and excited about my NEW BOOTY!!!! I'm down shopping for clothes to take with me:-).. I just have to get my supplies I will need after my surgery!! I did not order the BBL PILLOW, I end up ordering the BOOTY BUDDY, it was cheaper:-(.. Im praying it works just as good as the bbl pillow.. I have so many wish pics to upload, but to be honesty, I really dont know if my wish pics will be what I get..lol.. I just want a big ole booty after the swelling and it settles into her new HOME with me..lmao.. One of my main concerns right now is my flight back home:-),, Ive been reading some crazy scary stories, about how uncomfortable the flight back may be.. If anyone has some helpful advise, PLEASE SHARE:-).


Here are some of my wish pics!! ive been reading some many people journeys!! Im so scared of not having a PHAT AZZ so IM GOING TO GO FOR SUPER BIGG!!!LMAO.. If its too BIG THAN I WILL FOCUS ON LOSING WEIGHT!! (im doing my HAPPY DANCE).!! If my azz is too little than im in the same boat before i had the procedure.

Booty buddy Pillow Came:-((! 13 MORE DAYS TO GO:-)

I recd my Booty Buddy Pillow and I am not impressed at all! I sat on it and I'm sitting on my butt;-(! I'm sending it back tomorrow! HELP IS THE BBL PILLOW THE SAME! Or DOES ANYONE HAVE SUGGUESTION ON ANOTHER METHOD OF NOT SITTING ON UR BUTT?

Massager --Dr.SALAMAAAA!

11days to go????????! Today I purchased this HOT-COLD THERAPY MASSAGER! I heard you can use this to help with the knots and fluids after your surgery;-))


Really nervous and SUPED EXCITED ABOUT MY BIG DAY! I'm getting ready to start packing... I want to have a GLASS OF WINE TONIGHT! But, I can't because of my big day is sooooo CLOSE... Feeling overwhelmed


My new wish pictures


I just picked up my BBL PILLOW on my lunch break! I tried it in the car! It really works! Once I get home I will give a FOR REAL UPDATE:-)


Okay, WHO HAS THIS BBL PILLOW? My FLAT AZZ IS STILL TOUCHING THE CHAIR!!! I have to GRIP the bottom of the chair legs to try and help my butt not touch as much:-((!!AM I USING THIS PILLOW INCORRECT??? ANY ADVICE IS GREATLY APPRECIATED!


Okay, so I'm still freakin out about not sitting on my azz after my procedure:-(! The Booty Buddy didn't work too soft! The Bbl Pillow is comfortable, however it's not high enough! I still feel like my azz is touching the chair:-((.. I'm sending the BBL PILLOW BACK! Omg! Anyway, while in Walmarts today I goes over to the workout section! I found this Massage Foam Roller YESSSS! It's 6inches wide, 18inches length! It has a Pcv pipe inside the foam! MY BUTT IS NOT TOUCHING THE CHAIR AT ALL! I've uploaded pics to show u ladies the differences with the BBL pillow and the massage foam roller! LET ME KNOW WHAT U THINK?


Hi Dolls! Well, today I met with Noamie and Nancy to complete my paperwork! Tomorrow I will have my procedure done! I'm getting scared and nerves at the same time! I'm here with my BFF and niece! Ladies please keep me in your PRAYERS!

DR.SALAMA IN 1Hour 20MINS! I wilLHAVE A NEW BOOTY????????????

Hi DOLLS! It's ALMOST TIME FOR MY NEW BOOTY! I'm getting ready to have my procedure done:-))! I went to the beach this morning just to relax and calm my nerves!!! YESSS, I'm super nervous but ready! Here is my current booty:-(( SOOOO SADDD!


Here are more pics of my current booty! And the condo in staying at:-)


Hi dolls .. I made it to the other side I will update later I still high on mess.. Here is one pic


Sorry pic didn't load


Another pic



More pics

More pics

Pics !

