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Im 5" n 138lbs and shaped like a spongebob! N I...

Im 5" n 138lbs and shaped like a spongebob! N I dont have a trace of a waist line :(( (super sad face) ! Its genetics combined with my happy foods (carbs) but in my defense lol I do have 2 kids which definately did the fool to my body... I'm in need of a total mommy makeover but I'll settle for a small waist n some azz for now lol im So happy I stumbled upon this site! I have been threw 3 diff BBL docs and my last n final stop is with dr. S.... I put deposit down with nancy today!! Yayyyy. I almost booked with dr. Salzuhauer the day before yesterday but the pricing jumped up to 11,500 since my original quote of $9,500 TT/BBL... I felt so desperate and was practically begging that my original quote be honored... Yeah right lol so after going back and forth I was exhausted 11,000 was their final offer. :( I was devastated because I was sold on dr. Salzuhauer. My BF asked me if I checked anywhere else and that was the best auh ha moment in history. I hadn't even considered looking elsewhere until then and with all the road blocks I took it to be a sign that maybe I didn't choose the right Dr. After all ... Sooooo fast forward I'm now booked with dr salama in feb/2013 i knew it was too far away but i just took it cuz it was the soonest. I'm so sad that it couldn't be sooner! Like tomorrow lol..... mannn That man must be "the Man" lol I need to switch with someone(*U) and my fingers n toes are crossed that someone will want to switch with mee!,, I'm nervous but so freakin ready. Oh and I'm obsessed too ... what a train wreck I must be ;)

They are scheduling in feb of 2013:( n I can't...

they are scheduling in feb of 2013:( n I can't believe he don't have anything until then (July-Jan) smh what's a girl to do :( *pouting

I was looking for BBL / TT and I was told they are...

I was looking for BBL / TT and I was told they are no longer doing them together :((( if it's for our safety or better results I'm all in but at the same time it's gonna be more costly for us to split it in 2. It makes since tho cuz we can't lay on our belly after TT and God knows I'm not laying on my ever precious Azz lol Nancy said that deals would me made for TT for those needing this split procedures so wtbs I need it in writing

I loveeee this site! You girls are the Best :)

It seems like its almost impossible to get a...

It seems like its almost impossible to get a sooner date... I just had a date slip right threw my fingers :( I gotta keep my eyes n ears open at all times

Hey BBL Sistas can someone tell me how to upload...

Hey BBL Sistas can someone tell me how to upload wic pic , ect... I looked on profile section but didn't see browse button ! Could it be because I'm on a iPad ??

Well I figured it out! I have to upload pic from...

Well I figured it out! I have to upload pic from lap or desktop... I dont plan on telling ppl about my bbl ... (Well only a handful of trustworthy ppl!) But My BF does not want me to post my body on here lol but what's a body with no face lol I will post soon but I prob wont be letting that cat out the bag... Do want /need no problems... So I'm still lerking for a date n I haven't been lucky so far... I see some of you have switched several times lol guess I'm a Lil new to dis so but I'm sure I'll catch on soon... Wish me luck;-D

*dont want/need no problems

*dont want/need no problems

*sigh* waiting as patiently as I can!! I Haven't...

*sigh* waiting as patiently as I can!! I Haven't gotten lucky with a sooner date :/ but I'm humble because I know it will be my time when the LORD says the same!

I know I've been MIA in hopes that the time will...

I know I've been MIA in hopes that the time will fly by..but it's Not working cuz i find myself back on here weekly... I think about this wayyy too freakin much! N being My date is so far away and it's driving me insane lol but some of u girls have been very lucky! I see dates being changed left n right- I better be more proactive if I want this sooner... I guess timing is everything :/

*Singing* " If u stay ready u dont have to get...

*Singing* " If u stay ready u dont have to get readyyyy" lol... So.Wtbs i need to be ready Just incase I'm able to switch! So I think I will start eating clean to shed a few lbs- currently I'm 5" ft 148lbs and I think I will lose about 10lbs so I can get better results. I was told i didn't need to lose but I go back n forth on whether I want to lose weight and keep the fat for a voluminous bootay...lol I'm sure he can gather more then enough from my torso! .... If he ask me what's more important I would say "waistline/curves" then projection (heart shape) no shelf pls -although I hear that the fat is just injected and ur body determines the shape.. :/

Ok so I been reading a few ladies already foresee a round 2 and haven't even had surgery or just recently had surgery...WTH I did not sign up for that lol That terrifies me! There's no way I'm going for a round 2! Just the thought of Going under twice just terrifies me!! I think that will be the #1 cause of my anxiety! And I usually never say never but this round 2 is one I'm pretty sure of so Im looking for the great doctor to get it right the 1st time... Does anyone kno if there is another doc performing bbl's I think I remember reading that... If so could that possibly be the reason for the recent spike in round 2's?

