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heyyy ! i'm really excited, finally decided i'm...

heyyy ! i'm really excited, finally decided i'm going to get a bbl & maybe lipo sculpture done. i don't have an excuse on why i want these procedures done, iv'e always wanted a huge ass now i can pay for one. i'm stuck between two doctors dr. salama & dr. yily . i've sent them both my pictures just waiting on a response. any advise on these procedures or doctors ladies please feel free to leave a comment/message ?

Dr. Yily Or Salama ????

Heyyyyyy Ladies ! I Really Love This Site, You Ladies Are So Nice. I Really Have No1 To Talk Too About This Everyone I Try To Vent Too Seems To Look At Me Like I Have 2 Heads Or As If I'm Committing a Crime. I Feel 100% Okay With Doing This Because This Is For My Happiness No1 Else. So I Heard Back From Both Doctors, Yily First Then Salama. You Know Whats Funny Just When I Thought Dr. Salama Was Too Busy For Me I Got An Email From Cynthia Perez With Salamas Thoughts. She Is Really Sweet And Dr. Salama Is Very Professional I Can Tell The Email I Received Wasn't Automated It Was Very Detailed And On Point. Now He Quoted Me 8,999$ Everything Included Plain Simple Very Easily Understood, Dr. Yily Emailed Me Back The Email Sent From Her Seemed Automated Idk Its Alot Going On From The Emailed I Received From Her Lil Complicated With The Whole Dwn Payment Situation Nd Booking A Date Somethings Wrong With Her Bank Acct. I Guess I Just Couldn't Bother With That Sooooo Team Salama It Is, Plus Last Night I Couldnt Stop Dreaming Of Having A Salama ASS ?

Oppps I Forgot

Dr. Yily Quoted Me 3400$ I Believe With Lipo In All The Areas We Could Ever Want Lipoed ? Srry Being Lazy Didn't Want To Look Threw The Email For Exact Areas She Included But If You Must Know I Could Check TTYL
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