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I have always wanted a bigger butt. More like a...

I have always wanted a bigger butt. More like a heart or apple shap and fuller. My butt is not flate but is wide for some reason. I'm 28 yrs old, 5"0 feet and 160 pounds. I know I'm over weight for my hight but I have gain weight to do the surgery. Now I just need to keep it until nov 6th. Me gaining weight isnt that bad, because i have ran track most of my life. So my weight is very soild then most people. I have done research for months and decided that dr. Salama is great. My first appointment is June 13. But sense his dates continue to go up, I have already booked my surgery date for nov 6th. I'm so excited.

I had been so worried about what my family would...

I had been so worried about what my family would think about me doing this surgery. Honestly I haven't told anyone about it but my boyfriend. I haven't even told my best friend yet. Im afraid to tell anyone bc I dont want them to judge me. My family is very judgemental. ( let me explain) my whole family have a nice size ass. But for some reason it skip me. My butt is okay (which I will add before pics soon) its wide but not full. So if my family knew I have bbl I won't never hear the end of it. I have never like the way my butt was sense I can remember. I have always been picked on by friends in family about how flate my butt is. now I'm a full African American in Pplz always think black Pplz should have a big butt. ( well I have news 4 them. That's not always tru) but I am happy I found this website. Bc I have always hoped I can talk to someone who can understand where I'm coming from. Someone who Can relate to my process of gettin the surgery. So thank you real self. I'm so happy I have other beautiful females out there that can relate to me, Pplz who know how it full to live with a smaller butt most of their life. I no my date isn't until nov, but Plz feel free to give me any advised about things I should purchase before or after. Also I have been reading a lot of other girls reviews. And I'm wondering what bloodwork and test do I need to complete before my bbl??? Plz help , any information would help

So i have just upload my b4 pics. now remember im...

So i have just upload my b4 pics. now remember im over weight due to me wanting to add as much fat to but butt as possible. so im standing 5'0 and currently 160 pounds. im not going to gain anymore because i dont want to have to lose so much weight after the surgery.

Hey ladies, so here I go again on RS reading...

Hey ladies, so here I go again on RS reading reviews again. My boyfriend tells me I'm addicted with a bbl. but like I tell him, so many ladies out there have gave me courage to finally proceed with my sx. Their strength of not giving up have made me stronger and more determine. So thx u my beautiful bbl ladies.

Thx everyone who have toke the time out and shared their journey with us. Happy to hear that so many woman are very happy with their results. All the before and after pics looks great. With that being said it brings me to my question. I'm not sure on my waist and butt size now. But I was wondering if I continue to wear my body gurment until my sx date (nov 6) will it help Me have a smaller Stomach after my sx??? Have Any one tried this ??? Any information would really help. As u can see from my b4 pic I have a little gut. But if I can get that to a smaller size, then my stomach would look GREAT after my sx. I'm trying to get my stomach as smaller as possible

I have post some pics of the body cincher that i...

i have post some pics of the body cincher that i wear daily. this has help me lose weight and keep my bad eatting habits under control. Dr.S told me to keep my current weight becuase i would have great results after sx. but i have been reading so many reviews and seen so many pics of pplz who have already completed thier sx. and i feel that losin 10 pounds wont hurt much. so i have lost a few pounds and i have a more to go.

Ladies i know it has been a while sense i have...

Ladies i know it has been a while sense i have updated on here. but my life seems like it has been a roller coster at times. I am so stressed out here. Now my boyfriend was the person who agreed to help me pay for sx and help me after the sx. I recently find out that he has been chating on me with someone else. (remind you this guy suppose to be my husband to BE. He ask me to marry him this past march.) so i kicked him out the house and seems like i been in this depression stage sense. I dont know how im going to pay for this sx anymore. Im not that far off from paying it in full. but i just started back working a week ago. the first few checks has to go to bills and school supplies for the kids. I cant stop crying becuz i wouldnt never knew he was chating one me. i feel so stupit and helpless!!!! :( the crazy part is, once i found out i reacted and didnt think in advance. becuz if i was really smart i would have waited until his ass got paid again to get my money from him then kicked his cheating ass out. so now im behide on my payments. unless i pawn something..AND i dont really want to do that..But i would leave that as a last result...I even applyed for a loan with creditcare in i was denied.... . . I know theirs a few girls on here that i have read thats willing to pay for a sooner date. I will be willing to switch my Nov date with anyone for a DEC/JAN date. i may even consider a Feb date if i run out of all other options..Just inbox me if your intersted.

Well ladies, thanks to my GREAT BBL SISTERS. I was...

