BBL with Salama July 2013 Pre and Post Op Pics - Aventura, FL

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I originally found Dr. Salama on here from...

I originally found Dr. Salama on here from everyone's raving reviews. I contemplated for a few months then finally called to set an appt. that was in October 2012. The earliest they had was July so I set the date. I don't think I anticipated how hard this recovery would be. I had a tummy tuck done (by a different Dr. that did an AMAZING job) in December 2012 and that was crazy rough, but at least I could sit down and get comfortable...I can't get comfortable for ANYTHING- laying on my stomach 24/7 has to be the hardest thing. Back pain is out of this world!!!! How are ya'll doing this..ugggggh!

Week one was the roughest. I don't know how I made it through. I am almost 2 weeks post op and things have definitely gotten better but far from being a walk in the park! I wake up every morning stiff as a board, can barely move and have to take a pain pill right away to get moving. All day long I deal with the unbearable back pain...this has to be the worst part of all of this!

People keep asking me if all this pain was worth it, I keep telling them to ask me that question again in 2! So far I like my results. I am still crazy swollen. I had two massages done at the office and one done on Friday..which ummm let me tell you was the most bizarre experience was a lymphatic drainage massage, but was NOTHING like the office gave. It wasn't even a massage if you ask me...NEVER AGAIN! I have decided to go to massage envy, but they are requiring a Dr. note because I still have my front drain in..I will be calling the office tomorrow morning for that note..I need a REAL massage BAD!
I decided to post some pics for you all to see. The pic that shows before and after together were taken a week apart..crazy difference! Dr. Salama definitely does a good job with the lipo that is for sure! I am just waiting for the swelling and bruising to go down because in my opioion this A$$ is a bit too big for my liking! I already had curves to begin with so this wasn't an issue for me, I just wanted a rounder, bigger butt and he definitely delivered in that area. I will write more later. Any questions..just ask. :)

Each Day is getting better

Each day I am feeling better and better. I am two weeks out and hoping to get this front drain out this week!!! I think I will feel more normal after that. I just want to sit on my butt.. :( I think we take being able to sit down for least that is how I am feeling now. I wake up so stiff in the morning. I have to go back to work tomorrow so this should be interesting. Here is a new photo from today.

Back to work today...EXHAUSTED!

So I am two weeks pre-op and went back to work today. Today was actually the first day for everyone. I work in education. It was exhausting! Luckily the kids don't start until next week, but we had meeting after meeting. I feel like everyone was looking at me strange, not because of my new assets, but because I was the ONLY one standing in all of our meetings. I felt like an idiot! Everyone was sitting and here I am standing for 2 hours like a! I refuse to sit down until my six weeks are up. I took off tomorrow to recoup and then back at it again for more standing and looking crazy while we have meeting after meeting on Thursday and stuff! :-/

I need some reassurance...

For those of you that are more than 6 weeks post op I need some reassurance that this booty is going to get smaller. I am starting to freak out. I am now almost 3 weeks post op and its still too big! I have TONS of clothes an can NOT fit into any of my pants it is making me crazy! I tried on pants at the store and had to try on a size bigger which I DO NOT LIKE! And even still it was hard to pull them up over my butt and they were crazy loose in my waist it looked ridiculous! I use to wear size medium leggings NOPE can't fit those over my butt either anymore and to me this is NOT good. I just need some reassurance that this is going to get smaller. If you could share when your booty got smaller, how much it went down and if you were able to get back into your old pants. I will seriously be upset if I can't fit my old pants..they are all stretchy pants even the jeans so I'm hoping it will work out for me.

3 weeks post pics :)

I know everyone thinks I am crazy for wanting my butt a little smaller, I just want to fit into my older clothing. I had to go buy a size large in my leggings :( and I went up a size in pants to accommodate my butt, and everything is big in the waist. It was funny, someone at work today said ummmm your butt looks like a Niki Manaj butt did you do something lol! I said no my waist just got a lot smaller which makes everything look bigger haha!

Almost 7 weeks post op

my butt has drastically changed in the last month and a half.

8 Weeks Post pics and still super itchy!!!!

I am 8 weeks post op. I love my results, My booty has changed a lot in the last 8 weeks. I am crazy itchy still!

10 weeks Post op and wow has my butt softened up...woooo that thing jiggles and moves- LOVE IT!!!!!!!

My butt has softened and really fluffed out as some call it..I am loving it!!!!!

Almost 4 months post op..IN LOVE WITH MY BOOOOTAY!!! this hasn't been easy at all..but just know if you are considering this surgery it will all be worth it in the end. I still get itchy from time to time from the lipo and when it starts I just can't stop. I had to be outside the other day at work and the sun was beating on my back and it hit back started that dreadful burning itchy feeling and it lasted for 20 minutes ughhhh! When I first had the surgery, I thought oh my will my butt ever feel normal again, it hurt to sit on it even at six weeks. is oh so normal feeling.

One thing, I only feel 100% completely comfortable in leggings. Pants don't really fit me right anymore. I have to get the stretchy type of pants and they barely fit over my butt and every time I sit down I feel my crack hanging out- NOT comfortable at my a$$ looks ridiculously big in pants. I think it looks awesome in leggings..just right!

Here are some updated pics...

Updated Pics...

Here are the updated pics :-)


LOVING MY BOOOOOTAY!!!!!! It has been 6 months and I love my butt!!!! Nothing fits my booty except for leggings that is the only downside, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
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