BBL Part 2: Salamafied - Aventura, FL

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To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please...

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.

Ok ladies please don't take this wrong, I have read plenty of reviews where ladies bash thier DR about horrible results. The problem is allot (not all) of these ladies are not following a tight after care regimen. If you don't wear your garment as tight as you cab bare or you don't get massages, or your slepping on your back at 2 weeks DON'T COMPLAIN your after care is just as important as your sx you have to be dedicated to 6 weeks of serious after care including super tight garments, massages, eating right, and not sitting or sleeping on your but, then you have work out to keep it tight this procedure is a JUMP START on a good body it does not fix your old bad habits so if 6 months later your stomach is fat maybe it's because you didn't stop eating like you did before the surgery
Or maybe it's because you stopped wearing your garment at 3 weeks or didn't get a Tighter one

I didn't direct this at any particular person I just want is all to have nice bodies we are happy with IT AIN'T EASY BEING SEXY WE HAVE TO WORK

Week 4 cont I made it through my first week...

Week 4 cont

I made it through my first week back at school yall my knees are killing me because I kneel in my seat all day on my boopy, I refuse to sit on my booty at all till week 6 (one more week to go)

Love my stomach is getting flatter (I have more board now)

One cheek is really soft and jiggles the other is starting to soften I'm excited because I know after they both soften fluffing is next

For those who have not followed my whole Story...

For those who have not followed my whole Story here is my back ground

Had surgery with Dr. SALAMA March 5 th
Love my results

Pre op measurements 38-37-42
Im 5'4" and weighed 170 lbs at surgery date

Post op 36-27-48 (now 47)

I'm in a medium veddette 128 right now with a small Squeem

I plan to move to the small vedette 130 on Monday and possibly a small squeem

DR. S got all my back fat rolls out and a very flat stomach and gave me 1500cc in each cheek.

I have had 9 Massages and will get ninety 10 today



Just finished 10th massage It actually felt...

Just finished 10th massage

It actually felt great
My booty starting to jiggle when I walk lol I love it.

My stomach is so flat

Week 5 update I'm at week 5 today And excited, ...

Week 5 update

I'm at week 5 today And excited, my results are steady improving and are fabulous 36-27-47 fabulous that is

My new garment arrived today the small vedette 138(yes I said small) and I LOVE IT this garment gives me support everywhere I loved the vedette 128 it was way better then the butt out garment but at 5 weeks this 138 is even better (more upper back support)

My booty is starting to jiggle feels funny but nice.

My waist is small as hell my stomach is Flat and my ass is big people always staring lol

Only one more week before I can sit and lay on my back I'm soooooo ready lol

Went to my favorite store today at 5 weeks...

Went to my favorite store today at 5 weeks purchased two new body suits I LOVE IT my ass is huge and waist so tiny

Week 5 cont I added a couple of pix of me before...

Week 5 cont I added a couple of pix of me before my 11th massage

I got my cycle this week ughh I got really bloated, I swole up every where and my massage was very uncomfortable. My legs even got very swollen. I went to see my local dr she ordered ultrasound to make sure I have no clots (betterssafe than sorry) I get that done today

I love my body but cant I wait for fluffing I added a 4 week and 8 month pic of FABNEWME it shows her fluffing wow I cant wait

How to make a board Here is how it...

How to make a board

Here is how it goes:

Take the shoe box top place it under your breast and Mark down to your pubic area. Then cut the edges to round them and place it directly on my skin under my garment (he said I should no longer be wearing a shirt under my garment)
This is a temp fix til your board arrives, the one from Dr. S office was way more sturdy
I added pix

I had my 12th Lymphatic drainage massage on friday...

I had my 12th Lymphatic drainage massage on friday at Massage Envy, I thought it was worth showing the massage and how I sit on the boppy (you can tell the difference from the pain of massage number three posted in part 1 of my review and this one)

I am still feeling great and loving my results I am ordering my extra small squeem and garment on monday(i do not plan on going any smaller)

My booty is starting to jiggle allot more I will be 6 weeks on tuesday and I will finaly be able to sit(oooooh i cant wait)

I am holding tight at 47" cant wait for my booty to drop then it is really going to be on point

Cont. I've been asked my a few about my...


I've been asked my a few about my compression garment journey so here it goes lol:

I came home day 1 in a medium stage1 garment, 2 days later at my post op visit I was moved into an xl stage 2 garment

4 days later I moved to a large stage 2 garment (all where Provided by dr salama included in my price) I wore the large home and at 10 days I added my corrsett cincher at 14 days I moved to my vedette 128 with corset at 16 days at 21 days I added a small squeem to my vedette 128 (the medium corset was not tight anymore) at 4 1/2 weeks I ordered my small vedette 136(which I'm in now) I already have slimed out if it so I am ordering a extra small squeem vest tomorrow

My dr told me to maximize my results keep my compression as tight as possible and get at least 2 massages a week I have followed that to the t, I have been wearing a abdominal
Board since week 3, I have not sat on my butt yet I'm waiting til Tuesday (week 6)

Week 6 I am so excited I can sleep on my back...

Week 6

I am so excited I can sleep on my back now and start sitting today.

My right leg swoll up yesterday I think it was because of the food I ate, be careful what you eat watch your Sodium intake. I had an ultra sound Friday I have no blood clots, I emailed Dr. SALAMA he emailed right back (he always does I love that about him) he said swelling at 6 weeks is not unheard of and to wear cpression socks.

My measurements 36-27-47 holding firm between 46 1/2 and 47" in the booty Department. My stomach is getting firm as the skin tightens and contours to the muscle I love it I asked for a anorexic waist and a big ol booty and that's what I got I'm down from a 37" waist to a 27"waist I don't really want smaller waist because I have broad soldiers but I'm not complaining

I am on cg number 6 if you include the stage 1 garment right after sx. I just ordered a extra small squeem vest I recommend the vest for anyone who had back fat issues it gives compression to the upper back the regular Squeem does not.

