BBL W/ Dr.Salama 4/17/12 - Aventura, FL

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The price listed above is just cost of procedure...

The price listed above is just cost of procedure not including other expenses... im 22 years old. i am 5'8 about 200 lbs.... 36-29-42 and having a bbl done with Dr. Salama I will update my review as often as possible to help any other girls looking to go to the same surgeon... and good luck to everyone else upcoming and recovering i have booked a room and anyone else getting a BBL done with him around the same date is more than welcome to share my room with me. just send me a Private message

Ok so i paid the balance in full yesterday, I...

Ok so i paid the balance in full yesterday, I booked my flight separately from my hotel because i thought it would be better to book a hostel, more spacious than a room for those rates per night. and I will be flying into fort lauderdale in about 3 WEEKS!!! Im so excited! Ive been here before with rescheduling and having to postpone even with other doctors, so i am very excited, I will post pre-op photos about a week before i leave. Ladies please feel free to contact me for support, i will need as much as i can get and about anything ive left out.

and also im still deciding on whether or not Im adding hips, I will let you all know!

Ok so I went out and bought all of my post...

Ok so I went out and bought all of my post operative items and already found a trained massage therapist who is affordable as well as trained in lymph drainage massage therapy. So my massages are scheduled for when i get back.

I used some items from caramell10's list and she was very helpful (thanks girl)

antibacterial soap (showering)
babywipes (#2)
funnel (#1)
boppy pillow (sitting)
body pillow and covers (laying down/sleeping)
body wipes (gentle cleansing)
neosporin daily moisturizing cream for itchy skin (itchy relief)
big band aid bandages
suction cup hooks (for use in shower)
comfortable thin ROBE


Hey girlies! Posting Pre-op photos! ...Ok. so...

Hey girlies! Posting Pre-op photos!

...Ok. so i was curious about the kind of garment I should purchase for when I return home and inquired about a thong body garment, and to my understanding, we are not supposed to be wearing the buttocks out anytime soon, although they said 6 weeks is fine to wear my buttocks out, i still would like to protect all of my shelf and projection just to be SAFE & CAUTIOUS. So i thought it best to purchase my extra garment when i arrive there from the Salama's office themselves and can wear that one even after the second inclusive garment becomes to large after 8 weeks.

As I've mentioned before, we are all here to be supportive when family ad loved ones may not be and when any of us may have missed a step, this is scary and exciting all at once I would love to answer any questions or concerns any of us have for one another. Ttyl!

The only problem Im having now is I want...

The only problem Im having now is I want Lastarya's butt, but i dont have her shape on the top, so idk how that will work out for me




So sorry girls I need to delete my photos I am no...

So sorry girls I need to delete my photos I am no longer comfortable having them on the Internet anyone going to dr salama will have to use the many reviews he has online already. Still her for support though feel free to PM me for any questions otherwise best of luck and blessings

Hey ladies! i landed and so far things are going...

hey ladies! i landed and so far things are going great for me... i got the transportation offered in the quote for my procedure and the driver is awesome, i highly recommend you do that as well if you are not from this area and could have someone chaufer you around in a clean car who knows where theyre going, it would be in your best interest to just get everything inclusive, really like this about Salama's office. Checked into the space i rented from and this place is banging just as it did online and im only about 5 minutes away from both the office and hospital, how convenient, ok well i wake up early tomorrow, cant wait! wish me luck girls! ttyl!

Ok girls so yes the pain is excruciating, please...

ok girls so yes the pain is excruciating, please dont hesitate about that the very first night.
fortunately i didnt have to take any of the pain killers they gave me, just some really really strong medical ibuprofen a family member gave me
i am in alot of pain right now but i wanted to keep you guys posted. everyone has been wanting to see me. so i will post a sneek peek shortly, or in a few days,

right now my body hurts and i am eating and doing a little bit of walking and constantly emptying drains. thank you girls sooooooo much for you support!!!