(Thinking out loud) I can't help but wonder if plastic surgery is addictive to some like tattoos are to me lol ...hummmm ex: Lil Kim , Michael Jackson, ect

S/o to the BBL pioneers! I really appreciate the ladies that are posting their post pic and updating post surgery! U ladies are truly appreciate! Because Ur documentation really helps us ladies that have not made it to the other side get a glimpse of what's ahead! I'm praying that u all achieve ur desired results the first time and for a speedy painless recovery ;)

*Typo im Currently 138lbs in the morning hehe

*Typo im Currently 138lbs in the morning hehe

So freaking happy!! I switched my feb 2013 for an...

So freaking happy!! I switched my feb 2013 for an earlier date today !!! NOV 8th 2012 y'all and I still can't believe it whoooo hooooo - the shit just got REAL!

Heyyy ladies! I am so scatter brained right now...

Heyyy ladies! I am so scatter brained right now it's overwhelming! I want to be prepared and I want to start getting everything together but I don't know which to do first! Do anyone that already had the bbl have a check off list of items that you will definitely need for this procedure! I don't have extra money to go out and buy stuff that I will not need :/ I looked online for air fare and I found RT ticket thru virgin $360 I think I should book it because there is a good chance fares will go up because my surgery is near thanksgiving what do y'all think? I also can get a southwest buddy pass from my cousin for $150 but I'm scared because she said if the flight is full I will get bumped and have to take another flight. I don't want to chance it and I'm not familiar with how it works but knowing there's a chance I can miss my pre op appt I don't want the added stress so I'm thinking to just pay the reg fare and have a guaranteed seat. I also wanted to purchase 1 maybe 2 garments from lipo express but I don't know which one is best. Booty in or booty out? I'm looking for a rental car too I think I will try budget? And I'm looking for a reasonable place to stay. Any help and tips would be appreciated! Oh and I am really irritated with my BF now at my date is within reach he is making comments about my priorities! He is a hater! I can't believe he pulling this ish now when he knew It was gonna happen ! I will keep it pushing tho... Oh and this has been on my mind.. I can understand how some girls would become upset when ppl cancel last min. I too was waiting and lurking for a sooner date and I would see ppl canceling with a short notice! There's no way to prepare that fast :/ I understand that things happen but if we can do better then I think we should and not just hold a date hostage just cuz we could! . We gotta look out for each other #bblsisterhood!

Thx for sharing foreverbooty and reeseyvaughn for...

Thx for sharing foreverbooty and reeseyvaughn for "the Detailed List" lol I dont even know what to call it cuz it has a lil bit of EVERYTHING you will need to know pre/post sx- good looking out ladies ;)

S/O to foreverbooty- I brought a chair today with...

S/O to foreverbooty- I brought a chair today with u in mind! I haven't cut out the booty part yet ...but I wondering if I can carry on airplane & take with me cuz I don't wanna lay all day in hotel bed! Maybe I will leave it home! Lol now that i think about it it sounds kinda dumb for me to think ill be able to take on plane - lolllll here is the link in case u ladies want to get one also foreverbooty has pictures of what it should look like cut
$9.97 at Walmart


Heyyyy ladies! I recieved my pre op paperwork...

Heyyyy ladies! I recieved my pre op paperwork today!! wow its really happening huh?!

so im Looking for my big sisters that made it to the other side. I really need ur help! I have a few questions for y'all lol When looking for a cincher, which is best... The vest or the waist only? I like the vest personally but want what's best so if there's any pros/cons let me kno. Also If I purchase an additional garment should I get it from lipo express? Booty out or in? Can I order once I return home to purchase? Or will I need it before then? Ok and last question. I was told I can return home on day 8! Last thing I wanna do is have to book and then change dates And pay more fees... So I'm asking did u all only stay only 8 days because originally I planned 10 :/ I have pre-op on wed, nov 7 actual surgery thur,nov 8 and was advised it would be ok to leave the evening of nov15 (Thursday) or nov 16 (Friday) morning.. Has anyone experienced having to stay extra days for some reason. Thanks ladies xoxo

Found RT tickets for $325 so I will confirm if 8days is sufficient (which includes surgery as day 1) idk it just seems like that's not enough days...
Set alert for rental car and hotel. Less then 5weeks away so I wanna be on top of things. Ok I'll ttys muah!

Also wondering if I can bring my chair w/ the...

Also wondering if I can bring my chair w/ the booty cut out that was inspired by my girl FOREVERBOOTY! On the plane And the high density foam roller for thigh support while sitting on the plane! I'm sure ill be getting blank stares with all my gadgets lol but ask me if I give a rats a$$ ?... Nope ;)

Heyyy Ladies one thing less i have to worry about!...

Heyyy Ladies one thing less i have to worry about!... i Booked my flight today!! Cuz i Didn't want fares to creep up like they tend to do the closer u get to travel date...although now Im thinking i heard someone say I should wait til I get medical clearance! :/ hummm well I'm pretty healthy I really don't foresee any problems *fingers crossed

Heyyy my bbl sistas! This site has been tripping...

Heyyy my bbl sistas! This site has been tripping lately and down for maintenance! Finally back up n running. Been wanting to update u all on my girlll foreverBooty! See is truly our sister! She can't get on to update with pics but she wanted me to let u all kno that she is doing just fine and she haven't forgotten about us! Isnt she Such a sweet heart thinking about her sisters wanting to get back to us ASAP! Gotta love her ;) I had the pleasure of see her and let me just say one word .. Well maybe two words! CURVES and A$$ ...bloop!