Well ladies, thanks to my GREAT BBL SISTERS. I was blessed with a later date and now I'm bck on track with the payments in every thing. So now my new date is jan 21, 2012. I'm so excited, becuz some people try their best to bring you dwn but this just shows you can't keep a good person dwn. Going though a brake up is stressful sometimes specially when your planning a big sx at the same time. But thanks to my BBL sisters I was going to get thou that hill. I don't no where I would be if without real self. You girls have really been my back born thou all this madness. SO THANK YOU LADIES FOR ALL THE SUPPORT IN KIND WORDS OF WISDOM. I will update again when I'm closer by my sc date. Until then ttyl ladies

Ladies,ladies,ladies I have been searching...


I have been searching day and night on realself to fine someone who's willing to switch their Dec date to My Jan 2013 date. i know it seems crazy becuase jan 2013 is just 4 weeks away from dec 2012. but i would really love to get this done asap. Im willing to pay ANYONE for an early dec 2012 date. if you would like to switch or know someone who's looking for a later date. inbox me PLZ

anywho i been doing really great, i was 161 pounds and have lost 6 pounds so far. so now im 155 pounds now, i reposted my pics up so everyone can get a good ideal how i look. it sucks being short sometimes. so let me just retouch on my stats

current weight 155- my goal is 150 max
height 5'0
measurements 38c-37-40

Just a short up date: So I finally got my...

Just a short up date:

So I finally got my date switch again to nov. thanks to my BBl sister. But I have to give a special shot out to my girls JUSTJUICY & forever booty. Without my girls I don't know where I would be. So this shot out goes to all my sisters that help me find a sooner date.

Just wanted to so thanks

With all that being said, now that I change my Sx date bk to nov I have to step my game up and start buying my supplies, doing research for more massages and find a good place to get my labs done next month. I still have to go shopping in ALL, :-( man, I have a lot on my plate.

So I haven't update Lately becuz i been trying to...

So I haven't update Lately becuz i been trying to get everything right. So I been doing research and I finally found a massage place 5 mins from my house which charges $250 for a total of 10 lymphatic massage. I also spoke with my family Docter ( and gave him the names of all the required test I must take) and find out that all my lab work is covered under my medicaid( I only pay a $10.00 co payment). Now the part I'm confuse on is..... Does Medicaid pays for my perception pills that I need or do I pay that out of pocket??? I haven't got my package yet!!!! So I'm not sure on that.

I haven't went shoppin for dresses yet or some other supplies becuz I want to wait until nov to get all that. Only thing i purchase so far is my iron and victiman pills. But I'm so lucky i don't have to pay for hotels, air plane flights or rental cars. " thank you god" becuz I already live in Miami Florida. So my boyfriend already got approve for his vacation in nov. and he will be taking care of me during my recovery process and driving me bck & fourth to dr.salama for my check up's. *** so yes ladies I have a new boyfriend, well I wouldn't say he's new. He's my kids father and we trying to make it work this time. Hes the one I should have been with from the start, becuz that boy would do anything for my short crazy a$$. Lol, it's kind of funny becuz Pplz always say" the grass isn't always greener on the other side" but sometimes we have to learn that the hard way in order to realize you made a mistake. I thought I would never hear my self say this" but you never know what you have until its gone". And ladies I must say this is TRUE!!!!! I fell I love with my ex boyfriend for all the wrong reasons. But once a cheater is always a cheater...so going bck to him is not a option. Moving forward is the only way to go.

Anyways ladies with that being said.... I'm so excited I have 52 more days to go. Nov 13 is coming fast......

***here is the massage places that i found in my...

***here is the massage places that i found in my area. hopefully it could be useful for some of you ladies*****

I found 2 places that has good prices for Lymphatic massage. Now remind you I live in homestead area. So Miami is about 25-30 mins alway from my house. So I'm not sure if u would want to drive that far to get to these places. But here are the 2 places below

1st place called: wonderful touch is located in homestead fl, (305-389-1839) they charge 50-65 dollars for each massage which is 1 hour long. But he stated he will charge you $50 each if you get multiple massage. Also they do house calls, which mean they will drive to ur place for a extra fee. Also their are open 7 days a week.

2nd place-I just found the name to the second place. its called slim trim spa (305) 224-5885. They are also in homestead are. They have two location you can go to. 15190 sw 136 street (suite 15) miami, fl 33186 and the other location is at 103 east lucky street (suite 135) homestead,fl 33030.. She quoted me $200 for a total of 10 massager each 30-40 mins only. They do not do house call( which mean u will have to go to there location) they are open mon-fri.

ladies please be advised that slim trim spa located in the homestead area is a new location which they just open. i spoke with the owner which advised me the kendall location have been open longer. but sense the business was good they open a 2nd location in the homestead area. i also ask her why is the price is so low??? (i was just wondering becuz after calling diff places about the lymphatic massage this one was the lowest price i found all week) but she said they are giving lower prices becuz they are trying to build their customer flow uo in homestead area.