Clothes, finding nice clothes that fit is a task I only have found 1 store that has cute clothes that fit me

He is setting up pay pal for on line ordering today with free shipping for purchases over 100.00

I have had a total of 12 massages, I think from now on I will have my husband do them at home.

There are too many people on rs who just plant...

There are too many people on rs who just plant hate on other girls and thier results either because they went to a different doctor or they have better results then them. I am way above this negativity I hope most of us are. BUT IF ONE MORE PERSON COMES TO MY PAGE OR COMMENTS UNDER MY COMMENT ON ANOTHER GIRLS PAGE I WILL BE FORCED TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE.

Now that that has been said I LOVE MY RESULTS LOL

Finally sitting (feels weird lol)
I was at McDonald's yesterday and could not get all this ass in the stall to sit down smh my husband just laughed at me smh

Was at the grocery store and these Somali guys where staring at my ass (if you know Somali people thier woman GOT ASS)

I finally was able to really put it on the hubby last night I had to see if I could work my new booty in the bed, let's just say he slept well last night lol

I'll be 7 weeks on Monday and I'm moving down to...

I'll be 7 weeks on Monday and I'm moving down to xs small squeem vest (its been years since I been in xs any thing) I will where the vest over my small vedette I can't go smaller in the garment my lady parts would not be able to handle it.

I must admit this booty is a distraction I can't go anywhere without getting stares lol. Even when I try to cover it. Let me admit BOOTY GREED IS REAL I know I got a big ass everyone tells me how huge it is but I still would love more projection. My husband said once you get the surgery bug you are never happy smh if yall ever here me complain about my ass please send me a virtual slap please and thank you!

I have become a Master jedi with this booty, my poor husband does not stand a chance he now lives under my booty Jedi mind control I LOVE IT LOL

I am sure I just read 2 fake profiles (I won't...

I am sure I just read 2 fake profiles (I won't tell the name or the dr so don't ask) if a person shows up out the blue on rs has no comments on anyone's profile ever before and all they have is after pix in a surgery they had 3 weeks ago with the best review you have ever read for a dr that even people who are happy with their results complains about the experience, the seem suspicious to me usually we are hear asking advice asking question before and after our surgeries these people where not here before and ask no questions after BE CAREFUL LADIES

Week 7 Wow the time is flying I finally put on...

Week 7
Wow the time is flying I finally put on my xs squeem I wear it under my small vedette I love my shape waist is still shrinking.

So a few ladies have basically been hating on some...

So a few ladies have basically been hating on some of our results because we are not 6 months po so I sent Dr. SALAMA an email with my weekly update (yes I talk to my dr weekly with update pix and he responds right back) I told him that a few ladies have basically said that just because I like my results now does not mean they will look this Good in 6 months. I then asked if I would get bigger in my lipo areas or would my swelling go down, he said it takes usually 3 to 4 months for the swelling to go down (can take up to 6, you only get bigger if you gain weight from eating and lack of working out)

Your booty results are final 8 to 12 weeks but, your booty will get bigger if you gain weight.

So to set the record straight your results usually get Better not worse after 8 weeks (if you follow an appropriate routine) the 6 months Mark is when swelling should be completly gone so if you posting pics at 6 months talking about all swollen more likely then not ITS NOT SWELLING its just your final results

This is not directed at anyone in particular I just have recieved allot of inbox messages from girls who like their results but are nervous because a few miserable ladies won't let them enjoy Thier results screaming "wait to see what you look like at 6 months" smh if She look good now and keeps up on her routine she should look great at 6 months look at SXwallex she is past 3 months and looks great and has looked great since day 1 (she and fabnewme where my wish pix)

That is all for now (back to your regularly scheduled program)

Oh and his response about my 7 week update pix and...

Oh and his response about my 7 week update pix and I quote "very impressive" that coming from a bbl "specialist" (note you becomes classified as a specialist when you train other surgeons on the procedure) just because a dr does a procedure does not mean they are good at it smh

Week 7 cont So I switched to the xs squeem vest...

Week 7 cont

So I switched to the xs squeem vest on Monday GOOD LAWD THIS THING IS TIGHT

I had to put it on under my vedette 136(I put the squeem vest, then vedette with board in between the squeem and vedette) at first
Just to get it on and it was killing me I had to take a perc and ibuprofen 800 twice a day both monday and Tuesday by Tuesday night I was able to switch and put the small vedette on first with the board under it then the xs squeem vest over it. IF MY REVIEW EVER LED YOU TO BELIEVE THAT THIS PROCESS WAS EASY. ........ IT IS NOT LOL. After about 3 days it gets better And I dont need meds.

My husband give me a 30 min lymphatic massage(just like the Video) every day when I get out the shower he has been ti enough to know how to do it

Finally they fixed the problem I can post again...

Finally they fixed the problem I can post again lol. ..

8 weeks finally This is an important bench mark...

8 weeks finally

This is an important bench mark because after 7 weeks fat reabsorption is usually finishe I am holding tight at 47 inches

My booty is starting to drop and looks bigger my waist is holding firm at 27
I Measure 36-27-47

They day 2 months is the minimum you should wear your garment (I didn't go through all this to do the minimum anything) I will continue to wear a garment for at least 3 months dr. Salama said the longer the better

Week 8 cont So I wanted to wait till most of my...

Week 8 cont

So I wanted to wait till most of my swelling went down but I decided to go find a new bra I am now a natural 36ddd and cant find a bra anywhere

So now I cant find hand that fit or a bra smh this surgery sure does make it hard to shop, not that I'm complaining lol
Help a sista out

Week 9 It's official my booty has started to...