Boy is time flying! I did my pre-op blood work...

Boy is time flying! I did my pre-op blood work today just waiting on results to come back... EKG ok. *fingers crossed! I'm the type of person that thinks if something is hard or is not smooth then it's a sign that it's not meant to be! And So far so good ;) Praying that God has me covered thru this whole process! Starting cocktail at 30 days pre-op when I should have started at 45 days pre op. hope it dosnt determine my results :/ ... i still have to get rental car and hotel and the rest of the items needed. Auhhhh so im anxious!! 30 days to go! Can't wait to be a big Sister

Looking for a hotel is becoming a doozie! Im...

Looking for a hotel is becoming a doozie! Im trying to find something decent and reasonable ...still no luck! Any recommendations ladies

ROLL-CALL! I was thinking to myself that I...

ROLL-CALL! I was thinking to myself that I haven't ran across anyone who bas a surgery date that's close to mine or even the same day would be great (nov8) so if your out there pls "stand up" lol we gotta get acquainted ;) time is flying ..... Xo

Seems like im stuck in la la land with so much to...

Seems like im stuck in la la land with so much to do and so little time wtf is wrong with meh? I guess I will get it together in the 9th hour :/ uuurrrggghhhh still need to purchase the "must haves"

Omgggg I think you can NOW upload pic using ur...

Omgggg I think you can NOW upload pic using ur iPhone/iPad! Thx to Rianah I'm super dupa excited! This is HUGE... RS has def stepped their game up

So i Finally purchased some items yesterday....

So i Finally purchased some items yesterday. Posted pic of items. (Exhale) now im Feeling a lil more prepared! Yayyy .... And today I got great news... Lab and pre op clearance was cleared and faxed over to dr.S i think I would like to lose 5 lbs so I don't end up with extra fat :/ I will post my pre op measurements tomorrow. Not looking forward to looking at those numbers ( hip to waist ratio)

Last but not least I'm thinking about my big Sistas tonite ... hoping n praying your recovery is moving with God Speed! Xoxo

Feeling a lil worried ... maybe because my turn is...

Feeling a lil worried ... maybe because my turn is fast approaching... Im Praying I get the results I desire! And have wished i was born with... well my concern is that I been seeing some shelfs and missed back fat/bra roll lately and its definitely not helping my nerves ;( I hope to get all this fat sucked out in the areas of importance to me.,!!! I will be sure to communicate that I'm going for a voluminous upside down heart shape! W/Hips hips and more hips ;) I keep telling myself to relax and let it go..but i cant think of anything else.... whelp that's all for now xoxo

8days away n im nervous but extremely ready!! So i...

8days away n im nervous but extremely ready!! So i Had a headache today... Guess I went too long with out eating ;( had to take a excedrin! Didn't wanna suffer anymore... Hopefully I won't have any complications for taking 1 today. Well I purchased some size 29 missme jeans and I don't kno why when I prob won't be able to get in them after surgery! I'm hoping my waistline is anorexic and my ass is gigantic lol

I'm weighing 143 today I fluctuate between 140-143

Did some research on saromas and I see compression helps a great deal so
I will definitely be compressing lipo'd areas! also wanted to kno approx how many pounds was 4liters so I googled it and it said 9.4 lbs! I wish for 5 liters of fat removal although I kno it not legal in Florida.

How do you rotate pics

How do you rotate pics

Lately I have not been getting ANY sleep! My mind...

Lately I have not been getting ANY sleep! My mind is running a mil miles a min...do I have everything I need, Will I have enough fat, will I have too much fat, should I gain, should I loose weight? *thinking aloud* what if this? what if that? uuurrrggghhh I think this is normal but I kno it's a bad case of my worried nerves! I know I need my rest so I hope I can relax my mind and get some sleep with out the help of a sleeping pill (I know I can't it take anyway)

Got my weave installed yesterday! The Last thing I need is to be laid up, wounded, and not feeling pretty! Lol I would just lose it...

I leave on nov 6. Still have a few things to get from store before I leave. I hope I can find something fun to do since I'll be out there 2days before surgery;)

I left for Florida this morning and with plans on...

I left for Florida this morning and with plans on arriving 1 day before my pre op and 2 days before my surgery to get settled in... Well I missed my darn flight this morning at 6:45 and have been on stand by flights all day! I must say my nerves are SHOT! I'm being a bitch to my dude and blaming him for us missing the flight.. Although its may not be his fault entirely....I'm frustrated! Uuurrrggghhhh but THANK GOD I do have some flexibility on my front end to allot for this mishap.... If this is any indication of what my trip will be like I'm off to a bad start... Hope my luck turns around :(

I'm excited, scared and so many other emotions I...

I'm excited, scared and so many other emotions I can't even comprehend! But I'm much better today tho... Yesterday was pure hell! From the moment my feet hit the floor to the moment I laid down- no lie!