I hope this help.

Ladies i have a question for all my...

Ladies i have a question for all my vets

Sense you have already done your Sx in all. I wanted to ask you something. I really don't have vacation time at my job becuz I just started working here about 2 months ago. And my sx date is nov 13th. So i my only take one week off to work. So do you think having a week off work is enough for you to get pass the bad part aftet the Sx ?? Becuz my job isn't really hard. I'm in a office all day, in I have the choice of sitting or standing As I please. The only thing that scare me is the drive back & fourth to work. It takes me 45 mins to get to my job, and another 45 mins to get bck home. So please help, becuz I'm not sure should I try my luck and request only one week off. Or just take 2 weeks off( becuz I will not get paid for these days I'm requesting off)

I know my boyfriend dont want me to put up my pics...

I know my boyfriend dont want me to put up my pics until nov, thats the reason i remove them. but what the hell!!!!! what he dont know wont hurt him. lol, he dont know how to work a computer anyway so its not like he will find it or something. PLUS i know this sounds odd, but everybody showing their before pic and i want to show mine to. lol so check out my before pics*** plz be advised my body is not great but it will be soooo much better after Dr.Salama work his magic.

my date is in nov and i havent gain any weight sense i book my sx back in June. remind you i started out at 159 and now im at 155. im not trying to lose weight or gain. its hard for me to gain but its even harder for me to lose. i been at 150-159 sense the last 2 years. YES, im short but it doesn't look to bad on me. i do have a tummy and already have a little booty.

so the first few pic is when i was 159 (pics wit the mix macth panties * bra. lol). and i last few pics is now at 155.

It's 1:50am and I'm just getting off work. I guess...

It's 1:50am and I'm just getting off work. I guess a girl have to do what a girl have to do.... To pay for this Sx. 1800 more to go and I'll be paid in full

Thank you god.

I have a question, I know this may be to much...

I have a question, I know this may be to much information. But does taking the iron pills makes your stool a dark color???? Have anyone else experience this or did I purchase the wrong iron pills???? Please help becuz I'm a little worried now. And I know it's the pills becuz I haven't had this issue until I start taking the pills a few days ago. Now it seem like everything I eat, a few hours later I'm using the bathroom. This may be a good thing becuz ill lose a few extra pounds. But I don't like the color change. Have any if you ladies experience this???

Ladies I have told my best friend about...


I have told my best friend about this BBL and she knows about the website. So I'm trying to get her to try the BBL after I get mine. But she's a little concern becuz she have silicone injected to her butt a few years back, she haven't had any side effect but I'm not sure would this be a problem with her getting a BBL. do any of you ladies know any information about this????

This sucks, I feel like I have no one to talk to...

This sucks, I feel like I have no one to talk to about this surgery. Only two people knows about it. And their so sick of hearing me talk about it . That they get an attitude When i bring it up now. Maybe they don't understand my main reason of getting this. I want this surgery for me and no one else. i spent all my life trying to make other people happy. and also putting my self last. for once i would like to do something for my self. anyway back to the point. Having this surgery makes me feel like a kid waiting to open their presents on Christmas Day. Even thoug I will be in a lot of pain, I'm still excited about doing this. I just wish I have someone who I can talk to that felt as I do. Don't get me wrong My BBL sister. I no some of you out there is on realself supporting almost everyone on here daily. And I know becuz I'm one of them. I'm on RS daily but I never up date my own page. I'm always on other people page reading reviews, supporting my BBL sisters and gathering information. I don't up date my page that much becuz I use my iPhone for almost everything. And this is the only access I have to a computer while I'm at work. (And for all my iPhone users, you know using the internet most of the day on your phone could be Frustrating) but by the time I get home, it's so late I just want to take a bath and rest. Becuz I work two jobs just to help my boyfriend pay for this surgery. You see, I'm paying everything with cash and no help from any Loans and credit company. So between paying the bills, taking care of two kids, paying gas and keeping up with the rest of life surprises. It could be a Challenge. But by gods will I'm been doing just fine. I'm sorry about this long message. I'm feeling seems to be everywhere to day. I just feel like I have almost little or no support at all. ;-(

I been working 16 hours shifts all this week. I...

I been working 16 hours shifts all this week. I paid dr. Salama 3500 today and trying to pay them another 1200-2000 oct 16th check. ... My mind on my money. And my money on my mind. I'm at work now until 1am and have to get bck up tomorrow morning to b bck at work at 9-5. Damnnnn now this is. True money maker.

So my body is getting use to These hourd, But my...

