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Hey dolls, I booked my surgury date with Salama...

Hey dolls,
I booked my surgury date with Salama after doing a lot of research. However, after I book it, of course I find all of these bad reviews. Any girls out there can reassure me everything is going to be great? Lol I'm so so nervous now. I was considering switching to Dan Delvecchio because he does not really have too many bad reviews out there and I think his work is great.... I'm also iffy about gaining weight to get the procedure done seeing as some girls have and they were not pleased with their lipo results. Here are some before pics. I'm getting lipo of my stomach, back, flanks, inner thighs, and arms. My goal is to have a smaller waist and a body, that's a bit more curvy and I also want a bit more projection of my butt. Talking with the patient coordinator made me feel more comfortable with going through with the process because I do already have a bit of a booty so the foundation is set.

having second thoughts...

I was having second thoughts about going through with the BBL. I was thinking about just doing lipo of the inner/anterior and outer thighs, back, love handles, stomach, and arms... I wanted to do the BBL to just round out my butt a little.. not make it too much bigger. Im a professional and I can't look too crazy at work. At the same time... I don't know if the lipo will be enough. Help!!

Salama (i forgot)

After meeting Dr.Salama in person all my nerves went away. He has amazing bedside manner and definitely made me feel comfortable about getting my surgery with him.

Day 3....

So my surgery was on Tuesday... I did the bbl with outer thigh and arm lipo... I am going to be honest ... I've had a breast aug, breast lift, and my nose done... This was by far the worst pain. Emotionally I'm a wreck.. Regretting the fact that I've done this to myself and I have so much longer to go. It's emotionally draining so be prepared and be with people that love you and are willing to take care of your every need. Showering, cleaning your garments, and bandaging you up as needed. Sleeping sucks, I've been up every hour . Last night was a little bit better. I stopped the pain meds and switched to Tylenol because I get really bad headaches from the Percocet... But TAKE A PERCOCET WHEN YOU GET A MASSAGE. Taking 1 Tylenol will not cut it and you will highly regret it (like I did).... So far I like my results I wanted a natural look and I think that it looks pretty natural considering the swelling. Dr Salama is amazing and has made me feel comfortable throughout this entire expirience. It's a journey and it is only beginning. Today I had the message and got a new garment ... Which is much harder to put on than the first. Not too sure how I'm going to be able to put it on when I get home and live alone.

Day 6..

Just wanted to add a pic from the back from today... Good shape but still pretty large for my liking

2 weeks post op

Hey girls,
I took my drain out a few days ago... It wasn't that bad. I've been getting massages here in New York and they are absolutely amaaaaazing. Nothing like at doctor salama's office... If any of you girls need someone in NYC let me know! She's based out of queens and she's an angel... My booty is still super aggressive... Not too sure how I feel about it. The swelling has gone down a lot but I feel that I still have some time to go. I'm finally starting to feel like a human again. Once the drain is out you feel like 10x better. Still taking it one day at a time... Can't wait to no longer wear my arm compression garments. I opted for a butt in garment... Helps with the swelling of your butt... Get rid the garment the office gives you, it's torture!! I got one in Miami and I can actually get in and out of it on my own and it's not itchy... Here are some updated photos
Miami Plastic Surgeon

The office staff that I have dealt with have been very sweet. all of the girls seem great.

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