On a brighter note *smiling* today I met with Salama. My appt was at 10:30. I was looking at ever patient waiting to see if they were having a bbl or already had one lol i seen one but there was not many post op patients there today.. It was mostly consults. So I met Nomie first and she is very personable (I like that) actually they all are!!! So I filled out a ton I paper work and was called back to the room. He is a very passionate doctor and I let him lead. I felt Good vibes...Him and my dude joked around a lil . I pointed out my areas of concern (back fat and no shelf) an let him evaluate the rest! We added inner thighs but thats only if needed, after he removes every drop off my back lol i really wanna end up with back fat and thighs lipo'd ... And Of course all my questions abandoned me so I told him I will write them down when they come back to me lol my surgery is first thing in the morning so absolutely nothing to eat after 10pm tonight! After the consult I met with Cynthia my new BFF (felt like i been knoing her for years) while nancy was on another call .. she is so adorable! Nancy took over after she completed her call and of course we all love her!!! Nancy is so warm and welcoming! I'm confident that I picked the best team for my UPGRADE all smiles over here

Staying 8days post surgery (10 total) and im thinking about extending it a lil longer.. I keep getting different recommendations for the amount of days. We are staying at the wyndham resort in fort lauderdale and the room is off the hook and best I all it's free (timeshare) pics coming soon

Hey i just wanted to let you guys kno that I'm...

Hey i just wanted to let you guys kno that I'm alive! I felt like I got hit by a TRUCK!No lie! I also fainted twice! Becuz My body don't have the fat it needs  to feed off of :(I  guess I jinx myself... Feeling better as the hours go by . U just need to walk every so often! I want you all to kno that i love you with allllllll my heart and i am happy God delivered me back to you all! I am so emotional right now ! This ain't no joke...  I Havent taking pic yet but i see i got hips for days !!! I am just now able to communicate... Will keep u posted as I progress xoxo

also I tried To eat a cracker and almost choked to death!!!!! Too darn dry ... So thankful my man is here To nurse me back To health... Im Very vulnerable right now

Imfeel sooo much better today... i walking more...

Imfeel sooo much better today... i walking more and not as stiff! let me just say Ladies eating is VERY important! I fainted a total of 5times yesterday but today I can see the light! Thank you all for your prayers! I went in to office today to put on new foam and remove dressings and let me just say when they pull the little waistline over ur butt ... Brace ur self cuz that ish hurt! My man is the best care giver in the world! He woke up with me every 2 hs around the clock to help me to the restroom, feed me,and get me what ever I whined for lol oh and because I couldn't get any food to go down... Everything was dry as hell or my saliva was not functioning properly so I been drinking ensures and protein drinks! The BEST idea ever and I haven't fainted ever since... And taking pils with yogurt is the bomb! Thx foreverbooty...

Well ladies that's all for now ...xoxo

Almost forgot I purchased a landyard for showering instead of hooks! IMO I think it's better. Place it around ur neck and clip drains to lanyard .when u move they move... Just like that heyyyy.. ;)

S/O to Foreverbooty and my girl beautifuljade I don't know what I would have done with out u guys... I got mad love for y'all muah

RS just deleted all my old pic! Booooo

RS just deleted all my old pic! Booooo

Attention all vets!! Drains are burning so bad...

Attention all vets!! Drains are burning so bad just woke me up out my sleep... just as u said by day 2 or 3... Any remedies?

Took a shower and some pics while my dude washed...

Took a shower and some pics while my dude washed n dried my garment! I had to freshing up...change gauze and pads... I couldn't take it any longer! Getting that garment down and over ur ass is soooo hard and painful! Take 2 perks before u attempt this.. After it was all said and done i was wore out and slept like a baby...

Now I up struggling to go #2 and my dude don't wanna hold my ass cheeks apart and I don't have the strength to push past my tight ass! He making me laugh saying oh he'll no -I didn't sign up for this shit! My stomach muscles hurt soo bad when I laugh! Pure comedy over here... Sent my girl foreverbooty a text and asked if she had any tips.. and she came threw for me once again! I just Love her to pieces xoxo so let me go handle something right fast lol

Helpppp my skin is sooo freaking ichyyy :(((((

Helpppp my skin is sooo freaking ichyyy :(((((

Well ladies I almost made it threw day num 3!...

Well ladies I almost made it threw day num 3! Today was definitely my worst day by far. I was warned that this day would come and u have so many highs n lows but baby brace urself for day 3! I had the worst headache ever for most of the day ? Relief didn't come til about 4pm? So I texted the staff and got a quick response! Thank God ! I need to be eating /drinking and taking 300mg of iron pills in addition to the other post op cocktails.. Well I'm the type once I get a headache it's all bad so it's best I take care of it before it sets in.,now I will be watching the clock and eating and taking meds on a schedule! This recovery roller coaster is not a fun ride! I am here for u all and i love the support system we have..., it's unmeasurable xoxo to u all and sweet booty dreams ;)

Oh and i almost forgot to mention?.. im having a...