So my body is getting use to These hourd, But my eyes isn't. Lol but today is my last day working hours like this. Monday I'll be making another payment of 1500. So I don't have a reason to work these long hours anymore. I wasn't working for about a month in a half. So that put me bck on my payments. Then I got things bck on track. But I starts to have car problems and had to put 1000 in my car. So that toke me bck also. So I had to work crazy over time to caught up. So be prepared for life unexpected surprises becuz you may have them in this long journey

So I finally order all my vitamins on amazon.com...

So I finally order all my vitamins on amazon.com which was Bioflavanoid,B-100 complex,bromelain,arnica montana 30c and zinc 30mg.. that was a total of $39.00. I also got all my perscriptions filled.. i dont want to purchase an supplies until i get cleared for all my test, which ill going to do Monday!!!!

So im a little worried, i have lost a little...

so im a little worried, i have lost a little weight and im scared that the doc may not have enough fat to put in my butt. as you can see i do have a BIG tummy and im hoping my full back and tummy would be enough fat for him to give me the butt that i want. (plz look at my last few pics to see how i look now, i didnt lose much but i did lose weight and i feel like i lost a little to much.) so now im trying to gain the weight bck but it seem like i get full really fast!!! WTF is up with that??? dude this shi** is crazy.

anyways i finally toke my required test and it was pretty simple. 3 tubes for blood and 1 pee test. also the KEG (I dont remember the name of it) was really simple, they put some things over my tummy,arms,and on my ankles then told me to take a deep breath. the computer read something, then printed out a paper. the docter came in look at the reading on the paper and said the KEG test looks good. and told me the only thing i have to do, is wait a week to get the final results for the rest of my test. which he will send to Dr. Salama and they will give me a call if something is wrong. so im just waiting now.... i got a good feeling that everything will come back alright.

Yay me!!!!! My test results came bck good.

Yay me!!!!! My test results came bck good.

Okay, a little up date. when i call to confirm my...

Okay, a little up date. when i call to confirm my test results, i was offered a sooner date. so im like what the hell " i may as well get it over with" so now im Nov 2nd yall..

first off let me just say I LOVE DR.SALAMA TEAM. each one of them is awesome dude. Nancy is my girl and Ruben sound soooo sexy on the ph..(lol, just messing around. im over excited, i feel like a kid in a candy store) they always seem to make me feel better about any concerns i have. the vibe is always positive. so i been pushing somethings to the side becuz it wasnt a big issue to me. i live in miami fl, and 5 mins away from the super wal-mart. so i was like " there's no need to rush in purchase all the items now". but now i have to step my game up and go get all my supplies. so i'll ttyl ladies. got some shopping to do..

I have 7 more days to go. I have made all last...

I have 7 more days to go. I have made all last mins shopping and got everything out the way. So now I can sit bck in wait until the 2nd of nov. for some reason i feel too relax!!!! im excited but not scared at all. is that normal??? may by it just didn't hit me yet. ladies wish me luck and pray for me.

Now this mess is starting to get crazy. I live in...

Now this mess is starting to get crazy. I live in Miami and its been raining for the last 2 days.( LIKE CRAZY RAIN AND WIND). so yesterday i had so much to do, so i had to continue to go in and out of the rain. now i wake up this morning in my thought hurt every time i swallow. so i'm like" damn i hope i'm not catching nothing. so i get to work this morning @ 6:45am and the guy that I’m reliving say" oh, by the way i'm sick so you may want to wipe down everything before you get on the computer etch" i'm like WTF dude. so i'm wishing i don’t get sick because my throat don’t feel any better and i have surgery less then 6 days. and i know they will cancel your surgery if your sick in any way. so im wondering can i take some kind of meds to caught this thing before it happens??? or maybe some antibiotic??? i came to far to turn back now, and i refuse to let any little sickness stop me now. so ladies i need your help, any advised would be very grateful.

I spoke to the office and they just said to drink...

I spoke to the office and they just said to drink a lot of fluid and try to relax. Lol, I knew that part already. Sense theirs nothing I can take, I'm goin to take some of my girls advised in drink a lot of juice & water. Once I leave work I'm goin to buy hand sanitizer , wipes, and spray so I can make sure I clean everything around me ever chance I get. I'm going to stop this thing in the butt!!!! Anyways just wanted to up date u ladies and thanks for all your advised.

4 more days yallllllllll. Can we all say .........

4 more days yallllllllll. Can we all say .......


Ps- ladies I'm no longer feeling sick at ALL. Thanks to all my BBL sista's that gave me some great advice, which worked. Thank you thank you THANK YOU

Prayin for all my ladies that's dealing with...

Prayin for all my ladies that's dealing with hurricane sandy.

Ladies , I know sandy is acting like a B***h right...

