BBL W/ Dr. Salama May 2016! - Aventura, FL

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I decided to start a new profile since getting...

I decided to start a new profile since getting this Bbl is a new journey! Last year in May I got implants with Dr Stanton he is the best! I do like my results I feel to make it look more natural I need HIPS & (would like a more heart shape) to match projection. Im very excited but at aame time a lil nervouse do to the fact I do have implants. Im hoping for a complication free sx:) Anyone else having sx with Salama in late May? Ive already purchase plane tix and just booked my place I'll stay for 6 days post opp:) the 1st 3 nights will be staying at recovery house. You can look at my other profile to see my experiance with implants at @Hawaiian15

Wish Pics!

Im hoping to achieve more of a heart shaped and hips. I have more of a bubble but and I feel like filling my butt from bottom and the hip area with the projection I already have, will be the ideal shape for me.

Stage 1 and 2 Garments for BBL - Best place to Purchase?!

Would love any input vets have on buying garments! I have no clue what size to order etc. Ive read its a good idea to buy a stage 1 garment even tho Dr Salama will give me 1. Also in need of a few good places to purhase post bbl garments online?!

18 Days Away! :)

So thought I'd throw 1 more wish pic. Im 18 days away until my bbl sx with Dr Salama. Getting excited. His office staff has been amazing answering all questions etc. I think Ive gotten everything I need. I just need to fill perscriptions and pack, which I'll do starting next wk so its done. Im trying to eat very healthy, which I normally do anyway. At this point have cut out all the things that helped me gain 14lbs! Cheese, bread, an occasional dessert, fries my fav;) Im not trying to gain anymore weight. Back to eating mostly plant based diet and fish, sushi lots of veggies and fruits & gln H20 a day. Its important to be in the best health b4 any sx. I have also cut out an occassional glas of wine at this point.

1 week from today BBl with Dr Salama!

Getting excited that its finally getting closer to my sx date which is on May 26, next Thurs! I'll be at recovery house for 1st 4 days then staying at a condo very close by. Any last min tips or things I def should bring plz let me know!

Period 4 days Pre Sx ?!

Got period today was suppose to get it friday! Im just going to up my iron a little, hoping I'll be in the clear by Thurs sx day! Has this happend to anyone else?

Ladies! I made it to other side! :)

My sx was today at 7am so glad I was 1st person dr Salama worked on today.surprisingly Im doing really well. I mainly just have sorness which isnt that bad as I have been keeping up on pain meds. IAfter having butt implants last year this compared to that so far is a piece of cake. I was in excruciating pain with the butt implants. I know how important it is to eat for healing and to get strength back, Ive eaten 2 servings of pineapple, applesauce, 2 granola bars, on 3rf lol crackers & a ton of gaterade and Graces amazing lentil soup! Im leaking ALOT from incesion site so getting up very slow when I do so I dont get dizzy. I cant say enuf about the recovery house the ladies that have been taking care of us (btw its a full house at the moment) they are amazing! I havent looked at myself prob wait a few day. Will update in a few days want to focus on recovering:)

DAY 12 & 2nd day back home

The flight home was ok 5 hr flight. I had bougt the whole row of seats, so I was able to move around a lot and not worry about annoying anyone. When I got home my legs and feet were so swollen feet looked like blowfish! Was a little scary but I took a couple dandillion root (natural diearitic) and next day swelling was gone! I had a lot of swelling in legs the wk following sx but the dandilioon worked. I also got my drain removed when I got home was afraid it would hurt but didnt hurt at all. Felt so free after having to carry that around 10 days. Im home recoverying, which is nice to be in my own bed etc. My energy is still kinda low which is to be expected, so Im making sure to take my iron vitamin c and several other supplements 2 a day. My swelling is going down little by little. Weighed myself today, Im at 138- went in at 136. I go for my 2st massage at home today which will be my 4th massage overall. Im loving my results thus far I know they will change which is fine, dont need my butt to be this big. I still am very sore in a.m but last day of pain meds was the day I flew home. Just taking tylenol for now but when I go for massage today will take the pain meds beforhand. Im getting bored at home but I know its important for me to rest for recovery. Will post pics this wk. Any questions ask away!

2 Weeks Post Op Today!

Did my best of taking a couple pics of myself, still a tiny bit of bruising my butt looks bigger in person. I think once swelling is gone I'll be happy with size, Im short so its a lil too big for my liking right now but luv my flat stomach and hips. Going for 5th massage today. Only taking tylenol every 6 hrs. Any tips on how to hide these pads once you go back to work? Also how to go to the bathroom at work, Im thinking a little obv if I bring my funnel? lol

2 Week Post opp measurments

Took measurements today
Bust 36.5
Waist 27.5
Hips 40

Week Before sx -
Bust 37
Waist 29.5
Hips 38

Hoping I can get waist to 25-26 once I start working out and moving more. 2 wk cabin fever ughh but will try and get out this weekend to walk a little more:)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr Salama's office staff have been awesome! They answer all my questions and respond asap to any email or call!

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