BBL Touch Up - 1 Week Post Op - Aventura, FL

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I decided to write a new review since for the...

I originally had my first BBL in July 2012 with Dr. Salama. Let me just say that experience was definitely a crazy ride for me, emotionally and physically! I was completely dreading the touch up and even considered cancelling at the last minute, but I am very happy I didn't. The touch up was NOTHING compared to the first time, very simple and relatively painless! If you are considering a touch up due to some minor issues with round 1, please know that it is nothing like the first time...however, you are still stuck in that damn garment and you have to get massages. I didn't have any drains though. I'm not sure if this is typical or not but I was sooooo happy to not have to drag those things around lol.

So after my first BBL I noticed some assymetry at around 3 weeks. I wasn't really concerned about it because I know that it takes time for everything to settle. But as time went on it seemed like that side (the left side) was shrinking much more than the other. It was a different shape too. Pretty soon I started to get very self conscious about it but it was very obvious in clothing that one side was bigger than the other. I also had a dent in the shelf area and as the swelling in the tummy went down, one side of my stomach had a pocket of fat that looked really weird, like one side of my stomach was bloated and the other wasn't. I was really unhappy with it at times but I started losing some weight and it got better. I lost about 15 pounds total and it looked pretty good but I still wanted to fix it since it was still pretty obvious.

I scheduled my touch up in November 2012 for August. They were booked many months in advance so if you want a certain date, you definitely need to set it up as quickly as possible. As the time went on, I was getting more and more nervous. I didn't want to have to go through that again, the first time took several months for me to feel even remotely normal again. The weeks prior I felt like there wasn't a lot of communication between me and the ofice...I remember the first time, I got a package in the mail giving me instructions and information in April when my surgery was in July. This time, I didn't get anything and I had to request all the prescriptions and instructions last minute, it seemed..and they just emailed it to me. I know the office is busy but it kind of felt like they forgot about me, so that made me even more nervous.

I went to the office on the day of my surgery to sign paperwork and I didn't recognize anyone but Nomie, so they must have changed their staff...however, everyone was very polite and helpful. I signed the paperwork and went to the surgical center and talked to Dr. S...I was very surprised because he remembered me right away and even called me his favorite patient lol. I said "What no way!" lol, he said I was one of the nicer ones. I'm sure he has had to deal with many angry or unhappy patients before lol. He took a look at me and he saw everything I was talking about without me even needing to point it out really. Because I didn't have that much fat he took some from the bra strap area in the back too. He was really nice and the procedure was very quick. I definitely have to shout out the anesthesiologist because he was extremely nice too. The first time I had the surgery, I woke up being stuffed inside my garment in the surgery room, before I was even in the recovery room. I was in sooooo much pain and discomfort. This time, I woke up in the recovery room and it was much, much better. So it was not bad at all.

After surgery, Dr. S was very quick to answer any questions I had through text message...within 5 minutes I would get a response and he would also text just to see how I was doing, which was very nice of him. As far as the touch up, he fixed the dent and my stomach looks awesome, even with the swelling. He put 500 ccs into the left side only where it was messed up. I think it looks better, it is still a little lopsided and differently shaped but it has only been a week so I won't know what it will look like in the long run for a few more weeks. Also, nobody is perfect...those cheeks probably wasn't shaped the same before surgery anyway so of course they will look different after. All in all, I am very happy I did the touch up and hopefully I won't have any problems in the healing process :)

This procedure can be emotionally and physically draining. That being said, I recommend finding a doctor you are comfortable with, researching every aspect of it, including what can go wrong, and being as prepared mentally and physically as possible. I had seem some amazing outcomes and I have seen some not so amazing...attitude has a big effect on your recovery. So try to stay positive and realistic and you will more than likely be very happy with your results!

Message me for any questions, I don't come on here regularly so I will try to answer them if I can.

Does anyone have any garment recommendations or experience with a binder?

I ordered a binder of and I really hope I got the right size. Before I left, I asked Nomie if I could get a garment for just my waist and she said yes, and to go to contourmd. But their sizing chart confuses me because the binders say I'm an extra small and the actual size chart puts me at a medium. Right now, I am wearing stage 2 medium garment and it is actually loose. So I definitely need to upgrade because swelling has gone down tremendously and I might as well be wearing nothing at all since it doesn't do much compressing.

I only have a few small bruises and no pain whatsoever. My body just feels like it I need to stretch all the time, and the lipo areas are tender but don't hurt. I really hope the binder works and I can just use that for the rest of the weeks because I don't want to have to buy another garment especially since I feel great and there isn't even much swelling left. Honestly I cannot believe I am only one week post op, because when I feel pretty much normal. If I didn't have to wear this uncomfortable garment I feel like I could probably run a marathon lol.

Also, I took my measurements today...waist is 28 inches and hips are 45.

Before Pic

I found a pic from before my revision...Sorry I don't have one of the pocket of fat or the dent in the shelf but you can see the different size and shape.

4 weeks Post Op

So I'm 4 weeks post op today. I stopped wearing the garment about 2 weeks ago for a couple reasons. One, it was not compressing AT ALL. It was actually extremely loose and would bunch up around the midsection. Secondly, it was chaffing my inner thighs and girl stuff very very badly. I broke out into a bad rash that hurt when I walked. And lastly, the back strap constantly rubbed the wound in the back, keeping it open and inflamed and I was scared it would get infected. It is still open even though all the other wounds closed 2 weeks ago...I used the binder from which had good compression but it bunch up a lot. My tummy is still a little hard but it's flat, no buises, minimal discoloring and its getting softer, but back is completely soft and nothing hurts at all, although at times there is still some stiffness/tenderness.