Ladies , I know sandy is acting like a B***h right now, causing so many problems thats delaying flights, schools and buildings are being shut down. But don't give up faith ladies, keep your head up. I know a lot of my girls surgery was schedule for this week, and may have to be reschedule. But please call dr. Salama office ASAP, becuz I know a few girls who had to cancel their surgery in November. I also moved my Sx date up from nov 13 to nov 2. So these date's may still be Available 2 you. " it's wroth a try"

So I just got off the phone with dr. Salama...

So I just got off the phone with dr. Salama office, and was advised that my surgery time is Friday nov 2 @ 10:15 am. And I will come in Thursday nov 1st to sign all my paper work. I'm over excited and sad at the same time. It's seems like sense I'm a few days away from surgery, that the days are going by SLOWWWWWWW. So I'm trying not to think to much about it, so time can fly by.

So my best friend LIsa will be helping me while I'm in recovery. Sense I already live in Miami, she will stay at my house 4 a few days until I'm able to do for my self. Me and this girl have been thou a lot sense 6th grade. We know everything about each other, but I'm not too excited about letting her help me wipe my a$$. LOL, that's just a little to much. Ha ha ha ha , I no it's not funny but I heard so many girls say" it's very hard to wipe ur butt by ur self".

I know she loves me an looks at me like a little sister. But I guess we will see how much she loves me( after she have to wipe my BIG-O- BOOTY after I take a few colance pills. :-)

I no this may b way to much Infor, sorry ladies had to express my concern on that topic

Anyways, to all my ladies that follow my progress I'll up date daily starting Friday. Which is day of surgery. Until then TTYL BBL Sista's

God Is good all the time, and all the time god is...

God Is good all the time, and all the time god is good.

I have less then 72 hours before my big day. I'm happy my day is finally approaching. Ladies keep me in your prayer.

Dude I'm like WTF is going on. My job is pushing...

Dude I'm like WTF is going on. My job is pushing me to my limit. I have to work up until nov 1st which suck a$$ ( Becuz i have to Go 2 the office in sign all my paper work that day) Don't get me wrong, I love making money. But I can't find any1 to work my shift for that day. The kind of job I have is this..... They don't care how many days u take off work, as long as YOU find another employee to work ur days!!!! But these lazy a$$ Pplz act like they can't work nov 1 st for me. "

Dude and it's not like I have a crazy shift, I work 6am- 2pm. But by time I go Hm clean myself up and drive all the way to aventura with traffic is going to b crazy late.

Ugh, so I'm looking at my supervisor " while she giving me this lam excuse why she cant work for me" and saying in my head ( of course)

I'm about to lose my mind, " UP IN HERE - UP IN HERE
I'm about to fall all out, "UP IN HERE -UP IN HERE
I'm about to act a fool, " UP IN HERE- UP IN HERE
I'm about to Lose my cool, " UP IN HERE- UP IN HERE

LOL, ha ha ha ha ha I know I'm a hot mess ladies. Ha ha ha, I'm so happy I have RS to express all my crazy thoughts. Im not going to stress it, becuz im calling in sick tomorrow. Lol, I'm so happy my job don't know about this website. !!!!

So I'm here at dr.salama office and I have sign...

So I'm here at dr.salama office and I have sign all my paper work. I talked to Ruben, nancy and Cynthia. His staff is so fu** awesome dude, I love them already and I just meet them. Their excitement Alone is making me EXCITED. But ladies I have some important to tell you, I was just advised by nancy & Cynthia ( by month ) that dr. Salama prices will be going up from 7,799 to 8,499 starting tomorrow nov 2, 2012. Today is the last day to lock in the price.

So call no or ASAP to lock in ur price.

So ladies tomorrow my Sx time is 7:00 in the...

So ladies tomorrow my Sx time is 7:00 in the Morning,YAYYY me

Ladies thanks for all the love and prayers. Yes I...

Ladies thanks for all the love and prayers. Yes I made it to the other side,
Thank you god!!!!! I ain't going to tell u no lie, my best friend started crying when we was waiting on the doc to call me inside. Lol, she said sense I was soooo chillied that sum1 had to panic for me. So bust out crying want demand me to
Pray with her. Bless her sweet heart.

So. I want in at 7am. After talking to the doc and getting dress,
They put the IV in @ 8:00. So once I toke one deep breath I was out like a light. After the hit me With that good meds.so now I'm home and the doc and nurse Said I look great. I got 1200cc in each cheek. I'm excited about that but they feel like big ass bricks on my bck. Well ladies I'm getting sleepie again. So I'll update soon. Ttyl

So ladies its 4:44 in the morning and I just woke...

So ladies its 4:44 in the morning and I just woke up to take my meds an eat some soup. So let me give u some details about my day "after Sx"

Well once I got called in, I change all my clothes and went in to talk to the doc. I wasn't scared or nervous at all. I talked to him like I would talk to anyone else on the street. As he explain all the risk and I started tell him about my friend ( who was waiting in the other room) how she was freaking out and He bust out laughing at her. Lol, that made me more relax.so we talked in laugh a little more then I was off to speak with the anesthetic person. After he explain the details to me. I was connected to the IV and other meds and was out cold.