Oh and i almost forgot to mention?.. im having a late dinner... My hunny fixed steak in the oven and baked potato w/ spinach! I need that double dose of iron ! Yummy

Oh and i almost forgot to mention?.. im having a...

Oh and i almost forgot to mention?.. im having a late dinner... My hunny fixed steak in the oven and baked potato w/ spinach! I need that double dose of iron ! Yummy

My recovery roller coaster is headed south!! Omg I...

My recovery roller coaster is headed south!! Omg I keep getting the worst headache ever!! Sucks major assets!! I trying to rule out the cause if it so what I've gathered is water and i thought I was drinking enough but dehydration definitely causes headaches and secondly i thought maybe general anesthesia but it's day 4! I going bananas ... If anyone have any ideas or thoughts please share! Also I can't pass gass in this garment!! And I don't necessarily want to strip out of garment for a few gas bubbles and only other thing I can think of is assistance with holding ass cheeks apart and he not interested :( when I ask he takes time to come and the bubble
Is gone but comes back at all the wrong times so he says uuurrrggghhh

I wanna thank you ladies for giving me one of a kind compliments ! When I'm feeling like shit it makes me feel like "thee Shit" stomach has strath marks n wrinkled but in okay with that! 1stbMassage on Tuesday

Heyyy ladies! Ive been back home since the 16th. I...

Heyyy ladies! Ive been back home since the 16th. I haven't updated in a while because it is very difficult for me to juggle my recovery, family, and RS

I will update u all now in somewhat if a chronological order from where I left off:

At day 5 I had my first massage! It was amazing! I think ppl
Shoul wait to have there massage at day 5 to give ur tissues time to reattach! Before I start moving things around

Update:  I feel almost like new today! I had my lymphatic massage and it hurt so good ! Ceilia removed  fluids and After she was done with me I could bend and stretch and wasn't stiff at all! I get up easier and im able to do more! No longer Misrable !  Thank you Jesus!! I hope I can find someone in my area to continue massage treatment . I will prob fly back Friday  (16th)with 1drain in and have my reg PCP refer me out to have the other drain removed when needed. I also  stopped taking those damn perks i don't wanna be groggy.. so I'm tryna switch to advil/ Motrin for pain and only if needed! I kno this is a rollercoster recovery so at the moment I feel Great

Ordered a butt out garment today from lipo express...

Ordered a butt out garment today from lipo express. I love my hips n thighs but Been a Lil depressed lately because I think my butt is shrinking. It's not exactly what I wished for. A tad more projection would have been the icing on the cake... Sometimes I think I say too much and at times I don't say enough! I didn't say what I wanted and left it in his hands. I wanna believe he put in as much Ccs as he could (1000) and that this is what I'm suppose to have ....because my butt couldn't take any more. I think 1200 would have allowed room for reasorbtion to give me a true 1000 Ccs . I have left over back fat too... any who I will wait to see if I see any fluffing before I reach out to the dr. I don't wanna complain or be a complainer because overall there is a major improvement. But when u spending $$ u kinda want more bang for ur buck lol

. I wonder if any of my fat was frozen. I seen in post op surgery instructions where it says it is/can be done but didn't hear any staff confirm if it was protocol or had to be requested. That would be nice if it was frozen so I could get a lil filler. I still have not been sitting at ALL! I'm not sitting on my precious JEWELS lol ... I'm hoping the fact that I'm disciplined it will give me a greater ratio of fat survival.

My dude wants some and I done know how much longer I can hold him back.., its been over 2weeks... I feel so badd cuz he been so good to me..

. I can still fit my old clothes but the fit is wayyyy better. I was tripping that post surgery my weight was 151 when I came on at 140-143. I thought I would weigh less being fat was removed but I guess water n swelling increases ur weight... I asked foreverbooty n she said it happened to her and to fine it 6 weeks to return to my normal weight... I weighed myself today (a lil over 2weeks) and I was at 145 so we shall see. Thanks for all the compliments.. Everyone at home loves my results... Guess I'm just being booty greedy!

Does the butt out garment make a difference? I...

Does the butt out garment make a difference? I heard about the indentations it makes right after bbl... But if your several weeks out will it help preserve fullness :/

Surgery was nov8th

Surgery was nov8th

I am getting so inboxes so I wanted to let u all...

I am getting so inboxes so I wanted to let u all kno We stayed at the Wyndham resort! It's a timeshare my dudes parents let us use.. We got it 10 days for$150 (stealer deal) the place is 5star with all the amenities! I felt sooooo at home.. if u kno someone with a timeshare this is the way to go!!!!!

Omg I am shedding skin like a snake!! I took my...