Week 9

It's official my booty has started to drop aka fluff it look even better, the sun finally came out so I put on a summer jumpsuit for a day at the beach,

THIS ASS IS A PROBLEM! !! Me and my husband went to the mall and heads turned left and right. We kept hearing DAAAAMMMMNNN, or people guys and girls would say "do you see her ass"

At the beach it was no different and I was not even in a swim suit

I have complete control of my booty now I have left cheek booty control , I can make it clap too

I love it still in garment and xs squeem

9 Weeks cont I took my garment off to wash it...

9 Weeks cont

I took my garment off to wash it and shower then mommy life kicked in I got a last minute call to get my daughter's ready to be picked up, I had to do hair and iron clothes smh

So 3 hours later I was finally ready to get in the shower and my skin felt like it was falling off (I had never been that long with out my garment) My husband came home from work asi was getting out I asked him to give me a message because I figured I had swelling (I didn't have swelling but my skin hurt) I guess my body is used to the garment, so word of advice don't just take your garment off all at once when your ready to stop wearing it take baby steps (I still plan on wearing my Garment at least 3 months, then squeem vest another month or two after)

Almost 10 weeks I had my first night on the...

Almost 10 weeks

I had my first night on the town with my new booty, I wore that pink body suit, and let's just say THEY WHERE NOT READY FOR ALL THIS ASS

my husband is a promoter and through me a 70s, 80s and 90s decade party IT WAS A BLAST I had not been out in months , out people where amazed at my body people kept asking how I lost the weight, how my waist got so small but all in all everyone screamed how good I looked and how bangin my body was (of course there where haters, I would hear them saying ooh you know she paid for that body, I didn't even care while they where talking thier men where staring)
I have not had that much fun in years

Today I'm 10 weeks post op, This has been a...

Today I'm 10 weeks post op,

This has been a wonderful experience (not easy at all)

Still wearing my Garment (at least for 2 more weeks) at 3 months I may just move to xs squeem vest during the day and vedette 136 plus small squeem at night. Dr Salama says it can take up to 6 months for all the swelling to go down so even though I feel normal I could get fluid build up (I ain't taking that chance) My waist training regimen has paid off I love my waist.

My booty is dropping as it softens up and it's making my bottom hook look great thus giving me more projection (it is tender at the crease on the bottom due to the extra pressure, but it does not hurt)

All in all I have no complaints (of course we are women we find faults that are not really there lol ie booty greed) but the response I get when I'm in public is EXACTLY WHAT I wanted and the response I get at home.... well let's just say it is hard to get anything accomplished anymore my Husband has nicknamed my ass his "precious" and I can be walking by minding my own business and get attacked lol

I still send weekly pix to Dr. SALAMA VIA Email and he still responds promptly (which is amazing considering how many surgeries he does a month and I know I'm not the only one who emails pix HE IS THE BEST)

That's all for now

I'm in my closet trying to figure out what to wear...

I'm in my closet trying to figure out what to wear to the dru hill concert my husband promoted for tonight and this ish is hard... Its hard when you look good in everything lol I LOVE DR. SALAMA.... that is all now back to your regularly scheduled program lol

So my actual bday was Monday my husband has been...

So my actual bday was Monday my husband has been doing it big for me since Friday, I had a big decades theme party, then the family bbq on Sunday for mothers day and we finished off last night with the dru hill concert/bday party at another club (the joys of having a promoter as a husband lol)

So here is the break down. ... SALAMA WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! !! There is no hiding this surgery if they knew you before the surgery after Salama is done they will know someyhing is up lol. My booty was the talk of the family gathering for mothers day (I didn't tell anyone I was getting it they thought I was getting a breast reduction lol) everyone was supportive and amazed my husband's mom said I have a Jessica Rabbit body now lol

The dru hill party was a blast everyone kept singing to me lol

I'm burnt out though lol I need a break from kicking it lol I did it big but not as big as my ASS lol

I made the mistake of leaving my board out (no bueno)

I took my board of to go to the party on Tuesday, my stomach was so flat and smooth so I just kept it out well last night I paid for it dr S said wear it for till 12 (the one time I don't listen and I learned my lesson) My stomach was so swollen and painful I had to it back in and take a perc I WILL NOT GOING OF REGIMEN AGAIN!

11 weeks po

I'm one week shy of 3 months I love my results 36-27-47 and its just getting better not worse (for those who say your results don't count till 6 months smh) I am starting with a trainer this week to keep my figure right

3 months po pix

Sorry been gone almost week had test at school had to focus, I'm officially 3 months po I could take off my garment and just wear squeem at this point but I think I will push the garment at least another month then wear it at night. My results are holding steady 36-27-47

I finally found a place with jeans that fit (well kinda lol) I get a size 15 low waist and they barely make it over my booty but fit there (it would not work if I tried to get pants to fit over my booty and fit my waist) every place I go say you have to get them alerted no body makes jeans to fit a 27"waist and a 47" booty Lmao.

I took some pix of me and the hubby at a white party (you know I shut it down) lol and oh the haters I love my haters lol

14 weeks po sorry I been mia

Ladies I'm 14 weeks and loving it, I'm officially the talk of the town where ever I go lol girls want pix, trey songz actually tried to Holla at me at the show over the weekend had his photographer get my info for some video they took of me dancing while he performed, I told him I was only interested in biz, this fool texting and calling at 2 in the am lol.

I am having a blast but I do start with my personal trainer this week, just to keep it all tight.

School has been hectic (that's why I been mia, this site is addictive) this is my last week

I still wear my xs squeem all the time and my small vedette at night. YOU HAVE TO STAY WITH YOUR AFTER CARE OR YOU WILL FALL OFF

15 Weeks po pix and my bfit wrap pix

I'm 15 weeks things are going great just one week shy of 4 months,

I am still wearing my xs squeem vest all the time and my vedette 136 (at night only)

I started wearing this bfit body wrap and I actually lost 10lbs in my waist area I'm now 1601lbs down from 170 2 weeks ago.

My booty is so lovely I'm starting to fluff even more and that hook at the bottom of my booty looks so lovely.