Once I got home I immediately start eatting and toke my meds. I felt a sleep ever hour on the hour. Started drinking water and Gatorade like crazy. In I tell u no lie, the more u drink the more I pee. I use a large Wendy's cup to pee In, it's Easier for me.

I can't lay in my bed becuz it's way to high and it's hard to me for some reason. So I lay in my living room. The pain is not so bad, from a scale of 1-10 its about a 6. i feel sore, like i just had a crazy work out at the gym. im draining like crazy " which is good" . but if i lay dwn to long i do get really stiff and have to walk to feel better. So like I started before I got 1200 cc in each check and my butt is heavy as hell. I post a few pics for you ladies.

I for got to tell you. When I went to the doc I'm about 4'11 to 5 feet flate. I'm was 153 pounds when the doc checked my weight.

So it has been 3 days sense I had Sx. I'm not...

So it has been 3 days sense I had Sx. I'm not going to lie, it's not all that bad until u wake up from your sleep. I get really stiff if I lay dwn to much. And the only thing that makes me feel better Is walking. I do not sit dwn at all. I will stand for 2-3 hours, then ill take a nap for an hour. Wake up take my meds and do it all over again. Each day it gets better. I still haven't done a #2 yet, but I just toke some pills for that. And hopefully I can get that out the way soon. I have my first post opt with the doc today at 11am. My friend just told me my garment is an XXL..... I'm like damnnnnn that's big" but when I look in the Mirrior my butt is crazy big.

Breast 38c Waist 31 Booty 45 This is what...

Breast 38c
Waist 31
Booty 45

This is what I'm working with now. I think I measured it correctly. And this is my measurements with garment on.

But i must say that Dr.salama is the man... I have never had a flat tummy in my life. And dr.salama gave me the business.. My tummy is so damn small. "Ladies i finally have a waist". ill post more pics when my best friend wakes up. So u can see it better.

Had my first massage to day. And girl let me tell...

Had my first massage to day. And girl let me tell you. It's no joke. Now the bck part was okay, I was able to handle the pain, but when we got to the first. It's was pain pain pain and more pain. The ice does helps. But damnnnnn it still hurts. She was able to get alot of fluid from my tummy. My bck didn't really drain anything. Cecilia is a very nice woman, she felt bad that it hurted me so bad. But I told her don't feel bad, becuz I need the fluid out. So keep doing what u r doing.

Afterwards I did feel better. So my next massage is this Friday. Ugh I'm not looking forward to it, but I know it needs to b done.

Okay just a little update. I ran out of...

Okay just a little update. I ran out of Percocet/oxycodo yesterday. I got a new perception Frm the office but couldn't pick up the meds until today. So all last night I didn't have any pain meds. And let me tell you. It's no walk in the park. Now it's my fault that I ran out of meds becuz I was takin 1 in a half of pain pills every 4 hrs. Ladies do NOT do what I did. Yes it helps with the pain but when u run out the pain hits you hard. Really hard... The Percocet did help wit pain but it also makes me so sleepie. So im only taking Tylenol extra strength . I do feel stiffness like normal but it does help with the pain and I'm not sleepie all the damn time.

Oh ya, in the back drains started to burn around...

Oh ya, in the back drains started to burn around day 4. Every time I bend it burns like hell. But we have to keep them in at least 7 days before the doc can remove the bck drain. So finally I get my bck drain only remove tomorrow. Sense I live in the Miami area the doc is going to keep my front drain in 2 weeks instead one 1. He said this will pervent with any fluid build up.

Hey ladies, I no it's been a while. But I been...

Hey ladies, I no it's been a while. But I been trying to recovery and get more Infor to tell you ladies...

So my best friend had 2 leave last week Wednesday. So I been on my own sense then. But honestly sense then each day gets better. Today I'm 12 days post opt And I feel so much better. I'm able to sleep 4-5 hrs at a time now. I still get stiff but it isn't so bad like in the beginning. I'm walking more and doing for my self more.

Now I still have minor issue's. like the front drains burns like hell. Every time I bend over, I still can't wipe my a$$. I no it sounds crazy, but I'm short as hell and I have short arms. So trying to reach behide this big ol booty is hard to do. LoL

I'm still getting my massage. And it gets easier after the 2nd one. I guess I was lucky, I didn't get sick like most girls. No dizziness when I take off garment or take a shower. Removing the bck drain wasn't painful at all. More like a relief. I'm still not taking any pain meds. Only Tylenol. I Dnt even take pain meds before my massage. I take 2 Tylenol 30 mins before and all goes good.