I'm sorry ladies the site is not allowing me to upload pics!im going try again now

1 day after surgery PIcs

Okay the website has been giving me trouble with uploading pics! I hope this one loads


Pics finally loading

MassageBy MY BFF

Omg! I had my BFF to rub/massage that Arnicare on my back! OMGGGGGG, that shit HURT SOOOO FREAKIN BADD! It felt good after but man I should've taken a pain pill.. I'm really stiff right now! Any tips? HELP

Update on my BBL RESULTS

Well, to start I am very excited with my results! I had 1700 cc's injected! Yessss! 1700????????! I'm doing extremely well not a lot of pain just discomfort and stiffness! I'm walking around really good also! My first night I throw up FOREVER UGHHHH! A lot of light headed dizziness and using the restroom! No#2 yet, I am regretting that moment already:-((.. Smh! I have not been eating that much , just litto soup (I know I'm spelling it wrong)..fruit eggs and fish! I don't like the pains pills so I've been taking Tylenol the dr said I need to take the pain pills! Especially before my massage????????! The tubes are a pain mines is filling up fast! Now I'm laying on my Boopy pulls on my stomach will helps with the discomfort and helps me get up a lot easier! Well that's all for now! I'm about to try and eat so I can take my meds! Later DOLLS

Before and after pic side by side

What a difference:-)

4 days post op-Massage TODAY

Hi dolls! I am doing really well! Today, I will have my first massage at the doctors office:-)... I am not looking forward to it! But, I know I need it.. I am still stiff especially on my lower back and shoulder areas.. My stomach is really sore from laying on it! Ladies, please make sure u are walking omg it will help! PLEASE FORCE YOURSELF TO EAT 3 MEALS A DAY! Pineapple juice, Gatorade is a MUST HAVE! But, most importantly try to do as much for yourself as possible it will help out a lot once u return home! Today and yesterday I cooked my own breakfast and lunch! Oh wait! Another must have is the ARNICARE PILLS AND CREAM! This REALLY HELPS WITH YOUR STIFFNESS IT REALLY WORKS! I can't speak for the bruising yet because I'm still bruised! But, it does work for the STIFFNESS, BUY ABOUT 3 tubes of cream and 1 pack of the pills!.. I will post pics of me after the massage later!


Okay, so yesterday was my birthday yeaaa! Omg, we were supposed to go on the millionaire row boat tour in Miami:-(((.. But, of course my BFF has no sense of directions even with GPS:-(((.. My niece AZZ lost her contacts so her AZZ couldn't help with directions, and my AZZ is stuck laying on the back sit of this damn car! U talking about someone who was not happy and wanted to choke the both of them! Anyway, we did make it to SOUTHBEACH! Now, mind u this is a hour later my BODY IS SO FREAKING SORE from laying down...smh! They are all happy and ready my butt is not in the best of mood and want to go back to the condo! But, I didn't spoiled it for them I just walked REALLLLLY SLOW LIKE AN OLD LADY AS ALL THESE MEN WERE STARING AT MY ASS! Lmbo! I wore a long maxi dress and clipped the tubes around a belt on my waist and let them hang! Lol.. It was a nice lil adventure, but next time we can't get lost I can't lay down for a hour in an uncomfortable backseat! If it doesn't rain today, we will go to do this boat tour! I did not come here just to lay around I want to see the city! Especially since, I'm able to get around pretty good! Ttyl dolls


Few new pics


Hi DOLLS! Okay here are my latest pics 5 day post. I am doing well! I've been having a bowel movement every morning, I'm taking the Citrate Magnesum pills still stiff and bruised. I'm also taking the Arnicare pills and using the cream to rub in my back! Let me know what u thing!:-))


Heyyy DOLLS, I leave to go home tomorrow:-))! I'm not to excited about this plane ride:-((.. I had my second massage today and of course forgot to take my pain pills!! That shit hurted, I still have a lot of fluid on my left side.. Smh! So only the back drained was removed today:-(.. Yes, I'm going home with the front one:-(((.. I received my foam board and some extra foam pads for my sides need more pressure to help drain the fluids.. Overall this experience has been the best thing for me personally regarding my body image:-)).. I'm not to concerned about my volume lost, unless its TOOO MUCH! Lmbo! I'm excited about my waist and bra back fat removed!!! Yessss, now I can wear my freakin backless tops! Just looking forward to my clothes fitting me better! I will post pics! This is all we WANT TO SEE! Lmbo!