Other then that not much more to report congrats to all the recent and up coming new booties

This bfit belt works side by side pix 10 days apart

10lbs lighter look how much smoother my back is my waist is 27" (36-27-47)

the belt is the Bally adjustable plus size slimmer belt with back support

Mine came in a pilates sculpt and tone kit, you can get them on ebay for 20.00


I'm sorry I have to vent for a sec... When I was 6 weeks I really loved my results and posted on my blog with pix, I got allot of compliments and a couple of girls kept coming on my blog saying don't get excited for until your 4 to 6 months out because that's when results are final WELL I'M 4 MONTHS PO AND I STILL LOVE MY RESULTS!!! now back to your regularly scheduled program

16weeks cont

My Measurements are still 36-27-47

There is no use in getting a bbl if

You are not willing to change the bad habits that got you over weight. The bbl gives you a jump start on getting healthy but if you don't exercise and eat better YOU WILL GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK you will just have a big booty too lol

pre op and 16 weeks post op Side by side wow

Dr. Salama is a genius at what he does I can not believe the difference at 16 weeks this is pretty much my final results on my back and booty I can shape my abs more by working out or I can get fatter if I don't work out I love it

17 weeks and loving it

I had a great 4th decided to add pole dancing to my staying in shape regimen, so I brought a new light up Strip pole and put it in my room (its a win-win for me and my husband) not much more to report everything else is the same

I love looking at all that is In those jeans

Lol I am just having fun with life right now, ladies this surgery will change your life, little things like going to the to the store even just in sweats gets all types of attention, IF YOU GET THIS SURGERY GET ON BIRTH CONTROL ASAP because the sex life is amazing if he loved you before trust he won't be able to get enough of you after

19 Weeks fun with my pole

Sorry I've been mia, school started for summer quarter for me and the kids are on break so I get no rest, to be honest I need ti get my routine back in order I I have not been able to work out or anything in 2 weeks :( it is hard work maintaining your sexy ladies life tries to get in the way, a week away from 5 months it is safe to say THIS BOOTY IS HERE TO STAY! I just need to keep working out to get and keep toned, it's hard because I really don't want to loose weight I love my thick thighs I just want to keep it tight

I'm 5 months finally per request here is my entire garment regimen to shape your waist

came home day 1 in a medium stage1 garment, 2 days later at my post op visit I was moved into an xl stage 2 garment4 days later I moved to a large stage 2 garment (all where Provided by dr salama included in my price) I wore the large home and at 10 days I added my corrsett cincher at 14 days I moved to my vedette 128 with corset at 16 days at 21 days I added a small squeem to my vedette 128 (the medium corset was not tight anymore) at 4 1/2 weeks I ordered my small vedette 136(which I'm in now) I already have slimed out of so i added a xs small squeem vest too

20 weeks cont

Dr. Salama recommends we wear garments for some part of the day for 6 months I TRIED lol. I fee like I'm missing something when I don't have a garment on so I'm weaning my self off I went to only wearing it at night first now I only put it on if I feel swelling (I know it's mental) I am still in love with my results still trying to figure the best workout that will keep my stomach flat but not loose any booty but I'm happy

When to move to smaller garment for waist contouring

if you want a small waist IT WILL NOT BE EASY OR COMFORTABLE but well worth it after 4 weeks, here is the rule of thumb COMPRESSION COMPRESSION COMPRESSION, if you can close your garment by yourself ITS TOO LOOSE I would take a perc every 6 hours for the first 2 or 3 days when I switched to a smaller garment (after 2 days it gets more comfortable) then I would add the next Size down in squeem if you are in a large garment after days add a medium sized squeem, then after 4 to 5 days move to a medium garment after 4 to 5 days add a small squeem over it etc etc

21 weeks post op

I'm 21 weeks now, I don't wear my garment all the time or even every night but that's because my husband has to force me not to. You think you will have no Problem not wearing the garment but after 5 months you feel like you need it and feel naked with out it

salamafied: 21 weeks po waist still tiny

My waist still hanging tuffb at 27" with this new elliptical I just got it may get smaller wow

week 22 went to a 90's concert

And killed them vip backstage all that soul 4 real, adina Howard, j. Holiday, jon b, case and genuwine. Let's just say I was given the special treatment I watched in front of the stage (before front row) and backstage with all the celebs Salamas work was the talk of the show

the abs so tightly right 24 day challenge

A great way for post op girls to work thier way into getting Thier abs right. WHO'S IN?

people need to understand

This surgery is life Changing, the impact of just the pain from the initial surgery sends you into Post tramatic stress syndrome, the emotional roller coaster that comes before and after can be extreme BUT IT ALL IS NORMAL now one persons normal may be different then another please don't judge these ladies if they hate thier results one minute then love them the next then hate then love them again. Our jobs are to support one another not to judge smh and ladies IT REALLY DOES TAKE 6 MONTHS TO COMPLETLY HEAL if you are following your aftercare your results will only get better if you are not THEY WILL ONLY GET WORSE!


They say at 6 months your healed and your results are YOUR RESULTS, well I'm 6 months today 36-27-47 and LOVIN IT! I can't believe hour fast time Flys by. I stuck to a strict after care regimen and it paid off, now it is just maintenance, gotta eat right and exercise (two days from finishing my 24 day challenge)

My advice to ladies is be smart in your surgeon choices cheaper is not always better and neither is being most expensive. This is a life changing experience and emotional rollor coaster but it will get better with time

I will post pix soon

I love my new body

Hubby and i went to the spa (private jacuzzi, sauna, shower and massage table) we just having fun with all these new ASSets I'm showing this fool over here taking pix smh then when he showed it to me I understood SALAMA GAVE ME CRAZY ASS


I keep telling girls you have to wait your 6 months before you really can see your results look how that ass looks fluffing is real

so I thought I was being casual

Went to a show last night it was kinda hood so I tried to be causal, but this booty don't know how to act! I just wore jeans a shirt and jacket and still ALL EYES ON THIS ASS ladies there is no normal after this surgery be ready for that

so I sent salama

My monthly update pix , he is such a perfectionist he replied back in 10 minutes ordering I continue with self message and heating pad on my stomach he said my waist , ass and back look great but he wants my stomach flatter , he did follow That regimen till a year post op and we can discuss options if it's not better. This is why I tell ladies to send their weekly updates till 6 months then monthly after so your surgeon can keep track of progress