I think the swellen is going dwn becuz my booty is starting to get soft. But it haven't went dwn much. Yesterday was my first day out in the public eye with make up on an nice colthens. And YES Y'ALL I got looks from ever direction. Girls and boys!!! Men was being so nice, asking stupid questions trying to hold a conversation with me. Lol, it was kind of cute!!!! Now remind u I haven't been outside unless I was going 2 c the Docter. And when I do I always try to wear BIG clothes. So yesterday was like me testing out my new booty. And it was a success. Lol

I haven't played dress up yet or went out shopping. I'm trying to wait until I'm a few weeks before I do all that. Becuz Im still swollen. I'm going to have my friend to take some pics of me tomorrow and I'll post some 4 u guys. I did take a pic in this old dress, just 2 c how I may look. So y'all let me no what u think. I promise I'll give u ladies more pics tomorrow. Until then ttyl

Ps- if I forgot something ladies feel free to ask any questions u may have.

Oh ya, I did cut my garment becuz it was way too tight in my butt. Ladies do not follow my lead on this OKAY!!!! It was a success for me. I do wear my foams and waist cincher over it at all times. So I still get that compression that I need on my tummy

Ladies i weight my self this morning and i have...

ladies i weight my self this morning and i have LOST WEIGHT. IM 150 NOW.. YAYYYY ME!!!!!

But i need advise. ever 3-4 hrs i make my self eat. but i still dont have a big appetite. at first i thought it was from all the pills i was taking after sx. but i stop taking all them pills on day 7. so im wondering why my appetite havent come bck yet??? or maybe i should wait anothr week or so!!!! Hmmmmmm thats something i should talk 2 the doc abot tomorrow when i c him. ok so i just toke qa pic of me when i jump out the shower not to long ago. this is how i look NOW. it doesnt llok like i lost much voulme but plz let me know

Ladies I'm finally 2 weeks post opt. It seems like...

Ladies I'm finally 2 weeks post opt. It seems like time is flying by pretty fast. So I have already have 4 massage so far, my tummy is flat but I still will need a mini tummy tuck in the future. So that's my next goal after I fully recover from this BBL. yes I am finally driving my self around. I use pillows becuz the Bobby pillow they give us to use, makes me sit way too high. So here is a few new pics for you ladies. I'm sorry I didn't take better pics but my friend haven't had the chance to make it dwn here yet.

Ladies**** Please be advised that I was we'll...


Please be advised that I was we'll aware that I MAY need a tummy tuck after my BBL. sense dr.salama doesn't do 2 surgery at once anymore. I pick to have my BBL first. So as you can see in my pics that my tummy have improve sense, it look much better then before. But Unfortunately I can't get a tummy tuck until I pass my 6 months recovery process. Dieting or exercise will not prove my tummy much becuz 1 I'm still very swollen and 2 I have extra skinned which you can see at the bottom of my tummy. Dr. Salama told me my tummy will go dwn much more after all the swellen have gone. But sense I'm just 2 weeks post opt, it's not much I can do but continue to keep compression on my tummy and eat health.

Ladies i tryed to put the pic by each other so you...

ladies i tryed to put the pic by each other so you can see my before-week 1- week2 all togather . but RS doesnt allow me to delete the older ones. so you will have to scroll all the way down to see them

So Friday I hit my 3 weeks mark. Not much have...

So Friday I hit my 3 weeks mark. Not much have change on the seize of my booty. It's still big and round. Its soft but not 100% soft yet. I started sitting on my booty on week 2 becuz I have to drive to work. And take care of things for my kids. I use only a pillow to sit on and it works for me. I still take my victiman c pills daily. And I wear only a wasit cincher for my tummy. I went out for the first time this passing Friday night, and let me tell you...... that's shit was FUN. When I walked in all eyes was on me. I tryed not to act like I notice it. But it was crazy!!!! Lol

Anyways yes i have finally had sex on my week 3 mark. It's wasn't so bad. I did use the bobby pillow under my bck to make sure I'm not laying on my booty. And I let him do all the work. Lol im not going to lie i told him i was scared as hell. So he toke his time and went very slow with me. Even tho at times he will grab my ass and I be like noooooo not the BOOTAYYYY!!!!!! Lmfao then, he says " but babe I can't help it, that ass is fat" lol. He so crazy. But I love his a$$.