STIFNESS IN MY NECK!!! Heating pad

Hi Dolls,
I forgot to post this information prior....please get u small heating pad for ur neck! Omg, my neck has been stiff and the Arnicare gel helps but I needed something else, I purchase the lil heating pAd that u can heat in the microwave...THANK U GOD! I didn't get this until my 5th day post op... Your neck may become stiff because of how u have to sleep now... This heating pad helps with this discomfort in my neck:-))).. Here is a pic of the one I purchased from Walgreens 25 bucks

1 week post op Pic- & PLANE RIDE HOME

Hi Dolls! I am so happy to be back home! My flight back home was good! I stood up for the most part only sat for take off and landing! I heard about a lot of swelling during the flight! So I wear my first garment since it's really comfy and loose! :-) no issues with flying at all! So, I get home and take off my garment and lay in my BED!!! Yessss! Nothing like HOME! Of course I took a pic once I got settled too:-))


Yesterday was day 8 post op for me:-)! As recommended by the dr. We are to have 8-10 massages, so yesterday I went to get my first Lymphatic mass in my hometown.. The lady begins gently pushing on my skin all over...I'm thinking okay lady please begin the REAL MASSAGE:/--..because at the dr office I received a real massage:-).. Thirty minutes of the stupid soft gentle pushes on me, I say is this how this massGe suppose to go!!!!she says YESSSS! I'm thinking I can do this shit my self:-///she explained to me that this gentle pushes on your nodes lumps (something like that) will help release the fluids.. So I'm like okay well for the next 10 minutes give me a regular massage my back and sides are sore, she did and it was the best! I was PISSED LIKE 60 bucks for that shit..smh!! Of course, I'm thinking she don't know what the hell she is doing!! So DOLLS U KNOW WHAT WE DO WHEN WE WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING!!! WE GOOGLE IT! LMAO! I google lymphatic massage and to my SURPRISE WHAT SHE DID WAS CORRECT!silly me! So dolls don't be shocked if your massage therapist is gently touching your skins.... Okay, moving on, about 1 hour later OMG MY STOMACH STARTED HURTING (#2time) I had the best BOWEL MOVEMENT ! So I guess that massage did help release fluids...


Hi Dolls, nothing really has changed, but here is a pic of me in a dress. Also, I purchased a seat cushion for my car, my foam roller has me seating up to high:-((.... I also purchased two kids surf boards to place under my seat cushion in the car this is giving me the correct height to drive...:-))

Pic of me in a dress

Dress pic u can see my lil booty and small waist:-))lol

10 day post op-Drain out

Hi Dolls! Today I took my last drain out woo hoo! Lmbo! Still feeling good and happy with my results. I'm going today to get another massage.. Still swollen in my upper back and my stomach area. My butt has went down some, it's okay though just praying it's doesn't go down too much! But overall I'm happy because my azz is a lot bigger than what it was 10 days ago.. I tried on some clothes this morning super happy on how they fit now :-))).. Let me know what u think ..


OMG!!! Me and this garment is going to fight... i am so tired of laying on my stomach, i miss sitting on my butt..lol.. At night I wear my first garment, it is more comfortable.. I've also been putting pads in the back of my garment to try to make it more comfy on my back too...I don't like not wearing underwear:-(((Any tips from the 'VETS" is greatly appreciate..

11 days POST OP- PICS

Hi Dolls! Today is 11 days post op for me! Nothing really changed just the bruising is pretty much gone away:-)).. My butt is a lil softer! I hate wearing this garment.. Just can't wait to sit on my butt/-;((! Never knew how much I enjoyed sitting????????..