I'm addicted to my garments

They are like my security blanket and corset waist training is the new big thing (we already knew this on real self) but because my waist is so small And my but sooooo big I can't buy a smaller garment so I had my vedette 136 taken in at my tailor (if you get this surgery find a good cheap tailor ASAP, because nothing will fit right) he only charged $10 I love it

I keep hearing salama

Has a recovery house now 3 bedrooms everything included (transportation, food, caregiver) anyone know prices?

my Garment journey

I came home day 1 in a medium stage1 garment, 2 days later at my post op visit I was moved into an xl stage 2 garment

4 days later I moved to a large stage 2 garment (all where Provided by dr salama included in my price) I wore the large home and at 10 days I added my corrsett cincher at 14 days I moved to my vedette 128 with corset at 16 days at 21 days I added a small squeem to my vedette 128 (the medium corset was not tight anymore) at 4 1/2 weeks I ordered my small vedette 136(which I'm in now) I already have slimed out if it so I am ordering a extra small squeem vest tomorrow

My dr told me to maximize my results keep my compression as tight as possible and get at least 2 massages a week I have followed that to the t

I don't know why it says

Not sure of my results, real self sent me an email asking why I'm not sure of my results BUT I LOVE MY RESULTS I just don't see the tab to change it

This quarter in school has been hectic

I hadn't worked out in like 2 weeks felt bad so I started going hard on the etliptical and perfect ab chair, with Squats legg lifts and planks, I feel my Stomach getting tighter but the weird thing is all my panties where fitting tighter I measured and low and behold my booty has grown a little more then a inch I'm back to the 48 inches I started at right after surgery. I don't know if it is fluffing or the Squats or I gained weight but its lovely either way

killed it

Last night they thought I was a celebrity at the concert people stopping asking for pix all night

I get more attention from women

Then guys, they want to touch it to see if it is real, (it's all soft and jiggly now) then when they feel it they want pix lol my husband loves taking pix of other women grabbing my ass lol

Booty greed

Let me start of by saying at 9 months I LOVE MY BODY AND SALAMA IS THE MAN. When I walk into any spot all eyes on me. SO WHY THE HELL DO I FEEL LIKE I WANT MORE SMH,

I sent dr salama my 9 month pix

His response "WOW, that's impressive"
My response "you did it lol"

had to remove

Some pix they could be linked to my Facebook page And I've been getting stalked by haters smh

my husband wants his 6 pack back

So we going back to salama! This time I'm the caregiver lol, found really nice condo on the water at a yacht Club going to stay from March 8 till the 18 th anyone looking to room hit me up 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms completely stacked it would be 1000 for each for the 10 days (which is cheap for the Season)

condo info

Aventura Condo Rental Photos and Description:
2bed/2bath ground floor on a south Florida waterway!
By Owner:
Turn Key Condo for monthly or weekly rental.
Water-Front 2 bed 2 bath at The Beach Yacht Club.
Dock space available.
Fully Furnished, Including: TV, Dishes, , Linens, Etc.
Water view from every window!
On 1st floor; no stairs, no elevators!
Granite, stainless steal kitchen w/ all modern appliances
Swimming pool overlooking water
2 exclusive parking spots 20ft from entrance
In-between Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Aventura 20 minutes to Miami Airport and Ft. Lauderdale airport.
Walking distance to:
Beaches, Parks, Race Track, Casinos, Hollywood Golf Course, Starbucks, Banks, Tennis Center, Niki Marina, The Westin Diplomat Beach Resort, Grocery stores, 24hr Wal-mart, Doctor/Dentist offices,
5 min to Aventura Mall

has anyone ever used

They have allot if the same properties as home away and vro, but they seem to be cheaper and they have others that are not listed on home away

Don't be upset if you chase deals

And don't get the results you want, this is your body not the time to bargain shop!

This surgery is just the start of your journey

Your after care is the key to optimizing your results. Please do not shortcut your aftercare, I have seen countless women shortcut their aftercare and then blame the surgeon for their results not being good. I hear women sitting after 3 weeks then mad they had volume loss, women who only wear their garments for 4 weeks then mad about their stomach not looking good. IT TAKES 6 MONTHS TO HEAL FROM THIS SX give your body time to heal before you mess up all the money you spent! THIS IS YOUR BODY NOT A BARGAIN SHOPPIN DEAL, TREAT IT WITH CARE AND RESPECT. I promised I would stay for 12 months so I could show my ups and downs and long term affects of the sx but I am not perfect far from it. WE ARE ALL HERE TO HELP EACH OTHER, i have learned from several new post op girls and from vets thats what real self is here for. I would warn you to not PS jump because of ONE GOOD OR BAD REVIEW, also know if your surgeon gets the fat in He or She can not gaurantee your body will retain it, people heal differently, I was lucky and my body retained 95% of my fat. Some girls are not so lucky but it is not the surgeons fault if you heal in a way where you body rejects the fat. I would also suggest that you do not count CC's each persons frame and skin is different, I got 1500 cc's each side and ended up 48" I have seen girls get more then 1500 and my butt looks bigger their theirs, I have seen girls get less then 1500 and their butts look bigger then mine. YOUR SKIN WILL ONLY TAKE WHAT IT CAN TAKE. I have seen allot of complaining and negative remarks about all the different surgeons by new post op sisters, we have to remember they are emotional wrecks right after sx post traumatic stress disorder is real.