Ok so i went for my first check up today and do...

ok so i went for my first check up today and do not take ibuprofen ladies, its a no no and the office informed me today.

we changed my garment today, very painful process but worthwhile, definitely getting what i asked for...

and i receive my first massage friday

i guess a few key things to mention would be when walking, you will walk very slow, tiny baby steps but you will feel much better moving around...

when sliding in and out the car its always a pain getting in but easier getting out...

during my first office visit i received a letter for the airplane which was very convenient the staff was excellent as far as manners and assistance, but of course with such a good doctor they are backed up so sometimes you will have to wait but no biggie were grown and can understand.

i brought my grandmother on this trip with me, my advice to you all is to bring someone! please you can not do this alone, you absolutely can not, someone that doesnt mind getting things for you, cooking for you and emptying your drains for you and assisting you when getting in and out of bed, you think you can do it alone? I doubt it. Please bring someone who cares enough to see you get through this successfully and well. the pain is consistent in and out these couple of days and i dont know what i would do without her, honestly. thats just my opinion.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST ................................................. HE TOLD ME I BROKE HIS RECORD WHEN HE INJECTED 1800 CCS IN EACH CHEEK!

I AM VERY EXCITED BECAUSE I HAVE THE BROAD FRAME AT THE TOP TO GO WITH THIS BODACIOUS BEAUTIFUL THING AND I WOULD FEEL HORRIBLE IF I DIDNT SHOW YOU LADIES, BUT I WILL just let me have my first few days to myself, thank you all and again, very painful and sore so i have to go now

4/20 had a very painful massage, ladies...


had a very painful massage, ladies please do not underestimate us when we say painful, end of story. Celia was very nice when she massaged me, she did my entire body and was gentle and well mannered and i had the option of whether or not to do them at the site or in my place, i chose my place.
during the massage, i felt alot of burning as she did my stomach and lower waist, (everyone else might experience different things) it burned burned burned burned burned... dont take away from what i am saying, and yes i took my pain med tylenol3 ahead of time. i suggest you do the same before she comes, anything stronger idk if you will feel too well to even do anything, havent used the other stronger meds.

4/22 on sunday, i went to the office for a...


on sunday, i went to the office for a second check up. this checkup came sporadically, because i had no prior notice and the office depended on my driver to notify me because his schedule is so busy. but i can understand, he is an excellent driver.

they removed my old garment, put me on a smaller one and added pads to my sides where there might be a crease and a hard board against my stomach to help flatten it that i must rotate every day. and if u have big titties like myself, u will not be able to buckle and unbuckle that garment on ur own. period, ive tried unless u have a mirror because its that tight.

another thing, i like having the garment on, it is when i am most comfortable, it is tight, and it squeezes me and keeps me feeling comfortable and sane but that coud also be different for everyone.

a helpful tip when eating and taking meds....

1)stand up out of your bed the way your instructed to

2)take your meds at the same time your up and eating, just in case after you eat your tired, you will have been standing for at least a little while before you lay back down

3)please read all the instructions on every medicine bottle you are given... PLEASE READ THEM and READ SIDE EFFECTS thnx girls!

Ok ladies i didnt forget i will be posting before...

ok ladies i didnt forget i will be posting before and after photos tomorrow evening, so sorry about the delay, ive just been getting used to this body my damn self... im even a tiny bit worried that it might look a little fake lol but then again look at my wish pics, oh well, who gives a shit ok cant wait to show you girlies ttyl!

Ok posting before and after pics finally so so so...

ok posting before and after pics finally so so so sorry for the delay

I will post some with the garment soon

I will post some with the garment soon

Honestly at this point im a little upset... i feel...

honestly at this point im a little upset... i feel like my butt went way down and i dont know how happy i am i am with my results anymore... but eps told me i have to wait the full 8 weeks, but i thought your results get better not worse... alright girls wish you the best of luck

Hello ladies! ok listen, my results are fine... i...

hello ladies! ok listen, my results are fine... i am totally happy and am truly excited everytime i get dressed, it mustve been apart of the healing process when i was becoming a little depressed... 1800 ccs was good for my body size, height, and weight matters, I have my nicki minaj ass i wanted, and my curves are amazing but due to discretion, i cannot post anymore pics, i am in the public and exposing myself is something i truly do not desire... but good luck and hes a great doctor, i do suggest you go a size bigger than what you would like, your butt will go down tremendously, so im thankful for all my fat i had!!! ttyl!

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