Hi Dolls! So today I went back to work!!! I was so tired of being at home and laying in my stomach all day! Plus, I got bored at home I'm so use to being busy... I thought I was going insane looking at my walls all day!! LMBO! So Im wearing this really BIG maxi dress trying to cover up the new BOOTY! Thus Far it is working, but I can tell a couple of my coworkers has notice something different! Lol but since I can be a smart ass they know not to ask me to many personal questions unless it's work related! I told my director (boss) that I injured my "TAILBONE" and probably would be standing for the most part of the day! Lol! That WORKED TOO! Now, what I can say being back at work is forcing me to seat on my pillow! At home I would just lay and it feels good not to be laying!!!!! Now, I'm sitting on a half roll foam massager with two pillows!! It's okay for now I don't think I can sit on this for 8 hrs:-///.. Driving to work (50 mins) wasn't to bad, but I can feel my feet falling to sleep or getting numb! I would have to adjust myself a lil by lifting my thighs up!!!! Smh! But the funny part is I'm a short gal, with my booster seat lol! I look and feel really tall in my car! The top of my head is almost touch the roof! Lmao! But, hey I have to do what I gotta do until the BOOTY HEALS! I do not want my butt to flatten so I'm making sure I'm sitting on my thighs and holding my butt upward! Alright DOLLS I have to go back to work lunch is over! 3 more hrs of work:-((( TTYL

17 days post op!! Irritated TODAY

Hi Dolls! Today is not a good day for me! I HATE THIS GARMENT IT KEEPS RISING IN MY BUTT! OMG!! I'm wearing them things under my garment so my goodies won't be all out and rubbing against the garment! Plus, I think my butt is going down some more! I don't if it's the mirror at home or what! But in the mirror at work my butt looks big!!!! Smh! I'm tired of standing and laying on my stomach all day!!!!!smh! I can't wait until I can sit on my azzzzz! What else is wrong today!! Stupid coworker keep looking at me and my azz! I know she want to say something, but she knows my smart azz mouth! Lol! Any suggestions from keeping this damn GARMENT FROM GOING IN MY AZZ???? I've used the foam pads but it's makes my butt look like something is sticking out!!:/(().. Sorry dolls I needed to VENT TODAY! When can we wear regular underwear???

Waist training

Hi Dolls! When can we start wearing our waist training garment? I'm so tired of this full garment!


Hi Dolls! Okay, I know I have been complaining about my 2nd garment (yes, I still HATE IT!)!! Anyway, I spoke with Noamie she said after two weeks we can wear a BUTT-IN GARMENT (120-140price).. I don't know if I'm going to buy one yet!! My RS sista 2PHATCAKES:-) said she started wearing her 3rd garment before the suggested time (6-8 weeks).. So, today I tried on my 3rd garment (medium) it's feels good on me! It's on the first roll to snap together, hopefully in a couple weeks I can move to the 2nd roll. I'm planning on wearing my 2nd garment (2XL) at night and my waist trainer at work:-)).. I don't know if I should be doing this so soon..Do I wear my AB Board with the waist trainer??? But I can't take wearing that garment at work! Its killing me all in my asssss all freakin day! I can wait to start working out, I hate my phat azz legs and arms! Maybe next year I will get my thighs done if I can't get them down! lol! ANY SUGGESTIONS ON THESE GARMENTS IS GREATLY APPRECIATED! Thank u DOLLS FOR ALL YOUR FEEDBACK! Well here are my latest pics as of 3weeks!

1 month POST OP PIC

Hi Dolls! Yesterday was my 1 month post op:-).. I'm still swollen in my stomach, back and sides.. Some days my butt look smaller then other it looks bigger! But overall I'm happy with my results thus far! I went out with my girls last night OMG EYES WERE ALL ON ME!!! I'm going to start working out starting next week.. Oh and my right leg swelled up really bad at work this week....smh I can't wait until I'm fully healed.. Here is my latest pic


Couple more pics

These are not really good pics.. 1 month post op

Picture 1 month

Hi Dolls, here is my pic from last night...yessss, I hung out with some friends and ALL EYES WERE ON ME... I think my friends were uncomfortable:/((.. But, I'm sorry I'm just enjoying the new ME!