Here is the typical flow of the booty healing process,
1st week po booty is huge and swollen
by week 2 or 3 sweelling starts to go down(that when we first start fearing volume loss when it really is just swelling)

between weeks 4 and 7 the booty starts to settle along with us being used to seing it so it appears smaller to us( its called transition)

between week 8 and 12 the settling finishes and fluff starts( I say starts because it can take another 4 to 8 weeks to finish)

at about 20 to 24 weeks you booty is in full fluff mode and gains the 1/2 to each you thought you loss( it does not get bigger it just reorganizes and fills out more)

so ladies dont panic till at least 4 months dont stress your self out at 4 to 8 weeks thinking you have loss all your volume.

I hope this helps

started a 2 week juice cleanse

Gotta, make sure this body right for Miami me and hubby plan on going early so we can hit the beach and hit king of diamonds

day 3 of my cleanse

This is allot harder then I thought it would be, but results are immediate

My Take on these burns


 I think it is unfortunate, I personally think it was because he was doing something different trying to be extra extra aggressive, either way Dr Salama had taken complete responsibility for his patients well being any errors he mskes he does 3 of these a day and out of hundreds only a couple issues like this, knowing him since this Happened he probably will never have the issue again because he takes pride in his work, this is why me and my husband are comfortable enough to still go through with his in march, he has had wonderful results since those burns hundreds of wonderful results prior. 

We have to be careful to not jump on and off bandwagons, first it was jimmerson does not do good lipo, then the deaths at cipla, then the attitude and conditions sat yilys office, then the big infection scares... Each time people where going crazy switching surgeons and talking bad about them
WE ALL ARE DIFFERENT our bodies and skin react differently to the sx, 

The best thing we can do is promote positive vibes and encourage healing to these sistas not this negative feeding frenzy



my body is still going through amazing changes I have gained weight lost weight and my booty has not lost an inch I LOVE MY BODY I think I am used to my booty so it trips me out the way people act when they see it. THE HATRED IS REAL OF A BIG BUTT AND A SMILE!!!! so be prepared I have lost friends and gained new ones as a result of this booty. i sent salama pics and he said there are a couple of areas he would like to to fix(the man is a perfectionist) so when I go in march for my husbands procedure he will look me over and if need to touch up on the lipo he will do it then. I have always had a pudge on my tummy where my c-section is and he is going to fix that with lipo, I dont think i need any more booty so we wont mess with that unless he sees a flat spot to fix. other then that I am a happy camper

Thanks to ladyb2011 I modified my bfit wrapping process

And my God it works! I have added amboline and Seran wrap under my bfit wrap before I work out each day for a week now, and my skin is getting tighter and waist is shedding fat my husband has lost 13 lbs in 12 days with this and juicing 2 meals out the day

We booked our condo!

We will be staying at the Hollywood Beach Resort in one of their privately owned condos, for 10 nights during peak season only 875.00 off season rates are way cheaper but compared to the other quotes I've been getting This is cheap. I was quoted 1700-1900 for similar units in the same blg smh got two beds (in case I get a minor revision on my lipo in my c section area)

Holly beach resort

shut it down with just a pair if high waisted jeans

And boots last night I thank salama every time I go out lol


A while ago but has no pre op or post op photos and has great things to say about her surgeon and bad things to say about others ITS PROBABLY A FAKE PROFILE, by someone who is looking to make their surgeon look good or other's look bad. What are the odds that someone would not post at all pre op not post at all post op no detailed journey on record but now months after sx they feel the need to start and now they are experts giving advice WE ARE SMARTER THEN THAT

so apparently my last post touched a nerve

My post was about a particular surgeon who has had a couple people claiming to be his patients one went so far as to use another girls pix the other had no pix at all but praised his work and talked bad about other surgeons work. .. well I guess there is someone else who didn't have pix but only talked about Her surgeon who thought I was talking about her smh. First of all after reading that profile I would say she is informed although it is questionable that a person would not post about their whole journey but rather wait for months then post after a craze about a surgeon is out there. For me that seems odd I just keep it real, can I say the profile is fake NO I personally choose to follow those who have been with us from day one, whose journey we can track and know it genuine BUT THAT'S JUST MY OPINION ON WHO I CHOOSE TO FOLLOW OR TRUST

I have never been the type to talk I'll about other surgeons

Or other girls results I have always said do your research and find the surgeon THAT'S BEST FOR YOU. We are here for info and support it was never my intention to bash anyone's results or to call REAL PROFILES fake. I hope I did not offend anyone who is havinga difficult time with recovery by giving the impression that they had a fake profile I'm sure the smart ones here can tell the difference between some one who came to share Their journey : the good, the bad and the ugly, and those who have a clear agenda to bash everyone but their surgeon. I speak highly of Salama because I FEEL HE IS THE BEST, but that's how I FEEL others feel their surgeon is the best and I compliment them for that what our sisters recovering need is support not negativity, they need Information not drama, and they need facts from people who have been there not rhetoric from people who do not even have journey to make reference to. I'm glad she got her 5 mins of Fame now let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming lol

so this was my first Christmas with my new body

So family from out of town have never seen me, I figured I would try to hide it, didn't work could see them staring eyes big but no one asked lol

Does anyone know where there are reviews

From men on lipo, I'm trying ti convince my husband to start one of his journey

Here is typically how the booty progresses post op

Here is the typical flow of the booty healing process, 
1st week po booty is huge and swollen
by week 2 or 3 sweelling starts to go down(that when we first start fearing volume loss when it really is just swelling)

between weeks 4 and 7 the booty starts to settle along with us being used to seing it so it appears smaller to us( its called transition)

between week 8 and 12 the settling finishes and fluff starts( I say starts because it can take another 4 to 8 weeks to finish)

at about 20 to 24 weeks you booty is in full fluff mode and gains the 1/2 to each you thought you loss( it does not get bigger it just reorganizes and fills out more) 

so ladies dont panic till at least 4 months dont stress your self out at 4 to 8 weeks thinking you have loss all your volume.