The lipo on my stomach was perfect, he took out the pocket of fat and it looks great now, also the dent in the shelf is fixed at looks normal. My butt is still pretty lopesided and interestingly, I feel a little more self conscious about it now than I did right before my surgery, even though it looks a little bit better now. It's crazy because even though I have done this before, experienced the post-surgery blues before, and have been overall positive about this experience, I still experienced it again a little bit round 2 again.

All in all, I am happy with the results of round 2...I'm not sure how much will change in the next few weeks but everything seems to be healed up now.

6 weeks post op

So I am 6 weeks post op...I feel normal and life is good :) I am very happy I did the revision. My stomach looks AMAZING in comparison to before. Also, the weird shelf in the back looks perfect now :) BUTTTTT...I have one qualm. My butt is still noticeably lopsided! :( When I went for the surgery, I kept thinking I should ask Dr. Salama to take some of the fat out of the bigger side. It is REALLY BIG and it even sags a little big at the bottom but I guess in my greed I just wanted two big butt cheeks. Now, the side he worked on has a great shape but it is still smaller. It looks like one nice cheek, one mutant cheek haha. It does bother me still, and I am beating myself up that I didn't ask him to do that...ugh! Ladies, if something is on your mind during round two SPEAK UP!!! Even if you think it is something don't know how it will look after you get the revision. So, I am still waiting for my final result but I seriously doubt my smaller side will grow to match my bigger side. Honestly, I really like the shape of it and I wish they were both the same size as the smaller one. I am going to email Dr. Salama pics at 3 months so he can see...I know this may sound shocking and soooo greedy...but if he offers to fix that one small problem I would probably jump on the chance. I don't need any more lipo or fat transferred at all...I just need a tiny bit taken out of the bigger side so it doesn't sag and it looks even. Godddd, do I sound greedy ladies? Believe me, I wouldn't mind going for round 3 knowing what a walkin in the park round 2 was. And the fact I would need any lipo or anything just makes it sound so much better. I bet if Dr. S reads this he is just shaking his head girls must be sooooo annoying being so nit-picky. Anyway, I really hope he offers to do that, I would definitely go for it. If not I understand, he can't just give out free touch ups for life lol! DR. SALAMA THIS WOULD BE THE LAST ONE, I PROMISE!!! lol!

Anyways, If you ladies want to see what I am talking about, please message me with an email address...I will be more than happy to email pics but I don't really want to post anymore on a public forum. I hope you understand. Also, I am VERY busy with a full time job plus part time student so if I don't respond right away, I will try my best to get back to you.

Happy Healing!

Breast Reduction and Bbl Revision

Been a LONG time since I've been on realself! I had been thinking aboit a breast reduxtion for almost 10 years but keep talking myself out of it. But in the last year or so i had been experiencing more back and neck pain and stiffness than ever, so i finally decided to just do it. I had expwrience with dr. Salama before so thats why i chose him again. I had a bbl with dr. Salama in 2012, and a revision in 2013. I think I had a really weird butt shape originally because the bbl just wasn't looking right after both rounds... one side with wider and sagging and the other side was a different shape. I don't think this was dr. Salamas fault jst my own body shape and maybe my paranoia. But dr. Salama was patient with me crazy lol, and he listened to my concerns and problems. I had a breast reduction and bbl revision and even though I'm only a week postop, Im happy and I feel good, hardly any pain at all! Mostly just sore and tired.

For the breast reduction, he did a T incision and brought me down to a full C cup from what has been sized as a G and H cup in the past. It was impossible to find bras, especially since they were pendulous and needed a ton of support to hold them up. Im talking all type of suspensions, straps, cables, bridges, pillars, and a graduate level engineering degree to keep these titties off the floor. The right titty was bigger than the left one and they were flopping all over the place just in the way all the time. Dr. Salama is a life saver, he explained how the surgery would work, he explained the risks and mentioned he has never personally experienced any major complications with this surgery. He also explained that my breasts where two different sizes and shapes, and the crease was different on both, so he would have to do a little bit different procedure on each one.

The bbl revision was just a tiny bit of fat transfer to a small dent on my left cheek and lip on my right cheek. Thats right, i made it smaller lol. The right cheek was bigger and wider with droopiness so he noticed that and lipoed that area. This surgwry was NOTHING compared to the pain i felt the first time. While i was in the office i noticed some girls who were going through it for the first time. If you are one of those girl mannn... more power to you! I know how brutal that first surgery is, i did it 4 years ago and i still remember that pain like it was yesterday! Yall are troopers!

Dr. S was and still is and awesome surgeon. His BBL looks better and better as i see with the newer girls coming in. He has literally done thousands of BBL since i went in 2012 and has smoothed his process quite a bit to ensure great results. I dont think my previous issues were typical because my body is clearly weird and grows however it wants to lol. Naturally, my butt was lopsided, titties lopsided, so dr. S had his plate full with me. He still hooked me up tho. I will add pics soon, but my previous reviews have pics as well.

Happy healing yall
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Salama was very professional, helpful and nice. He cares about his patients and tries very hard to meet or exceed their expectations. He is extremely busy but will still respond to phone calls or text messages very quickly. He takes his work very seriously and that makes him one of the best.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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