New pics ALMOST 5 weeks post op

Hi DOLLS, This Friday I will be 5 weeks post op! I'm hoping my butt stay the same:-))

5 Weeks officially!! Happy 4th of July

Hey dolls, I'm so loving my new body! A lot of stares and hate from insecure women.. lol it's okay I love everybody! Have a great holiday dolls!

New pics of lipo areas

Hi Dolls! One of my RS sista asked me to post pics of the areas of lipo areas.. My stomach and side area.. I'm still swelling a lot


I feel like my butt in shrinking:-(( I guess this is part of the process... But, I kind of want my butt to be bigger on top....I don't know, I guess I should be happy with what I have:-))... Has anyone else been thinking about a revision?..

3 Month POST-OP Update

Hello Dolls, just checking in:-).. I'm at my three month post op:-).. My butt is still there:-), but there are days I still feel like my butt is not big enough:-(.. Then, I had to look at my pics before my bbl and whew I've come a long way. I took my pre op pic from my profile page on RS and compared it to now! I need to stop complaining..lmao.. This pic is me now the one in the middle is my pre- op pic before the BBL! I guess I should be happy with my results.. Lol#NEVERHAPPY


I have not posted on here in a long time. Im still not satisfied with my results from Dr.Salama:-(.. So i will be having my 2nd bbl in March of 2016 with Dr.Hasan!!! Im praying he give me the results I am looking for this time. I know what to expect so this go round I will be on chill mode.. I know exactly what i need to take with me and I know what to expect afterwards...Trying to prepare myself mentally for this not sitting shit for 2 months... lord knows im not looking forward to this part of recovery...


Does anyone know of good places to stay at in Miami? I dont if i want to stay at the one associated with Dr. Hasan.. Please if you know of any places can you please post the information with their websites? I keep hearing a Moni/new body recovery house, but i cant find her website..

7 months post op-

Dr. Salama did my bbl back in May, at first I was happy with my results but now I'm so unhappy.. My ass is not full at the top, although I may look good in certain clothes.. It's not the same when my clothes are off..smh so I'm going to Dr. hasan in march2016 to get a revision.. I need help finding a recovery house to stay at.. Please if u know of any please comment.. Thanks dolls

Hassan is no longer at VANITY???

So I'm hearing drhassan is no longer at vanity.. WTF.. Anyone else heard anything?


OMG, still do not have a guarantee return date for Dr. Hasan:-(.. This crap is starting to stress me the freak out!! My gut feeling is telling me he will not be back in March:-(.. smh,,I havent purchased any supplies yet, well this is round 2 for me so i know exactly what to get..(last minute shopping)..My biggest concern is getting my deposit back from VANITY.. HAVE ANYONE ELSE HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT DR.HASAN?


Okay, so I guess I will know next week if Hasan will be back for my surgery date... Here is my text with Roxy at VANITY


So I just received the call from VANITY/ ROXY Dr. Hasan will not be back March!! smh... Now, here comes the part that is going to make me GET REAL UPSET!!! MY REFUND!!! LETS SEE HOW LONG THIS WILL TAKE!!!! HAS ANYONE ELSE RECEIVED A CALL FROM VANITY?




Just received my refund from Vanity off to the bank to see if the check goes through????????????????

From the first day I contacted Dr.Salama I knew right then he would be the person to do my surgery! Nancy is the BEST VERY WELCOMING, HELPFUL AND ANSWERED ALL MY QUESTIONS throughout this process! The whole staff is WONDERFUL! I am so HAPPY I CHOSE DR.SALAMA:-)))! The day of my procedure he gave me all the details and answered my questions too! But wait the anesthesiologist is FINNEEEEEEEEE! Lmbo! Everyone was great to work! Thus far I AM HAPPY WITH MY RESULTS:-)))! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND DR.Salama for your procedure!

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