Omg I am shedding skin like a snake!! I took my garment off and looked on the inside and it was tons of dead skin inside.. So I shook it hard to try to remove it and it was snowing in my bedroom !!! Ewwww

Still getting taxi'd around! I'm Sure my BF is getting tired of being attached at the hips and driving me to and from work and anywhere else I have to go! I'm afraid to sit on my butt it's been bout 3 weeks PO and I got a ways to go... I dare not sit on my precious JEWELS lol

Booty tingles every now and then.. Nothing major tho. Waiting on my butt out garment to arrive and gonna order a corset because my waist could be a tad bit smaller. I'm in a medium garment now and it's tight when it first come out the dryer but by the end of the day it's loose. I wear board during the day and foam and night because the foams make me feel huge and you can't see any shape! Who wants TO go outside looking like that? Almost like I'm padded up for football - no thank you

I'm not as stiff an I can touch my toes again!! Yayyy still tight in lower back and sides tho.. And i my weight is trying to go down...! Im 145 now. I was tripping after surgery like why am I 151 PO and I came in at 140-143!! Guess that's normal but nobody (doctor/staff) warned/told me ...Well that's all for now!!! Xoxo

Happy to have received butt out garment from...

Happy to have received butt out garment from lipoexpress... In fear I would lose more projection now I'm worried about losing the hip and the hourglass figure! Uuurrrggghhhh I figure i need a custom garment that is slim in the waist and expands in the hip/ butt area and then tight on the thighs!! ! No compression so I like how it pumps out my butt in clothes! ...The small butt out garment fits perfect in the waist and thighs I just wish I had a Lil slack in the hips. I kept checking and adjusting/pulling every 5-10 mins to make sure I wasn't compressing in the ring spots! I was crazy worried! I even thought to cut in butt area but I don't want it to unravel... Any tips? Well I wore it during the night under careful observation but chose not to wear during the day... Overall I'm happy with it just Tryna figure out how to get less compression on the butt/hips...

Plans to order a cincher from hourglassangel next ..

My. Natural waist 28.5 and butt 43-44 I forgot to take measurements immediately post op so I don't kno how much volume I lost ... N Being that i have nothing to compare it too i Guess its good because I'm such a worrier... What if my butt was a 49 and now I'm 43 :/ I would be devastated LOL!

Omg my skin itches sooo bad at night I think I'm...

Omg my skin itches sooo bad at night I think I'm going to die! Idk if its the foam...can I wash it? Is it because of the swelling going down or swelling more? Is it dirty? I guess i need more...mannn It sucks donkey balls!

Atten Post op ladies- am I the only one holding out with the cookies? Ruben said I need to wait 7-8 weeks to do the grown up... I don't know how much longer I can hold him off.. He been such a trooper and taking good care of me. When I look at His sad puppy dog eyes they are starting to break me down... But I won't sacrifice my results! Anyone gave it up before the 8 weeks? Pls stand up

Btw I still have some bruising on my right hip.. not sure why- but im still lovin my results


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I remember a time where my hips was huge and butt...

I remember a time where my hips was huge and butt was bangin but as we see when the swelling goes down its not what we once seen? I see girls complain that their butt is too big but little do they know that soon they will be wishing it was still swollen! I'm Tryna hold on to what's left and buying garments left and right uuurrrggghhhh my most recent purchase was from lipo in a box and wth did i do that for? its not heavy duty n does not compress like we need! $65 down the drain! I wore it yesterday all day n i swell up so bad from it not having enough compression in the lower back/waist area :( I also brought one from lipoexpress when it was $99 size small and although the waist is perfect it does not have enough room for butt and hips and I am pissed! I believe it has made me lose some inches. I love the concept it's just not designed for big butts. So I go back to my medium butt in and I don't have enough compression in the waist area. I just ordered a squeem in a small and I hope I can fit but I'm not so confident (I'm 5" even 143lbs) so hopefully its not too tight...I got my lg garment altered which is the one i was in PO and she made the hip area a Lil to small(she charged me $55) i want to cut the butt out garment to give me more room but im afraid it will unravel . I really wanna wear a waist cincher without a garment at this point! lol since all I wanna do is reduce swelling in that area. This is a garment search is a doozie!

Btw I did the grown up! Couldn't hold him back !

Update: At about 6 weeks I was insanely itchy!!...


At about 6 weeks I was insanely itchy!! Omg miserable to say the least. I reached out to my BBL sisters FOUNDUMISSNEWBOOTY and FOREVERBOOTY they were lifesavers and recommended Benadryl gel and it gave me relief!!! Thank you Jesus... Cuz there ain't nothing like having uncontrollable itchy skin especially in hard to reach places!

I finally began sitting on boppy at 7 weeks! I made it without sitting for this long thanks to my honey driving me around and having a stand up job.

I have been eating like crazy! Just greedy!... And the holidays aren't helping... I need to get back on track.

Yesterday One of my friends that don't know and haven't seen me in months are like " bish why ur butt look so big" I'm like I don't kno... Lol then she started to poke it and I'm like poke away lol it's all there! I will never tell (rewind) one of my friends went to poke me at 4 weeks and I almost upper punched her ass! That shit hurted so ladies please guard ur tush from the pokers! And I had another friend that just kept asking and looking until I finally broke down and said yessssss I had lipo lol damn shit stop interrogating me lol but I never owned up to the fat transfer lol... I'm private and only a select few know the REAL!