Here are several other burn patients from other popular surgeons

Duran patient 

Yilly patient

Ladyb2011 cortez patient:

I could go on and on the reality is its a real complication of the surgery not limited to just one doctor some Paitients are more vocal than others which is their right to be but IT IS NOT JUST SALAMA who has had them. I trust him so much that me and my Husband are going to see him in march to me he is the best

The reality is there is no surgeon with no complaints but that does not mean they are bad surgeons

Now you got girls leaving real self (including my self) because of the negativity

Thank you for the outpouring of love

contrary to the haters believe I did not post this for attention I posted it because its the truth and as you can see the haters are here on my page


I really thank all of you for all the outpour of love and support this really is not about me so that's not what my intention was for my last post I I am really addicted to this website My addiction was around the positivity that was found here, after talking it over with my husband in realizing that I spent so much time on this site I've decided that maybe I just need to take a little break I definitely am NOT going to let the haters keep me from helping those who feel they can get any benefit from my reviewI'm entering into a real self impatient treatment facility to help me with this addiction the first sign of a problem is Denial lolso I'm going to take a week or so break I will however answer any inbox questions because the last thing that I want to do is leave my sisters hangingwhile I'm in treatment y'all stay out of trouble and don't let the haters win try to stay as positive as possible because the psychological effect of this surgery is rarely spoken enough in recovery can wear on you physically and emotionally and mentally someone going through a bad time with recovery does not need negativity they need support reassurance And comfort let's get each others back


PS after my recovery we are going to need to start a support group cuz some of y'all are junkies to lol

Yes yall I have relapsed lol... so we putting a rs meet n greet

Together for ANY rs sisters who will be in the area of Miami Aventura or Hollywood between the days off March 8th and March 18 does not matter what doctor you are seeing everyone welcome looking for the best date to accommodate all your input is needed here the hubby gets his surgery on March 13 I have my consoles impossible touch up for revision on March 11of course the hubby wants to be to be at Magic Citybut I am willing to meet for lunch or something like that for those Are more conservative


Pre op and post op welcome when I had my sx we had a lunch with a great turn out

Wow we have got a great response from girls

From 4 different drs salama, perry Fisher and Dr G ALL ARE WELCOME to the meet and greet in march

In other news it's funny watching my husband prepare for his sx I can he is getting excited he is just trying to play it cool 8 weeks til his procedure and my minor revision

Thank you kirsty of real self your the best!!!

Part 3 Blog

Hey ladies,

This is Kirsty, from RealSelf. Bigbootytinywaist is so popular that she's figured out a way to crack RealSelf's defenses and slow her page down, with all of her updates and comments. ;-) So, we've started a BBL Part 3 page for her, where she will now be continuing her blog. The link is below, so please go show her some love on her new page as well! :-))

BBL Part 3 Blog

Almost 12 months po

3 Weeks till revision and my hubby's lipo sculpture I have new pix and pix of fun on my X pole on part 3 of my review

getting so excited

We Get to Miami next sat my my sx is on the 11th my husband is on the 13th



I get to Florida tomorrow and we realized that a rental car may not be a smart choice

We wanted to rent a car for the first couple of days but we are going to need transportation after we both get sx has anyone used Salamas new transportation? is he any good and are his rates good?

We here yell having a blast with the girls

WE KICKEN IT WITH SEXYAFTA30, COCACOLA1 and heygirlfriend, Yassie is on the way who else here now inbox your number

At the sx center waiting, this weekend was blast meeting and hanging out with my rs sisters

I went to south beach expecting to blend in with a lot of big bootys I was wrong all eyes were on me and my salama booty they were girls in thongs and you stream bikinis but when I walk by all eyes were on me its crazy I went to the mall yesterday with CocaCola1 and while I'm walking through the mall my husband catches a lady and her husband taking pictures of my booty its just crazy then last night me and lightskin shout it down at King of Diamonds it was funny because me and my husband were waiting for lightskin and her husband to show up and when she walked in we did not know it was her but when she turned around me and my husband said damn she got a big booty it wasn't until a little later that we found out it was her salama got the booty game sewed up . Once i shrink this waist even more its really going to be a, problem I am at the surgery center waiting for my liPo revisions I will keep you ladies posted

Thank you all for the well wishes, I made through

I Surprised at how well this is not have the bad as the first season I did only get my Liposuction I am up and walking around it just feels like I did a million sit ups I just love doctor Salama went over several different options to get my stomach how I wanted to be to be honest I won't know exactly what he did and tell my post up tomorrow he told me I don't have a lot of fat and that it is mainly excess skin we are considering doing a bra excision back list on monday it will leave a scar across my back bro line but he said it would be a thin scar that my bra book cover it's either that or deal with with looks like back roads affect even though there is no fatI am going to look it up tonight and let him know tomorrow

I had my post op today, My hubby gets his sx tomorrow and I go back in friday for my Bra line excision


This man is so dedicated to making sure my results are complete and the care he puts into planning every step of my procedure is amazing to me.

So my husband gets his Liposcultpture tomorrow, he is not the least bit nervous, I am way more nervous for him. I dont think he has a clue as to the pain he is about to excperience, at my post op visit Dr. Salama look at my husband and gave him a pre op consultation told him everything he was going to do for him.

he then looked at my results he did such a good job, i still am doing fine he scheduled me for the bra line excision for friday I cant wait to get rid of the rolls on my back (its not fat but I still dont like it)

This week has been so amazing meeting so many girls that I just had a bbl name to and no face and getting to know them has been the best, I met the beautiful yassie after my sx her body is on point, Sexyafta30(she claims she is 52 but I think she lying because she look beter then the average 30 year old and booty is nice) and cocacola1(she so crazy and can fill up a pair of jeans) they both have been my riders(they both crazy and fun) me and lightskin shut down KOD(that girl got booty-and she aint even know it) lol, I met sunshinebeauty at the office her booty is plump she is really pretty too. I really am glad I met everyone