Anywho....everything I try on look much better on me. And I am very satisfied wit my booty. I do have some thing that I am concern about, but I'm not stressing it at the time becuz I'm still early in the recovery process. Like I stated before I do have a burn mark in the middle of my tummy which is still healing. I will not show pics of this until I get my final result. And I don't feel the bottom of my tummy was lipo much. Becuz it's had been bigger then my whole tummy sense post pot day1. So I just try to keep as much compression on it as I can take. " an plz no that me wanting/ may need a tummy tuck have NOTHING to do wit him not lipo my tummy right. I feel like aftet he burn my upper tummy, it may scared him a little and he didn't no much lipo at the bottom. Becuz it's not skin that I have at the bottom. It's FAT. But oh well. Like I said before, I'm not stressing it. Becuz I'm still wishing for the best like always. And if it doesn't get better after 6 months, then I'll be talking to him about a major discount for a round 2. Lol, I knew what the risk maybe before I got this. So I'm not making an issue of anything until 6 months. And if everything don't turn out right. I just want him to fix what should have been right from the start.

I'll post pics later. Ttyl

So today I'm 29 yrs old. And I must say I am...

So today I'm 29 yrs old. And I must say I am blessed. Thank you god!!!!!! I'm at work now putting in work, but tonite will b my nite to get crazyyyyyyy and finally make the bootayyyy clap.

Ps- my booty is 100% soft now. I can bounce it up and dwn and make it clap

Hey ladies, now 4 weeks now. It's not much to tell...

Hey ladies, now 4 weeks now. It's not much to tell.... My booty is still the same size I have post a pic. My tummy still gets swollen when I Dnt wear the waist cincher more then 4 hrs... I don't wear the garment becuz it doesn't give me much compression on the tummy. Yes' I have gotten my 2 garment already but it still doesn't do much anymore.

Ok, so tomorrow ill be 6 weeks post opt. Nothing...

Ok, so tomorrow ill be 6 weeks post opt. Nothing really change sense the last up date. My booty is 100% soft. It still hurts a little when I run. It does giggle like crazy and now I have full control over it. I'm able to make it clap and bounce it up and dwn now. I have lost weight. I'm currently 143 pounds and standing 5'0. Remind u when I started this process I was 160... My tummy is still sore. It's still not 100% yet, but I was told the bck and tummy takes the longest to heal....

My scar does looks much better. I'll be posting pics on that and giving full details about that in jan. I'm just giving myself a full 2 months before I start showing u girls pics on that topic. So I'm going to b honest with y'all. I started sitting on my booty with lot of pillows on weeks 2-3. I completely stop wearing my garment once I hit 1 month. I only wear the wasit cincher full time. I was scared the garment would deform my booty so I stop wearing it. I will show U ladies pic. Everything turn out pretty good for me so far. But I do not advise any1 to
Follow me, reason being I'm hard headed and I listen to my body. So that's why I cut my garment...becuz it was to damn tight on my already big thighs... That's why I stop wearing it once I hit a month.. Becuz I had lost weight and the compression was wayyy off... That's why I only wear my wasit cincher, becuz it gave me the tummy I always wanted.. So yes I can say I was scared at first thinking I wouldn't get the results that I wanted. But I'll b 6 weeks this Friday and my body look great..I have never been the one to measure my self alot becuz I didn't want to fall in love with measurements. So I just toke pics everyday to follow my progress.

In my own option ---I repeat--- in my own option.....

I don't think if u sit dwn early u will lose volume, becuz no matter what U do you will lose volume anyway.. Becuz after the Sx ur booty is very hard like a rock. And most of it is just swollen. But as ur body start to heals and u booty gets soft u will see, that u lose volume and that high shift that u once had drops... If u don't believe me, see for ur self.. Look at my before pics now. When I was only a few weeks post opt. Now look at my current pic -- that I just posted... I have on red boy short without a bra. And u will see my booty is still big and it has drop. So it look much normal and neutral..

Ok ladies. I no I need gone for a while but it's...

Ok ladies. I no I need gone for a while but it's been crazy due to the holidays. But I'm here again and here my update. Everything is go so far but I'm still not 100% with my tummy. It still hurts a little and my scare has healed great. I will b posting pics later on today. I can't now becuz I am at work.

Measurements as of now
38c-29-43 standing 5'0 feet and 147 pounds

I would like to do a round 2 just becuz I want to. This have Nothing to do with the dr. I want want my breast done and more lipo done to the tummy. My friends tell me Dnt out anymore fat into my butt becuz it is already big. So I'll let y'all b the judge of that once I post my pics

Ladies here is Some pics that I recently toke....

Ladies here is
Some pics that I recently toke. Sorry I didn't post to many, it's just... All the pics I have shows my face, so I have to edit all them before posting.,.

I'm currently standing 5'0 feet and 144 pounds now. My current measurement are
38c- breast
29- wasit
43- hips and booty

If u have any questions plz feel free to ask
Miami Plastic Surgeon

The dr. Is not like some Pplz say. He answered all my question in concerns. He broke everything dwn for me. We even joke a round for a while. When I woke up I didn't c him but I was so much in pain, i didn't care I was just ready to go. Both nurse was great also. I'm so happy I pick him.

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