I still have back fat and I may need a round 2! In the beginning that was very important to me and I was reassured it would be ALL gone but as you can see its still there ;( still giving it time tho so we shall see. I have some discoloration on one of my hips and I thought I felt some hardness but it is starting to become a smaller section of firmness ... Maybe it's still healing. Just try not to think that it's fat necrosis ;(

Ready to ditch garment! Just ordered vest should be here tomorrow. Never really wore butt out garment. I found it to compress and pinch my butt too much. Basically it fit really good in the waist but not enough room in the butt area! Waste of money... That needs to me redesigned for small waists and big butts,

I think he gave me a better version of me and I'm overall very happy with my results! Recovery is a bish but its worth it! I feel more sexier n confident and this bbl has changed my life! At first a round 2 was unheard of but I think I'm gonna need him to get that back fat that was left... And I would definitely prefer a early winter date (oct/nov)

Growing sick of sweatsuits n leggings... So Ready to wear jeans but trying to hold off til 8 weeks. If I can make it to 10 like foreverbooty it would be better lol

The recovery period for the brazilian butt lift is...

The recovery period for the brazilian butt lift is 3 weeks. If you sit sooner than that it can prevent some of the fat grafts from surviving. Sitting during the recovery period is harmful to the new fat grafts because it exerts a tremendous crushing pressure, up to 400 pounds per square inch in some areas, on these tender cells and tissues. Even the areas that are not crushed are under such pressure that blood flow is shut off.Squatting and stretching are not as bad as sitting, but they can place significant shear and tear stress on the tissues. The blood vessels that keep the cells alive and the grafts themselves are held together by a mesh of tissue called the extracellular matrix. This matrix is composed of protein rods and cells that link together. In the beginning it’s a gel like structure. It can get deformed by folds in the garment or constant low grade pressure. This matrix is only 50% as strong as its going to be at the 1 month post op. This is why stretching, squatting, etc., is not ideal in the early postop period.

A compression garment is very helpful during the recovery because the low compression prevents tissue swelling. Tissue swelling is the enemy of good healing. The pressure is not nearly enough to crush tissues or shut off circulation. A compression garment with the buttocks cutout would be the exact wrong thing as it would allow swelling in the buttocks and prevent drainage into the surrounding areas. As a matter of fact, it would milk swelling from the surrounding tissues into the uncompressed buttocks.Why 3 weeks then? These are the key things that must happen for a fat graft to be successful:*Blood supply must reach the fat graft before it runs out of nutrients.*Blood vessels must get incorporated into the graft successfully.*All the tissues- fat grafts, blood supply, and surrounding tissues must be knit together successfully by the extracellular matrix.It takes 3-4 days for the blood vessels to grow into the fat grafts. During the new few days, the blood vessels begin to strengthen. The extracellular matrix surrounding the fat graft takes another 2-3 weeks to reach enough strength to withstand minor stresses. This is why 3 weeks is the absolute earliest a patient can begin stressing the tissues. A patient should plan for 3 weeks mostly of rest on her stomach or sides, getting up occasionally to limber up the muscles, but avoid things that place stress on the healing tissues.The three week recovery is important in achieving the best possible long lasting result. Sitting on your buttocks during the first or second week will likely prevent some fat graphs from taking, resulting in a less prominent buttocks which you could have had by not sitting.

Ricardo L Rodriguez, MD

Above article is info I found on sitting and...

Above article is info I found on sitting and compression

Quick update: my measurements haven't changed I'm 34/28/44 weight 143 consistently so I guess I gained some because it would fluctuate 140-143 ;( I see it too in my belly area! I'm ready to get back in the gym but don't wanna burn my butt fat cells. But I must return to the gym.

I have stopped wearing full garment a few days shy of 8weeks! As soon as I recieved my lipoexpress vest I ditched my garment. I love the vest its s size small but I think after a couple of uses I'm ready for a xs cuz I'm on the second row of clasps. Oh what joy... More money to be spent ;( oh and I only used my butt out twice! Waste! I felt it compressed/pinched my butt too much and definitely my hips!!! I cut open the sides to give slack to hips and it ruined the perfect compression in my ab/torso area... Definitely not well thought out for bbl chicks with a small waist and butt and hips ;((((

I wore jeans for the first time yesterday! It felt a Lil weird. Even sitting feels weird. But I checked n its all there lol ... That's all I care about! I'm trying to find nice jeans preferably designer jeans for my new shape. My old ones fit my butt but my waist line is huge (3-inch) I have to wear a belt when I didn't before. I don't care for Colombian jeans so if anyone has some suggestions pls let me know. I think I heard some one mention mossimo (target) I guess I'll try but I'm still looking for other designers. I wonder if joe jeans will fit...

I have to go underwear shopping cuz all my old undies give me wedgies and they too small! Uuurrrggghhhh. I use to wear all boy shorts but I'm finding I don't like the way my butt looks in them anymore. It appears or maybe it's cuz they were too small (pinching) and it pressing down butt. Anything that makes my butt flat has got to GO! So I think I will buy some bikini ones today and my 36 bras are too loose so I will get new ones today (34?)