Now on to my hubby's appointment tomorrow I will keep yall posted

hubby is doing great

My husband made it out fine, when I went to pick him up Salama showed me pix, THIS MAN'S STOMACH IS FLAT, I MEAN FLAT,

he is up walking around almost like nothing happened. He has not seen it yet I will take pix at the post op visit tomorrow, then I go back into sx tomorrow for my back I'm nervous

Thank you for all the well wishes for me and my hubby


This guy is up and about like he never even had sx lol, walking and cooking everything like nothing ever happened I cant wait till his post op appointment today we will be able to see his new body and take pix, then I go into sx later for my bra line incision this is going to be a crazy day

my wife wanted me to post pix and update while she is in surgery


I have my liposculpture done yesterday I can't believe how good I feel I'm it feels like I've done a million sit ups but its not major pain even though it's only been one day I can tell he did a really good job on me the pics will speak for themselves self and I'm still really swollen.
I used to wear a two XL t-shirt I start working out got down to an XL t-shirt the t-shirt that's in the picture is a medium I just can't believe it I haven't worn a medium since high school and I'm still really swollen

my wife is in surgery right now getting her bra line excision she wanted me to post this update and said she will post pictures probably over the weekend

before pix vs after pix bra excision AND why I got it

if you read part one of my review you know that I was 180lbs when I got my bbl, salama did a great job he told me from the start he didnt know if he could get all of the fat out. when I first got the bbl done I had no more rolls on my back and it looked fine, THEN I started working out to get my stomack completely smooth, I ended up loosing 20 lbs and ended up with loose skin on my back(i thought it was fat until I got here and salama showed me it was skin) so lipo on my back would have done no good because there was no fat to lipo, Salama being the wizard that he is told me the best thing to do would be a bra excision, IT basically lifts the skin on my back makes it smooth and cuts out the excess. so why would I opt for this over rolls of skin? with the roles I would never wear open back dresses or shirts I did not like the way it looked. I also never go with out a bra because I have 36G's and theses babies need to have support lol. so it made since to get the bra excision(its covered by my bra) and in 6 months I will get a tatoo for when I do decide to go braless. salama hooked it up too I love it

my hubby one week lipo sculpture pix

Sorry we have been busy with finals

my hubby's swelling is going down and stomach is getting flatter each day, FELLAS YOUR SCROTUM WILL SWELL UP, like our vajayjay swells post op so does the men, he called salama in a panic, he told him it was normal my husband the said "you gotta tell a brotha in advance about that lol"

my one week post up

My swelling is going down as well, my back is healing fine I love my results

my husband's 2 week pix(mine will be tomorrow)

His stomach is now completely flat it's amazing what Salama has done he still has some swelling and just started wearing his ab board, the six pack is already ready showing, he can't wait to get back I'm the gym

my 2 week post bra line incision pix

I am healing fine I LOVE MY RESULTS still a little swollen in my abdomen and right side of my waist(those where the only places he liposuctioned) but my back is smooth and waist is tiny

3 weeks we moving right along

so me and my husband both Have Reached our 3 weeks mark things are going well we both are still swollen but not as much now we both love our results Dr salama is the best my bra line incision is completely hidden by my bra I love the way my back looks with clothes on and with clothes off my waist is completely tiny the only liposuction two areas of my abdomen my right side and that patch on my stomach those were my problem areas now my stomach is flat I still have some stretch mark but I will start working on those this was the best choice I ever made

my husband
his results are absolutely amazing he is down 20 pounds and has went down four pant sizE's none of the old shirts fit em ride anymore and all of his jeans are too big he actually purchased a size 36 jeans used to wear a 40 or 42 he started working back out yesterday he was supposed to wait till next week but he doesn't listen he plans on having a six pack by June he is still swollen but not as much as last week we save money because he give me my massages and I give him his the fact that he is still swollen amazing both of us because his stomach is completely flat Dr salama worked a miracle on him

5 week pix

My hubby has had a complete transformation he goes even harder I the gym and his results are amazing can't keep him out the mirror lol

I LOVE MY RESULTS Salama is the man, I have shooting and modeling all over the place(will be doing a shoot this weekend) my scar is really light already and can be covered with make up

8 weeks po, funny how time Flys when your having fun

so sorry I've been gone so long ladiesI've just been so busy so many things have been happening in my life since I had this last part of my surgery Dr salama is the absolute best hands down he has my husband looking like he is 21 again can what he did for my ass and my back is a comparable I'm actually back to modeling and have even done a nude shoot with my back completely out I've attached a picture of the unedited version so you can see how you could barely see the scar. I've been traveling everywhere shooting for online magazine in actual print magazines I will not tell the names because I do not want them to be associated with my real self it's been real difficult I almost was not going to post pictures anymore because for some reason some ladies have taken it upon themselves to dick buried deep into my personal life to find my facebook to find my Instagram and I have tried my best to separate yourself from what I have going on in life my husband convince me to come back on because I owe it to you ladies and I definitely owe it to Dr salama to make sure y'all know how good of a surgeon he is and show the results That he has provided for me

while at a shoot in Los Angeles I was able to hang out with my real self Dr salama bbl sister lightskin let me tell you ladies 71 Dr salama booty in the club is hard for a lot of haters to deal with but having to is unbearable we shut the club down in LA for her birthday weekend and had a blast doing it we went shopping on Melrose had everybody fumbling in following us around it was just a blast and the shoot was amazing

unto my husband I do not think this guy plans on owning a shirt for the summer if it is it's going to be as tight as can be his stomach is so flat it is absolutely amazing this is just a jump start for him his work out at that is so great he has so much energy and gets compliments everywhere he goes

Guess whose back lol

Yes I'm back, I realized my new review only shows up under the revision post, but many people want to know about the actual bbl journey as well for updated pix go to part 4 of my review My new date is July 26th 2016 I'm excited


Here are pix that duchy load it measure 38h-28-49. Yes 49"

Try again


More pix on part 4

For some reason it won't let me again here go to part 4 of my review for updates

Still won't let me add pix

Let's try this again


5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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