I still have some discoloration in my butt/ hip area... At times I think I'm still bruised but I kno its not. I feel some hardness on one side of my hip. Try not to think about it. It's not huge but its there so I'm just gonna give it some time before I contact salama. I'm still wanting a round 2 because there are some areas he lipo'd unevenly that I can see but maybe not noticeable to others. I'd like to have him look at but again I'm waiting to see the end result because I don't want him to shun me off and say " oh your still swollen in that area"


Looking for roomie!

Hey ladies I'm looking for roomie 10/26/2014 thru 11/2/2014 maybe longer... I have a pre op date 10/26/2014 with dr Salama

Revision tomorrow! With Dr. Salama

I first wanna say that it's been 2 yrs since I frequented this site. There has been many changes with the format and I'm not too happy nor use to the changes. Overall it's just not the same!

So I arrived today.. My preop is schedule same day just hours before my revision. I'm staying at the palm aire again for 6days because I prepaid for the days.... But immediately after surgery I'm staying at the recovery house for 2 days until my husband gets here to take care of me and we will return to our hotel. He just couldn't get all the days off.

As of now I'm going to reserve my comments on the staff at EPS well one nurse in particular this go round has been very stressful (with the exception of Nancy! She is and has always saved the day) ; speaking to different ppl ; corresponding emails to different ppl; miscommunication; company changes; and that 1 nurse who I feel is quite pain but I'm hopeful things will smooth out. At one point I was gonna jump ship.... I'm Glad to know Nancy is still around because She is a true asset to EPS and I hope they recognize that!!!......... This world needs more Nancy's!!!!

On a higher note I can't wait til tomorrow. I'm hoping he fixes allllll my concerns and I'm salamafied to perfection ;) he is good at what he does !!!

I will keep you all posted xoxo

6 weeks post revision

I made it home safely and I will post a few pic soon. I had to gather my thoughts because I was feeling a lil irritated and had mixed feelings on my results. First I think we shouldn't go in with expectations because I had them and they were not met. I needed a revision. But I ask why? It is undetermined who's fault it is that it needs to be revised in the first place. Or if there is a fault and it's just the way it goes.... I had one cheek that drooped lower then the other veryyyy noticeable in shorts or swim suit ; Fat pockets/dimples; Fat necrosis on my My hips and they were uneven which was noticeable in bodycon dresses or to the naked eye. Flatness which showed in legging and lt looked very square.

I was suppose to Have a pre op appt which was canceled and scheduled for the day of surgery. Well pre ops are important to discuss a plan and also the patient opportunity to express concerns and to feel at ease. My Time to do pre op was seconds before my surgery. I felt rushed. Not to mention I was definitely feeling some kind of way because the day of my surgery I was the last patient of the day. It was late and possibly the doctor and staff were tired
Ready to go home. During my "pre op" quote unquote! I pointed to my concerns and he agreed my findings was accurate and I asked if I could select the area/s he would use. He said we are not here for another BBL this is a revision! *jaw drop* And he would take from my back only. *gut punch* I'm like Well what about the uneven lipo on my stomach that was the result of round 1? I was given a reason why not and I took it to be just the fact he was trying to hurry this along. And or that's extra! $$ I would not have mind to pay for extra had that been discussed in pre op but oh yeah that's right. I never had a true pre op.

It's really to bad that I have to say these things because my first experience was the total opposite.!! But that was 2 yrs ago when he was building his business and becoming a bbl guru. Things have definitely changed so I have to be honest in my review. It may help someone so they are prepared and know what to expect.,

The reason I say don't have expectations is because you will be disappointed. In my mind a revision was fixing all the areas needing a revision and while I'm down he would go ahead and touch up any additional areas needed. Let me just say My revision was not free. There is a fee and I also occurred travel expenses which were ;hotel fees ; rental car; airfare; food; and nurse for 2 days. I would have much rather'd it was a successful round 1. I feel the customer service; and patient care has declined.

The recovery time on revisions is less. And much faster. I was getting around pretty good compared to the round 1 ladies I stayed with for the first 2 days. Although I still went through the itching and was very uncomfortable. Omg I forgot about how uncomfy and painful it would be!! So initially I emailed the doc because I didn't see immediate results and I didn't wanna get all the way home and it was something he could tweek while I was in town . His response was I needed to give it time. Go figure.... So fast forward to now..... It took some time to see but My results are much better then what I had before. I still have more healing to do its only been 6 weeks or so. I asked my fiancé and he says its rounder but I do still see some areas of flatness. Because I know where to look and the angle that shows the flatness. But I do agree yes its rounder. My hips are now more even and I have less fat pockets then before so he did deliver but did not go no where near out of his way.

At the end of the day I do feel he is able and a great person. My advice is for dr salama to slowwwww down and give the patients the time and care they deserve. Talk with his staff to make sure the patient care and customer service is up to par. Be a little more generous to patients on round 2 revisions especially ones that occurs out of town expenses and especially if you know it's possibly due to something you may have did or didn't do. Taking care of your patients is a win win situation. They are walking billboards for you and the reviews will come with that which will generate more revenue.

P.s my experience with the nurse was different in person. However she needs to check her attitude over the phone because in a different situation a bad over the phone experience won't develop into a in person redemption.
Take care!

Pics coming
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